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Nice game. It does remind me of River City Ransom style of game. The controls, music, and art was great. Health recovery would be cool or what about food upgrades. I got to beat the game on my first try. 

Nicely done! I didn't know that it was a multiplayer until i started playing with another viewers. Well done for 48hours.

Cool game nice game play and story. While I was playing, I found that it get's stuck on the edge platforms. You can add an edge collider in Unity3d to prevent it from getting stuck also the Physics material 2d help as well.

Nice overall game play. Music was okay.  A powerup would have been nice like a temp invincibility?

Nicely done! I got to Level 7. Art was well done and the shadow casting came out perfect. Music and sounds was well made. If you guys decide to make this into a longer game you can add some shop upgrades. Coins for shops to have achievements.

Well done. I got neat the mini game after a few tries. It reminds of Undertale

I did it! well done your game development is getting much better

There is a discord if you are interested. It is mostly game devs, audio, graphics, and beginner devs
Mig's Hub

I got to play! Congrats I can tell this game took a while to make. I had an addiction to Secret of Mana and Link games so I beat the giant crab easy. Feedback: The art is very good, just stick with one artist. The trees and plants are different from some of the other structures. It was not hard to play with the controller or keyboard so the game play was great! Good use of lighting and All in one shader. Minor bug when I collide with the enemy for a hold time the player stays in the hurt position. My HP didn't go down which is good. You could do a temp invincible mode. 

Excellent! I like the sounds you added. I release does make a difference and experience of the game play

Not too shabby Dad...I got a score of 330 pts. I liked that you press R to restart and the art is well made. I  streamed it with other game devs.

I got to play it! pretty good and simple game. The collider is kind of unforgiving. It would nice if you not have to jump soo close to the hedgehogs.

I tried playing the game, but it kept crashing the game. :( also the windows is not resizing correctly. No puede jugar el juego :(
Streamed on twitch

Not bad for first time puzzle game. These type of game are pretty to play on mobile. Just a suggestion you could levels and try to make your own designs and puzzle ideas. I really liked the music!

Looks fun to play, but I can't tell where is forward. The blue triangle is hard to see. It would nice if was a indicator to tell you which way is forward. Streamed with other game devs

Pretty good. Does require some sounds or music. Well done!

Well done for your first game! It would nice if you could move slightly faster. Are these free assets? it would be nice if you could model some of the assets. I like the environment and the use of the lantern. Also the the red text "You lie" was a good touch. Best of luck in your game development journey. You can check out the stream I did with other game devs.

Pretty fun game! I like the details to the game where you have to hold your breath to have a steady aim. 

Nice game love the graphics! This could pass for a mobile game get some adds and some powerups and your are set. The only thing I found that was too much was the camera shake. It would be great if the player could adjust the shake. I got to stream the game

Oh yea Ghost Block. I remember playing this game. That's a good point about the enemies being able to see through the wall. Thanks for playing my game and I am glad you had fun. Hey you never know if a publisher likes the game I could add more polishing and bug fixes

Well polished game! it is missing some sounds for punching, kicking and damage. It would nice if the trash pins dropped items like in Street Of Rage. Controls are pretty good; no latency or bugs there. It just needs some feedback feel

Well done and well execute. The only suggestion (I am sure you heard it in comments) is if there was a UI section that tells player that you need to defeat all the enemies. I am sure you can make a good kickstarter and best of luck

Well done! I couldn't find any bugs in the game playing it. It will easy to play and enjoyable. 

Nicely done. The art was very well done for the short time! I got to level 9

Nice models. It needs sound booooooOOOO sounds haha. I made my own btw

Lol I could not find any ghost sounds until I said screw it, I will make my own ghost 

I DID IT! bro I finally beat your game! well done! it was hard, but fun

Well done for your 2nd game! I can't wait to see more. I like target cursor that get you back to the firepit

Nicely done for your first game! I like the diet coke how it refills your life

Nicely done for your first game! I like the diet coke how it refills your life

Awesome game! For your first game jam this is really good! Good job Cowboy

Nice game! I am sure you saw the GDC video on Non-Linear Single-Player Levels. In that video they also mentioned that there should be environmental storytelling of sorts. In your case, what would be the purpose of the robot trying to do all these puzzle rooms? Maybe not this project, but future projects you could add a quick story behind the game!

I originally wanted to add some enemies like small dust devils that you had to bea, but no time in a 48 hour game jam. I might make it a longer version


Thanks for checking

yea wth I just need to adjust it 

I hope you live in a apartment, because mowing the lawn is boring at times. That's reminds I better mow the lawn. Nice game haha!

I hope you live in a apartment, because mowing the lawn is boring at times. That's reminds I better mow the lawn. Nice game haha!

Fun stuff. New high score