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Shoot enemies, mine ores, sell ores, and purchase upgrades in this Space Shooter Game! Made in 5 days for Vimjam.
Submitted by aidanabat
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Technical Implementation#1263.2863.286

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
The game revolves around you going through the portal to go to outerspace. Exploring in the infinite map wil lead you to ores and enemies, but no matter how far you go, you'll still have to go back to the portal again. Once you're there, you can go to the two shops and upgrade various things, and then the cycle repeats with you going back to the portal. The collectables are the ores, upgrades, and money that you get.

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Took me a little while to understand how to actually play the game, i didn't realize i was in the game when i pressed the portal till i tried to move. Also shooting the enemies without taking a single bit of damage was nearly impossible since turning around to shoot was almost always a guaranteed hit for the enemy so i decided to run from the enemy every time i saw them! But other than that it was fun to fly around and look for the ore! Perhaps add a small indicator pointing to a rock if its close enough? Sound would be nice as well!


Sound would be great for this game (but alas, mine doesn't have any as well), cool idea though and I like the simple but nice art style. Some more boulders to mine and maybe less frequent enemy attacks would probably enhance the experience a bit. Great menu screen . I really enjoyed it!


Good idea, great art!

Lack of sound is disappointing. The combination of the boulder that spawns close to the portal, the lack of boulders in general and the difficulty of mining anything once 2 or 3 enemies catch up to you means that the only way to do anything is to just farm the first boulder and run back to the portal, which isnt very fun. It would also be nice if the portal had an indicator instead of the coordinates.


Besides the missing music, try to keep one consistent style. If you choose pixel art, try to have the same pixel size for every object. The ships look way different than the background ;)

The game mechanic itself is pretty solid. Could become a real game with some improvements after the jam.


The art is just amazing! Well done!

The enemy’s ships are really fast, I believe this and the damage could be balanced. But over all it’s a good game!


It's a good jam game. Although, I hope there was music and sounds so bring a lot of atmosphere and action feedbacks. Still, good job!


Loved the art background and overall look of the game and the presentation is really well done. I would maybe suggest making the background when in shop and stuff not transparent as it made it a bit hard to read with other text in the background. 

Personally I think the enemies moved a bit fast that it seemed impossible to shoot them while flying away from multiple at the same time, but it was still an enjoyable, hectic experience! 


This game is really cute! I kept dying when the enemies came in since its pretty hard to shoot/fly away at the same time, but it was fun!

... just a suggestion but you might want to make the pixel art a consistent resolution, it helps everything look more cohesive ^^ 


It was fun and the art was really really good.  My only complaint is that it was really hard to aim compared to how powerful the enemies were.  Once they started chasing you there was no way to turn around and shoot them the only option was to try and find your way back to the portal and try again.

The idea of the game is great, the graphics are ok, you should have added some music. One problem i see is that it is to difficult to find materials, i spend a lot of time trying to find one. 

Feel free to check out my game, it will mean a lot to me 


The game is well designed and all, maybe a little more indications for the collectables of when they would break would help + the enemy is to fast in my opinion. Keep up the great work!


The graphics and pixel art are superb! Well done. The control of the ship was a little hard though. I feel that the deceleration could have been less (asteroids style) and definately a more powerful weapon from the start. Manouvering the space ship in space was also quite challenging. The concept was good though and with a few tweaks you've got really cool little game!


very nice concept, sadly i am not good at this style, but if you add some improvement will be great.

voted, please check out our game <3


I love the concept of this game! Reminds me a lot of a game that I played for like 300 hours called Vostok Inc. Upgrading you ship and attacking bad guys is a great and satisfying game loop.


Thank you for the feedback! I just realized that I accidentally change the gold ore to the default rock ore texture o - o. Thank you for the tons of feedback through the video, we'll definitely make sure to fix those issues (ESPECIALLY the enemy ai, which seems to be massacring literally every player)! I'll also have to check out Vostok Inc. , that seems like a game that would really be up my alley. All in all, thank you for the feedback!


omg this game is so beautiful! I fell in love with the art! Great job

It'll be nice if you check out our game too (:


Thanks for the kind words! We'll definitely try to play your game once we have the time!


Very nice artwork for this game. I liked the idea for the game, but personally I felt it was a little bit too difficult when it came to fighting enemies. Otherwise, good job on this!


Thanks for the feedback! Haha yeah, the enemies seem to be a common problem amongst players; I probably should've made them weaker


Really cool game! The art is nice, although the background objects are maybe too bright to my taste, I sometimes lost focus on my ship haha. I think you should later add some sound effects to make it even more pleasing. The enemies are a bit too difficult, when I thought I lost one and was too far from him, I started mining and he rushed at me and killed me haha. Maybe make the enemies return to their initial location or remove them when the player is at a certain distance?

Good job! 


Thanks for the feedback! I had the enemies despawn after a certain amount of time out of the screen, but since we didn't get to playtest, I didn't realize they would still chase you to the ends of the galaxy LMAO-- I'll definitely fix that!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really liked the art style, wish you could get someone for audio, it would make the game more exciting with some sound effects! With a bit of polishing this would be a very good game ^^ And I really liked the limitation of not being able to go backwards and get some distance to shoot, it gives the game character.


Thanks for the kind words! We'll definitely find a way to put audio in soon enough!


This game was very visually pleasing! Not sure if it was just me, but I couldn't get audio to play. The A.I. definitely has a great advantage over you, but I had no problem running away and moving to the next rock to blast. Got a few upgrades and called it a day. I think a good way to improve is to make the upgrades almost immediately accessible and then ramp up the price from there. It was very hard to progress at the start and was a little draining. I think some tweaking after the jam and this could be a very fun game! Good submission!


Thank you for the feedback! We weren't able to add audio since we ran out of time. I also think your suggestion is definitely worth taking into account-- it might be a good idea to allow boulder detection immediately. Thanks for playing!


The game was pretty hard, but the looks and the polish were nice.

If you were to add sound then I’d highly suggest it, it will help put an impact on the gameplay experience.

But overall, this game has an interesting and fun concept!


Thank you for the feedback! We were planning to add music and sound effects but ran out of time, so I'll definitely add them when we revisit this!

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