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Sadly well known bug :( Will be fixed after the jam ;)

Fuck, this is possible? That's the case for us, but don't think it would change something as near to the finish of the game xD

Next time we have to test the finished version on actual itch more. For some reason this bug does not appear on local mmachine :/

The highscore is one of the things I wanted to build for a long time and now the jam gave me an opportunity to do so :)

Thanks for playing anyway. Next time we have to test the finished version on actual itch more. For some reason this bug does not appear on local machine :/

unfortunately there is no way to fix that until the jam ended. Lesson learned:more testing with "finished" version and instead of debug mode xD

I would try a to make a room as a list of items with each item having an actual item or monster and a position. So your rooms could stay as you left them.  

Very good. Some music and a bit longer and it could become a real game :)

The throwing idea is good, but i really disliked the visuals.
In my opinion it would have been better with enemies not respawning, so you could easily pass cleared rooms

Really good game. Definitly one one would play for real as a mobile game ;)

I like it, could be a classic rage quit game if it would be a bit more polished xD

Like most other guys already said, very nice game and pretty dope idea, but the movementcontrols feel like in an ice level.

Thx, I even could recreate the bug. That's really annoying that such a major bug slipped in the game :/

That's no real help xD
What kind of bug occured? And in which version? WebGL or Windows?

Ohhh newgrounds, sweet memories :D

Your post made me get the domain name. After polishing the game, maybe it will become the next blobby volley for bored it students in class xD

Nailed the theme.

Some effects for picking up the apples would be nice. And as a major improvement, if you want to continue the work on this game after the jam: Give the player something to buy from his money ;)

The artstyle is pretty solid. Just two tips to improve the art with nearly no work. Delete the bottom black line of your trees, so it looks more like they come out of the ground. Flip some of the trees or if you make several sprites, just delete or add one or too branches. 30min of work and a bunch of tree variants ;)

Besides the missing music, try to keep one consistent style. If you choose pixel art, try to have the same pixel size for every object. The ships look way different than the background ;)

The game mechanic itself is pretty solid. Could become a real game with some improvements after the jam.

Thx for the feedback, will check the pictures for the remake. And I will play your game as soon as I am at my computer.

You got the theme on point and I like dungeon crawler^^

Interesting graphics, I like the style. Sound was made good, too :)

Fighting system feeled very intuitiv and made fun. Different Enemies an even a boss, very nice.

The thing I don't liked was the actual theme disrupting the gameplay too much. The running back and forth in an then empty dungeon, was more of a filler, like in a lot of AAA titles to generate playtime xD

In my opinion a cellular automaton with respawning enemies would have fitted the theme better, something like this

But nonetheless a very good game. You have earned my 'Anerkennung' for that one

That is a normal jam problem I think. Not enough time to play. :/

Thx, i'll Check it out for sure.

The yellow blocks are straw blocks, don't really know the correct english term for it^^

They should block the way of the farmer. In fact they are the best way to do so. There is an imba tactic with using them against the other player.

It seems like you played the game alone. The usage of the items gets more clear if one plays the farmer and one tries to place the items to defend the chickens.

And yeah you may be right with the swear thing because of young folks participating here. Normally I just code for me and my mates, so swearing wasn't a problem till now.

Nice idea with videoreviewing jam games. I'll comment my response on youtube, because of the algorythm ;)

The last part is something I'll eventually change. I think of make every chicken slightly different, maybe with also different behavior. But that's a thing I need way more time for, than the game gave me.

Yeah the lack of friends in the dev scene is much greater than I expected. Next time I start with single player :D

Thx for playing. Finally someone with friends :D

Same here. Lesson learned from this jam: listen to your wife more carefully xD

Maybe an easy mode where you have less different buttons. Like in a game to learn typing. There you start with few different keys and the other keys are added level after level

The idea with treasures having different curses is cool and I played longer than I expected, even though I don't like plattformers :D

Just one point: In my opinion some outlines would have braught your Artstyle a great step apart, but thats more of an opinion than an objective tip :D

I liked the style of your game. It seems pretty complete. Only the tutorial was a bit fast, but your game is not the only one suffering from this :D

Very fun game and till now the only one I completely finished. You got the theme pretty dope.

Only parts you could improve would be some backgroudn music and some visuals. But overall good work mate.

Great idea and implementation, the introduction got me right on. But for me it was too hard. Maybe a lower difficulty for a Jam would have been better.

The tutorial will be rebuild and made interactive after the jam. Nearly everyone shares your opinion about it xD

Very nice game, the whole 80s vibe got me from the first second. Could become a real game if you would expand it enough

Classic top down action. As criticism I only can complain about the movement. It feels a bit like the make walks on soap, not snappy enough, but the rest was pretty solid

Great work man, I like the artstyle and the overall idea. good extra point is that the difficulty fits a Jam. Nothing to complain about :)

Pretty solid game. I used to play TDs a lot in wc3 times, but this concept of farmign materials is a very nice new touch. Only part I really disliked was that i mine by clicking the mouse. It is probably more one of my problems, because a lot devs did it similar in this jam, but if not necessary I would stay to either mouse or keyboard controls. For me this mix feels strange.

Best game I played in this jam. Everything fits nicely together. Best example for less is sometimes better. Only critic I have is the missing tutorial, but that point was already mentioned enough from others.

The tutorial is a real problem. It will be improved after the jam. And the music...yeah let's say while creating it I already realized, that I have no clue what the fuck I am doing xD

The font on the other hand,...I use TextMeshPro, but I think it is becaus of the pixel font. Unity has a problem with pixel perfect camera. Outside the jam, I use an asset as workaround, but wanted no assets for the jam. Maybe I have to learn to write the pixel perfect cam myself.

I ran out of time, just the few frames for idle, walking and get hit  would have done a lot.

I will definitely continue working on this project to fix everything from the critics I received :)

Thx for playing.

And yes, I will play your game for sure when I'm on my computer.

I really underestimated how few friends developers have. Until now not one in the jam played it with someone else xD