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Not a bug, it's a battlefield, you've got to dodge everything! 

Thanks for the feedback! Can you detail what you mean by hard to turn? 

Very cool and unique game! I didn't find myself firing and I found the movement a bit fiddly, but I'm sure that was by design. I also found changing colours a bit fidly, maybe middle mousewheel could also have the player change colour? Then it could all be played on mouse. Lastly, sound got pretty loud when multiple lasers firing. Despite these comments, I want you to know I really enjoyed this game! 

Dang, this game is so juicy! Like, everything about it is just fun and makes this a "blast" to play! Awesome job! 

I really liked the feeling of going outside and seeing a figure in the distance, that was moving strangely... No seriously, that was a stand out moment for me, but I kind of wish there had been a sprint button then, or maybe show that the wind is blowing into the player, keeping them from moving quickly. I feel like that would have made these monsters outside just a bit scarier, instead of having my running around them. But I did love how I could see them in the distance, and I could tell they were encircling me! 

Beautiful looking game, and everything about it seemed to work on the theme of being like "The child protector" and being this small but essential keeper of the peace. Found the attack audio a little grating after awhile, I think it just played too often without enough variety. 

I love games where you play as a "background" character, who isn't in the action, and this game is one of the coolest examples of that I've seen. It reminded me of another game from a previous jam - which was one of my favourite from that jam, too. I think the actual game part could do with some punching up, as there wasn't really much to do except explore, and that takes away from the horror, because then it almost feels like it's pure luck, you have no real impact. I think giving the player the option to "Pull the plug" on the operation would have put more responsibility on them to try and evaluate the situation and make the right calls. 

A very solid game, with an achievable goal and a good story!

As someone with dry skin, this freaked the hell out of me! A great little story!

A nice peak of hopefully more to come! The characters look wonderful and I did get a lovely creepy feeling reading through!

There's a look and a feel to this game that I really enjoy, a lot of it works well together. However I think I'd like to play a more polished version of this small experience then a full game. I tried to go through the pipe into the building, but crouching didn't shrink me enough to get through, so instead I grabbed the crates and made them into a stair case to go over the fence. I did jump at a few scares, and I did enjoy this strange experience!

Short but you hit everything I want from this sort of game, a level of creep and the sudden "Oh no, what's happening, what should I do" panic moments where you find yourself cornered. Beautiful art in the menus helps pull things together. Think that the batteries are a bit lenient, I don't think I ever turned the flashlight off or had trouble finding them. Maybe have them be off the main path so the player has more of a reason to explore and go off the "safe" story path, if that makes sense?

This is a good little resource management game that I think works well for a  Game Jam, and I can really see how this idea could be polished a bit to make a more whole experience. I do think the lack of sound is a shame, I think it could really add to some of the cool effects, like the chromatic aberration. I think it would have made the dark and power cuts scarier, and something could have been done to make us think something was in the dark, if that make sense. 

Aw man, I love this kind of messed up WarioWare design, I really like the opening cutscene and the squash and stretch of the jump, a lot of things in this game really hit the spot! 

This game is a cool take on the theme, and I think it works well exploring how sometimes doing bad things can lead to worse things, once you stop caring about being bad? All I know is that I became an amoral killer faster then I'd like to admit. 

I think the stairs need a rework, in a game with a timer they're too unreliable and I found myself wasting time jumping around them. And it would be good to have optional paths to some switches/keys. I had one switch that I think I was supposed to be the bat for, but I managed to get with the spider instead!

I liked the concept of this game, and I think this little, cramped space feels pretty good to be in. The writing felt clunky at times and I struggled to read it, and the "Main Scare" was a lot scarier when I couldn't see it.  But this is still something unique that I'd like to see more in the future!

Dang. I mean, just kept me absolutely tethered to my screen the entire time I played the game. The writing was superb, the audio helped link it together and everything helped create this... Gut-wrenching and heart-breaking look into a broken fragment of the world. I really, really enjoyed this. 

Saw this on AlphaBetaGamers channel and honestly this is amazing, the sound design in particular just gives the game a sort of solid feel, like it really does feel analogue. Well done!

This feels like a flash game from like 2008, which I mean as a compliment! The tension was good and it kept on increasing in a wonderful way, and I liked how some objects were harder to switch off than others, like the TV, which made for frantic clicking.

