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I like that. I can be a show off. Thanks

Hmm well I didn't think about updating this game, but I could. I might make the beach larger and have bunkers as defense as well

I am not sure if I was playing it right, but when I hit restart it got stuck in pause? I like it! good concept!

Good! The camera shake was a good touch and the enemies with 3 guns was a good touch. 

Nice! I like enemy and shotgun animation. Perfectly done animation. I was suggest to hide the mouse icon, and have a cool game over screen. I do lots of these type of top down shooter games as well.

I was thinking about having a range area where the towers can be moved but limited and must be with range. But that could be for later

I will be making a post development soon to come

OHHH Really!? 

hmm i never thought about it. You do have a good point though. Thanks for playing the input!

Yes! I already got a nice UI build in Unity. I will wait for the voting to end. I might do something similar in the future

Well done game! It was missing that extra boost like having an extra timer icon, but also making it more challenging . Good stuff!

Yea I made the tutorial on a flash. But I am seeing that everyone is really enjoying playing this game all the way through.  So I going to start working on better tutorial systems. Thanks for playing!

If this was made in Unity I would totally help you out man. Good concept though

It's pretty hard to play, but good concept game! I did get to land the spaceship but after a few tries. Good Stuff

for sure i continue to get better. Make sure check out ny other games as well. Lol i didn't intend to make a taturatula.

awesome 👍. Another advise is continue making more games

Yep we all have to start somewhere. Great start and keep at it now. If you wish to continue press start

Cool game!

It needed some obstacles for sure like a rock you had to dodge or a tree. Nicely done do in a day. The visuals did remind of Tron the old classic Tron. 

Super Awesome! yea do like the boomerang mechanics and the graphics in general. I would suggest a cross hair to know where you are aiming. Easy implementation

I did intent to have the camera noise come up after multiple time, but if I might consider having it once. Yea for sure there are 7 animals Jaguar, Ant Eater, Fox, Deer, Ram, Bat, Boar. I forgot loop main music simple fix

Great job for a first game. Just keep practicing in coding

Cool game! I know it was much to do in a week, but if it had some sounds you totally would have done awesome on this game! I like how the cat climb on the side of the walls!

Yea I forgot to loop it at the last minute. I am glad that you played the game all the way though Thanks

It had some nice pixel graphics. I could not get the last chocolate (ship part) without getting hit by that wacky cactus. Cool game overall

It looked like a quick game that you made. I was slowly dying into finally reach -1

For 6 hours not too bad to make a game. I got to ask what was that sound when shoot a projectile?

Cool! I enjoy these type of puzzle games. The coding must have been really interesting to make when it came to splitting the body

Lol good catch. I didn't even noticed that. Simple fix. Thanks for playing!

Interesting story. It felt though like I was stuck in a loop. I would just go around and it would repeat once I got all the springs and the remote

Awesome graphics! I kind which you could implement more to the game like each story gives you a score or recondition of a sort

Yea I like shooter games! I had to try it out for myself. Recommendations if you can add a color change when you hit the enemy or a sound effect. Good game. I enjoy these type of games. I can always help in Unity3d if you decide to use the game engine. I have done too many shooter games

Fun puzzle game. I like that you can switch between the 2 players. If you continue this game project I would consider having the male character having special abilities like he can push certain heavy objects and the female can fit through certain areas or is more technical

Cute Llamas! the controls are somewhat hard. I kept falling down, and my kids would also commit suicide like lemmings. Lovely game overall

Interesting game overall. I would have liked if there was less walking and more action or doing. The maps seem too long or you could add like some extra enemies

OHH I really like shooter games! this one was good. I like the enemies and that you had to collect the space astronauts.

The GB handheld was a good touch. I like the game play, but I would have to alight to pass the the wall. Pretty good game overall! 

Awesome Graphics! I have issue collecting the mushrooms, and I believe it because it's near the tree and I the game can't detect between the one collider and a trigger event

I actually really liked the graphics! It does have that Strawdew Valley feel to to it with the player portraits. Great game overall!

Simple and quick multiplayer game. It was good, but what if the balloons where going up and you had to pop them?