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Casual high score jump game for the vim game jam
Submitted by Alariann (@AlariannGames) — 12 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#553.6673.667

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
The player has to collect as many magical orbs as possible ("collectables" limitation) to buy potions that will help jumping higher. The player jumps as high as possible in the sky and comes back down to the ground to start again ("there and back" theme).

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Fun little game, I really like the simplicity of it and runs smoothly. I didn't quite understand how to make the potion boost work before the cost got too high for me to where I couldn't buy them anymore. Maybe a bit more clarity on how they worked in the beginning would be helpful, and possibly a way to re-read it as well would be helpful as well. Also maybe reset either the cost every so often or cap it at a max cost would be cool and reset the pickups every now and then, would be helpful. Overall very good game you did a great job and is fun. The art was really well done, and I like that afterimage trail that really helped to show how fast you were moving and just looked cool. Good job 👍


Thank you for your feedback, that's really helpful. I am currently working on improving it and releasing it one day :)


this was a fun & cute game! perfect for mobile! The potion boast is a little confusing, but overall really well done!


Thank you for your feedback! 

The game was intended for mobile play ;), and I knew I'd like to work more on it and one day release it :). 

Yes I couldn't implement the potion throw as well as I wished so that it's less confusing. It should be more clear what is going on. 

So maybe show a "ghost" throw, which represent what will happen, and maybe the potion should be thrown and explode while in pause mode too.  Maybe the jump/fall should be slower? 

Not sure exactly how to make everything really clear to the player. But I'll have to because I'd like to add some more different potion effects, obstacles and enemies :).

Thanks again!


the ghost throw idea would be perfect! this has some great potential, good luck!


Overall a well-executed game. It's kept simple and entertaining. The controls are easy and intuitive and the graphics match the game well. I especially enjoyed the small details like the way the player sprite changes as they continue accelerating.


Thank you for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed it :). I will work more on it and improve it.


Cute little game. I would like an indicator of current height, not only high score one, you know, to increase the hype while approaching to your high score! Really liked the smear and the particles. Godot squad! 


Thanks for your feedback! Yes good idea about the indicator ;) I want to improve the UI/UX so that will be part of it, I also need to find a way to make it clear what to do without the wall of text at the beginning. It needs to be intuitive.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super simple and cute game! This reminds me of the old flash games I used to play as a kid (the ones where you just try to get as high in the sky as possible) If you have more time in the future, I definitely suggest adding more upgrades and obstacles! If you have the the time, I'd also appreciate it if you played my game!

EDIT: I almost forgot to add, the main character reminds me of the people from World of Goo (which is a compliment since that's one of my favourite games)


Thank you for your feedback! I plan on working on this game and improving it yes :). I was already planning to add more potions with different abilities, obstacles, maybe enemies/bosses... And obviously improving the UI, the background etc... A lot to do haha.


Pretty solid work. Simple concept but built well. Implement in game buys and put it to the app store ;)


Thank you for your feedback. I tried this time to go as simple as I could, as I usually overcomplicate my games at every game jams, and this time I had only 3 days haha.

I actually have a lot of ideas to improve it, that's a quickly made prototype let's say. 

Thanks again!


Sweet and relaxing game with nice music. Good job!


Thank you very much for your feedback!