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The JSON export from TileKit was one of the easiest to implement.

If your engine does support JSON, you are fine. And loading sprites and images also works fine. And with 2 nested loops, it works. I guess, something like ChatGPT could come up with an loader for that, if you only give it a JSON. (I am not sure, didn't tried)

The rules are working, the tiles are working, we can create also objects. And I guess, the next bigger step would be to use LDtk instead. I myself found it a bit to complecate to start with and love my TileKit. It also supports Spriteanimations. What I could miss, are multilayer, but for that I guess, you could use "Tiled".

I want to use TileKit for 3D maps. And it also works. (work in progress, screenshots are not final)


would be interested in that as well, created some 2D to 3D conversion

May I ask, how you created your levels? I bought some of your assets here and from Unity. I opened some in Blender. I like them very much. But could not figure out an easy way do build such RPG-like levels. So I created some tileset and build a converter. Created my level in TileKit and loaded the TileKit-Level data with my "tile to 3D object" translator and could easily prototype now levels. But that would be some work for 81 objects, I have done it for 5 now. And I guess, placing the game objects and lights would be another problem. I am using App Game Kit as "game engine".

thx, would helo a lot

I love your assets, bought them on different platforms. I am not using Unreal or Unity. My question is, would it be possible, to also provide OBJ files? I am trying to use your files with Asset Forge 2.x from Kenney, to build a level. Do you know another tool for layouting a 3D grid level, if not using Unreal or Unity?

if you do the texture for Lara Croft, maybe it would be also possible to have short pants and bones for guns or backpacks on the character, so it would be easier to attach stuff to the character in the game later. Thx. Looks great. Also you could write the polygone count in your desctription. Nice work.

very nice. Would be great, if there is any export of the data, maybe as JSON, OBJ or FLX. Like it very much, how easy it is to change stuff. Not overloaded and easy to understand. Great.

Looks very interesting

Made an JSON TileKit loader for App Game Kit (Studio), The integration was very easy. So I like TileKit very much.

I was using App Game Kit (Studio) and it does support JSON. To import the exported tilemaps it took not very long. If your engine supports basic Sprite- and Image- handling and does understand JSON type structures it could be done in minutes or some hours, but less than half a day. Depends what your needs are.

Basic: Source code in App Game Kit for loading the map:

Type TileKit_JSON_Type

    map as TileKit_Map_Type


Type TileKit_Map_Type

    tile_w as integer

    tile_h as integer

    tile_spacing as integer

    image_filename as string // name of the texture-atlas

    animations as TileKit_Animation_Type[]

    tags as string[]

    w as integer

    h as integer

    data as integer[] // most important contains ids of the tiles from the texture-atlas

    objects as TileKit_Object_Type[]


Type TileKit_Object_Type

       name as string

      id as string

      x as integer

      y as integer

      w as integer

      h as integer

      color as string            


Type TileKit_Animation_Type

    idx as integer

    rate as integer

    frames as integer[] // array of index-ids of the tile-texture-atlas

// ------------------------- Function to load that Type into your engine itself -----

Function xb_LoadTileKit_JSON(name$)

    tk_map as TileKit_JSON_Type

    file = OpenToRead(name$)

    json$ = ReadLine(file)



EndFunction tk_map

export as JSON or maybe PNG were every pixel in a different color is a specific tile. With that export at the moment it is not very useful for own projects with other tilesets. Also after export the program seems to be shut down or something like that. Nice work so far. Keep it going.

I downloaded the game, 155 MB first, but unpacked 1.2 GByte, ui. Can't believe it plays in the web, but needs so much diskspace. Great style. Love it.

is there any chance, this will be out for Android 4.1, would like to see it on the OUYA, nVidia ShieldTV or Nintendo Switch

It is very complecated to find your program, I searched for "avatar", "pixelart", "character", creakter, maker and combinations of that. And I knew exactly what I was looking for. Tried to find it on another computer in but didn't know the URL. Google also doesn't help much.

is it possible to buy it on

Your software looks great. I hope, my post can help to see, that there is interest in it. I know, hard times. Would be great to be able to use your Map-Editor in combination with Blender 2.80, 2.90 and up. I guess, if it would work with 2.80 it runs also on 2.9x. Thanks for making such a great tool. Wish you all the best. Kind regards from Berlin, Germany.

does it support the open sourced format: "Basis Universal Texture Compression", kind of KTX, I think:

I see. Thanks for your response. Still like your games. Keep it. Kind regards.

