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you're finally awake
very cool game 
i love the psx style
i dont find the jump SFX fits with the this style!

overall well done :)

Very nice game
i like the soundtrack and the art is looking great.
challenging gameplay
great work!

Very Nice Gameplay, and art style


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Really cool game i had an idea for game like this for long time goodjob 

my only feedback is the numbers would be much better if it's chars instead

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thnx :)

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great update.

when exporting sprite sheet in  sequence it doesn't work it says file saved but nothing is there.

awesome man, i appreciate that , thanks 

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i thought i can export styles as a separate layers , or at least  making the other parts transparent . but i cant that the only reason why i bought this.

 :( well i still can edit it after exporting  but its tedious

Thank you for playing our game glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback

graphics 5/5 well made 

5/5 for the  gameplay and graphics   for me , very nice game i like it 

Nice concept  ,its really hard to land with that speed but  that what make it fun to play 

the game didnt load up on the browser 

whaat  the game actually save your last level???! very cool goodjob 

nice game, It just  needs some polish but overall great job 

very fun to play game well done 

great  art  but  its a bit difficult 

nice game well done just need some sounds 

very nice game, enjoyed playing  it ,wish if it has more waves  and for the upgrades menu  cant see the last one on my screen 

it's just so much fun flying around with the spaceship
well done

nice concept, good work

nice idea

nice idea and game play 

UnityPlayer.dll file is missing  ..

it looks cool but the buttons doesn't seems to work

this is hilarious

thanks hope you enjoyed it :)