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Any questions?

A topic by vitsum created Apr 14, 2020 Views: 329 Replies: 19
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Ask any questions here

algun dia se volverá de pago??



Will it be paid someday?

Srry i dont speak English


I don't know. May be on steam it will be paid, but the price will be low.

Would be nice, to have the download also as an APK, so I could install it on my OUYA (Android 4.1) but it has no Google Play Store.

There is , (here)

is it for 32 bit

Is it possible to export my android creations to pc?


yes it is possible, all you need is to find your save file on your android device and somehow transfer it to a pc.
The location of these files is printed in the game on the screen where your saved creations are listed. 
For android it is Android/data/com.evertechsandbox/files

Help on No collision block.

is it possible to get non-touchscreen controls on linux version? I think that moving camera without holding LMB will be cool

I've played this game on bluestacks with default controls and they were amazing. I think that it's possible to make camera work normal with some apps

This furiously reminds me of Scrap Mechanic. I haven't played the latter in a while, so I can't tell if you made most of it yourself, therefore I'm not reporting anything. All I see is that the thumbnail shows an engine straight out of Scrap Mechanic.


the 3d model of an engine was similar but it was modeled from scratch. It was replaced recently with another one but in the android version of the game.

are you updating the desktop version?

Is multiplayer available on desktop version? 

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yes it is but it isn't up to date so the best reasoning for playing the up tp date is to use an android emulator. The most up to date apk is on their discord.

add a 2 by 2 seat

Update the Windows, macOS, and Linux versions so that it is up to date with the mobile version!

how do i place a block