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Man I made that comment SO long ago lmao. I remember raging to this game. I am going to replay it to see if it was really that hard. Will update once I finish.

Update : The game isn't that hard lmao I actually just sucked.

Insanely Epic! I just think that the healing mechanic is a bit confusing.


Cool game! I think maybe making it so you have more movement options would make the game better! But that's just my opinion.

Can't do anything, i just see a slime and that's it

Game doesn't work

Game doesn't work


Amazing game! I absolutely adore this title. Could you please release an ost for this game cus the music SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

It's bad. The concept of the game is really good, but the level design is just really bad.

Why would you make this? You could have spent your time and made a beautiful game that's WAYYYYYYYYYY less miserable than this rat-feces

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Kultisti could you please make a "kultisti ost" that has all the music from all your games cus' it's good music and I want to listen to it.

6660586231 - There is no way to gain points. You just kinda play around with the physics and stuff.

7460497286 - Kinda fun.

7104747499 - A strangely strategic game.

Please make an update for this game. Seeing more variables for more unique games would be lovely.


Goes unbelievably hard.  At first it might seem like a normal puzzle platformer. But as you slowly keep going, more mechanics get introduced, the last few levels completely change the gameplay loop and there's even a secret game mode.


I am confused

Cool game!

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I am stuck and have no idea what to do.

Edit: This game is clever

tok tok tok

Marvelous! I love is so much!

Calm and charming, I love it! I recommend to play it on a happy Sunday morning.