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Hi @WaffleExploder I liked the little indirect message for environmental awareness with all the pollution on the ocean. I love to see games that have a glimpse of social problems.

Hi @Spacejet13 , I liked your game. Art and music were solid given that it is your first time doing it on a jam, I wish you all success on your pixelart and composing journey.

Thank you!


@Afaranha, very clear and solid concept, I completed all the levels. Very nice!

Finally, I was able to play it. It was my antivirus that was blocking it.

I liked the dreamy atmosphere and style overall, as well as the main mechanic. Very nice!


@ricenoodles and @adoankim, very solid and polished. Good job! The little effects of the dog are hilarious ahahahah

very polished and entertaining ! good job!

Very original concept. Congrats!

Very polished, intuitive and elegant. This can be expanded easily into lots of new levels with tricky chain reactions and mixtures of functionalities.  Good job!

Thank you! :D

:) Thanks. Coming soon.


Congrats on your entry! Very well made.

Greatly tight to the theme. I like the design of the enemie, I find it unique.

Geez, that was funny, the final monologue was amazing and unexpected. In fact his house was not in fire but in fire :).

Very nice game.

It says this: 

! Cannot execute "C:\Users\carlo\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa37036.7291\flipping_maze.exe"

Hi @itayron10, very clever way of playing the same level from a whole new perspective through the different character abilities. It keeps the level fresh and interesting, it also encourages exploration. Nice!

Hi @Afaranha I was looking forward to play your game, but it doesn't want to open. :(

Very nice!

Thank you!

I'm sorry the music didn't work for you. You can still check out the tracks on the playlist a linked on the main page of the game.

thank you!

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I like the story of the game and the concept of the scenarios. Great development. Keep it up!

Yeah, I just completed it :)

5/5 Super polished, great concept, fun and intuitive, I love the elegant art style too. I'm looking forward for further developing.

Woww, thanks a lot!!! Super useful! btw your game is awesome.

Hi arya-s. Thanks for your constructive feedback, I appreciate it a lot!

The game actually has a  0.2 seconds coyote timer for easier jump, it has a variable jump height too, and also a jump case in wich if you pressed the jump button sooner before hitting the ground it will still perform the jump measured by a 0.2 seconds soonjump timer. 

In the game there's happening also something similar with the wall jump. If you press the walljump button sooner before hitting the wall it will still perform the walljump measured by a 0.1 seconds soonwalljump timer.  Overall, the platforming is really deeply developed in terms of acceleration, deaceleration, friction, timers and player's benefit. What I'm planning to do after the jam finishes is just  tweaking the value for the walljump timer to make it less automatic and less uncontrollable.

Thanks again for your feedback and for checking out my game!

Thanks! :)

Amazing game. Youd did a great job in the game jam, I liked a lot this game. Really interesting and challenging. Great job!

Interesting mechanic, with further developing, VFX and art it would be even more interesting and pleasing. Good job!

That was a really useful feedback for the wall jump, it puts better in perspective the cases I should take in count for the code. Thank you for your insightful review and for checking out my game!

Thanks for your feedback! :D

Thanks for checking out my game! :)

Thanks for checking out my game! :D

5/5 great mechanic

5/5 I enjoyed it!