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I had to push myself to play this game. There was so much here that made me feel uncomfortable, knowing that how I was feeling was a pale reflection of what you felt. 

I was so happy to see the epilogue pop up, to know that it was nearly over. Throughout the game, you explain how you didn't have a story or a film moment, a moment where everything slotted into a neat narrative structure, no act breaks or montages. But you gave it to us, so we could experience your story without being left in limbo. I hope that by making this game, you've managed to continue on this path out of that place.

Hi! I used Ink as my engine, and exported it with the inbuilt Inkjs in Inky. It has built in class handlers, including one for audio and one for audio loops. I just had a place in my folder to store these, then used the #AUDIO:  audiofolder/scary.mp3 or something. Hope this helps!

Really liked the idea, and the feel of the world is really fantastic, but I couldn't work out how to get the prisoner level to end properly, tried a lot of combinations but they never worked! Maybe have multiple "win" combinations? 

That's a good idea, thank you!

What a silly, funny game! Wonderful sound effects. 

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A really enjoyable puzzle game, I'm surprised the  assets weren't all made by the same person, they all worked here. My only real complaints are that there was too much tutorial before the main bench mechanic and that some puzzles felt like you had to be lucky that you wouldn't be blocked by an enemy because you can't see them when you start the timed button, but overall, really impressed!

Well done on finishing this game, and doing everything yourself!

Try to avoid having art assets of different resolutions (For example, the characters and the platforms), this will help make everything feel part of the same game. 

While I didn't enjoy the sliperness of the character movement, there was some good level design here. Didn't enjoy "leaps of faith" where I couldn't see the platform I was supposed to land on, maybe having a camera that zooms in and out?

It's a very polished game, but the actual puzzles really were too easy, think the turn limit would help, maybe some tiles that don't change?

Wonderful looking and sounding game, felt fun to play, only issue was those monsters in the rift, think some temp invincibiloity would have been nice for half a second, so you can react to them!

I've played a couple of games similar to this, but this one has been the most fun. Found the combat not needed, I wanted to keep using the cool trick, so I never swung the sword. But the actual Mana Focus felt good to use, and the camera always felt the right distance to help me use it properly. 

An incredibly polished, emotional experience, thank you!

I've seen this idea a few times, but this 3D version is a new one, would have liked to be ale to rotate and check an object at the same time!

Cool game, think I would have liked to have known how many were left, thought I was going to be doing it forever! Also liked the writing, sometimes was a bit repetitive, but it did make my giggle a few times!

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Cool, unique game with a great vibe, but it's not really clear to me what I'm supposed to do to win. I wandered until I died, and I don't really feel like I could have done anything differently. Maybe having tiles that can let you see further, or hearing rumours about a camp/water cache that gives you a direction to go in? 

Simple, but some good puzzles that felt pretty good to solve!

Very good game, only gripe was that some things could have been more clear to see, such as the spikes or bullets. Could see them, but in the last section, it took my brain processing time to see and react to them

A really cool mechanic, I've seen "Click and drag platforms" in other games, but this one is a really unique twist that makes some really cool puzzles that you have to think outside the box for! A highlight of this jam for sure!

Took me a while to get used to it, but I enjoyed it, the look/papercraft feel really helped set the scene, and the transition at the start was amazing. With some extra and tweaked audio, it could be an incredible experience.

Honestly, what I thought would be a funny little experience turned into an interesting philosophical dialogue that actually had me engaged throughout! I was a bit annoyed I had to keep engaging the talk, but that's actually the point! The only thing that took me out was the "evil" song, when the bg goes red. It just rubbed me the wrong way. 

Best looking game I've seen so far, sound it top notch as well. The soul mechanic I liked, but for a puzzle game like this, I found the energy mechanic more annoying then something to work around, most times I ran out of energy it was because I missed a jump. If I could tell what each lever would do and the jumping was more forgiving, I think it could work. 

I really like the idea, and the effect looked really good, but I think too often I was making leap of faiths or my mouse move position because the camera moved. I think a "one screen" platformer with this idea would have been more fun to play. 

Got it in one! The whole "Not a real" thing is cute, but it doesn't actually help you solve the murder, which is a bit of a shame. Would have liked some more red herrings. 

Nice little game, impressive that you did everything from scratch! Could definitely have used some more time polishing, just little things  like the black lines between tiles, overlapping tiles or making some smoother transitions between scenes. but a cool experience! 

Really enjoyed this, the driving with the mouse was perfect, like I had to remind myself to move, and the platformer was the right amount of stressful!

Oh this is weird and kind of rough in areas, but I love the vibe of this and would love to play a more polished version!

Loved loved loved the presentation of this game, the animations and effects were amazing! While the status effects orbiting characters looked nice, I struggled to see what the effects were actually doing, and I could never work out what the audience wanted! 

Pleasing to look at puzzle game, but I think the tile design sometimes muddled things, I think some more clarity with things like "Where is the end?". Also think the restart/menu should be consistent 

Really cool, unique game. Loved the look of it, but I think there are too many things to start with, and I would have really liked to have been able to move things backwards and forwards, or rotate them. I also think that the second level is quite difficult for a second level!

Nice, clean graphics with an interesting mechanic that made me have to move around. 

Cool, unique concept, and it  actually feels fun to draw with a mouse, which is impressive. Wish it had a bit more juice or just a bit more of something to keep me going, think actually having a shopkeeper character use the money would have been funny!

Dang, that looks amazing! Hard to see sometimes with the white on white background, but wow! I nearly got swoonlocked :'( 

Like it, I would like a way to throw furniture behind you, so tables/chairs don't get stuck in the corner. 

Nice, fun little game, but would have liked some complexity, like something to dodge. 

Looks really good, player model is amazing and well animated, and some good non-tutorial tutorials at the start.

Best transition I've seen so far, really quick so it didn't interrupt the platforming, but looked cool enough I kept on doing it for fun!

An incredible looking game, looks and plays nice, would have liked to have known where the cookie is, spent ages trying to find the first one!

Nice idea, and it looks really good, but I think the text takes too much effort to read. Also I think the actual censoring could have been more fun if the black ink didn't shift vertically when drawing with it.

Great idea and theming, could have done with a lives system to help get players used to the game, and also tell them what they missed from a chest. 

While there was a lot of writing, it did make me laugh and it was clear what was important and what was fluff, so when I looked at it again, I could quickly skim it. The quality of writing was good as well!

There's a cool idea here which is lightly touched upon, but needed more diving in. I can see how "Visit paintings" could quickly lead to overscope! I think this may have been better if there was less platforming, or a clearer goal for the player (Was I supposed to be escaping the museum?)