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I don't think I am. Its just source code for construct 3 on how to make game mechanics similar to Mutoid Man. 

amazing, what lovely feedback, thank you. Did you manage to beat the game?

Yeah please do my man. Its hard though... xanderwood hard LOL

i played your game 

I played your game 

I played your game

I played your game

hey thanks crath I appreciate the comment. 

yes I'm afraid so, that is the sound of sweaty flesh rubbing LOL. Thanks for the lovely feedback 👍👍

Hahaha oh jeez... I failed on the restriction 

no worries 👍

haha yes 

hey thanks for featuring the game. I noticed there was no sound on the game. Did you experience any issues with the sound while playing?

hi, it doesn't have the intro sequence. It's just the game mechanics to what you see in the video.

amazing thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it.

hey thanks for playing and taking the time to leave a video. I'll check out your channel for sure . Yeah level 4 is pretty tough. You definitely need full lives heading in to it. 

hey thanks for playing and taking the time to leave a video. I'll check out your channel for sure . Yeah level 4 is pretty tough. You definitely need full lives heading in to it. 

Love it. The art is awesome man and you dev skills are getting better every time I see a game from you! I don't have any friends so I played solo and kicked the AI's butt every time :) LOL 

Did I have any control over the angle? It seemed totally random each time I clicked and the thing would just fly off in a different direction each time. Made it feel more like luck when I won.

I reached my flight :). I like the idea of having to reach the flight to make it to the Olympics but it made me think I was in a rush or I'd miss the flight so didn't go after the coins. How about you add a timer say 60 seconds before the plane leaves and you have to buy a ticket. This will make you go after to coins and hurry which would be more fun and challenging. :)

Hi I beat all the levels. Nice concept of having to get all 3 players over the obstacles. 

haha yeah it's hard to beat the game. 

haha yep, they get stuck on your head alright 👌

haha yeah those were my favourite and the aliens on stage 5 of course

Haha stage 4 is tough. Stage 5 is a bit tougher.

Hey thanks my man. Appreciate the comment.  I'll put the game pack up on patreon shortly

hey, thanks for playing. Yeah the fish are hard even with the warning ⚠️.  Did you manage to beat it? Level 5 is tough.

nice little puzzle game, I fell into space more times than I'd care to admit...

Oh the music is so nice, It really fits and it's so chilled. The concept is great and fits the theme perfectly, great job

those MOOOO sounds LOL, nice, simple and really fun.

I cleared 10 levels ... after a lot more tries than 10 LOL



thanks for the kind comment. I'm glad you liked it ❤

thanks. I did consider a power up that increases speed but I just didnt have the time to implement it. 

Hey, thanks for the feedback, I just tried your game, it was great. I left you some comments :) 

Very nice and it's nice to see something different from all the other games where bullets decrease your HP bar. I enjoyed the puzzles, the music fits really well. If I could offer 1 peice of feedback it would be to change the mouse cursor to a sprite that fits the style of the game, as the distance you throw depends on the distance the mouse is from the player it would make more sense to incorporate it as a pixel art image.  Other than that, great work :)

nice simple game and works well with the limitation, 

graphics - great, music - great, difficulty,... SOOOOOOO hard :) 

awesome. Thanks for the comment and nice score. Did you beat it on hard mode?