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Great! Thanks! I'll try to join next month!

Yeah, I forgot to delete enemy bullet out of screen, so its my fault.

thanks for playing!

Hello :D

I really wanted to join this jam but the problem is that I have exams and they going to end at 15th, so I wanted to ask if you're hosting these jams yearly?

Thanks! :D
Your game was really great too!

It could be a nice little mobile game on the play store ngl!

Nice little neat game!

I wouldn't have even thought of a mechanic like that!

This could be a great mobile game ngl!

Thanks! :D

Thanks :D

Highest I've gotten is 980 around!

Great Game!

Could use some work tho

Practice Circle Jam # 3 community · Created a new topic Wow

Wow, I still can't believe I made a game in literally 1 day!

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The first thing I'm gonna do to the game after this jam is to delete the bullets out of screen


Your game was great too!

Loved the light and dark features you implemented!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Btw, It was the Enemy Bullets also lol

I had a few apps running on my desktop so I was confused.

Nice Game nevertheless! :)

Great game, I'm playing on my TV so I can't See properly, Will play on another device later

It's Extremely fun!

I love it!

It's kind of hard ngl, the highest I've gotten is 11/16

Thanks :)

Will implement the suggestions after the jam :)

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Yeah I Played Maze Ways Earlier when your friend posted here, It was a very Amazing game, I'm still shocked thinking about how someone can make this game in just a week! 

ngl this game is good enough to be a commercial game on steam or something

Btw, Nice Senku Pfp, xD

Great Game! I had a lot of fun playing it and I would like to see some more levels in the future!

I'm already in their discord :)

Np :)

btw, Does the game usually lag or was it just my computer?

the games fun, but the jump button sometimes feel unresponsive and just doesn't work, and also It would have been better with a options menu, other than that, its a good game

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its a fun game, I like the art and music, but I would have liked a few more powerups

Its a fun game, I enjoyed it a lot! I would have liked a few more challenges though

fun game! I hope to see more combinations and maps in the future!

This was a fun game! The controls felt nice and I also really liked the art! I would have liked a bit more health though.

great game! I had a lot of fun playing, but I would have liked it if we could get more clearer instructions and a bit less confusing UI.

Great job!

I love the art, Controls AND music!

Great game!

What a Cute and Incredible Game!

I really love your game!

It's Amazing!

With my terrible gaming skills, I could only beat the first level, The animations were really great too!

You had a Really Great Game too, Fellow Gdevelop GameDev, xD

I didn't think you could make such incredible games with gdevelop!

Thanks :D

Your game was great too!

Thanks! Your Entry is Pretty Amazing too! =)


Absolutely Incredible Game!

But since I'm terrible at playing games, I only finished the first level


Your game is Great too!

I got to level 7 I think?

What a Unique Idea for a game!

Great Job!

Amazing Game! Loved it! 

But I'm stuck on Level 6 lmao

This game is fun! I loved the graphics, music and hard levels of the game! 

Great game!

I wouldn't have thought anyone would make a 3D game for this jam!

Amazing game! =D

It was really fun!

Thanks =D

I played your game, it was amazing! It was really fun =)

Loved the lasso mechanic you had

Hey, Amazing game! Loved it! It was so fun that I didn't even realize when I got 32 deers lmao

I dunno why but the game started lagging a lot for me so I had to stop.

Great game tho! =D