Yes! It would  be the best, if your game would support the XBox 360 controller input on your PC. No matter if you use RAW-Joystick or Joystick commands. A simple export to Minimum Android Version 4.1 (API 16) in AGK would do the rest. You can specify it also for export for OUYA with a nice picture. OUYA Large Icon should be 732 x 412 PNG. You need a "Version Name" and "Version Number" and a unique "Package Name". APK Type: Ouya. (these would work best) . XInput is supported by the OUYA. So XBox controller support would fit very well. The OUYA has no [ START ] or [ SELECT ] button. So for a menu or pause, maybe such thing like the ( Y ) button would be a good fit. The OUYA doesn't support tilt or gyroscope or such things. No sensors supported. You could upload your OUYA version here to and someone from the community OUYA board could download it and upload it to the community server. That was the way we have done it with my game "Snuggle Puggle". With these settings it would also work without problems on "Retroid Pocket 2".  App Game Kit Discord: OUYA discord: maybe we can provide you with a console, or can help you with testing over there. And thanks for your work on this game. It looks beautiful. Every new game helps. If we can help you with something, let us know. Kind regards.

Nice to hear from you again. I guess, if needed, we could organize you an OUYA as well. Are you knowing the AGK discord maybe or do you do postings and programming in the AGK board? Last time, I saw AGE3D you made it open source. Hope you do good and didn't gave up on game development. Also like, that you are knowing PureBasic well and Blender. Kind regards from Germany. I guess, you are from France? And yeah, that Non-Ad Android 4.1 port would be great. The OUYA is not good with heavy use of Shaders, but we will try it out. Thanks again.

I figured out, how to download it for free from bandcamp. Can you tell, which program do you used to compose the music? Also if it is something like a tracker, would it be possible to maybe get the  much smaller tracker files like HVL / AHX, PSG, or MOD, S3M, IT, I guess it could be possible to fit that one hour of quality music in under 1 MByte and not 80 MB. That would be awesome.

can we use it in our projects?

Do you sell your assets or do you have a collection of assets in this style? I like them very much. Would be nice to build a game with them. Kind regards.


found this and wanted to know, if it is maybe possible to get the source code of this game?

Kind regards, Folker

looks nice. Have to test it on my OUYA :-)

Will there be an OUYA port with game pad controller input support on Android 4.1 with OpenGL ES 2.0?

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Looks very nice. Would be great to play that editor thingly also on the OUYA. I will try out the APK for Android. Thx.

Looks nice. Could that run on the OUYA? I saw that your Android support is for 2.3x, so it could run also on Android 4.1, I guess. Will it have game pad controller support? Would be nice to have an APK file to buy, there is no Google Playstore on the OUYA, but it would be possible to install it. Also AGK 2 supports direct OUYA export. Maybe that could be a thing. Would be nice.

Love the graphics and since it could run on Android 4.0, I guess, it would be a nice fit on the OUYA.

Also your other games look very nice as well. Kind regards from Berlin, Germany

interesting bouncing variation on the right side of the screen, if the ball come from above, it will go up again, not down. Nice warp effect around the ball

Saw it in the Unreal Showcase. Looks nice.

Is there any chance that this game could  be on the OUYA, nVidia ShieldTV or Retroid Pocket 2? That would be great. Looks awesome. I guess, with game pad controller input support it could run on Android 4.1 with OpenGL ES 2.0 or so.

Nice. Will there be also an Android 4.1 OpenGL ES 2.0 release with game pad controller input support?

love the idea and the controller support. Would be nice to see this also on the OUYA with Android 4.1, keep the great work.

nice artwork, would like to see this game on the OUYA with Android 4.1 and game pad controller support

funny littel game

after "You Lose!", there is no button to re-start the game