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Help on No collision block.

Thank you. Planning to expand on this by adding more content

thanks for the feedback. And yes I have rated your game.

Liked this. I love the theme and the shooting controls. but the controls are a bit difficult to use. Good mechanic. Its a metroidvania with the shop.

Very nicely done. I love the mechanic of how the coins weigh you down (also the particle effects to show the sweating), the greedy spirit is something straight out of my notebook doodles (:D) and I also love the only powerup which is  also the key to the next level

I loved this game. Theme and collectables well done.  I am in awe of the mechanic where you have to keep pressing 'Up' to flap your wing and the enemy behaviors. 

I gave 5 stars to graphics too, because I am a programmer myself and programmer art is what I do. I know the effort you have taken for the graphics ;)

Neat little puzzler. Love the twist on the snake game to adhere to the theme. Nice sound effects and subtle background score.

Simple enjoyable game.  Does a lot of justice to the theme. Very cool aesthetic. The  ambient music is apt for the space theme. I loved the  'boink' sound and the effect. One suggestion : instead of the  mouse, you could use the keyboard : arrow keys and an 'cross hair' to aim Zogda and the spacebar to fire.

Thanks a lot for playing. Yes, points noted. I will work on the levels and adding music and fx.

Thanks for playing. I created a few levels just to demo the actual game loop. Will add more content in future. 

Yes, I actually added space as the jump key first. But some times the messages wouldnt get shown because Space key is used to continue as well. 

Thank you for the encouragement.

Thanks for playing. Will checkout your game. 

Points noted. Thanks for playing the game.

Such a cool concept. So original. Loved it. Rated it.

I cannot move. Neither arrow keys and wasd are working when using a mouse. With touchpad its difficult to control.

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Nice art work and polish. But I still cant figure out how the game works. Could not get past level 2. A little more help would be nice. Theme adherence is well done.

Could you please add more help or tutorial? Otherwise the gameplay does not do any justice to the polish that you have achieved.

Very simple. And fun. :)

Awesome polish. Nicely done. 

Awesome polish. Liked it so much

Cool game. Good puzzle design. 

Good puzzle game. Rated it. Like the art and the bgm. 

Thank you @ml_5600. I will take your advice and try adding more levels, also fix the jump button as you suggested in the game page.

I stopped played as the camera was panning a bit too fast. It was frustrating when I missed the small platform by a bit and had to start all the way over. It was difficult to calculate the jump. Overall a good game.

I love the Metroidvania style. have been a fan of this genre for ages. I have tried many a times but failed to emulate it. You have succeeded. The music and cute art style adds to the appeal. I havent finished it yet. Got to the knight costume after playing for around 10 minutes, when I had to stop to write this comment.  Definitely one of the best games in this jam. Would love to see more from you.

yes. i know. I wish I could devote more time to development. Will try to work on it.

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Thanks a lot. I will definitely pursue this idea and make the game even more solid. Thanks  for making that gameplay video and staying long enough to figure out the missing ending. 

I didnt get time for adding sound fx or music. 

thank you @lilou_cormic

I selected the game and pressed enter accidently. It got submitted. I could not enter more details. How to update?

Not able to see the results. Whats going on?

Yeah, maybe this one. I cant place it though. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback. Well, GDevelop dont have much, other than layer effects, to add some pop . This idea could be a common one - maybe I saw it in some other game. 

I was wondering why no one commented about my God awful music at the beginning. First try at Bosca Ceoil. I am still working on the movement bit. Dont know how I can smoothen it.

The slash is stuck sometimes. But it is a good game.

Nice little game. Not able to win though. Those kart days! How I miss it.

Fun game. A bit difficult to play.