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I got 6618. 

Nope.  You can totally go solo.  Good luck!

Thanks! The community is one of the best parts of jams, imo, so thanks for hosting! 

Wow!  The jam is over, but I wish I had played this while voting was open.  I thought it was MAGNIFICENT!  Bravo!  Your passion, drive, and skill to communicate through this video game medium was simply enchanting.  I've liked a lot of games in the jam, but this was the only one I kept thinking "Wow, I should share this with friend x, y and z!" Just amazing, really well done and well written.  The slow fades there and back again nailed the theme.  Unlike some others, I adored the bg music and thought that I was actually playing in time with it!!  Keep up the great work, and keep trying to reach out your gentle hand to touch people:  IT'S WORKING!  

Bravo!  Encore!!

Fun game!  I got two pipes open, then got stuck.  Loved the Brackeys letter.  This was good.  I'm looking forward to what you do next. =)

FWIW I thought the fuzzy edge to the shadows made for a spooky effect.  =)

Wow.  This is SO well done.  I rated you top marks on everything.  Stuck with the theme perfectly, sprites were all well done, tasteful (a kid and his pillow right?) I felt perfectly in control of him at all times, it's hard to get just right, but you nailed it.  The edge tiles and little wooden platforms were polished pixel work.  Great crossover transitions, and quick replay-ability of the levels.  The mild stress of the clock, and the difficulty was infuriatingly just right.  Took me 1029 to finish, lol.  GREAT GAME!  Even the credits screen was cool!

Wow, I loved it!  I too chose the mailman theme, which is why I clicked on your title.  I really like how you made the player sprite move without redrawing the animations, just by tilting and squishing, and for me it totally WORKED.  He was really cute, even asleep!  I thought the tilemap, puzzles, and coin/spike elements were all super well used and cohesive.  Yes, it was difficult to figure out some things, but I stuck with it, specifically in level 2 when I had to make a diagonal jump off the start block and get the coin without taking damage.  I almost gave up again in level 4, but hung in there, because I knew that the creator would have made it doable, and it was!  It just demanded precision, not sloppy hoppy platforming.  I thought this was really well done and fun!  

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I guess I thought I was gonna be able to get them from far off, and either missed, or just realized vacuum-stabbing them was faster. :)

Thanks! I considered recording my own music with instruments, and you've inspired me to do that next game.  Great suggestions. =)

Thanks for playing.  I have to figure out how to do sound correctly before my next jam attempt.  I blew like two nights trying to make my computer not POP every note it played and eventually gave up.  I appreciate the play and the feedback tho!

Interesting theme and concept.  Reminds me of the board game Carcassone.  I was actually thinking about trying my hand at something like this.  Keep thinking outside the box!

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It started to get kind of laggy at this point.  I was spamming the attack button for a large portion of it though, so maybe I did it.  Haha.

Great work!  This was one of the more complete titles I played, which is SO hard for a jam.  I liked the mechanics, differing boomerangs, and puzzle aspects.  Super well done!  I even liked the bios of the different enemies in the encyclopedia - I like when games take this more subtle, cuter approach.  I mean, they're GAMES after all.  A lot of fun, I gave this the best marks of anything I've reviewed so far!

Haha, yeah Unity gave me a scare with the web resolution.  I didn't get it how I wanted it, but submitted with 18 seconds to spare.  WHEW. 

I didn't need the sound effects, because I could see the platforms, but after I finished I spent a few minutes jumping off the edges of things.  The "footstep" mechanic is really well done!  You could do some kind of game that limited your vision, so the player would learn to listen carefully to the sounds.  I like that it was different from other games in that way.  Good Job!

A solid, functional entry.  Nice work.  I really liked the wizard sprites and his torch trail.

Wow, really clever!  I actually did better when I stopped watching the letters so closely and "felt" the beat.  An unusual twist on an uncommon, game type.  I imagined this being taken over by teachers to have science vocab, etc go scrolling by.  I never actually "collected" any words though, at the level's end, even after replaying to make certain I got some.  Still, it was Fun!

This was fun!  Short, but I smiled the whole time.  And I somehow managed to suck up enough aliens the last 5 seconds, after wasting most of my time trying to pull them across the screen.  :)  Nice Job.

I really don't play games like this, as a rule, but what I thought you really captured... even when I *knew* there would be a monster (like when I missed a key and had to return down the same hallway twice), when I knew it would be there, it still made me cringe and chills run along me.  Something about the timing of the sfx maybe, but it was realllly spooky and uncomfortable.  Not for me, but props on making the elements of that style WORK.

I don't know why, but this game was really addicting to me.  I know you know that it's not the fanciest or anything, but what I loved, and why I clicked on it, is because ... well.... you're a lamp.  That's completely outside of the norm, and I thought it was really intriguing.  I've never quite seen that type of movement mechanic either.  So what if I had to rip the presents through the walls because I couldn't figure out how to do it correctly... it was DIFFereNT.  And I really liked that!  Great effort for your first game!

