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This does look like it has a finished game look to it. I played on the web, and the UI was a little buggy, but I'm sure you know about that.

The really big thing I want all across the board is for things that I can click on to have a glowing outline, or some sort of visual effect to let me know I can click on it. See if you can do one script that covers everything, but this is for everything! buttons during combat, people at the pub, whenever something is an option to poke, let me know.

Two recommendations are to

•Allow potions to be used outside of combat in-between battles too.

•Consult with a writer for the in-game text and grammar. It is all understandable, but doesn't sound 100% natural.

I love all the bloom, and the visual style. 

The map was huge! and fun to explore.

Biggest complaint was that there was nothing to find. especially with a name of "hunt or be hunted" I would think there would be something to hunt out there. The red guys just kinda run towards me, so I generally don't have to look for them, but after I started exploring, I think one of them must have gotten stuck, because it never found me, even when I stood still for a few minutes. 

The sound effects were very quiet, and not very many of them.
I thought the sprint made everything very easy, and I thought it was funny that I could sprint backwards. 

I would have loved to see some more interesting enemies, weapons, and AI, such as setting a trap, or hiding, or something like that -- some more game elements, or even horror.  It seems like a very nice game engine, with good effects and a large pre-built level, but otherwise empty.

I got stuck in the first turn of the second battle not being able to play my cards or end the turn.

I wish the buttons had some change when you hovered over them for me to tell if i was going to hit them or not. 

I like the pixel art, and the old-school nature of it. The card UI almost felt too smooth compared to the rest.

Launching into the battle without any instructions or tutorials was a little tough, so I had to go looking for the text document.

Biggest thing for me is that the window was not re-sizable, and I am running on 1920x1080 monitor, which seems like the right size, except, I couldn't maximize it either, and the window bar made the bottom of the game get cut-off. so maybe I got stuck due to that? I couldn't really read the card text easily, but the tool tips helped a lot.

I really enjoyed this game, and especially liked it's aesthetics.

I think the mechanics of this game are super important to understand, and I just had to guess at them for a while. the controls are right on the screen which is nice, but an in-game tutorial about moving, optimizing, extra exp for the most rats, upgrades, when damage happens, do you get extra damage etc.

I'm not exactly feeling the fast-paced-ness with the current turn based system. especially when sometimes I like my current position, and don't want to move, and just sit waiting.

I like the choice of music, and i think if you were forced to move along with the beat of the music, it would be much more frantic/exciting.

I'm not sure if the sound effects match the music and the rest of the game.

Thanks! I almost feel that I lean too heavily on the diagram, and it's the words that compliment a chart instead :)

This was made for the 12 word RPG jam.

It was more fun than I anticipated, and I have never written a table top (or under-table, as is likely here) RPG before. 

I attempted to meet all 3 themes.

Folklore - for me I consider J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis to to have written the most influential "folklore" and I particularly was inspired by C.S. Lewis's Voyage of the Dawntreadder, where Eustace becomes a dragon.

Cartography - I ask you to make a map of where you live, and imagine how the things in your room/house/dwelling would translate to a grand fantasy map.

Forbidden - Only the dragon is allowed in the dragon cave. If there are curious creatures nearby, they out to beware, and heed the roaring. 

I know these seem like a stretch, but so is this whole thing for me :)

As an aside, I'd like to mention that when my 5 yr old asked me what I was doing, and I explained that sometimes adults need help to pretend, and that I was teaching people how to pretend to be a dragon, my child explained that he was a dragon earlier today at his grandparent's house.  Enjoy.

Ok, I updated it!

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Hmm... I think it could be possible to get the door to register if someone walked away and back. But I should really check every frame if the characters are close enough. Thanks! I will try to update it on Monday. 

Edit: I updated it

Nice little game! I really like the UI and text shakes and such. The dungeon map itself is a little bland. I got to level 9 before my 5 year old took over and killed me. 

If you update it more, consider having monsters running around or chasing you in the dungeon map and triggering the battles.

It is hard for me to justify ever defending. Sure I get hurt less, but I also am not progressing the battle. Maybe if monsters telegraphed that they were charging up for a super attack I would want to defend. 

All in all I like the vibes, but I am secretly hoping you work more on Sentinel. 

I am excited if you decide to pick this back up! it has such a wonderful feel at its core, so anything you add will only strengthen your game. 

I love the theme, music, sound, and artwork!

The menu and UI were easy to navigate and very polished. 

There are a few things mechanics wise that would help, and maybe some animation changes too.

1. It took me a while to realize that I had to out-run the tongue, and that if it touched near my mouse, it got "hit". I think I would rather it just keep going straight past my mouse, and if I moved my mouse, would try to turn toward my mouse. 

