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Further information on softlocking : At some points in the game, you can access several main story quests at the same time. But if you do not follow them in order, for instance, going to the Bee Queen before the Dryad temple, you can finish the quests, but they do not appear in the journal, and are never marked as completed, keeping the story from going on.

Just copy the -/www/saves/ folder into the new version. Just copying the save file won't work, because RPGM reads the 2 special files in that folder to know what the save files are.

Check the areas around the city, there's a way in.

Warning : spoiler ahead.

In the desert temple, once I had reactivated the altar, I went back in, and immediately spent 10 divine seeds to repair the temple before meeting Damia there... Which prevents me from finishing the "To the Desert Sands..." quest.

And obviously I overwrote the save file right after I repaired the temple so I can't revert.

Using an RPGM save editor online I guess I could "unrepair" the temple or mark the quest as completed, right ? What should I modify in my save file for that ?


The animation at the end is kind of comical ngl. Fun concept though.

Ok for some reason Itch didn't dl the dlls on the previous version. Now it works ! I don't understand Chain Reaction, but it's fun. As for the Pixel Engine, looks promising ! (although I don't code anymore)

I'm guessing I have to download some Visual Studio stuff : I'm missing MSVCP140D.dll, VCRUNTIME140D.dll, and VCRUNTIME140_1D.dll

I can't even pass level 1, cars are too slow..

Not necessarily too much, since the gameplay is much more intuitive on mobile than with a mouse.

Porting to computers should have required at least the screen resolution to be adapted. And even if not, at least the movement of the mouse should be considered when outside of the vertical frame.

Probably a very good little game on mobile though, couldn't test it.

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I now have a much beefier computer. I'm still not pressing escape to quit though.

Are you OK Geckoo ?

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473. Noice.

Edit : 1199.

If possible, a lighter and more stable shader. This one seems to have way too many memory errors.

"Press Escape to quit." I am absolutely not doing that. The end music is too damn great.

My only regret about this game is that I couldn't reduce the graphics settings, and had to do with 10 to 20 fps. Great experience nonetheles !

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Somehow I didn't have Visual C++ installed. And now I have to restart my computer. Goddammit Windows, why ?

This could be used to generate random sounds for scary ambiences or malfunctioning machines in films and videogames.

Or over bumps so tiny they don't even fill a pixel on the screen lol

If we could disable shadows it would probably be able to run easily on about any hardware. I run on the second lowest setting on intel HD Graphics 620, and it's butter smooth on scren saver (50-60 fps), and between 30 and 40 fps when playing. Maybe an opaque marble could save a few resources for lower-end devices too.

As for the gameplay and the music : simple and nice.

Wait. "with/against the flow" ? How did I miss it during the entire game ?

You might be interested by or be of interest to the Open Space Program. It's a group of people trying to recreate KSP too.

This furiously reminds me of Scrap Mechanic. I haven't played the latter in a while, so I can't tell if you made most of it yourself, therefore I'm not reporting anything. All I see is that the thumbnail shows an engine straight out of Scrap Mechanic.

How is this cute ? Like, really ? How did you manage to make this cute ?

Oh. There's only one level. Very interesting concept. "We will watch your career with great interest."

That's insanely hard at first. I love it.

Kazoobi kazoos are the loudest in the world !

Really fun little game. Were the box sounds home-made ? They sounded like someone actually pronounced "wshh" and "Pkronk"...

I think it could get some optimisation. When creating ultimion, I end up with so many particles that my fps suddenly drop to 1 after a minute.

I see I'm not the only one to have all my particles constantly inside the circuits.

I just got the upside-down head easter egg ! Nice !

It loads, but instead of initiating gravity, it crashes...

Thank god I'm not the only one.

That last level was hard. But fun.

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Le menu de paramètres depuis le menu principal. Je joue sur clavier.

Au passage, petite question : les noms des développeurs me disent quelque chose... Ne seraient-ils pas d'Epitech, par pur hasard ?

GLaDOS ? What the hell are you doing here ?

Les plus :

La musique, les graphismes, l'ambiance, le thème, les animations, les petits robots, le fait qu'on puisse jouer un peu partout, le piano...

Les moins :

Allez, juste pour en mettre un : j'ai pas réussi à quitter le menu des paramètres.

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Placed a block on myself, fell through the world. Perfect ripoff/20.

Uncool, but understandable.

How can we change inputs ?

Obviously. However, even a demo Unity game (those from the Unity dev tutorials) consumes way more than what it should.

I don't think he can optimise the game. Unity is really bad in itself tbh.