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Thanks so much for your comments and glad you liked it! I agree the game could be more forgiving, especially platforms.

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Thanks so much for your kind comments!!! I found it fun to fly off screen then let myself fall and get me flying back again. But I digress. In general I see people found it a bit difficult to keep track of everything. I guess I have somewhat of a tendency to make games complicated, I need to learn to make them simpler and easier.

Thanks for the comments regarding the music, I composed it and performed it as well. Glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for your kind comments! I didn't know about Badlands but checked out the trailer and it looks sick!

Thanks for your comments. Not sure what you mean about the camera locking and unlocking, the camera actually does not move, you only move the bird (either flap or move left/right) and the rest is a visual effect (by moving the background layers and the platforms/items).

Thanks so much! Yeah, maybe a hard mode where you die with platforms and a normal mode where you don't crash but rather land. Wasn't able to do play testing with others before publishing.

Thanks, glad you liked it! Regarding the suction sound I think you are referring to it looping rather than volume right? Aiming is admittedly much harder with gamepad than with mouse (I think it's easy to ain with the mouse, at least for me!)

I love the game, super interesting mechanics. Well executed. I only had a bug in the second level where I could no longer do anything and the cat seemed to walk, but it wasn't really moving either. Good job!

I'd like the category Fun/Design to be split. I *really* think the design is very good, but the fun not so much (at least for me and, from other comments, other players, which don't find the idle genre as appealing).  The graphical work is amazing. I loved the idea that your community helped with some of the graphics as well as brainstorming for the design. Nice job overall.

Amazing visuals (best I've seen so far in the jam) and good idea. Action buttons a bit finicky (sometimes it will not register the click) and the helicopters coming at you part is impossible (for me at least - I played in normal). Really good execution. Sound can get tiresome and repetitive too soon.

Very good game with nice story. Well implemented, I was looking to use the swiss army paradigm for the focus but couldn't put together an idea like this. Likes are subjective but I really disliked the audio in general, although I understand it's part of the 8-bit asethetic/style you created. Overall well executed.

Very good game with nice story. Well implemented, I was looking to use the swiss army paradigm for the focus but couldn't put together an idea like this. Likes are subjective but I really disliked the audio in general, although I understand it's part of the 8-bit asethetic/style you created. Overall well executed.

Moving and attacking at the same time is a good idea for a mechanic. The shotgun feels better than the grenade. A bit short/limited, but fun.

The idea is good and visually ok, but I feel it's too much, especially when having four at the same time - not only it's super hard to focus on all four at the time, but the rooms are very little, making it difficult to play. 

Excellent game! Simple yet incredible mechanics. Really nice done. Left me wanting for more levels. I think you should definitely support the gamepad left stick as well as keyboard, having a controller-only game for a jam is a bit risky.  Also a restart button when inside the level would be good. Loved the artist dissing jokes. Lastly, the jump in difficulty from level 8 to 9 is too big, but I get this kind of balancing is really hard for a jam. Nice work!

I think the general idea is good, I felt it was a tad generic without any real objective or backstory, however simple ("reach the end, don't die"). The movement feels a bit slow for my taste. I like the fireball charging stuff though.

I like the idea and obviously the mechanic is well tested. The graphics are cool, not my favorite palette but that's just me. I think the isometric movement and GUI are awkward, as well as the color coding. I think you could polish this more and convert it into a fun game.

It's the start of a potentially good game with a nice balancing mechanic, I think you can improve on it a lot in every aspect.

A great take on the theme, reminds me of a Ludum Dare 50 game that scored within the top ratings. Nice graphics and mechanics. I found several little glitches/bugs that, on their own, are small, but on the whole hinder a little bit of the experience (water sound looping, horizontal acceleration a bit high, tutorial text could not be dismissed, one time the player fell outside the level etc.). The most frustrating one was that the fire and water collision masks are a bit finicky, so I could be standing right next to the flame aiming the water at the base and it wouldn't put out the fire at times. Also, it wasn't really clear that you did not have to actually guide people out of the level after cooling them, so I was stuck for a bit on the first level to save people.

