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Miguel Morgado

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HA! yea right after so much practice I can see the code. I like your motivation. Do your best!

Very good coding A+. It could use a HP bar for the player and basic sounds. I can help if you like. Well done

Awesome game! The jump delays and it's because you are doing Void Fixed Update() instead of Void Update(). I had the same problem with the jumping of my game.

Pretty good. I felt like spider man swinging left to right. Nicely done

I love the art 10/10. The mechanics are really easy and at first I was thinking it would be mixture of Minesweeper and Sodoku. Make it harder for sure. 

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Studio Name:

Migcreatesgames @migcreatesgames

Name Of Game: 
Mayor Potato Demo (full version soon)

Quick Bio of Game:
Mega man or Contra like game that is a 2D shooting platform with a mini boss and boss.

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:

The demo took me about a month with some bug updates and features. 

Why you became a game developer in the first place:

I am really good at programming and I want to become a more creative person. And of course I love games

My French is okay. I know a few words. But referring to the game it was good. I noticed that it when you enter a new scene it would skip and the music would restart. There is a way to continue with the same music and also entering new scenes would being so jumpy. Bien Joue

I really like the use of gravity.  Add some UI score text with a high score and timer and this game could be really good. 

Esta bueno. More enenies

Actually that would be a cool feature to add in the future for the itch io platform. Have one or more contributing accounts.

It's case by case. I seen some obvious fake reviews that you can tell have nothing to do with the game. I sometimes call out bad reviews and mentioned how the game really plays. 

I really like the music, and sound. Graphics are good, and so is the animation. The only issue is when you collide with the enemy it drains all my life quite fast. Overall good game. Add this to the Weekly game jam if you haven't already. 

As far horrible game Engines goes  Adove Flash would be one. I am talking old school Flash with AS2 for coding. I tried making game in Python, but it was complicated.

The best social network for Indie game for me is the Itch io community post board and your own blog also.  Twitter is second best when use #hashtag, but it can get overlooked.

Yes I thought about endless spawning, I am not sure how the difficult rate would be. I'll try it out. Thanks

Oh what the works now. This game reminds me of Flow on mobile. I would not mind seeing like a sounds or some confirmation once you made a circle matches the square. Overall great game! I love puzzle games so this one is top tier

Maybe it's just me, but I could not beat the first level. Neat trick on getting the lines to draw when the player moves the circle. 

Thanks. I do plan on making the game llonger with dialog and a story

i was trying to make a dialog between you and a computer, but I think I will leave that for the next update. Thanks for playing 😊

It could be the ground on top. Also if you rush moving and jumping over the spikes it doesn't react as quick

Nice game.  The walk was a little bit slow same with the jumping. I do like the puppy graphics for sure. Awesome graphics. Consider making more game jams that you can add more levels.

Nice game. Look into how to change your weapon on by the player pressing a button. Over all the controls work great and good graphics.

I always find these text games to be fun. You will for sure find an audience that enjoys these type of games. You should make it longer and more challenging. Awesome start.

Hello all, I am looking for ideas and feedback about a 2D platform game I made Mayor Potato.  I received positive feed back from a few players that tested so far, but I could use some more ideas.

Hi there, sure I would like to see what you have written before.  Send me a link on on Twitter @migcreatesgames or just reply if you like.


Finished...well for now. I want to add some end animation and create a checkpoint save system. I will be updating this game for sure.

Update: UI health bar for the Banana Boss and some bug fixes. I will post the new updated version.

Puzzle and platform

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Boss Update: I went with a boss that uses a banana peel as his special. I original was going to have the Banana Boss throw banana peels at the player, but the looked like the boss was pooping out banana peels. Banana eating bananas...that just weird. So I went with a monkey eating bananas that drop at the base floor. The banana peel effects the player movement by slowing him down and the jump feature is disabled. 

I went with the same move that Metal Man uses in Mega Man 2. 

Hello all,

I am Unity3d programmer with lots of C# experience. Check out some of the games I made solo. I made over 3 Weekly game jams, and a 72 hour game jam . I am sort of burned out coming up with ideas on my own that I decided that it would be better to go with a team or partner on game design. 

Join my discord and introduce yourself.


Unreal comes pre-packaged so easier to get all the assets Great for 3D games. Unity3d can be more complicated for a beginners, but you have options to do 2D, mobile, or 3D.

Awesome game. Controls work perfectly with good 8 bit graphics. For future updates think about new enemies or even a boss. Make a dev blog for sure.

You can follow me if you like. If you ask me, I like going of by views and the # of users that are playing my game or downloads

Include the link to your Youtube channel. I can check it out. 

Cool game. I like the dream mode you created. It is very unique to the game. It works great with the control not so much with keyboard. Continue the good work dude

Awesome Mega Man game. The controls work as they should, and so does the animation. One thing you can apply is a life bar. Check out my Mayor Potato game and you will see what I mean. 

Almost there I am not sure on the Boss movement. I will have to sleep on it.

Cool stuff. When you have time go back and add some sounds. If you need my help DM on discord I get you started on sounds and music.

I got the health ups for my game (code and designed).  I am currently working on the  main boss and code the checkpoint I made. 

Awesome graphics as always Noah. The intro in the game was really unique. The controls are kind of hard having T and R close to each other. Think about having a player use a controller also.