2. I'd love for the dragonflies / other bugs get caught and stuck in the middle of the tongue, in-stead of just the end.

3. It would be great if the bugs instead of disappearing, just stuck to the tongue and stopped animating, so I can see them. If it is too difficult to pull them all in along the tongue, it would still work if they waited for the tongue tip to get back to all stack up and head back into the mouth. 

4. I would like some visual feedback for what you touched. Either a wiggle of the rock or object, or scale it bigger for just a moment so it looks like it hops. I need to know that I hit a stinkbug and that it is the stinkbug that sent my tongue back instead of something else. Assume 80% of your players would prefer to learn your game via just giving it a shot, and won't read the instructions, so you need to communicate back to the player each thing that is different. 

I really enjoyed playing through this. I think it hit the difficulty curve very nicely. I really wish it had some form of saving, such as after 5 or 10 levels, offering if you want to save, or something, so I didn't have to do it all at once. 

I really liked the color scheme, and the sprites. The only thing is that I wish the spikes were not solid gray. Everything else that is solid gray is a wall. So I several times just walked right into them without realizing it.  You could change the color, or even include some pallet swapping to pseudo induce a spike-moving animation.

I really liked the mechanics, especially the teleport. There were a couple of what seemed like bugs, but hear me out here. They are good. You should keep them. 

1. You always left two blocks for when you had to face a direction. But it is totally possible to place the portal, then orient yourself correctly elsewhere and port on in staying in the same direction. 

2. If you shoot off the portal, and then hit B again before it hits the wall it,  pauses, but isn't able to be used. 

3. The portals can be used to block the sliding books.

4. If you move while shooting the portal, you can steer it. 

All of these "bugs" if discovered can only serve to make the levels easier. 


If you slowed down the travel speed of  the portal to more easily control these, you could design some more levels that require them, and teach them later. Meanwhile if players discover them ahead of time, it makes a few of the levels easier due to their cleverness, and they will like that. 

You are doing a great job, and I totally look forward to the next episode. 

I hope you consider to put them all in one ROM when you finish the series. 

It reminds me of Bubble Bobble a little bit.

The text seems like a tough color to read, and I'm not sure if it was counting my score correctly, as I cleared the whole screen and got 5 points

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14.14 seconds!

I like the sound, and love the art style! great use of color pallet. 

I was a little concerned about hurting the cows (they are so cute), so my only suggestion would be to change them to Pumpkins / jack-o-lanterns and make it Halloween themed. 

Make sure you re-use that candle running animation in a bigger game cause it is adorable.

Thanks for playing it! 

The click control is really meant for mobile users, where you can put your control system wherever you finger is placed, and may not want to cover up the rocket. 

Maybe on an update I could figure out if the user is on a computer or a phone, and alter its behavior accordingly

It was nice to see another one of your games! we did the Game Boy Showdown, and I have been playing all of your games on my Game Boy since.

This one is cute and frustrating, but its just that I don't work too well under time pressure

To clarify, this is sort of what I was thinking:

(sometimes it is easiest for me to prevent fixating thinking about a thing to just do said thing.)

I like the gameplay here. 

I only wish it had music. If I was doing it, I would have something tense and driving, that got more muffled, slightly quieter/ distorted when you hold down the shift key.  Create a track, and then run it through some distortion (specifically a low pass filter and maybe some extra reverb) and add in a heartbeat sound so now you have two tracks to fade between when shift is pressed.  

on a related note, I just recently listened to the Dunkirk soundtrack. 

Let me know if you want to collaborate, or if you are happy with the game as-is

This was fun, but I wish there was a little more strategy than swinging the sword back and forth as fast as I can. like... If I had to prioritize monsters because they were taking my stuff or if there was one other system doing something. They seem too similar right now. 
Options include townsfolk to avoid (worth negative points), monsters that hurt other monsters, monsters that drop stationary objects that suck up your points until destroyed, monsters that if left alone go summon or fish up a kraken boss who is worth a ton of points.

It is still a good mechanic by itself, so feel free to ignore me. I just wanted to give you some ideas in case you update it further.

I was surprised when I uploaded the HTML version that they showed up all by themselves. Part of GB Studio. I got to check the little "mobile friendly" box!

I really wish the creator of GB Studio would make a GBA Studio, cause that is hands down my favorite system. I still play mine regularly

This is such a pretty game, (a little strong on the pan)

but I have no idea how this game is played. Does it have something to do with the number of diamonds on the sides? 

I couldn't find instructions anywhere. Could you add a section about that on the game page's text?

Good fun. I feel a little bad, but I like the tilting paddle mechanic a lot.

This looks great! have you tried using GB Studio to make an actual game boy game? It is surprisingly accessible, although you may be disappointed about its graphical capacity.  I used it to make this: Microidvania by juzek (

I like the consistent visuals here, a nice easy chill game for being so quick

This was good, but it ended too quickly for me to tell what happened.

