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Questing there and backView game page

A 2 minute minimal real-time point and click like adventure
Submitted by Swift Illusion (@Swift_Illusion) — 3 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#263.8893.889

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
You go on a quest, collecting elements and meaningful experiences for your journey along the way, that join you to help your quest, that if successful will eventually lead you back home.

What was your team size?


You worked alone

Which of the following content in your game is NOT 100% newly made for the jam?



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We have credited all assets used in the game including our own name(s) or team name(s)

All original game code and original assets were made during the jam period

The game does not include NSFW or hateful content

The game works on the web or as a Windows 10 download

We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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In a Song

The game is as long as a single backing music track

If you did any of the optional challenges, explain how they were used:
The gameplay loop/your characters journey there and back is completed in the 2 minutes of a song that's timed behind it, along with your actions.

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Nice idea, at beginning I was a little confused about the interactions, but once you get it, progression is really fun.

great work!


Happy to hear that :) . I have an idea on how to try reduce that confusion but keep the progression/core, so hopefully it'll be even better for future players. Glad you still enjoyed it as is.

Thanks :D!


Feels very much like a grow cube sort of game. I also feel like the addition of a timer that you have to wait to finish adds a wasted time sort of feel to the game.  The fact you can only "use" items and cannot pick any up unless you trade or an interaction occurs is a little disappointing. 

The art, sound, and sfx are all nice but they are all sourced outside of the jam. Its possible that there is some fun stuff in this game, but I just can't push myself to play more to try and get there.


No worries, looks like the experience didn't click at all with you, but appreciate you giving it a shot and leaving feedback, thanks :) .

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Nice work on this one. I think from a graphical and technical standpoint its pretty solid. I didn’t experience any bugs or UI issues. From a gameplay standpoint I think its a really clever idea and, if fleshed out a bit more, could offer something pretty unique. In its current state I found that a lot of the decision making felt kind of arbitrary and unclear. I couldn’t really experiment with enough trial and error in a single run for progress to feel meaningful. It wasn’t entirely clear why I needed to carry things home with me from my journey to “win”. Perhaps adding more variety to the outcome of certain item/entity combinations would really aid in fleshing out the experience. Overall, great job!

Edit: scared off a dragon with a Tanuki 11/10 Tanuki OP as heck


Thank you :).
I just tried to tweak the game page's description to hopefully add a bit more clarity to the objective, and will try and communicate that more clearly inside the game too for its next build.
"Can you bring home the collection of a lifetime, or will your adventure be cut short and end up as little more than a forgotten trip"
I could probably afford to give players one more item at the beginning to give a bit more leeway for experimentation. My concern was doing so might have allowed you to reach the end through more pure chance without actually learning how things interacted, and mistakenly thinking it was entirely arbitrary. I'll have to try and experiment with/test that likeliness more/see if the risk could pay off more frequently to improve what your experience with it ended up feeling like. Thanks for playing and sharing your experience, glad you still had some fun with it.

Haha :D yay!


I really liked the game and the concepts of it by I felt kind of lost in the game, like a was doing things at random.☺


Thanks :) .
There's definitely a way to play/logic to discover, but I can understand the curve of discovery for that may take a bit longer than expected, leaving you to feel it as random. Having played it more in its final state/seeing others play it, I'd like to tweak the values for the chance of what shows up at locations to help improve that a bit., hearing you feel that way helps strengthen my opinion about that so thanks for the feedback.


I genuinely enjoyed that.

With more outcomes and some tweaking, I could have been sucked in to this game for hours.

So here's my advice:
-Allow me to click an action to move forward, knowing what I want to do and then having to just sit there waiting for the timer is kind of wasting my time.
-2/3 of the options are to get rid of your item by giving or throwing it at the thing you're encountering which means most of the time people will never get to the end to experience the satisfying ending. I had to "use" for almost every interaction in order to get to the end without losing everything. I'd suggest condensing throw/give in 1 action, and adding a "ignore" or "skip" button so people aren't forced to use up things. The ending is the satisfying pay off, so you really want people to get there more often than not.
-More changes to your character based on the story progression, so maybe instead of always getting the armor and facing the dragon, you could have different paths from that point depending on what kind of items you're holding and that would give you a different character image and outcome at the end.

Oh, and one last thing....
I was so excited about getting the dragon, and I thought I was in the clear to win.... and then my dragon died to the boar when I "used" them..... Sad.

Over all,
I love the idea, and it would make for a GREAT phone game if you had more content and fixed the above issues. Good work. :)


Haha, sounds like you didn't have the strongest Dragon there xD.

