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I appreciate the feedback! Also thanks for telling me about the crashing bug. I'll look into the issue.

Very neat idea! It's very challenging, but still a lot of fun. Personally I think it might be good for the earlier levels to be a little shorter as it is pretty difficult to multitask when first starting to play.

Cool game! Wall jumping was a nice feature. One complaint I have is that it's easy to lose lives in rapid succession. For example I would bounce off of a spike, hit an enemy, and then be knocked back down into the spikes immediately. A bit of a cool down between taking damage might be good. Otherwise nice job :)

Very creepy and an interesting approach to this game jam. I was very curious about the story and wanted to find out more! I would suggest maybe making the player a bit faster, but otherwise good work on this.

Neat idea! The music was awesome and I really liked how each time you saved someone something more got added onto the song. I would definitely enjoy more levels.

Fun and very humorous! It fit the jam's theme really well. There were a few dialogue bugs. For example occasionally the portraits were not matching up and sometimes the conversations got stuck in a loop. These were minor though and didn't affect the gameplay. Overall great work!

The tongue swinging mechanic was done really well. It was easy to understand and a lot of fun to use. The music matched well with the graphics/environment. Overall this was a really good experience although I would've liked to see some obstacles to add more challenge.

This was a neat game! I like the the battery limitation. The graphics were really good as well. One small thing was that it was a little frustrating to run out of battery right before reaching the cord. Maybe have the robot decelerate before dying instead of stopping instantly.

The lighting effect was very cool. I also liked the way the cube distorted with certain movements. Overall nice work on this! One small suggestion I'd give would be to slow down the cube a little. It felt a bit hard to control.

I'll make sure to work on the mechanics if I continue developing this game. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll be sure to check out your game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Very fun to play and a great implementation of the "There and back" theme. I really liked the art style and animation. Sounds and audio were good too. Overall well done :)

I really like the art style of this game. The gameplay was a lot of fun too and the controls were kept nice and simple. Overall excellent work on this!

Great game! The controls are nice and simple. I also appreciate having two different difficulty modes as this was a very challenging game.

Here's a link to my game if anyone is interested in rating :)

Cool arcade-style shooter! The controls were a bit hard at first, but once I got used to them I had a lot of fun. The graphics are really nice. Overall this was a very well-rounded game. One minor problem I had was that at some points there were long delays between enemies spawning. 

Great game and art! 


I learned a lot when it came to working with 3d games: mainly rigging 3d models and creating animation controllers. It was good practice for 3D graphics in general. I also learned more about particle systems and creating a third person camera.

Here's the link to my game if anyone's interested in trying it out :)

There were a few moments where the player got stuck jumping against walls or they couldn't move after collecting an item. Aside from a few glitches I think this was a good idea for a game. I like the way the scene flipped when you collect a power converter. Also I liked the animation on the player sprite. Overall nice job. One small suggestion I would give would be the change the text font. It felt a bit out of place compared to the rest of the art.

I really liked the music for this game. The game itself was a lot of fun to play, although it did get very difficult early on. Also, the voice acting was hilarious. Overall, great work on this!

I appreciate all of the feedback! If I continue to work on the game I will try to make it more forgiving (maybe with some checkpoints). Thanks for playing :)

Very nice artwork for this game. I liked the idea for the game, but personally I felt it was a little bit too difficult when it came to fighting enemies. Otherwise, good job on this!

Overall a well-executed game. It's kept simple and entertaining. The controls are easy and intuitive and the graphics match the game well. I especially enjoyed the small details like the way the player sprite changes as they continue accelerating.

It's a neat concept! One small problem though was that some blocks kept getting stuck in corners and could not be pushed. Also when I stop pressing a key the character continues to move for a bit. Otherwise, good work on this. 

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the feedback :)

Legato: A game centered around music where you memorize and play sequences of notes. The music really stands out and it has unique gameplay.

Distress Signal: A fun space shooter with very nice graphics. You also mine asteroids for materials. It was overall a well-executed game.

The music was excellent! I feel like the game itself could've been a little more difficult, but that could just be a matter of making more levels. Overall, nice work on this!

This was a lot of fun to play! I really liked the different powers.

Great game and a very nice art style. It was challenging, but kept me engaged all of the way through. 

Cool concept for a game! I think think there is a lot of potential for more levels if you continue working on this.

This was a lot of fun and a very creative take on tower defense games. Great work!

Nice job on this! It was a good interpretation of the theme. I would've liked for the levels to be longer, but otherwise good job.

Nice job on this! I really liked the scenery and certain details like the day/night cycle. I think it helped make the game world more immersive. One possible addition I would suggest  would be settings for mouse sensitivity. 

Nice job! The boomerang was a really cool mechanic.

Wow, this was an excellent game! The music and graphics were great and I found the gameplay to be unique and fun. 

I liked the way you implemented the theme of there and back again by having to travel back and forth between different areas and collecting keys to unlock new pathways. Some parts did feel a bit unforgiving, however, and I felt like the distances between checkpoints were a little too far. Otherwise, nice job on this game!