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Normalerweise ist die korrekte Antwort immer Englisch. Aber in einer Community von Jugendlichen deutschen verstehen das Spiel auf deutsch sicher mehr 😉

Aseprite ist mit weitem Abstand das beste. Allerdings nur auf dem PC.

Pixly ist ne ganz geile Alternative für Android:

Dafuq, was ist verkehrt mit den Leuten?
Diggi das Teamup mit MsFuchs hat entweder dazu geführt, dass deine Fans jetzt 80 oder 8 sind und kein ZipArchiv entpacken können xD

Why don't reviews show up down here?
I liked the game and if it would've weapons included it would throw me totally back in time^^

Nice one. For this time frame really good. I'm really looking forward to advancing on this concept^^

Played on mobile and there your main screen is capped.

Before thinking about big thinks like a story try to polish what you already have. For example you don't "feel" the hit. If you wouldn't see the life's reduce you wouldn't know if you hit something bad.

Bonus tip:

If you want an easy but big improvement, make an online Highscore with loot locker.

Nevermind, checked it myself. I'm currently on one of my laptops and here I'm not guest90, so I'll wait with registration until I sit on my desktop pc next time.

I wasn't on my PC yet 😂

Us this linked to my itch account or to my browser per cookie?

Thanks, that looks like I planned it timewise. Now you have the harder puzzles left, so you'll maybe end up with 4-5h for one complete run.

They are differentiated by difficulty, aka the number of mates you need to win. It's a simple CSV file where I have listed each level with it's mate count. If I later on want to add a harder difficulty, I can easily add another column with a higher difficulty.

They don't have different themes, I just look for mates. The reason for that is I myself only understand mate puzzles. The other types just let you do x moves and you have to end in the best possible position. That's something for people who can play chess on a decent level.

No they are pulled from a chess puzzle database. But it sounds like an interesting approach to generate them. Can't even think of an algorithm which can handle this.

If you don't clear the world you'll get new puzzles and start all over.

To be honest I'm not sure if this is the best approach. I think about changing it to getting. New puzzles when you press a new game button.

Unfortunately it doesn't.

You get 54 new puzzles every Sunday. I'm currently working on an end screen, because some people had the feeling that the game was over after the first 54 puzzles.

JS and PHP?

You mean you wrote it all by yourself without a proper game engine? This is impressive. I'll send this to some of my neighbors which are PHP devs, to prove they are just too lazy to make games 😁

Can you do me a favour and tell me when you've finished your first season and how long it took you?

Thanks for the feedback. That bug is totally new to me and I will have a look at my analytics when I sit on my PC next time.

Glad you found a workaround and didn't get soft locked.

I'm good enough to get a placement in the rankings? There are replays of the game?
Next time I try I will register.

Is there a way to make a downloadable version? Normally I ask the other way around, but this game is something I will definetly play every now and then in the future, so a desktop icon would be far better than going over itch^^

Gave it another try and with diagonal walking I came along way better. But I think, that my overall strategy is still wrong. Maybe it's best to finish on 6 but collect as much as possible and not to try to be as fast as possible^^

Interesting game, I liked the graphics and the music. In my opinion the font size could be a bit bigger, but I didn't play fullscreen, so maybe my msitake.

What I found was disturbing was the kind of talking. The people say actual words, but not the texts. For me it would be better if you either let them mumble instead of words or use the replica ai to give them real voices.

If you want more feedback, try making a webgl version.

Most people, including me, don't download zip files from strangers, because it's the internet ;)

If you want more feedback, try building a webgl version of your game. Most people don't downlaod zip files.

Yes moving diagonal would make some moves way faster.

I really liked the concept. This is one of the most unique game concepts I played in a long time.
Like I said in the first post, I could totally see this as a multiplayer game. Something like fall guys but turn based^^

My first idea was exactly like that. I wanted to make worlds with different themes, like openings or endings and put more focus on the different chess tactics...but I can't play chess (or couldn't until I began with this game), so learning all these things is way out of scope for me.
In the end I switched to a randomized but endless version of weekly new puzzles.

Maybe if when this game is finished and I someday meet a chess player who wants to create the puzzles the original idea would get a new approach.

Thanks for the feedback.

I fixed a bug with those buttons a few days ago and thought the same. Maybe I'll just go with a resize or a little color switch for now.

The other part with the feedback is already on my to-do. I planned to show the last move of the opponent, so you can see where he could escape.

And for the puzzles...they are in fact random. I just decided how many mates per puzzle and the algo gets it from a db.

If you can code maybe a third party sdk like lootlocker is for you if you want to try a highscore system

In Unity such things are less than 100 lines of code, maybe you are lucky and find a way for you too^^

Either find yourself a friend who can code, or learn coding or use another editor which supports web deployment^^

That's even more confusing and way harder than I thought^^
I thought the instruments are allowed to pass and the knifes and brassknckles are not.

Give them maybe a red outline. Red is the classical color of danger.

That's really unfortunate, because that's the number 1 tip for drastically increase feedback on itch.

thanks for this specific feedback. I'll have a look next time I sit on my PC.

Have you tested it in web, android or windows?

Difficulty might be a bit to low. But I'm not good at chess myself and otherwise I couldn't beat it xD

In one of my first bigger jams where I participated in this was a suggestion and since than it is one of the first things I do for my jam games.

And once you know it you'll recognize that games without Webversion get often nearly no feedback in jams.

Sorry, I'm unity dev and there it is just one button click.

But unity is c# and not python, so sadly no help for you

I love it. Have a similar idea in mind, but for multiplayer.
Somehow I love deckbuilding rpgs.
If you haven't played already, maybe try "Alina of the arena" to get some extra inspiration.

I like the artstyle, really nice pixelart. But it's hard to differentiate between items which are allowed to pass and items I have to destroy.

Very cute.
I like the polish and sounds :)

One simple thing I recognized which would level the beginning up and is easy to implement. Maybe in the tutorial level put text in the background with the movement keys or that you can walljump and so on.

Consider making a webgl version. There are lots of people who are not willing to donwload *.zip files from strangers ;)

I admit I'm not good at those games. I managed to get 5 crytals and got frustrated^^

But from the gamefeel it's pretty cool. I could imagine that for those hardcore audience a timer with a highscore would be nice to speedrun the shit out of this.

Never played something like this, since I read a book with choices as a 8yo. Funny to see this in digital form.

Somehow I expected some kind of riddles, where I have to remember the coloured words^^

A turn based racing game? How should this even work?

I don't know hy but this is kinda addciting. I could totally see this as some kind of io game on mobile. Just some ads every few rounds, some achievements and voila it's finished^^

Please make a WebGL version fpr the next jam. Lots of people don't download random *.zip archives from the internet^^

Dafuq, I'm literally just running from a dresser xD