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Pffff, defenitely wasn't expecting this. Glad you liked our game, thanks for the kind feedback <3

Thank you! No, I do not have a business email, you can hit me up on discord tho, my tag is NSJ#6431

Yo y los panas parasiteando cubos:

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Thanks for the kind feedback, I really apreciate it!
Now I'd like to address some points for the sake of clarity:
-Sorry you had to experience inventary loss, I'm actively looking for a solution to this problem and other saving issues that have been reported.
-Selling items is already made on the dev build and coming next update :D.
-For more information about item info you can check out the snailpedia pdf on downloads, an ingame version will be added in future updates.

Thank you for playing the webliad beta, stay tuned for upcoming releases! <3

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Yes, it is posible, although it's a bit hard. No, there is currently no map, there will be one in the future tho. Thanks for playing our game :)

noted, Imma try fixing it for next update

Hippity hoppity your child is now my propety


I'll make sure to take notes for the post-jam update. I really apreciate the feedback <3!

Thanks for the feedback <3

Thanks! I thought no one was going to talk about the funny walking sound lol, I apreciate the feedback.


Thanks for the kind feedback <3.
I'll make sure to team with a composer next time haha.

I've been hearing the soundtrack on youtube for a few days, I'm obsesed with this game. Really like the 3d pixelated art style, I wish it was slightly longer tho, I had a lot of fun.

Really like the artstyle, the game feels super cozy!
I wish there was more dragging and dropping involved in the gameplay and some juicy sound effects, but the overall gameloop feels pretty good, great work.

Trully a unique experience, a bit short but I had fun with it. I wish the game had more animations tho, it feels a little stiff even though you did a good job on the looks of the forest, I really like the art style.
I've some problems with the audio though, it tends to overlap itself and it became a little annoying after a bit. The sounds are pretty funny tho, acapella style never fails!
Wish you had expanded a bit on the gameplay, I wonder how it would look like if you would have had more time to work on it.
Pretty fun stuff.

Looks like you didn't have enough time to upload the game, hope you update it once the rating time is over

You can pick up cats while jumping (necessary to pick up the cat on the bed)

Is this edible?


god aproves


Good stuff

Amazing, this is trully what this world needed the most.
Thanks for being awesome


._. good game 8/10


Está weno el juego

Witchcraft    Link for the people that is not able to download the Zip


Really fun

:0 didn't expect anyone to find that