Excellent game and always exciting to meet fellow Mexican AND GameMaker developers (I'm still writing the comments in English for the benefit of the rest). Very nice art, well written story, cool music. The only things I would suggest are:

  • The control choice is a bit awkward (movement with right hand and actions with left), I think it's better to have 2-3 schemes. I would like it to have controller support and/or WASD keyboard+mouse.
  • In general I think the balance between mechanics is a bit off.  For example, it's normally easier to dash through an enemy sentry drone than to use C, or many times you can get away with multi-jumping instead of dashing.
  • The air acceleration is probably a bit too high for when precision platforming is required (for example, jumping vertically then trying to move right or left to reach a platform, I often overshot the platform).
  • Small glitch, you can actually jump off the map/get outside the map, Mario-style. I thought you guys had put some Easter eggs there or something, but no :)

Great job!

I think it's a nicely thought of concept, fun to play. It can be expanded a lot with more variety (more zombies, traps, etc.). Also I get that it's more an action game than a TD game, but I think it would be better to manage difficulty by having a kind of resource to buy planks and strategically place them, than being able to hold right mouse button and just repair planks everywhere instantly (even so, it's difficult because the incremental difficulty of waves is high, I only reached wave 7).

The idea is good and I like the graphic style. The instructions and mechanics are not explained anywhere, I had to read the comments and then re-play to understand you could jump-shoot. The movement is a tad frustrating (having acceleration makes you easily fall into the abyss, so it's hard to control). The sound you made for the shot is too loud and frankly annoying. I'm sure you can polish this small prototype and turn it into a very enjoyable game.

Agree with @BeamDev, the start button was a bit stubborn. Other than that, the game itself is well executed. The attack, kickback and particles work well to juice it up. I liked the music. I think the game mechanics themselves were not well explained anywhere (except on this submission page), so I kept my first run bashing everything with the pan. I think the heating is not really making any difference to the game.  I would have preferred clicking with the mouse to attack, instead of using Q.

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Nice little game, good to pass time. I think it could use a little juice and visual overhaul (particle effects and lighting would be great), also it's got minimal sound and no music as far as I could tell.

Thanks! Glad you found the controls easy/responsive, I wasn't able to playtest it with other people before submitting.

Thank you for your comment!

Hola, son solamente sprites, son compatibles con cualquier engine.

Hi @limezu, thanks so much, as usual, for this great asset. One question - are you planning to eventually substitute Serene Village with art from this asset? Or will Serene Village continue (for outdoor 'village' settings) and this will only be for outdoor 'city' settings?

Hey, if you don't mind I will steal this idea for my tycoon game. I loved it!

Nice chill game, love the music. The controls are a bit wonky (acceleration/deceleration and the grapple does not seem to respond according to my input when clicking). Nice concept

You are so talented! I made a jam game with this pack, it's called Escape from Io ( and credited you. I think it looks gorgeous, kudos!

Good idea (I had a similar concept) but *really* difficult to control. I think you could improve the movement overall.

Not my cup of tea definitely, but very well done and definitely juicy!

Great game, somewhat similar idea to mine, but without proc gen (but nice level design). Juicy.  I think the sound is a bit too retro for me. 

Thanks for your kind comments! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for your comments and for playing it :)

I had to repetitively click in order to get it to slash on my trackpad. Maybe an issue on my side, not sure (controller attack worked fine)

Excellent take on the whole juice thing and very good game (super fun to play). Not sure about the theme though, but amazing job!

Nice rhythm game. I enjoyed it. Would have loved more juice when bad/good notes are pressed.

Amazing game, really fun to play. I love it. Juicy.

Thanks! Didn't have time to implement the options menu, where you could remap it to something else. You can play with a gamepad as well (A jumps, B performs superjump). Regards!