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Hi there :) I write short stories as a hobby and I'm looking for a developer/team to bring life to my stories by making them into games. I would describe my stories as allegories with a dark twist. I won't be able to pay you for your work but you're more than welcome to make a paid game out of my story. All I ask is that you include me in the credits of your game (and if you make a profit from your game, fair sharing would be appreciated ^^) Do contact me at if you're interested and would like to pick one of my stories to work on. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing!! & I'm glad you enjoyed the experience :)

[May contain spoilers?] Omg I just realized the title has a double meaning.  This game really hit me hard in the feels - I got a chill down my spine as I was playing some parts. The dialogue is very powerful, I would say raw at times, but so realistic in portraying what it feels like to suffer from depression. Thank you to the developer for creating this masterpiece! Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more of your games :)

Beautiful game!! Thank you for creating it :)

{Dear Anne} is my first ever rpg, created as I was experimenting with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It is based on a poem I wrote about an unnamed fictional protagonist & a lady named Anne. Telling you any more would be a plot spoiler, so it's best if you play this game cold, keep an open mind & piece together what exactly is going on for yourself (hint: pay attention to the dialogue & your in-game surroundings but I promise, everything will be explained at the end). There are also puzzle elements besides the main mystery involving the plot. Trigger warnings include sudden noises & flashing lights. Use the arrow buttons to move & the Enter key to interact with people, objects or doors. Good luck & hope you enjoy this little game!


Thank you so much for playing my game & for your comments! Glad you found it meaningful & picked up on the major themes of the game :) Indeed, we only have one try at life so we need to treasure it. All the best for the year ahead!

A beautiful masterpiece from the art & music to the dramatic & poignant storytelling. I fell in love with the characters & the mystery behind their backgrounds. The puzzles & the jumpscares were well-incorporated, adding to the enjoyability of the game. The only minor glitch was an error message that I occasionally got where "Error creating bitmap" appeared & the game shut down. Nevertheless, the overall gameplay experience was AWESOME & I would rate this 6/5 if I could (I rated it 5/5 cos that's the maximum allowed hahaha)!! Thank you so much Astral Shift for creating this game - it has become my favourite ^^

Hahaha it's meant to be confusing XD "lies=false. Seek the truth." is actually a clue as to what you have to do to find the hidden end.
Open script.rpy in notepad, change the first lies=true you see to lies=false, save the file & restart the game again. Then, see what happens!

Ohh nice, did you manage to find the third hidden end? ;)

Yup, I like to create games centred around psychological elements/horror to reflect the human psyche & contrast the bad & good of human nature :) Super happy that you were able to pick up the message each game was trying to convey & really appreciate the effort you take to make all those gameplay videos (thank you so much for playing both Lyla & A Conscious Decision!!) Keep up the awesome videos :D

Wow, thank you so much - really really glad you loved the game!! And it was awesome how you managed to make the deduction about the choice question :D

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Hi there ^^ Sure, idm at all - thank you so much in advance for playing & hope you enjoy it!! Feel free to check out my other game “A Conscious Decision” as well - it also has elements of psychological horror & it’s much longer than this game haha XD
p.s. Subscribed to your youtube channel!

Lol takes me a long time to make but sure, I’ll update you when I release another one :) Meanwhile, feel free to check out my games Pitch Black & 2 Changes (they’re text-based & have no music/pictures but I think you might enjoy them!)

Thank you so much for your comments! Yup, the jarring twists are meant to highlight the message of each game. Glad you found them enjoyable :)

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Hey there, hope you're okay? Life does get really tough & painful at times (so painful that maybe sometimes you cry yourself to sleep or don't even have the energy to get out of bed) but trust me, there'll eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel or lights along the tunnel no matter how dark it may seem now. So continue enduring & pushing forward even though it may be very hard. We're all in this together & you're not alone!!

Hey there! Thanks so much for your comments & making the playthrough :) Great deduction skills by the way (really glad you liked the game haha) & all the best finishing up your computer 😎 Subscribed to your channel!

Thank you so much!! ^^

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Thank you so much for the feedback! Really glad you enjoyed the experience & I’ll be honoured to have my game in the GDWC (just registered on your website!) :)

You are a wisp of consciousness in Jane's mind.  Uncover the details of her past, make choices in the present and play until you attain a happy future.

  • 6 different endings
  • Hand-drawn watercolor art
  • Self-composed music
  • Voice-acting (best played in a quiet place or with headphones)
  • Dark themes & elements of psychological horror

This interactive novella is a hobby project I've been working on since 2017. Art, music, plot and most of the sound effects are created by me. Enjoy & hope it provides some food for thought!

Play now at:

Here's  a Let's Play video by Hayden Raven (watch only after you've experienced my game first-hand cos this video contains the entire playthrough haha)

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Thank you so much for the playthrough & comments!! As always, I love your narration & am really glad you enjoyed the game :D Will continue to update you if I develop any new games but meanwhile, I’m browsing through your YT channel for cool new games to try haha ^^ Keep up the great Let’s Play videos!

P.S. Your theory about the amygdala was right 👍🏻

Hi again :D This is my newest game release - the project I mentioned the last time: Do check it out if you've got the time. Thank you so much & hope you enjoy it!

Please add my three-part project too - thank you!


And, thank you so much for creating Bitsy - it's super cool & easy for an amateur like me to use! Really love it haha :D

Hello! :) Over the last 5 days, I've been working on {Mismatched Triad}, a set of three small Bitsy games about the masks we and others wear. These are my first Bitsy games and are experimental in nature. Links below:


Would really appreciate if you could give them a try! Let me know what you think under the comments section. My explanations behind the games are available under each game's devlog (but only read them after playing haha).

Enjoy & thank you so much!