Really happy to hear you enjoyed it like that :)!

  -Absolutely. One of the design elements of this was the 'in a song' bonus limitation, so though I was thinking of having a separate play style without that timer (necessary to align the beat of the music with scene changes etc and the ending), it would have complicated the main menu and was the lowest priority thing I had planned. Will keep that on the to-do list though, thanks.
  -I'm sincerely surprised that you felt the ending as a standalone element was satisfying enough to want to reach without the rest of the puzzle. I did want people to reach it, but as a consequence and reward for the experimentation and understanding of the consequences of their actions through multiple attempts. I'm not sure if there's anything left there if they can just skip every action and get to the end without anything happening-and if they did that there wouldn't be any stories of interactions attached to things they brought home to list on that ending. For those I got to directly see their experience of it that was the goal/end point they enjoyed reaching, not considering it something meant to be replayed really beyond that.
Would like to hear more thoughts on the matter though, and will keep an eye on how more players interact with it. One thing of note though, is I'm not really aiming to expand this elaborately with a goal of exhaustive combinations like some sandbox games etc. In-case your thinking it would be more fun to reach the end more frequently, but only because of the idea of more interactions for that purpose. Because I feel that would be changing the games goal, and wasn't the intention (though I had planned a single unique path through a few unique interactions I never got to add).
-That's another thing I regrettably feel is more feature creep-y, than a tangible difference in engagement with the game. Note that I'm no artist so this was designed with the scope of the art I had available to me.

Just have to laugh again, haha. Sorry you couldn't bring a dragon home though. My favorite part of developing this was getting to hear a tester at the end running into the various situations for the first time, so I really appreciate you sharing that experience with me, that's the best part of making a game :) .

Thanks a lot. A definitive goal is working through/reporting bugs related to getting this converted to a webgl build, so it can be played on mobile here too afterwards as it's meant to be compatible-another thing planned but wasn't possible in time.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

-Oooooh, I didnt realize it was timed with music. that makes more sense then.

-Not that getting to the end without solving the puzzle would be satifying, but not making it at all just wasn't fun. Maybe an indication that the player should go back and try again to have a more satisfying story. It'd be similar to how my game has a base "win", for people to feel satisfied by, and then each level has a "par score" to hit, so they can go back in and try again to have a better experience.

-Oh yeah, more interactions and goals would just be pure feature creep. I get not wanting to expand it out, just thinking out loud how much bigger this game could have been. But of course for a jam game, that might have just been too much :P

And yeah, my dragon dying to the boar was definitely a talking point. I'll not soon forget your game specifically because that happened lol.


-Glad to hear :).

-Ahh, I understand more now, thanks a lot for going into more detail. Have a good idea on what to tweak now to make the more common 'failure state' feel more meaningful/less of a dead end, closer to the conclusion without losing the intended structure :) .

-No worries, appreciate that you were feeling enthusiastic enough to desire expansion, just wanted to clarify the design goal/more hard stopping scope I had in mind. I've got enough WIP projects I'm finishing off I didn't want to make this another one haha.

:D that really makes me happy. Thanks again for trying it out and so glad you had such an impactful experience through it as I'd been hoping for :).


I really enjoyed the polish on the game! so interesting and different! I really enjoyed the implementation of the limitation and theme. I found no issues and I really liked the art. well done!


Thanks so much :D. Really happy you enjoyed the direction I took with it and the experience you got out of it :)!


I was not able to download the game for whatever reason, but i watched BarelyEvenGames play it and what i saw was a really cute game with nice music and art. Really wish i could've played it, looked interesting!


That's real weird, I tested downloading it not logged in and know another who downloaded it no issue.
Do you have a mac? Maybe because I only have a windows build available itchio detected that and wouldn't let you download it?
If there's any more details/if you could possibly share a screenshot of what's happening that'd be appreciated, but either way thanks for trying to check it out.
Real glad their video allowed you to get a preview of the experience ^^! Even more sorry though it interested you more and you still couldn't get to play it, appreciate the sentiment.


Very cool idea! it's like a narrative driven game but without all the text. My only real complaint would be that things don't always do what I think they're going to do. I think with a little more time you can implement some quality of life features that would really go a long way. Thanks for sharing!


Wow thanks for the video, can't express how big of a grin I have on my face right now :D seriously!
Yep, part of the concept was the classic point and click adventure with limited actions that resolve differently based on context.
Here's a bit of a spoiler that explains it more for you.
To reach the end you just have to work out how to interact with everything in a way that lets you continue without losing everything you've collected.
Happy you still got some fun out of it :) really enjoyed the video, thanks again.