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Cute 2D running platformer
Submitted by Demizo (@DemizoDemazo) — 14 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1043.3933.393

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
limitation: Collectables come in the form of materials (straw, sticks, and bricks) that the 3 little pigs need to collect in order to build shelter and survive the wolf. Theme: in each level you need to run away from and back to your house (there and back) all while evading the wolf and collecting materials. The interpretation is that, while it is a 2D runner, you will need to end up running back from where you came so you need to make sure you leave yourself a path back.

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I think the game would be a lot better with tighter controls and the boomerang could use some more work. It can sometimes be a little frustrating.

The idea is great and clever! It perfectly fits the theme. I liked the sounds too and the art style was fun and fitting.

I know it's part of the story but its not the most rewarding when you complete the first level to meet with a you failed screen. This is just a personal preference, not a big problem.

Overall a fun little game that could use some more playtesting. 

Submitted (1 edit)

Also forgot to mention that after failing I didn't really feel motivated to try again. Don't exactly know why and what whould help. Maybe if one wrong move didn't cause a game over. Maybe if the maps were smaller. Maybe if the movement and the whole game was faster. Don't exactly know. I went back and tried a few more times just to playtest and to feel that I was fair in rating, but if it wasn't part of the jam I would have probably given up on my third try because it wasn't too exciting. 

Edit: Also, not a very quick pig :)


Very fun to play and a great implementation of the "There and back" theme. I really liked the art style and animation. Sounds and audio were good too. Overall well done :)


I hope you play our game as I played your game


ill be sure to check it out!


thank you !! 


Cool take on the theme! I liked the graphics, and the twist at the end of the levels was great lol, must have made for some tricky level design! One thing I'd say though was I found it extremely difficult, one tip I saw a long time ago was try your game at 2 or 3x the difficulty, maybe on 3x the game speed? IDK, it's a great was of testing how difficult your game will be for new players though!


that's a great idea! I actually had already massively lowered the difficulty so I'm glad I didnt leave it in its original state. I do think the difficulty would have been nicer had the jump been easier to control


An enjoyable little game, although quite challenging. I found the floaty controls took a little bit of time to get used. It seemed like the pig slid along the ground sometimes, which I'm not sure if it was an intentional mechanic or not. Really respect making absolutely everything from sprites to music! Great job!


I had heard multiple people describe this sliding. I wonder if it is just in the web build on some browsers because in my testing as well as people I had play test that issue never arose I'll need to take a look at that more carefully. Thanks for the feedback!


Fun little game! The jump arc was a little weird in some way, but i enjoyed planning my path back to get all of the collectibles. Good use of the theme.

Check out my submission if you have the time!


Its a very fun, cute game! Loved the art and music. Only thing I wouldve changed was to make the pig less slippery, and some more intense music for when you are going back, or getting too close to the wolf.


Excellent game idea! I loved the surprised when the game turned around. Super fun, even though the controls of the jump made it a bit harder than it should be. Great work!

I like that you are a pig :).


Great game!


I had fun. Gameplay, graphichs, and sounds are very good. Traps make it more challenging. Great job.


Love this game



Absolutely Incredible Game!

But since I'm terrible at playing games, I only finished the first level


I liked the idea and its take on the story. The boomerang was a nice addition but me being the terrible gamer I am didn't get to experience all the levels.


Great job!  The art and animations were awesome.  You really got me on the first level.  right when I was wondering where the wolf went he popped up on the right side of the screen lol.

Check out my game if you get a chance!


Very creative use of the three little pigs story and shapes for building the wolf. The game is fun and easy to understand, but too unforgiving at times. The jump felt a bit wonky at times. Overall though, great game! Good job!


Nice job, I was a big fan of the art style and music!

Levels were a little tricky, though the ability to just jump back in and try a level over and to pick which one to play if stuck are nice additions!


The game was fun to play, and the visuals and music worked well for that. The music felt fit for the style and also for the pace. And I think having to go back a partially different way than how you came was a nice use of the theme.

It did took me a while to get used to the camera though, and although I played all three levels, I didn't beat any of them. Having to slow down so I can see what what's in front of me was a bit annoying, and sometimes I could die from spikes and not know what had happened until I played the level again and could see the spikes.


Boomerang....Awesome, love the mechanic. I really enjoyed the game. Graphics are cute too, good job.


Nice game, I liked the graphic and music. 

I agree with other comments that control can feel akward. And also the camera. I had to wait  a lot and also i din't know, what to expect, so that caused some deaths. I think the game could be easier, for example by adding checkpoint to the return point or by adding health.

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