Hahaha yup, my games usually have some sort of twist in them ;) Anyway, really glad you enjoyed the games! Stay tuned for more by me soon ^^

Wow, thank you so much for trying both games! As always, I enjoy listening to your narration cos it adds life to the story :D
p.s. For Passers-By, did you manage to get the third hidden end? (I saw in your play-through that you got the happy & sad ones but there's actually one more to unlock *hint hint)

Ohh I see - thank you so much for highlighting the issue & pointing out that reloading the page solves it! :) I think after the game jam ends, I’ll remove the try again buttons & update the game so that future players don’t experience this issue.

Yay, congratulations on completing the game! :D

Changes made to game format, interface, menu design, soundtracks to make the game cooler! :D

Cool concept of the hourglass determining the time limit & giving you extra time each time you jump & flip :O

Interesting concept where the objective is to die rather than live!

Hello! I submitted an entry entitled Passers-by for your game jam. As I'm just an amateur coder (just started learning a couple of weeks ago lol), I'm not entirely sure what meta elements are supposed to be but my game concept is nevertheless inspired by DDLC so I took a leap of faith and submitted it - hope that's alright!

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Hi :) Thank you so much for trying my game & for the feedback!!


Nope, not a bug - there's definitely a happy end haha XD Hint, there are: 11 bad ends, 4 sad ends & 1 happy end. Keep on trying!
& thank you so much for your comments ^^

Hmm that’s strange cos when I tested it, there definitely wasn’t a problem XD Hint: You’re only allowed to change up to 2 actions in each round of gameplay, so if you’ve changed “throw yourself off the building” & “grabbing something when running out of the apartment” already, then the game won’t allow you to change anything else & will proceed to resume time. Good luck!

A short piece of interactive fiction about romance between an unnamed male protagonist and a lady he falls in love with. There are multiple endings - play till you get all of them!

Feel the plot is a bit too straightforward? Or can't put your finger on something  that seems odd? Think again!

And more importantly, what on earth does that last scene mean?!

Play to find out & let me know your thoughts in the comments section of my game :) Here's the link:

P.S. This is my first Ren'Py game ^^ Plot, images and music are all created by me. Thank you for playing in advance and enjoy!

Awesome, feel free to share my game on any of your social media (spread the fun haha)! And, I'll be sure to message you when my next game is released ^^
p.s. One of my friends created this text-based game which I found cool: You might want to check it out? Be sure to play both characters' parts & until you reach the true ending ;)

Yay, thank you - really glad you enjoyed my game!! I'm currently working on a new collab project (it's another interactive novella where you play as a wisp of consciousness in someone's mind but this one is going to have images & music too to make it more immersive) ^^ Would you like me to let you know when it's finally released?

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Omg thank you so much for making this playthrough of my game! Your narration & the bgm made the atmosphere even more mysterious & eerie haha - love it :D
p.s. Did you manage to find the way to unlock memories 2 & 3 in the end?

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Fastest way to finish the game (unlock memory 1 & 4)

  1. Then, a voice says
  2. "Goodbye." (unlocks memory 1)
  3. Then, black spots blot out your vision...
  4. Then, a voice says
  5. "Who are you?!"
  6. "Katie?"
  7. "What happened?"
  8. "You're not making any sense! What is this place? Why am I here? What in the world does it have to do with mum being in the kitchen?!"
  9. "What are you so scared of?" (unlocks memory 4)
  10. And so does your consciousness...
  11. Then, a voice says
  12. "Who are you?!"
  13. "Marissa?"
  14. "What is this place? Why am I here?"
  15. "What do you mean?"
  16. Continue clicking the options provided till you reach the end. For the final choice, choose the second option to reach the true ending (choosing the first option resets the game - erases all memories unlocked so far).

COMPLETE ROUTE FOR FULL GAME EXPERIENCE (unlock all 4 memories & reach all 7 endings in one gameplay)

  1. Then, a voice says
  2. "Who are you?!"
  3. "Marissa?"
  4. "What is this place? Why am I here?"
  5. You begin to feel drowsy and then...
  6. Then, a voice says
  7. "Who are you?!"
  8. "Katie?"
  9. "What happened?"
  10. "You're not making any sense! What is this place? Why am I here? What in the world does it have to do with mum being in the kitchen?!"
  11. But what is mum doing in the kitchen?
  12. "Wait, ketchup?"
  13. Oh God. (unlocks memory 2)
  14. Until you finally black out...
  15. Then, a voice says
  16. "Goodbye." (unlocks memory 1 & 3)
  17. You black out in shock.
  18. Then, a voice says
  19. "Who are you?!"
  20. "Katie?"
  21. "What happened?"
  22. "You're not making any sense! What is this place? Why am I here? What in the world does it have to do with mum being in the kitchen?!"
  23. "What are you so scared of?" (unlocks memory 4)
  24. And so does your consciousness...
  25. Then, a voice says
  26. "Who are you?!"
  27. "Marissa?"
  28. "What is this place? Why am I here?"
  29. "What do you mean?"
  30. Continue clicking the options provided till you reach the end. For the final choice, choose the second option to reach the true ending (choosing the first option resets the game - erases all memories unlocked so far).

*Memories are not unlocked in numerical order during gameplay to simulate the jumbled up memories of the unreliable narrator. The true sequence of events is memory 4, 1 & 3, then 2.

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Pitch Black is my first game release. It's a psychological horror, mystery interactive novella created using Twine.

You can't tell if your eyes are open.
You don't remember how you got here.
All you know is that around you, it's pitch black. Cold. Silent.
Then, a voice says ████ 

To find out more about my game or play it, please visit:

You can play it for free (it would mean a lot to me if you try it)! If you like my game & wish to support it, any amount of donations are welcome too.

Thank you so much! :)