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Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Sounds silly but I'm kind of happy someone finally mentions the colors. I'm colorblind so my assumption was all the time, that the colors have to be awkward for normal people but no one ever said something like that.

But I can appease you, the color thing is an ongoing process and the actual colors are all but not final. I think I will look for a matching color palette and just use it instead of making it myself.

Aaaaand it's done. You are now able to switch the board perspective in the options menu.

I prefer the horizontal way too. It reminds me of old strategy and rpg games, like final fantasy. It will stay the default ;)
But for the majority of people wanting the vertical movement it's now added as optional way to play.

First of all thanks for the feedback. I highly appreciate it, that you took your time to help me with some suggestions 😊👍

For the vertical chess l, yes I'll put that on my Todo list, you are not the only one wanting this.

For Tamerlane variant, I have to say it is sadly not possible for this game. I use a  stockfish implementation, which only supports standard chess.

When I someday have finished this project, I have already planned a second game with more variants but a weaker self build AI.

Now it's done. I have finally changed the game and it is classic chess. Thanks for your review.

Hi guys,

I just released my Chess Game up here. It is still in an Alpha phase and you can just play local multiplayer aka with yourself. It's an Alpha build, don't expect too much. But from now on it will be regularly updated and you could be part of the fan community month before there is even one.
Link to Schachkampf

Link to the game

Chess is an all time classic. This time in a pixel art style. Besides this timeless beautiful style it is still in an alpha state where you just can play local multiplayer...but still better than chess on a board.

Few days and AI is added together with some rule changes.

You are right, just  wait one week. This is the exact reason why the ai is not completely implemented.

First I wanted to make an easier chess variant for beginners. That's why you atm even can't do Rochade. Now I turn to classical chess and when check is implemented it's classical chess again, with stockfish ai

Really cool artstyle and very nice game idea. If there would be one thing to ad, it would be some "talking" from the people, like mumbling or something.

I really enyoed the music. It's a cool contrast to what you are doing^^

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Best Game so far. I like the style, the ideas the polishing. Very cool.
Here is just criticism on a high standard. You could remove the bottom pixels of your outlines aka every part which touches the ground, so your characters look more connected to the underground.

Maybe next Jam we make a game which could be won, see you there^^

I think we'll mix your concept of people running around into our game, to make it more interactive. Seems pretty fitting :D

Yeah Fullscreen is absolutely a part to add.

Very chaotic, theme matched very well, sound and music are nice. Good game for a Jam. Just next time team up with some graphics dude ;)

Really good game. Fits the theme, looks good and seems pretty polished. The only point for criticism is the UX. It is hard to figure out what to do. This fits the theme but in my opinion a slower start to learn the mechanics would have been more pleasent than having chaos from the beginning^^

Bullethell is the most obvious interpretation of the theme, but the idea with your own bouncing bullets was very cool. Also the following bullets really get the theme.
Sounds and music also included, so all in all a good polished game for a Jam :)

Due to short time we had to throw the idea away with different ways of cleaning. In the original idea every item would have its own way to get cleaned.

Yeah uploaded it short time before the finish line, recognizing half the game was cropped of. I was just happy to manage a fitting solution in time, but I totally agree, that a higher resolution would be a lot better, especially because the humour is lost if you can't read the text.

Dash seems to be a good idea. It perfectly fits our idea to add painkiller as consumable item to boost your speed, they could also enable dashing^^

No chance. Outside the gaming industry Unity is the way to go. AR and VR stuff will be the future 😎

Besides the attack range mentioned by a lot of people I have a point on your pixel art:
It looks more fitting if you do either always outlines or never.

The swapping controls mechanism was nice and a lot harder than I imagined when brainstorming wiht that idea in the beginning^^

I like the cloud idea and I think oxygen lowers too most others aroudn here^^
Nice sounds and nice graphics. AND a lot of content for a jam game. Good work

Thats Unitys TilemapCollider fault :P

Original idea was every item has to be cleaned in a different way, but out of time shortage it was cancelled :/
The impossible part is on purpose. The idea is a reverse Highscore, so to try to have as few items as possible.

The colliderproblem is some weird unity Tilemap stuff I ran into from time to time :/
There will definetly be an improved Version with higher speed after the Jam.

Make it mobile ;)
Really enjoyed it. It's short but really polished. If you add some obstacles and different tracks and weapons it could be easily published on mobile.

Yeah, the idea was to have things cleaned up in different ways, but due to lack of time, we had to just put everythign back into some "box". I'm not satisfied with this outcome either.

Swapping controls was one of the first ideas I came up with too^^
I like how the buttons visually swap when controls change.For constructive criticism your visuals would have been better, if you would have sticked to black and white. The colored stuff stands out too much.

I don't know what to say about this game. It's like wathcing a trash movie, but as a game...I really like it :D
Gameplaywise it would have been more challenging if on the left would have been "harmful" fields too. But beside that, nothing to criticise.

The fuck, how could a dude could spawn on top of the wall? O_o
Have to do some bugfixing after the jam :D

You are more than right^^
In the original idea every item had to be cleaned in a different manner, but because of the lack of time we had to crop that :/

The core loop is kind of a reversed Highscore game, you can't "win", you can just try to have as few stuff as possible laying around.

Yes,...most people won't even play your game for that long xD

I really like it. That gets the atmosphere a lot better. Always impressive how much of a difference such small details can make.

Really liked the game, visuals and story fit very well. But with some sounds and music it be a whole other level.
And one question: How did it fit the theme? For me it was an ongoing progress without winning or loosing, some kind of novel :)

You should consider switching engines. With this storytelling this good, with so much limitation, the sky is the limit if using unity ;)

No criticism from my side.
Really like the game. Art, sounds, idea, look and feel. Everything like it should be. Like others said, make it mobile and give it a try ;)

First things first: Really cool game, I even played thorugh it, although it was difficult.

  • Artstyle and music top notch
  • Parralax idea pretty cool
  • fitting the theme perfect


  • I did't like the ball controls, but I am pretty sure it was on purpose, because it is a ball and it should behave like that, I just didn't like it xD
  • The difficulty was pretty hard, for a jam, in the middle part. Last flowers on the other hand where easy to get. Maybe you should switch some level parts around to make a more consistent raise of difficulty.

All in all one of the best games I played this jam. Gratz :)

You went for a second play through? That is the best compliment one can get in a jam :)

The dialogs (and the progress overall) is triggered by the amount of crashes you have. So it makes a difference how many objects you hit. But the dialogs themselves stay the same. Different dialogs based on the "score" of the player sounds like a really good idea, we never even thought about it. Random ranting of the other drivers would have been an option, but got cancelled because of the lack of time. I will put your idea on our Trello board for after jam reworking. That would enhance the replayabilty of the game a lot :)

I really liked it, beautiful art and effects. The tutorial in text written in the level is pretty nice too.

For me the difficulty level right after the tutorial increases to fast. Either the tutorial levels should be harder or the other levels should be easier^^

PS: Maybe I'm s little biased because I made a very similar game in my last jam, just with throwing your corpse instead of explosions :D