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This is Totally a DollarView game page

Counterfeiting a dollar simulator
Submitted by DayHam (@ItsDay_Ham) — 4 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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This is Totally a Dollar's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#1213.7583.758

Ranked from 91 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does you game fit the theme?
You are trying to make not real dollars

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
I gotten a project for a base and one music both are credited in the description

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This was amazing! Great visuals, great choice of music. Fun and chill game. There is almost nothing to critique.


This was super chill and I loved the art style and overall game you made here! I wasn't able to get past the first dollar bill for some reason and I didn't know how to check where I was at. Was there something I may have been missing? Otherwise, loved this gem haha great job!


Use Space bar to check


Really like the simplicity of this game, had to take out my graphics tablet to beat it '^_^

Curious about how the mechanic was programmed, my guess is that you're comparing how many pixels are in the correct spot and how many are incorrect but I'm not entirely sure. Mind sharing?

Also if you dont mind, check out my game too, i'd appreciate it a lot! :)


A simple game, but a good one indeed. I had a lot of fun with it. Well done :)


Fun and imaginative concept. Simple but effective game! Great job !

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is simple but soo cool. I wanted to do a Papers Please type game and was gonna do it with counterfeit dollars, but thought it would be too difficult. I'm glad someone was able to do it! Feel free to check out the game I ended up making. Anyway, I really like the colors and the music you chose. Reminded me of Toy Story lol. Overall a solid game.



Looks legit 


Cool, unique concept, and it  actually feels fun to draw with a mouse, which is impressive. Wish it had a bit more juice or just a bit more of something to keep me going, think actually having a shopkeeper character use the money would have been funny!


I have never seen something like this before to be honest, really amazing.

Not sure if I have something bad to say, everything was really well done and I enjoyed painting fake money!

I would love to have you playing mine too, if you don't mind of course! ^_^


This game is genuis! Such a great idea, and surprisingly really fun! Nice job :]


This game was a lot of fun! I enjoyed trying to master drawing these dollar bills as close to the original as possible and actually got quite good at it in the end! You did a really good job with this game and I enjoyed it quite a lot!


what a fun idea!

I feel like I didnt see a lot of the game because I couldnt manage to get over 80% on the first level.

Really like the simple look and music though :)


Rated!, can you help rate mine too please? Thanks!


Great concept, sadly when i drew the dolar nothing happend


Did you press space to check?




Loved How simple yet tough it can be to get above the 80 percent mark! Overall great theme!


Simple and fun! An undo button for the most recent line would be great, but good stuff overall!


Pretty neat mechanic! gets a little stressful trying to be perfect, maybe there should be an erase or undo option.


So it's basically that one Mario Party minigame, but with dollars instead of shapes in the sand? Neat! Though it apparently rated higher the ones I put less effort in, but hey, I can now counterfit a $10000 Mr Beast bill, so I think I'll be rich in no time >:)


Omg, i found this game so relaxing, and peacefull. and the aesthetics were great. Good job.


A great game if you have a little of spare time. Good job.

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