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Great game. I had fun playing it. Simple graphics and great controls

Pretty good game. I like the graphics. The enemy AI is not that clever. It would get stuck on the walls. Overall good controls, graphics and sounds effect

Nice game! I do like the low poly graphics. I got lucky pressing all the buttons to figure out the spells. The attacks are kind of slow and hard, but overall a nice game. A simple thing to add is a restart button when you die.

Pretty cool! I wish there were more creative options to pick from. Like hack or solve riddle and you would have to try again

It was late at night I forgot where my car was at in a big parking lot. Lol

Interesting game! I got all the way down the elevator, but no clue on the Tic Tac Toe area.

Nice game! Good idea using a heads or tails to move towards a different area. I end up going with the cookie

I love the art! If you decide to continue development, I would recommend coyote time for the jumps. The player does move a little slow

Nice game! I love the cheat mechanics. There is a bug I found when you fall down. I just kept falling down when using the cheat mode. Might need a restart button

Interesting game. Kind of hard controls, but playable. The art style for the eagle has a outline, but all the other sprites don't. The eagles has more frames that the other sprites

I really the idea. It would have fit perfectly for the GMTK2023 game jam. 

Nice Arcade game! Short and sweet

Looks really nice. I found a bug when you hit the spikes you get press X to avoid Muerte. The tile might be an issue

Good game for an Auto Battler type. My only recommendation would be to have a curse effect like instead of + att or + armor, you could have -att or -1 health for example that way you pick the lesser hurt option

sounds good to me! 

Simple yet fun. Well done

Moral of the story is cake is good

I like it, but you have to fast! I got to use Goose

Really nice game! How about a checkpoint to save your progress? A few power ups would not be bad and of course more guns 🤠😎

Hey that was lots of fun playing it with my stream! we though it was like a destruction derby 1st, but then realized it was a race! I like Undertale mix music

Fun game! I like teasing the robot with other robot questions and rejecting it

That was fun! I do like the noise you added to the game and2d lighting of course was great. The  enemies are cool and scary! There was a minor bug that you flop out of the water on the left side. Would be nice if you could rock back to the water

Love it! I got to play it and I did enjoy all the use of models. It has a good story. Played it live

Nicely done! it wasn't too hard at hardest. Except many the zombies would spawn to quick 🤣

Well done! I love how it would get dark. This was a nice and calming game to relax to

Almost made it to 2 minutes. Score 739. I do like the use of effects for the buildings. I got to stream it live

Nice game! endless mode was good. It just needs some power ups! If you decide to continue with this project, I would suggest smarter enemies that move around

Lovely Game. I like the pixel art, but the game is hard to play. At the beginning of the game I jumped really high up towards a black screen. It could use a jump animation. The CTRL to attack was closing my browser for some reason 😂. Well done and good game jam!

Nicely done! If you are going to continue development, I would do some sfx and music. 

Love the art style! I would say a few things missing. It lack impact like when the projectiles hit the enemy it would nice if they would explode. I good screen shake would be nice when the enemies break your tower. It just needs some juice and your set. You can check the live stream I did

Nicely done ! I got all the secret fish and beat the game!

Neat! I never about about doing a battle royale game like this

Fun game. I got to eat up to 8 humans!

Very cool I enjoyed playing it

Nice easy game to play! You add a challenge like not have any of the fruits fall to the ground or don't take any hits

Nice game! it was nice and calming game to play. I enjoyed the art, sounds, and code. 

So close level 20

Belmont OP big time. But a great challenge

Really fun to play and show them frogs that roads are for cars!

Really well polished game! I love the art and lights. The only things missing is the difficulty. Make it challenging as it was kind of easy for me and boring to play at harder levels