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Cool :) Looking forward to seeing your updates then!

Nice puzzle game, I enjoyed it a lot! It reminded me of a combination of some VimLark games :) nice art style and smooth execution, well done!

I really like how this game looks and the movement is smooth. Jumping off the walls onto the platforms was a bit hard but really nice simple concept. The resolution is a bit low which makes the text hard to read but I like the colours a lot. Well done.

This entry is really special and very well made. I loved the idea and it's one of the few games that I found really  captivating. Well done!

If you ever expand on this, you could add an overall story that changes with the different tales told and culminates in a fitting ending :)

Very cool. I loved the idea of collecting photos and especially enjoyed climbing up the mountain in search for images (maybe because I do that IRL too ;D). Great idea, cute art, the animals are very pretty. Well done!

This was fun! Great idea and execution. I liked the idea of collecting minions and not having to do all the fighting for a change ;) great sound too, well done!

Great idea, cute characters, nice execution. After a while the brain adapts to looking at both sides at once which feels satisfying. I felt like the levels were a bit long at times, but I enjoyed it a lot. :) well done.

Sound would be great for this game (but alas, mine doesn't have any as well), cool idea though and I like the simple but nice art style. Some more boulders to mine and maybe less frequent enemy attacks would probably enhance the experience a bit. Great menu screen . I really enjoyed it!

I had a lot of fun playing this game, the music fits well and I love the Indiana Jones vibe... Unfortunately, I died just when I finally reached the boss and had to go back to the menu ;D great game, well done!

This was fantastic :)) I really enjoyed it. Being a tad (much) impatient, I would have liked the character to be a bit faster but apart from that it was awesome. Great story, great riddles, great job, well done.

This was really fun! I like the music and sound design too and switching abilities with costumes is a great idea. I'm in a bit of a rush, but I'll have to come back to see the ending later. Very cool, well done :)

I agree that it's really hard ;D a slow ramp up in speed and/or a tutorial would be nice. Also, I flew off screen and couldn't get back. The sound was great and fitting and I liked the idea and the growing blob :) well done.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it to the end! :)

Thanks :)

That's very kind, thank you!  :)

Thanks so much! :) I'll prioritise audio next time, for sure.

Thank you! :)

Thanks so much, Neenaw! Yes, first game, first jam, first try at pixel art :) I agree, the cacti, the level design and other things are pretty terrible because I ran out of time. Thanks for the in depth feedback though and I'm really glad you had fun playing!

Thank you for playing and for the nice feedback! :) I'm so glad you had fun playing!

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, glad you liked the surf level! ;))

I wish there was sound too ;D Thanks for the feedback! :))

Thanks! And sorry about the inescapable pit ;) I put a cautionary note on the page, but I'll fix it after the jam.. 

Thank you! :)

Yay! How cool to watch someone actually playtesting it ;)) Thank you so much for playing and the feedback and the video! And yes, I made all the art myself, including the animations. Also, yes it's pretty buggy and the placement of everything is terrible ;D first jam, first 2d game, first just about everything. In the cave, you could have crouch jumped to get up higher, but alas, I threw together the level an hour before submitting and it's actually impossible to get out of that pit ;) Will try to bugfix some of it after the jam.

Thank you so much :) Maybe I'll find some time to upgrade it after the jam..

Ha! How great, thanks :)) Now I know why it wouldn't work, I apparently fixated on getting the orange from the right side ;D 

What a cute little robot :) I liked how the controller wasn't floaty and the robot had good grip on the ground. Would have been cool, not to have to go back to the beginning every time though, that was a bit frustrating. But collecting cake is always a good thing ;D fun game!

I liked it, Pedifi, well done :)

Here's mine if someone would like to give it a go:

Very cute mining game :) I loved the sunglasses wearing emerald guy ;D Some indication of how much the different gems are worth, or how much money you have while mining would be great, but well done in any case :)

Very cool idea ;D I laughed so hard when I saw the shrimp-throwing lady! Really great job. The retro feel and art and sound fit together perfectly and remind me of those games from the late 80's early 90's. Great fun in any case! 

I really liked this one, the reduced 3d aesthetics are cool and I like the lava and the FX when shooting. On the one hand it's really satisfying, on the other it's quite buggy still, which becomes frustrating (the pads over lava don't wait for a room change, so there's no way to get into that room, invisible walls in the middle of those enemy rooms, where enemies spawn on top of you, etc.). Sound/music and a bit more feedback would also go a long way. But I know how hard it is to get everything working in such a short amount of time (my game has bugs and no sound as well), so great job, nontheless. And cool idea!

What happens when you manage to get the idol back to the pedestal, I wonder? :))

I really like the look and feel of this one. The enemies were a bit hard to deal with at times, because they spawned in a pack and it was hard to defend oneself from all of them at once, so it became frustrating. But other than that really well done! The art, sound and mechanics fit together nicely too.

Of course! It was really fun and I *loved* the worm and his/her babies... I did stack the block on the spike block and both apples on top, but I still couldn't push the orange off without impaling myself on the spiked block beneath the orange ;D

This is really cute and I like the idea a lot. It also fits well with the theme! Sadly, I couldn't pick up the items most of the time, which made it impossible to progress... I would have liked to know how it ends! :)) Really well done though!

Very nice aesthetic, great movement controller, nice level design. Well done!

Hard to say, I think I had to go back twice because I forgot the tune on the way ;D so maybe a bit under 10mins?

This is really well done, congrats! The art style fits really well, as does the music and it succeeds in creating an emotional connection. I also liked the message and the movement, it's pretty snappy and well made. I had no trouble hearing the series of notes to play to open the doors, but sometimes the background music distracted me along the way and made me forget, so maybe it would be cool to fade out the volume a bit on those stretches, but I really enjoyed playing this nonetheless. Very nice!

Very cool! I liked the aesthetic and the music and thought it was a fitting implementation of the theme too. Well done :)

Very cool game, loved the aesthetic and retro feel!

Super cute sweet game. I loved to play this one. Got stuck on level 12, but that's the longest I've played any game in this jam, I think :) great job!