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Miguel Morgado

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BTW I figured out how to crouch using CTRL on the keyboard. I figured you ran out of time to place a tutorial, but nicely done. I got to level 3 and I streamed your game.

Nice game for darkness. I like the atmosphere sounds effects

Hahaha come on now I got to keep it G rated. Thanks mate

Thanks Swope! I really do I appreciate it so much.  It did feel sometimes like it would never end, but I got to a good ending point to start chapter 2

Beat it! it was really fun game. I know this is a demo, but as a full game what if it has a metroidvania type of style where you can get double jump or glide abilities as you pass through certain levels

Yea I was going to have the boss of copier boss shoot out jammed papers or paper clips, but I figured I would give a break to the useless copier haha

There is a casual day power up that makes you invincible for a short period. I didn't want to make to easy that you can just circle around. There is a strategy to get a no hit 

Nice I love bullet hell type of games! One thing was odd was having the UI health and bullet amount in the shelves. I would have been better if they were in the top Left or right

Nice simple game! well done. The UI coffee would have nice on the top left and it could have been more of a time delay decrease 

Nice simple game! well done. The UI coffee would have nice on the top left and it could have been more of a time delay decrease 

Lol well done on the mouth sound effects. Very creative game

Hey it's like real work! The clicking sounds does get annoying after a while

I love this game! I knew there was a way to get the boss fight. Well done

Nice quick game! it fit the theme and limitations perfectly 

hahaha i didn't even think about that. Bug. good catch though

I like to say that I'm getting better at pixel art. Thanks

Thank you so much! Believe it or not there is a trick to winning

Thanks! I made it possible to have a strategy where you can a no hit. I might a video on the process

I agree, I normally always have a title, but this time  I was over the edge. :)

The graphics are really cool! at first I made the mistake of pushing the rock to the left, but couldn't push it back so restart. And I got stuck on the push section. It does need like some hint for the codes. Was totally lost lol

Pretty good. I got to beat the missile robot after a few tries. I was hoping you could use your sword and  jumping, but I get it time constrains with game jams. Nicely done!

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Good game! When the melee enemies collide with you and don't move, they don't do damage. It would be nice to see more enemies as well and upgrades for better bounce effect or more damage. I was streaming with a some other viewers that also got to play your game

Nicely done game! Kind of easy when you crash to the small enemies. The graphics and UI are really good. The one thing I would adjust is the pew pew sounds for the big ship. They should have a deep base PEW PEW instead of pew pew lol. Also some of the text are in Portuguese or Spanish. "Comprar" on the shop. 

Awesome! yea it's a long game. Thanks again for playing my games. More games to come and if you like you can check out my streaming over on Twitch that I do regular for game development

WHAT Really! check out my latest games then. Town of Poe and Pieced Together

OH thank you! This was one of my much older games where I was just learning new things in Unity3d. 7/10 that's being generous, I mean I could redo this game if you like. My latest games is nothing to compare haha

I agree the prior comment from 5mg. This game has true potential and just need more challenge oh like collectibles and harder difficulty.

Hey everyone my name is Miguel "Migcreatesgames" the first public game I developed was for a WGJ about 2 years ago. I still like to take part in some of the themes when I am not focusing on my main projects

Most of us were thinking the same about making one boss. I liked your as well how the fireballs get larger nicely done!

Well done Scout! All you need is some sounds and you are set!

Thanks! Stimac glad you enjoyed playing it

If you can please record thanks

Well done! It would be nice if the player movement was in a grid movement just like the box.

Hello! I am looking for some player feedback for my latest and greatest game the Town of Poe. I just recently released a patch fix on a bug I had to the game. I could use some new players to test out to see if I have any other bugs or what  I can add to the game. If you record your process that would really be beneficial to me.

Fixed! please try one more time

Yes for sure! Part of testing game development. I will be fixing more bugs to the game and adding more side quest

excellent thanks for playing! More sounds and side quest to come

maybe..typo on my end of i did. Thanks for catching that