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Marley's Trip to the MoonView game page

Submitted by IronBytes (@bytes_iron) — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1533.0833.083

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
The player plays through a little girl's dream about flying to the moon and back to earth.

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We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Great little game. I appreciate the little story telling bits! Small nitpicks, but the rocket noise is a little loud. Personal preference to add a laser cannon/weapons to the ship to blast away debris.


Yeah,  I agree the rocket noise should have been a bit more quiet. Thanks for checking out my game!


Excellent game. I really believe the storytelling adds a lot of engagement and makes the game so much special, despite being a very simple mechanic.  Really well executed congratulations!


Thank you so much :)


Very cute way to use the theme, especially with the story behind it. The ship felt good to control. I personally would have the debris/gas move at different speeds to add a bit more challenge, but otherwise great job!


There's probably plenty of ways to make the movement better. This is the second iteration I made for the jam. The first one was horrible so I was happy to end with I have now, even though I'm aware that it's a bit bland.
Thanks for your feedback! It's really appreciated.


I like the story in your game, and the way your game handles space physics. Cute art as well. The game could use a little work, but good job overall


Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it!


Super cute game, I enjoyed it! Really well done :)

If I had to change something, I'd make the collectables move at different speeds and add a way to shoot at the space debris. Great idea and story and the art fits really well.


Different speeds is a nice idea to add some variety. Thank you for the feedback.


I really enjoyed this game and like how you implemented the story in the game. I also enjoyed the fuel system in the game!

I'd appreciate if you played my game :)


I'm glad you enjoyed your stay :)


I like how slippery the ship feels.  This was a super cute game, good job!


It's nice to hear. Thanks.


An small little game. The ship is a little slippery, but I can understand why. However I feel that the fuel just amounting to a timer, as it drains even when you are not "moving" is a little underwhelming. The additional layer that could be added by having fuel be consumed quicker when actually using the arrow keys to move around would greatly elevate this game. The random generation of space junk and fuel would have been annoying if the game was more stingy with the fuel as some cans can require you to get hit. The art is pretty good but the implementation of the theme is a little stale for me at this point.


Thanks for the elaborate feedback.


Had a lot of fun! Simple concept with a unique twist. The low gravity controls had me constantly adjusting. Would be cool to link fuel usage to thruster use for more careful decision making. 


That's a good idea. Thanks for the feedback.


Fun litlle game. I think the sound of the rocket was too loud in comparison with music, but good job!


Yeah I also wasn't too sure about that, but decided to leave it to give cruising around more oomph. Thanks for the feedback!


i thought it was pretty cool. good job following the theme. keep making cool stuff


Thanks for the kind words =)