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This could be used to generate random sounds for scary ambiences or malfunctioning machines in films and videogames.

Or over bumps so tiny they don't even fill a pixel on the screen lol

If we could disable shadows it would probably be able to run easily on about any hardware. I run on the second lowest setting on intel HD Graphics 620, and it's butter smooth on scren saver (50-60 fps), and between 30 and 40 fps when playing. Maybe an opaque marble could save a few resources for lower-end devices too.

As for the gameplay and the music : simple and nice.

Wait. "with/against the flow" ? How did I miss it during the entire game ?

You might be interested by or be of interest to the Open Space Program. It's a group of people trying to recreate KSP too.

This furiously reminds me of Scrap Mechanic. I haven't played the latter in a while, so I can't tell if you made most of it yourself, therefore I'm not reporting anything. All I see is that the thumbnail shows an engine straight out of Scrap Mechanic.

How is this cute ? Like, really ? How did you manage to make this cute ?

Oh. There's only one level. Very interesting concept. "We will watch your career with great interest."

That's insanely hard at first. I love it.

Kazoobi kazoos are the loudest in the world !

Really fun little game. Were the box sounds home-made ? They sounded like someone actually pronounced "wshh" and "Pkronk"...

I think it could get some optimisation. When creating ultimion, I end up with so many particles that my fps suddenly drop to 1 after a minute.

I see I'm not the only one to have all my particles constantly inside the circuits.

I just got the upside-down head easter egg ! Nice !

It loads, but instead of initiating gravity, it crashes...

Thank god I'm not the only one.

That last level was hard. But fun.

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Le menu de paramètres depuis le menu principal. Je joue sur clavier.

Au passage, petite question : les noms des développeurs me disent quelque chose... Ne seraient-ils pas d'Epitech, par pur hasard ?

GLaDOS ? What the hell are you doing here ?

Les plus :

La musique, les graphismes, l'ambiance, le thème, les animations, les petits robots, le fait qu'on puisse jouer un peu partout, le piano...

Les moins :

Allez, juste pour en mettre un : j'ai pas réussi à quitter le menu des paramètres.

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Placed a block on myself, fell through the world. Perfect ripoff/20.

Uncool, but understandable.

How can we change inputs ?

Obviously. However, even a demo Unity game (those from the Unity dev tutorials) consumes way more than what it should.

I don't think he can optimise the game. Unity is really bad in itself tbh.

J'avoue, j'ai quitté Epitech - je ne m'y plaisais pas.

Mais un feedback... C'est juste excellent, j'ai rien à dire. La difficulté est très bien calculée, la musique et les sons sont agréables...

Allez, si on veut vraiment pinailler... Lorsqu'on tourne la caméra à plus de 45° de côté, les contrôles deviennent perturbants. Mais comme il suffit de 60° de battement total pour voir la totalité du plateau, ce n'est pas un problème.

I always love your creations. This one is simple and nice, yet challenging. 100% would play again.

As far as I can remember, both of the inputs had the problem... I changed systems twice since then, haven't tested on my new system yet.

My drive is running out of space, so I checked what apps were using so much place. Turns out the Itch desktop app comes waaay first, with 99.6GB.
However, I only have 1.4 GB of games installed.

How do I fix that ?

Very original and fun gameplay, would even pay for more !

Yeah, it requires some optimisation.

Good luck !

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Wait. This game needs a 1060 ? Even Cities:Skylines runs on my Intel HD Graphics 620 (very low graphics and 20 fps, but it runs) !

I had a problem when writing the comment, the page wouldn't load, only the comments and the screenshots, so I didn't see the requirements. Now I see it, and I'm like.. This wouldn't even run at 720p ?

(A good way to support lower HW is to allow toggling dynamic or animated decoration, like the trees and shaders.)

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Doesn't work. It loads to 100%, then nothing. My CPU runs up to 100% but nothing happens.

My system: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 5.1.3-arch1-1-ARCH
Executable: 0.95 Demo

Wow. Amazing how unity sucks. I've always said it, and I'll continue saying it.

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I think this will need some serious optimisation. Maybe try using less detailed collision meshes for the vehicles ?

Indeed, it works now. Thanks !

Can't launch the game. It tells me it's an unauthorised browser

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I like to browse games on itch, install and play them. But sometimes I want to play games I installed earlier... And I can't. i just can't browse the games that are on my computer. No link, no button, anything.

I enabled internal browser and tabs.

I hope this is just a bug coming with this configuration...

EDIT after further research :

It appears that enabling internal browser tabs removes the main tabs :

Without tabs :

With tabs :

OK, pour les graphismes j'attendrais.
Sinon mon clavier c'est AZERTY FRA Fr. C'est probablement dû au lag : un processeur surchargé est souvent plus à même de produire des bugs. Je suis développeur aussi, j'ai déjà eu affaire à un effet comme ça : en multithreading j'avais une bouclinf sur l'un des threads XD

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Etrange en effet. Après si tu veux t'amuser à comprendre le pourquoi du comment des différents systèmes...

Mon système: Windows 10 1709 build 16299.431
Mes processeurs : Intel Core i7 7500U CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.90GHz
    Et le chipset graphique : Intel HD Graphics 620 - pilote version

Je suis à environ 5-10 fps constants. Je suis peut-être habitué au 20 fps, mais il y a une limite à la souffrance oculaire.