Feel like some things could have been clearer for the player. I thought at first I had to survive until morning because of what was said to the player, but I think a couple minutes in I was like "Oh wait, there's no clock or anything." Then I saw the keyhole and I thought "That must be something I can open" and I began clicking around and accidentaly clicked on the matches. Feel like if the matches were closer and more obviously matches, I would have been incentivised as a player to click on them just out of curiousity. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, I feel similar. I would have liked an audio track, but getting the story together already took so long, I don't think I'll do it for this project, but I may do it for a project in the future.

You found the static audio grating, do you think there is a version you wouldn't find so annoying?

Thanks, you were correct, I managed to complete your game. 

It's a functional game that seems to do what it's set out to do. I feel like there was a minimalistic look you were going for with the character and the items, but that got spoiled by the monsters and the way they were made up of basic shapes but different colours. I think if you had gone for a more stylised look,  with the monsters being made of a single colour and looking more like a single unit, it would have been a lot more effective. I think also the background was a bit messy, I think you were going for an organic look, but the square tiles didn't look organic at all. 

I hope that you enjoyed the jam and you learnt from it. I hope to see you in other jams!

It was less how simple the quest was, it just needed some justification. "Get me this thing and I'll tell you story" doesn't really work for me. What if instead, the old man was struggling to talk and the character said "Maybe some water will help him?", then as a thank you the old man gives some back story? It tells you a bit more about the character and the location, while also making it something urgent enough that the player feels justified spending time on it. 

Can I recommend that you put both the executable and the .pck file into a zip file? That way the user only has to download and extract  one file, and it will run on the itch app more easily as well!

I like the idea of going into the monster, I think I got stuck on level 2, destroyed all the hearts but nothing happened. Also, the gun didn't aim right, it didn't aim towards the mouse so firing was annoying. Well done on getting the completed, though!

Really awesome game with some really cool ideas and honestly made me feel like a bad person. The art is really incredible and the sound design is wonderful. While I did enjooy the characters, I do feel like some of their "Quests" were a bit too "Go here because I said to", but again I really liked it overall. 

Thanks for the feedback! The idea of different colours for different characters is good and something I wish I had implemented as it wouldn't be too difficult. And the light switch is absolutly valid, just a little fake light would make it much easier to understand. 

I'm glad you liked the organic dialogue, I completely redid it halfway through and it turned out much smoother, so I'm glad the extra work was worth it. 

Like the rotoscoping effect of the kill, reminded me of FAITH and gave me a good shock. Good sound design, but I didn't like the mix of pixel resolutions, think that a more pixelated character would have felt more in place on that ship, along with perhaps a more limited colour palette, as it gave me a bit of an early computers vibe. Well done on completing the game, though!

I loved the look of this game, it really did have the retro, alien aesthetic. The scares were effective at first but I clued in pretty quickly to how the game was progressing and I was able to anticipate what would happen. 

My only real issue was the "coding" of the rooms was hit and miss. I could tell what the med bay and the bridge were, but it was hard to tell what was the lab, and even when I found it, what I actually had to do there. I think there was some clever use of limited assets, but some of the actual rooms of the ship could have used a bit more design. 

Fixed it now. Somehow the exported files were missing the updated JSON files, so they were stuck with an older version of the script. Thanks again for the info.

Thanks for the feedback, You're right about the light switch, that should really have a sound effect. 

 I think the "Change of plans" bug is one I saw before, may have uploaded the wrong windows version. Thanks for the heads up. 

What a delightful, relaxing game. Thank you for making this!

What a fantastic experience! The ending felt really on point, just a really good, short horror experience. 

Cool cute game with a unique look. Well done!

Cool idea and it did make me very tense, I think it's just a bit more frustrating than scary, or at least that's what I found. I never got to the ending because I kept on getting stuck with loads of ascening tiles around me, and it was never clear which general direction I had to go. 

Cool, unique game that manages to make you feel stress and honestly got a chuckle out of me more than a few times. Think the pathfinding could have been improved, or maybe more obvious to the player what path the kids were going to take, there were a few times the kids just walked right into a skeleton. Also think the game is quite big considering the content, I wonder if some assets could be compressed to improve this. But like I said, really, really good!

Thanks for the feedback! You can get the sounds from the Ultimate SFX Sound Pack for like $10, which is a really good deal if you want to have sounds ready to go for your games!

Thanks! I tried to go for a slow burn horror, which helps make an ending more effective!

Honestly, me too, I think my favourite horror that sticks with me is story based, I had just played the Scarlett Hollow demo (Give that a play if you like Choose Your Own Adventure games, it's brill) and I decided I wanted to do another text based game. 

Thanks for the feedback! I was worried about the ending, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!