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A puzzle platformer where the coins you collect become different things on the way back.
Submitted by Bernardozomer
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Technical Implementation#1033.3933.393

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
Focus: the collectables the player picks up turn into different things on the way back, so he should evaluate what to collect and what to leave alone. Theme: the mailman must go from one side of the level to another and then come back, when it's already night. Those mechanics are linked and form the core of the game.

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Wow, I loved it!  I too chose the mailman theme, which is why I clicked on your title.  I really like how you made the player sprite move without redrawing the animations, just by tilting and squishing, and for me it totally WORKED.  He was really cute, even asleep!  I thought the tilemap, puzzles, and coin/spike elements were all super well used and cohesive.  Yes, it was difficult to figure out some things, but I stuck with it, specifically in level 2 when I had to make a diagonal jump off the start block and get the coin without taking damage.  I almost gave up again in level 4, but hung in there, because I knew that the creator would have made it doable, and it was!  It just demanded precision, not sloppy hoppy platforming.  I thought this was really well done and fun!  


Thank you really much for the comment! I am so happy seeing you had a good time with the game; this kind of thing makes me want to keep doing this. The criticisms I received were very deserved though, especially concerning the learning curve, so I'm hoping to get that fixed on a possible full release in the future.


The concept was great. It hitboxes are a bit wide for everything, but the game itself plays well, the sounds and visuals coexist nicely.


I couldn't beat the second level. I may have missed something but I couldn't jump high enough to get to the mailbox. The game is pretty, and the collecting coins/ordering problems was fun. Also had some spots  I could walk of the edge and others where I couldn't.


I got through the first two levels. I do have a clue how to solve the third puzzle, but the first jump is pretty hard to get right, and the second one is too, so getting both of them right in a row seems too hard when it's meant to be a puzzle game. Music would have been nice, but the sound effects were good too. It was fun, but I think the difficult jumps made it less fun than it could have been. A tutorial would have helped too.


Great puzzle game! Very clever puzzles in some of them. I can't help but think that it's a little too hard though even when you know the solution. I would love a little more leeway with some of the jumps. It sometimes feels like you have to have pixel perfect platforming to pull some of these off. Also, there was one stage where I solved it by jumping off screen...not sure if I did that right. Great job though!


Hahaha that exploit on level 3 was discovered by my girlfriend like an hour after I launched the game... Not the solution I thought of, but definetly the most fun one (I won't even mention the flying by smashing your head on the ceiling "mechanic"). I agree with your criticisms, some jumps were made harder than they needed to for no particular reason. And yes, the off-screen moments in level 4 weren't on purpose, just the unfortunate way I set up some colliders. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!


Ha after I beat this I watched the other video of the guy beating it and I definitely should have figured that out with more time. 


Hi, I rewied your game here:


Thank you! Seeing people playing it for the first time really helps me. I'm flattered by your compliments and agree with your critiques; I assumed the game concept was much more straightforward than it actually is! Glad to see it feels fun to you after getting the hang of it though.


No worries. It took a little working out but once you get it, it's good! I think when developing game it always seems so much easier to th dev, remember to make it simple enough for stupid people like me :)


It was hard to learn the associations between actions and the effects they have, but once i understood i saw how this can be a fun puzzle game. Unfortunately i got stuck on the third level. I think I know what the puzzle is, but i just can't figure out how to actually do the jumps to beat it. 

Very cute game and a fun puzzle mechanic, but too confusing. I usually don't like tutorials, and the main mechanic where picking up coins changes the level when it's night is good and i got it pretty quickly but not knowing things like what the arrows mean leaves me feeling like i'm stuck on a level because i'm missing a mechanic.


Very understandable. I made the third level unnecessarily complicated with tricky jumps that even if you know what to do, sometimes you just fail. Next time I'll be sure to smoothen out the difficulty curve! Thank you for playing and for the input : )


Amazing art, color scheme and the controls are really tight.  It took me a minute to figure out that the coins help tank the damage of the eyes but once I got it I had a lot of fun playing.  Awesome game!  Thank you for the fun puzzles.


Thank you for playing!


Looked interesting, but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do.


Really liked this one, great job.


I love the visuals and the way Postman stretches and moves around. 

I do have a critique: I was a bit confused on what was I exactly supposed to do, I assumed to collect coins and go back, but I had confusion on how to complete the second level. Overall, the premise of the game is cozy and fun!

Our games are similar in relation to delivery of mail, check out Delman from 1920!


I really like the squash and stretch applied to the mail man and found the game to be really fun :)

I'd appreciate f you checked out my game if you had the time


Thank you, and I'll do it as soon as I can!


I refrain from voting, because I couldn't figure the game play out fully ;)

Also, something is off with the sizing. Embedded in the page the display is too small to show the choice arrows. In full screen the bottom right of level 2 is not visible (so you don't see the platform to reach the mailbox)

And then I couldn't figure out which coin combination made me survive the way back in level 2.

As far as I could deduce: Collect two coins, go to the mailbox to start the night, and then return to the shop. However you're getting hurt when starting night; plus collecting a third coin stops the effect of two?


Yeah, the web version is weird, I wouldn't recommend it. When I added it to the page it was like 5~10min before the deadline so I couldn't really fix it, I haven't got much experience in that. 

About the gameplay, it's 2 coins = 1 life and 1 damage = -1 life. Touching the mailbox trigger the night, which changes what you have collected on your way to it.

About level 2, you need to just not pick up the second coin on the top row :) also, can't touch the spike.


I actually don't undestand the controls, could you help me?


Arrows/WASD to move and space to jump. R resets the level.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

thanks, now I see. Nothing to say.


Check my game too, please


Clever Idea, but as you pogress it becoms less and less intersting do to the limited content. The graphics were quite enjoyable tho.

p:s: Please consider checking our game!


Will check! With limited content, you mean few mechanics or levels?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice art work and polish. But I still cant figure out how the game works. Could not get past level 2. A little more help would be nice. Theme adherence is well done.


Really clever and puzzling use of the jam themes! i loved the cute art as well. Great work!

 It would mean a lot if you could check out my Jam submission if you get the chance. Thanks!


Thank you! Your game seems very fun, I will check it out later today.


Absolute joy.

It's a simple and immediately understandable concept that allows for a huge amount of depth in level design.

I'd tone down the difficulty a tiny bit.
But otherwise great. :)



I loved your game. The concept fits extremely well with the theme of the jam wich is COLLECTING and BACK AND THERE. It's really interesting. The puzzles are really clever.

In terms of graphics is really good! I love the pixelart and the color palette!

I'd love to know what do you think of my game!

Keep it up!


Thank you very much! I will check your game as soon as I have the time


The art is on point. The gameplay is very fun, although really hard in some levels, but man it looks great!

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