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Oh nice to see you releasing another nice game :D

Use Space bar to check

Looks legit 

ooh what do you have in mine I can add

Oh I never thought about that feature thank you for the suggestion I will add that

still thats amazing

Did you press space to check?

I think that is the highest I have ever seen someone get

Basically it just compares each pixel of the two bills you get a point for every correct pixel

Thanks :D, apparently its really OP with a tablet

I didnt consider that fair play

true if it was I would have elden ring by now xd

There is no counterfeiting going on here officer ;)

I would like to say its a feature :^)

You like Jazz? in 24 different languages - YouTube

Hello, Thank you for the great comments I want to try to reply to all of them. just abit occupied with stuff right now thank you again for playing my game :D

Thanks for playing I was running out of time unfortunately so the closest thing to a solution I had was a reset button :" )

Love the animation really good and the pop out effect great game 

I love the scribble artstyle game was abit confusing at first but really good game none the less nice job :D

Great references great mechanic very nice

Punny Name I like it great graphics and concept

Amazing Pixel art great game :D

Bro howd you find 3090 :o

Mix and Jam had a video about splatoon so I used their code as a base and tinker the settings

I found a project as a base so I just had to code the comparing of the dollars but it was hard debugging

no you look cool

Thanks man :D

Progress Update: Game is about counterfeiting money

Note: I cant post in discord cause they keep saying my phone number is invalid :" )

I dont know how to make music but I want to learn :" )

Glad you enjoyed, very nice space ship  😉👌

its a "Feature" xd, how i tried to implement it was when something enters its range it rotates to make sure its facing it then check if its on cool down so there will be cases where like multiple enemies getting detect would cause that "Feature" and glad you liked the idea :D

I enjoy seeing if players can make art (curious to see if someone was able to make a pp cause I have humor of a child)  give enough tiles and various sadly didn't have enough time to implement it Glad you enjoy my game tho :D

I wasnt able to make it scale the diffuclty properly at the time so i was only able to manage what a hard limit thank you so much for playing :D

Oh thats a great idea! althought if i had another day it would have i was doing the best i can to finish, thanks so much for playing :D

ooh i see thanks for the input : D

oh hey thank you so much for playing would it be also the motion blur that can be a factor as well?

hm what do u mean? also I will be updating the game soon 

I really like the artstyle and I feel old tho cause it reminds me of the vibe of my childhood XD