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Gracias! que bueno que los disfrutaste. avisaré por aqui y tambien por el grupo de Whatsapp cuando tenga novedades

Really nice animation, for the cats and the player. lovely game

Really nice animation, for the cats and the player. lovely game

love the concept and how it start to grow when you advance, nice movement, sometimes a little slow for my taste, but great entry.

Thanks for your comments, yes we need to improve combat and feedback to player, we focus more at movement, and leave combat for the last. thank you for playing it!

Love the 2.5D, love the scenary and art style, the background is paralax layer? or are them also at 3D? nice character movement and combat, keep it going! nice game

thank you for the feedback, taking note for combat and knockback for enemies, thank you for playing!

Hi, thanks for your comments, we will improve the gravity, restrict is max value. yeah we need to polish the layers to be more readable for navigation, I'm glad that you enjoyed, thanks for playing it!

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Hi, thanks for your comments, yeah we need to polish the layers to be more readable, due to time constraints we couldn't polish that, but it will be improved, also taking note for gravity, I think I need to restrict is max value. thank you for playing it!

Awesome!! no complaints, cool idea, nice style and art

Yeah sure! oh right I didn't notice that it was used for guidance, It acomplish the objective. I felt more like gold was collectibles, could be nice, that collecting gold is a side quest, and some how at the end could be related with robots objetive, I saw message that could be valuable to robots owner at the console screen, but at the end could be more juicy when you collect it all, I didn't feel a reward for collecting the gold at the end, that would be a plus.

Great game, great entry, really nice. awesome music, really fit it well, animations and sprite really like it, love the parallax effect trough cave and temple. two complains, some spikes that could collide when you touch it at the side, for example when entring cave at the most right side, before that is a jump with dash, you stand by the side and it collide with spikes. other complain, could be related with checkpoint, but I know that you need to use the potions, if you want more chances to advance for hard parts. overall, great entry.

really great game, but really hard to recover from a fall, challenging.

Nice character animation.

Great game, great short story, love the sprites, really interesting boss battle, that would be great that animation for wall slide complete characters behaviour, overall great entry. you could add some visual feedback to know that you hit the enemy. particles could add extra juice, I really like it.

Is there Fire and Water stones?? 

opening animation and game over screen are awesome, really nice short game

Nice game, love the art style and the animations, great mechanics ideas, for me it was a little to hard to fire, some time I cannot fire pistol I don't know if is a cold down to shoot again, and the shotgun was really hard to shoot with the mouse, considering the double click to shoot it. overall really nice entry

Hi, I tried to play but cannot find the exit of the maze, to big to navigate, POV doesn't help to solve the maze, also when I move, character is never on camera. Couldn't play a lot but it seems very interesting. try to guide a player at the beginning until they learn the mechanics, could be frustrating not able to advance.

keep it going.

nice game, really hard to advance, nice death animation for ninjas with guns.

really nice pixel art, love the death animation for enemies. I tried to combat without using the shoot but i cannot fight them.

keep it going!

Just when I'm getting connected, suddenly it ends!, really nice Demo, love the Super Metroid pause style. the only thing that for me is not fitting is the music, but great, I hope to see a finished version of it.

great game, prety juicy, love to explore and find more items, could be great at the end to have a side plus to collect the gold, because it seems innecesary.

one of my favorites.

Wow! great game!, love the particles when smashing things, love the art style and the concept, one of my favorites. fill with details, awesome. one thing that could improve even more, could be use full a visual hint for object that could interact, I miss the first hackings, but then realized you could interact with them, I know is the red color there,  but at the beginning that was real clear for me.

Great game

excelent game! I really like it that you merge it with some elements of RPG, and is kit challenging, great Metroidvania.

Oh I'm sorry that you can't play it, it is a Godot export, some windows antivirus suggest or restrict executions that doesn't have a reliable source. I hope to optimize web browser version after ratings.

Yes, I'll consider to switch jump button, as you said is more natural that spacebar should be for jumping. I hope improved combat and make a couple enemies more remarkable, thanks for playing it!

really hard game, could be great to have checkpoints or more lives, because is hard to differenciate some times from bad bullets from other effects. Nice Egg theme!

Nice game!, the map sistem is really detailed. characters and artowrok in general is nice. controls are a little bit hard, to many enemies at some point make it really difficult to advance, collider for gas, and time for pass through this hazard is short, died a lot on that parts.

Great little game, could be nice to think at enable smoothing at camera, so when is jump, not is always moving and could be more comfortable to the player, to reach platforms, could be nice to implement coyote time to be able to jump more easy.

Great short game!,I love the death animation in sewer and coming back to life, and visual effect when hit, that was really surprising effect.

I love the concept of the game, nice environment, and the use of the power to modify and use surronding is great, I cannot finished because when you got earth ability it's really dificult to me understand how to use it, the learning curve for this hability is rought, I tried several times but it beat me. maybe the limit time for that hability is making it hard to use. but overall I really enjoyed. Nice game.

Nice game, I love the mood that it has, great art, love the bricks and all elements in it. I cannot finish the last 2 areas, playing with keyboard and mouse give more dificult that I expected to switch between habilities but great mechanics.

Hi, Why can't you play it? is it running slow?

Nice mechanic for the double shoot/jump, I really like it.

really nice pixel art and use of colors for different areas , sound are really nice too. nice map sistem. only extra could be great close checkpoints were we die, overall great game, I really like it and hope to see boss battle.

known bugs:

Game is not quite optimize for Web, if you play at web browser, Punch and Special key could be affected and not be sensed all times, We suggest to close other web browser tabs, for better experience download and execute at your PC.

really complete game, nice characters, and puzzle game, love the art style. Great Work!

Nice idea, at beginning I was a little confused about the interactions, but once you get it, progression is really fun.

great work!

Nice idea, clever mechanic, is very fun! nice rewind effect transition to game over. Great Work!

nice game, cool animations when is changing states. for me it was a little tricky to get jumping at right spot. great work!

Could you check my entry? Thanks