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Press space bar

Ah i see ill see what i can do about it thanks for letting me know :D

Oh yea probably a good idea right now though currently you can hover over the icons for more info thank you for playing :D

oh probably need a tutorial too but i made it so that u can click to switch use the arrow keys and the mouse wheel to my head those are the  most intuitive ways to switch are implemented

Thanks for playing ! Yeah I was abit hesitant that people would find it too hard so I tweaked the numbers abit Im planning to tweak the stats for the Minotaur after the jam :D

oh will be working on the indicator as for the healer i think future levels will have it. thanks for the feedback :D

Thank you! Do you have suggestions for gameplay i could add

oh it just gives a buff that regens the target

Appreciate it looking forward to more feedback :D

Thanks Man :D I plan on a stats update for the Minotaur and scheduling some time to develop more bosses still thinking of mechanics so that its not much of a spam fest

I want a boss battle with 69

Yea Initially I wanted the boss to visually be injured through out the fight but i was commissioning my friend for the boss so that I had more time implementing it but I ran out of money hence why the adventurers are just swinging rather than animated, you really say all the budget went to the boss XD but thanks for playing really appreciate it

Please do a cool S enemy or boss
Here's The Story Behind That Cool S Thing You Used To Draw In Class

Fun Game Spend a 30 mins farming to fight the boss

Thanks man :D,  Would it be better if its was a rectangular reticle in my head right now is since most of the warriors are the same sprite it would be abit confusing as well but thanks for playing my game and giving feedback really appreciate it!

Lovely Game something i can play on while on the road and not get sick of it kind of vibes

Sorry to here about yo job i am also a broke game dev so i cant donate so i can just say its a fun game 

:" )

My run had a lot of leg days with disco dan but very nice game really fun

Thanks will be doing an update after the jam! o7

Thanks for playing! do you have any suggestions I can add to the game?

Thank you for playing initially wanted a few more levels but i ran out of time so right now its just more off a proof of concept and looking for feedback on what I can add but I do plan on developing it abit more after the jam

I dont usually comment on products I purchase but please organize the sprite atlas so that its easier to cut in a grid pattern because thats how game engines usually cut sprites and the resolutions are not consistent so it becomes a guessing game if I got it right or not I hope the other packs arent like this and I am not risking money to find out :c

Oh nice to see you releasing another nice game :D

Use Space bar to check

Looks legit 

ooh what do you have in mine I can add

Oh I never thought about that feature thank you for the suggestion I will add that

still thats amazing

Did you press space to check?

I think that is the highest I have ever seen someone get

Basically it just compares each pixel of the two bills you get a point for every correct pixel

Thanks :D, apparently its really OP with a tablet

I didnt consider that fair play

true if it was I would have elden ring by now xd

There is no counterfeiting going on here officer ;)

I would like to say its a feature :^)

You like Jazz? in 24 different languages - YouTube

Hello, Thank you for the great comments I want to try to reply to all of them. just abit occupied with stuff right now thank you again for playing my game :D

Thanks for playing I was running out of time unfortunately so the closest thing to a solution I had was a reset button :" )