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Space Package Delivery Trainer(Jam Version)View game page

Submitted by Zukoix — 4 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Space Package Delivery Trainer(Jam Version)'s page


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Technical Implementation#1123.3453.345

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
You Have to go pick up a package and bring it back

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Nice little game! Controlling the ship was a bit finicky at first but not too bad to learn and creates a nice challenge to the game.


Well, its essential lunar lander. Your speed can get to insane amounts, just the smallest touch too much speed when landing on something will cause instant death, and I wish I had a joystick with a single button to play this. 

Art and music were well chosen and due to the timelimit and the more unwieldy controls the there and back is much more difficult than expected. Honestly a well executed upon idea.

Submitted (1 edit)

The controls are very hard to learn but once you get the hang of them they aren't that bad. The game definetely requires some patience, which some don't have, and can be difficult for some. Some music or ambience could of been nice, but just silence fits aswell as it fits the space theme perfectly.

Anyways, great game!


Nice! The controls seem like they would be fun in a multiplayer VS game!


Nice concept  ,its really hard to land with that speed but  that what make it fun to play 


Extremely cool idea, even kept the sounds on because they were extremely nice! Only thing I'd say is that it was extremely sensitive to the rate you were landing, I found it somewhat frustrating, just a tip I heard once - Try playing your game at 3x the speed (or other measure of difficulty), and if you can't do it, it's too hard.... Either way incredibly cool game!


Thanks for the feedback, I'm currently working on a revised version of the game and it's just the fact that people are playing my game and giving constructive criticism that motivates me to improve and keep continuing game development! :)


Delivering packages in space sounds very creative to me. I had problems playing though because it's way too hard to turn back after accelerating for some time and you have to be very slow to make a safe landing. Took me some time to realize gravity was pushing me down, I thought it wouldn't apply to this game haha. But still, good job. Check out mine if you're interested.


reminds me of some moon lander flash game I played way back ( I think ) ... the only feature I would have liked to see would have been a indication on if you were slow enough for a "safe landing"


Thanks for the feedback, also I'm probably  going to add your idea to the revised version of the game in the form of a speed tracker that is either red or green depending if your current speed is safe to land with :)


This game could do with easier controls.  But still a fun game! Would you mind trying my game as well?


Nice concept. I sat looking at the game for ages as I though the game screen was the title screen :) 

Looks nice and well put together but the controls are a little unforgiving. You barely tough the other platform and the spaceship crashes. I died so many times trying. Also a screen wrap would be perfect instead of dying if you fly off screen. Nice game though!


You love to hate this game, eventually :D

I always enjoyed these games, and it works as intended, although the ship somethimes turns on its on, except for that I didn't notice any other weird things.

Graphics can be improved a bit, with a little background and some music but that's a minor point and didn't matter that much for this game.

Overall a good (frustrating, by design) fun game and fit the theme well, good job :D


This is so far the game that I had the most fun with from all the jam games I've played. I think it's weird though that the ship turns by itself.


Wow, this is REALLY HARD.

I think you should rework the ship movement and tweak some variables because is too slippery. My game kind off suffers from that too hahahha

The concept fits the game jam theme.

Good job!

I'd like to know wat do you think of my game! :D


What was your reaction to the saw blade level?

Just want some feedback on it :)


I didn't pass more than level 2 :(, it was so hard!!My problem is when landing, I get close to the platforms but it doesn't sense me, so I have to get even closer, but then i get too close that I collide and die :(. You should give the player some grace boundary to  be able to collect the goal without perfection :)


It's pretty hard to play, but good concept game! I did get to land the spaceship but after a few tries. Good Stuff


Great spin on the moon landing game type. Adding an element of navigation really makes it more challenging and difficult. Main feedback is I wish you could land a bit faster. Overall though, I really enjoyed the game. Well done!


Simple and nice idea, really hard to landing, and landing twice per level make it a challenging.

Nice work!


I loved it!!!

it's a really simple game but hard as nails ^^ 

great job. I loved the art 

please consider rating my game her ==>


Its a cool idea, and the sounds really suit what's going on, but the controls were a bit hard to control, but once I got the hang of it, it was enjoyable. Great game!


I find the idea amazing, really good for the jam. I had a fun time trying not to crash. Good Job


The idea is good. The thing is I don't know if that is how it supposed to work? Sometimes the thrust and the facing direction are not parallel to each other. But overall, you executed the jam theme and limitation pretty well.

I'd love if you give a rate and a feedback on my game too :)

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