I would have to play longer to see if matching the correct skills and characters and monsters makes a difference, but if I just mash the button fast enough, I seem to win

it works! I'm surprised at how smoothly the code for implementing Loot Locker is!

Thanks! And yeah, I some how broke my UI, and will try to implement a high score system tomorrow. 

I'm glad you liked it! 

The sprite sheet is the only image on this game page

Thanks for trying it! It is procedurally generated in that I have about 100 platform chunks that get stitched together. As the game goes on, more tougher ones are made available to  level generator. 

Yeah, the camera is on the list of things to fix, and the labels are just for debugging, so if someone has trouble , they can tell me which platform chunk they were on. 

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In this jam, I am primarily looking for feedback on the pacing and the platforms.  The music, and art are more or less final. The dialogue is not, so don't worry so much about that.

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Please use the desktop version, as the Web version is intentionally unbalanced, as it will be used for visuals in a live orchestral performance of the soundtrack.

In this jam, I am primarily looking for feedback on the pacing and the platforms.  The music, and art are more or less final. The dialogue is not, so don't worry so much about that.

Just curious, There will be way more submissions than I will get a chance to see. That makes the early popular submissions typically more popular. Are the submissions going to be forcibly randomized during judging? Or at least hide the popularity sort function?  It may help the ratings get more spread out. 

I played this game with my 5 year old when you first released it. Today out of the blue, he asked to play it again, and still enjoys it! 

Are you planning to do more with it in the future? If you are going to update it, could you adjust the hit boxes to make them a little larger?

Clicker games are hard for my recovering tendonitis, but this was very polished. I like the color pallet and animations, and upgrades. 

I don't think I found any bugs, but It was a little tough to find some things I was looking for in the UI. 

Is there any way to have a button (such as the  drill button saying "you need to upgrade more space for another drill") send you to the requirement to unlock it? 

Nice little arcade game! 

I wish the ship looped to the other side of the screen.

The big numbers blocked the story the story text went by too fast to read, maybe add an OK button?

After 7000 points I started to think there wasn't a final boss. I'd love to meet a final boss

The music is exciting, but I think there were too quick of sound effects. 

I think this game needs some cooldowns

Fairly smooth controls, and good visuals. I love the minimap

Your font is a little boring, and I would like the buttons to hide until I hit the escape key

I wish the floor was a little less busy, and once or twice I wanted to push a block, and I was just stuck. I want to overpower it, or have a button I can press to push all the blocks away from me

This may be the most jankiest racing game I have ever played.


Select a color scheme and stick with it.

Your font choice was difficult to read.

Create your own models in blender, or just use Unity's basic shapes till it feels right. The origin of the car may not be in the center of the car. 

In most cases, using assets you did not create requires a license or attribution or permission.

Start small, and learn stuff and do stuff yourself!

Issues I found:

upon almost entering the dungeon, the roster tabs (to the next page) don't work

dead party members stay in the party from one fight to the next.

it looks like the names stay, or overlap from previous characters. Also the nameplates of the dead are still in the room. (this would be cool if you were going with permadeath, and it was a tombstone)

switching tabs on the threat meter does not swap the panels, it just overlays them.

it would be good to know how many people are available to enter a dungeon (3/5) etc.

Most of the buttons on the main menu don't seem to do anything 

overall I love the concept, and will happily playtest when you have your first "Finished" build

I thought the combat was a bit slow. I would have liked a version of it without the text after I understood how to do it. 

I wish after selecting one gem, I would be able to hit B to unselect it.

Great art style. And I liked the turn based strategy and the general vibe of what the texts say. I don't think it needs an overworld.

Maybe increase the damage-to-healing ratio so the battles don't go on so long. And add some sort of tutorial so that your game teaches people instead of the description

Overall, very playable and good! 

The only feature I'd like to see added is the mouse scroll instead of the center of the screen to use the location of the mouse, so that similar to other documents and google maps and such could scroll out in one place and zoom into another place instead of the panning function. 

I like the upgrades, they give some good depth of strategy. Once or twice I got the same option for two of them though.

A couple of things I didn't notice for a while, and very much influenced gameplay:

1. The towns gain strength. This is good cause the player has to come up with the most efficient way to gain strength faster than the towns.

2. How exactly the combat is calculated. I know this is an important part of your design, but you may even be able to get away with something dirt simple: The bigger number wins on the first encounter, and is left with the difference of the numbers.

3. That you could change the time scale. The default time scale is very slow, and so as a new player I almost bounced off of your game exclusively due to the crawling speed of movement. 

Ok, so the tactics I wound up favoring was just to quickly defeat all the towns together as one big horde, stacked as closely together as possible with at least two groups for flanking. I would prioritize the closest and easiest to get to towns.  

Is this the best strategy? Could you add circumstances where it is not? Otherwise it may get old soon.