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We're glad you tried our game :D
We talked about adding sprint, but we wanted to add to the horror element, so removing it was a design choice. To make up for it we also made the map small.

Sorry for the late response... Im glad you enjoyed our game!

As for the caves they were made in blender, using simple sculpting techniques.. that is pushing and pulling the mesh around with dynamic mesh on, just tweaked it untill i got a somewhat natural look. Once i was happy with the mesh i textured it using texture painting and a stencil in blender as well.

This is among the better of the feedback we've recieved (Aside from ones about major bugs which havesince been patched).
- I didn't really think of adding a container, but it will be something I will do.
- The voice over, I agree, is a bit funny, so I think we may tweak it, because we still want to give the player the idea that it isnt a horror game at the beginning, while also more closely matching the genre.
- And for the direction, once the player reaches "Level 2" AI, you should see holographic footprints, but there is a bit of jumbled code and it sometimes doesnt display correctly - something that needs to be patched.
Thank you for taking a look at our game!

Hi, since we messed up with our last comment on this game, I've come back to give a more proper comment. Memoriam is a relaxing shoot 'em game (a combination i did not really expect, but really enjoy). The game prides itself in the story and the narration and writing shows. The mechanics are easy to learn and introducing jumping to finish the game was a great touch. I don't know what the deeper meaning of the story is since i'm not great at deciphering meanings from text, but feels like the protagonist has a new lease on life after awakening. The one, and only, thing that I would've liked to see is a cool down on the explosion because I was able to spam it, making it more effective than the deafult shoot. Otherwise, loved the story and gameplay <3

A clever take on the theme with a fun diving effect. Game balance could be improved for a more enjoyable experience.

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a promising horror game with great visuals and audio, but it could benefit from improved controls and clearer instructions.

I loved the gameplay :D Reminds me of some games I used to play when I was a kid

Awesome work! I really look forward to your future in game development :D

"Going Deeper" offers an impressive 3D experience within the jam's time frame. The underwater city and exploration elements are engaging, but it lacks clear objectives and guidance. A checkpoint or save system would improve the overall experience.

Great job on creating an expansive underwater city! 🏙️

"UnderDungeon" offers a simple yet enjoyable gameplay experience. The falling mechanic adds a unique twist, but it could benefit from some tweaks for smoother transitions. Implementing a death screen and fixing mouse issues would enhance the overall experience.

A simple yet enjoyable game that combines resource management with combat. Fast decision-making is essential for survival. While the theme of "diving deeper" could be more integrated, it offers a fun and challenging experience.

Resource management meets combat🚀Really awesome idea

Great underwater ambiance. 🌊

A nice atmosphere that successfully fits the theme of "Diving Deeper." The visual atmosphere captures the essence of exploring underwater caves. However, some aspects like movement speed and music variety could be improved for a more engaging experience. Overall, a solid entry. 🌊

I love the simple mechanics :D They were hard to master, but thats the type of stuff I love <3

The platforming mechanics are simple to pick up, yet challenging to master, adding to the fun. However, it's unclear how the theme of "Diving Deeper" is executed here. Nonetheless, an impressive game for just one week of development! 🌟

a solid underwater adventure! 🌊😄

Had a blast exploring the depths! Gameplay and visuals are a win. UI could be smoother, and clearer instructions would be a plus. Overall, it's a fun underwater adventure worth diving into! 🌊😄

I love the idea! I've seen quite a lot of cats in this jam <3 Very cute graphics and art

Played this for hours! Its pretty addicting :D

Well done with this game :) Love the vibe and energy. It's relaxing yet there is a bit of strategy and it's kinda fun. Could play this for hours :D well done!

I appreciate the effort, especially considering the incredibly short development time. I saw you mentioned you made it in only 2 days! Thats awesmoe considering the time span. My team, despite how small we are, it took us those 2 days just to organize our workflow  XD we didnt start our work until the thrid day. Great job!

I appreciate the effort, especially considering the incredibly short development time. The visuals are appealing, but the game can be laggy, and the inclusion of AR feels a bit unnecessary. Keep in mind that this was created in just two days, so there's potential for improvement!

The well-done movement mechanic is a solid base for expansion and additional features and content.

I really enjoyed 'Deep Dive.' The chase sequence at the end was unexpected but fun, and the color choice was visually pleasing. It's a unique take on the theme 'Diving Deeper.' Good job!

Thank you so much! The Box team had a lot of fun making this game so we might continue development after the jam to make it a full-fledged game. Theres still more voice elements we want to add like the AI whispering to the player and improve the level design.

Thank you. It was exactly the style we were aiming for. I requested our artist, Damdee, use Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a reference

Great game, I like the upgrade system and the progression speed is just about right, my only complaint is a minor detail which is the music, it is a great track and fits the theme perfectly, however, this is a longer game where you dive many times to progress, the music can get monotonous over time, i would recommend having about 3 or 4 tracks that play at random.
But like I said that's just a minor detail, other than that great job!

Unfortunately, the game is lagging on my computer, so much so that it's unplayable at about 2 fps, I'm not sure why as I have a pretty good computer, any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you!

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Heh yeah, there's a mission at the end that says "don't go deeper" as that cave - according to the lore - is where the monster lives, we didnt have time to add hints to avoid that place so you just had to learn it the hard way. I'm glad you enjoyed the game it means a lot!

Hey thanks for the criticism, I must have forgotten to change the filter mode on some texture, would you mind telling me where you saw it so i can fix it for the future?

Im glad you enjoyed it and found so few problems with it as a week was never enough to make a game with no problems, so this is a first :)

I see, this limiter you're using sounds interesting. A perfect way to keep dialogue options limited while giving the illusion of choice. I think you'll do well with this system :D

fun game!

interesting take, good job!

Great suspense, had me quaking at times, didn't understand the ending its not clear to me, or maybe I encountered a bug as once I reached the red relay beam thing, the scene changed to what seemed to be the beginning but I couldn't move or do anything.

btw i also made a horror game check it out if you're interested!

yeah no doesnt fit the jam at all, sorry, but an interesting game indeed

Nice drawing skills, now draw them getting an education

i keep on dying right away after falling took me a while to get any progress, fun resourse gathering game, good job!