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Feather ParkView game page

Explore an autumn park and play minigames
Submitted by Jon Topielski (@jontopielski), mellorine (@mellorinemusic) — 1 minute, 27 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Aesthetics: Does this game have aesthetically pleasing artwork or polish?#14.7174.717
Overall: Is the game objectively good?#24.3774.377
Fun: Is the game enjoyable or satisfying to play?#34.1704.170
Cozy: Does the game you feel cozy?#54.4534.453
Creativity: Does the game include something unexpected or interesting?#94.0194.019
Theme: Does this game represent the theme well?#124.3024.302

Ranked from 53 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Amazing!!! #1 for this gamejam

Deleted post

Really liked it! I wish all the level transitions used the screen scroll that entering the scarecrow area used, though.

great game, creates the very favorite atmosphere of autumn


Loved the cozy vibe and theme!


I really liked this game. It fit the theme perfectly and the music was very nice. Even though the boss was a bit hectic I felt relaxed playing this :) I also like how you were supposed to let the hen win at rock-paper-scissor. I had fun!


Give us more of this cozy feather world! Look and feel is incredible good, hand in hand with the sfx, it creates a great vibe. 

Love the art style a lot. Very pretty and aesthetically wonderful. Would have loved for the drone puzzle to be a bit easier or more possible, but otherwise a very pretty game


I loved everything about this game.  The art, music, good feeling...this is a nice game, good job, and really fit the theme well

very cute >w<


Hard to overstate how well polished this game is

every aspect of it feels really considered, down tot he sound design and scene transition

really well done

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow. Extremely well put together and polished. Excellent music. Nothing truly negative for me to say about it. Top notch. Great job!


Nice minigames, but I could not pass the drone minigame (
Like smusic and graphics, very cozy.

Good job!


LOVED it! It was so cute, and had the most adorable ending ever <3

Art style was adorable, and the minigames were all quick and fun. Really nice entry :)


Calm and charming, I love it! I recommend to play it on a happy Sunday morning.


What a lovely little game. 
It's a nice collection of mini games. I didn't know why I passed some of them tho. Like the one were you need to put in a number. But I guess I'm just stupid.
The art is really cute. I need to try the sprite stacking thing at some point. It looks really nice.


I've been hearing the soundtrack on youtube for a few days, I'm obsesed with this game. Really like the 3d pixelated art style, I wish it was slightly longer tho, I had a lot of fun.


My little ones love your game


Wow!! This is soo heartwarming to see, thank you for sharing! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

This's just wonderful. Getting very strong Short Hike vibes from the visuals.

Submitted 1 minute, 27 seconds before the deadline



I'M OBSSESSED the game is amazing! My favorite one so far

5 stars for everything

the art it's extremely beautiful and cozy

the song it's very relaxing

I loved the game, making friends while solving little puzzles

I couldn't do the drone one, but I'm still trying lol

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