Fun game!  I really liked the music and thought the foreground effects were slick.  The player sprite was adorable!  omg I busted out laughing when poison artifact killed me and the death gasp shot out.  it was... AWESOME!

Some of the later levels were really short, I just grabbed the artifact and ran off?

I would definitely prefer to play it in the browser - which is super easy with Unity.  Oh, and the gold total was just whatever that levels score was?  That was a bit confusing.  Fun title though, great job.

Cool game!  I loved the classic video game feel with the graphics and sfx.  It also had the punishing difficulty found in older games.  Groovy theme song.  Like others, I'd suggest feedback when you get hit (and fix the sound glitch on level two, yikes!)  One of my favorite parts was the animation on the basic robots, how their legs moved and the swirls that came out of their feet.

All in all, great work.  Keep it up!

What you've done with the lighting is fascinating.  Is it different every run?  The look of this really blew me away.

Congrats!  Wow.  Why did I love being in control of this character so much?!  I made jumps I didn't think I'd make and moved reallllly snappy like, even when taking damage somehow wasn't that bad.  Great work!

Wow, what a great game!  Some games I play and think one day I'll be able to make something like that, and others - like this one - I think "there is no way I'll be able to ever do that!"  The artwork / sprites were super well done, with all the different armors and characters all looking uniquely different.  The music and sound effects were fantastic also.  The multiplayer ability (I was solo) and character selection screens just blew me away.  Fascinating work!

Great work!  So many elements in this were REALLY well done.  Metroidvanias are my fav, so I liked that about this too, props on the clever level design.  I loved the artistry and the sprites, especially the rotation from moving left to right.  Would have like to blast a slime ball end boss, but other than that, a SUPER solid entry.  Well done.

Cool game!  I walked away from it for a bit and kept singing the music.  :)  I liked how you had the gravity change on the jumps to pull the player steeply down, and all of the particle stuff you did was super well done too.  I'm gonna have to learn how to do that!  Great little game, I finished it, tho I was hoping for a boss fight!

Thanks so much!

Wow, this was great!  Definitely one of the most fun I've played.  There was just enough to jump off and kill you (tho sometimes -100 for the bird made me sad, haha).  Once I realized you could trick off the cones, my scores got WAY better ... imagine my surprise after 20 tries when I finally got that 5th combo!  I can't even remember what the character said now, but it was TOTALLY cool that the game recognized it, because I was stoked at that point too.  Really great job!  Oh, have to mention the music was spot on and the flipping board animations, both on the player sprites and the menus / scores were killer.  Excellent entry!


Wow!  This was awesome!  There were some fancier games in the jam, but this was honestly my favorite yet.  The music was perfect, the animations and the game mechanics were cute, self explanatory, and a LOT of fun.   The difficulty of the puzzles balanced the simplicity of the artwork (adorable), and the splitting mechanic was not something I'd seen before.  ¡Bon trabalho!

Cool game!  I love the tetris theme.  The sounds and sprites were great too, very gameboy-ish!  After I saw in the comments you could shoot diagonals, I went back and played again, because the first couple times I played, I didn't realize you could shoot other directions.  :)  Great work!

Great work!  This was adorable.  The art was fantastic, both the title and the sprites.  I loved the cute theme too, of the cats' mission. :)  I think you did just about everything right - the only [minor] issue I had was with the random catty comments, they would sometimes block my view of what was going on (and I was always in a hurry, haha), though I did like the cuteness of the commenting, it was just in the way. :)  All in all, great entry, really well thought out and excellently produced.

Thanks.  Only play mine if you get around to it!  It's my first game ever completed ... so.... yeah.

This was a really cool game!  I loved the clarity of it all.  Straightforward, difficult, but not punishing.... I still end up yelling at a surprise little spikey slider guy.  This was really well done and best of all fun.  I think the passwords were a clever solution.  Excellent thinking!  Nice work! 

Nice work!  It's funny to be a rat, they're usually the bad guys. :)  I liked the animation where he threw stuff.

What a great entry!  I really liked everything about this game.  I've tried to draw a dog in 16px before, it's so hard, but this is just perfectly adorable!  Even the arrow in UP (from the title screen) is super clever.  There was so much to like here!  I got stuffed in the Wall Hell portion and had to enable double jumps to get up (23mins total, bleh), but the size and difficulty was really just right for a jam game.  Props on the music collab too!  I was genuinely pleased to see someone embrace the non-violent portion.  It doesn't always have to be about saving the world / life and death.  And Boz was a totally loveable protagonist.  Great work; this got top marks from me!

This was fun!  And funny.  I didn't realize they were forks until I read someone else's comment, and then busted out laughing thinking of all the things a hamburger might fear.  Great Job thinking outside the box at SO many points on this one.  Fun title.  I wish there was a restart button after I died, I kept reloading my page.

Thanks for playing!  I hoped someone would get a giggle out of Daisy dispatching the end boss. :)