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Yeah,  I agree the rocket noise should have been a bit more quiet. Thanks for checking out my game!

Thank you so much :)

This is a fun and refreshingly different game. Rowing the boat feels good. And I was surprised at how much you put into the game in just 7 days. One point of criticism I have is that the theme implementation feels a bit tacked on. Anyway great job!

I expected to play golf from the thumbnail. Was a bit disappointed to find just another "roll a ball" kind of game to be honest. The implementation is good though. It's what you'd expect from this style of game and it works.

This is a good jame game you were able to put together. I just feel like it needs a little more in every direction. The music is nice, but there are no sound effects, which would add so much. It's amazing that you build random generation for a jam, but there's plenty of levels that are unbeatable or frustrating. The movement is plain and could use more refinement to add character. I know this is a lot for a jam so I think maybe it would be better to add less features but make them fully fleshed.

I liked your game. The art is simple but effective and is coherent. The atmosphere is chilled. I would have loved to be able to speed up though since it gets repetitive quickly.

Congratulations for finishing. I like the story of your game.
As you said yourself there's a lot that can be improved but all of us have to start with the first step. Keep at it and keep putting your games out there for others to enjoy!

There's probably plenty of ways to make the movement better. This is the second iteration I made for the jam. The first one was horrible so I was happy to end with I have now, even though I'm aware that it's a bit bland.
Thanks for your feedback! It's really appreciated.

For a one week jam this is a very elaborate game at least in my books. Good job! I had fun playing that rescue mission all the way.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it!

Quite impressive for your first attempt to make all of the art, sounds, music and code on your own. I enjoyed your game, but the boss fights are a bit dull. Best strategy I managed to figure out was to jump as often as I can and spam shoots. Dunno if there's a better way.

Different speeds is a nice idea to add some variety. Thank you for the feedback.

This is so far the game that I had the most fun with from all the jam games I've played. I think it's weird though that the ship turns by itself.

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay :)

It's nice to hear. Thanks.

Thanks for the elaborate feedback.

Fun idea, I played it twice and found the murderer once. I think creating duplicate names is a little bit confusing when you try to talk to someone whose name is correct but it's still the wrong person.

It's a nice and relaxing experience, but for me creating planets didn't work. At least I couldn't see any appearing on my screen. I think they still boosted my stats though.

The game plays well and is very enjoyable but I was missing the theme.

For me the game is too hard. And I was confused since you reused the player sprite for an enemy trajectory. I collected them since I thought they might heal me. I'd suggest to make a different sprite for it or just use one of your others instead.

I love the idea behind this game! Unfortunately I couldn't find all the treasures cause I collected some multiple times. I think you should prevent that.

Simple game and good execution. But I don't see the theme (for vimlarks jam that is).

I like the concept, but I didn't see the recipes at first and started just throwing random ingredients together. Of course I didn't hit a recipe and then I couldn't delete the ingredients anymore. So I was deadlocked. Then I started delivering raw ingredients to the truck which works just as fine as delivering actual products.

That's a good idea. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the kind words =)

Yeah I also wasn't too sure about that, but decided to leave it to give cruising around more oomph. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not sure if the jumps are just incredibly hard to time or outright impossible. I didn't manage to jump over a single box without getting hurt.

I like the idea with the different people having different preferences. I would have loved it even more if the collectibles in the game were actually just more people. Unfortunately the core mechanic doesn't work well with the theme. Going back every time to get the right guy is tedious. I would have liked there to be an indicator which guy I need to pick next so I wouldn't have to guess.

You're game looks stunning and the surfing part is a nice change of pace. Keeps it fresh!

Your controls feel great. It's really fun to cruise around in that car.

I'm not sure is this game finished? It has great mechanics and nice puzzle elements but I can't get past level 7 and I also can't enter the settings nor do I see the theme implemented.

Where's the theme? I don't get it.

The campfire mechanic is a clever idea to integrate the theme.

Hey, I dig your game. Love the jazz in the background and the mechanic with the campfire is a nice implemention of the theme.

Unfortunately my game crashed when I was picking up a bomb so I couldn't continue.

Love your game. Simple but effective. And I dig chilled experienced like yours. I would have liked it if you spawn the green dots randomly in the vicinity whenever the player collects one. As it is right now most of the time I ran into the void and then just died trying to make my way back. But none the less it's really fun!

Hey, congrats for finishing.
I'm sorry to say it but I didn't really get the gist of your game. I could barely make it to another planet. I couldn't collect anything and then I had no fuel to travel back. It's very unfortunate because I love the vibes I get from your game. It's chilled and in space. Exactly what I like.

Love the way you incorporated the there and back theme into your game with the windmills and level layouts. My first idea was similar but I couldn't manage to find the correct ideas to make it work. So good job!

Hi, congratulations for finishing.
I know it's not yours but I love the art pack. Gameplay-wise I would have loved if there was a bit more action. Make the player move faster and give me more enemies for example. Also please add how to play (at least to the page).

Hey congrats on finishing your game.
I like the movement concept it's quite unique, but find the jump a little hard to time. Some more feedback about the player state while 'charging up' would help the game a lot I think. I also like that you can pick up coins that you don't pick up on the way back.

Hey, first of all congrats for finishing!
I dig the quotes and little story elements you added, but would have like a faster walk speed. This was probably intentional to go with the horror theme, but still it's boring having to walk from one location to the next in slowmotion when there is nothing to do along the way.