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hey thanks for the feedback. Do you think allowing jump on the top platform or just more forgiving with the spikes.

So much atmosphere from simple shapes. The fire really my me feel on edge. Great concept and execution! Well done Spoon! 

Nice game from mr Duck on Wheels! I really liked the link between the colours and the checkpoints, really added a good puzzle dynamic to the game. 

Really nice job. Well polished and fun to control/play. Not sure if the checkpoint worked for me or if I didn't do it right as I kept going back to the start when i died no matter how high I got. 

Very good puzzle game, nailed the theme and simple shapes. Fun and challenging with a nice difficulty curve. Really enjoyed beating the puzzles!

Looks good but was a little slow. I think you should have more to do other than follow the line for so long. The story element was good but perhaps add some floating debris that you have to avoid as you travel to make it more interesting/challenging? I did like the dual thrusters though it made the movement interesting. 

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Best game I've played so far. Always a treat to play your games Sid Fish! You nailed the theme, the art style was amazing and the puzzles were so much fun and even a dumbass like me had a chance at figuring them out. Smashed it! 5*  - Edit: make this game available for mobile with lots of levels,  I think it'd be really popular!

Nice puzzle mechanic. Simple to grasp and some skill and timing required to win. The difficulty curve was pretty good, it seemed to get harder at the right times as I was getting better and I like how you added in new objects gradually. Fun little puzzle game and very apt for the theme. 

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I liked the simple yet nicely polished graphics. This is a great example of keeping it simple and doing it well. The controls were my biggest bug bear, I found it really difficult to move and shoot where I wanted, I would have preferred WASD to move and shoot where the mouse is pointing or a twin stick layout with the arrow keys for shooting. I thought the dungeons were a little confusing to navigate as once I'd cleared a lot of the monsters I found myself walking endlessly looking for the next stair case. I did really like the addition of a friendly AI to help me kill the boss thought! Nice effort! Oh - Edit - The weapon upgrades were really cool!

Thanks for the feedback. You can change the jump, speed and shot cooldown in the settings :)

thanks buddy. Glad to have you! Sorry the uploads have been slow. Work has been super busy lately. 

sure. I'll post as is and then add it as an update shortly after

Hey buddy, It'll be up on Patreon very soon.

thank you for the kind review.

Thanks for playing. I appreciate the nice feedback. Well done on beating it 2nd try. Lots of people struggled. 😅

oh dear 🤦‍♂️

submit here

you have 15 mins

send me a link to your itch page

If you can submit within the next 30 mins I'll send you a link

Do you need a late submission link?

GDKO Round 3 community · Created a new topic Devlogs

If you would like you devlog to feature in the official GDKO task video leave a link here. 

yeah that was a really nice touch. Thanks for the shout out. Game was hilarious. Had me in stitches. 

A door that goes nowhere... what a useless developer LOL - nice an atmospheric. I liked how you tied the mechanics into the coloured orbs. 

Beautifully heart felt, amazing pixel art and nice story with rockin' guitar riffs! 

Outstanding for 2 weeks work

Outstanding effort! Love who you worked in the names of other Devs. A joy to play through. I managed to make it to the end of the date :)

complete meaning was anything obvious missing that broke the engagement. For example a sound effect, inconsistent music, certain parts not working together etc. Sorry for the ambiguity,  it's not the primary category so you should be ok 👍

You can use anything as long as you credit where needed.

Drop links to your round 2 devlog videos if you want to be featured in the round 2 wrap up video. 


no this game will be removed. Which game was it?

All content for GDKO needs to be made during the submission period

no. You must submit your finished level before the submission deadline.

I have removed this entry from GDKO because it appears you have only joined to promote your game. If i am wrong please get in touch.

yes try not to spam links to your channel if you're not making a devlog on your entry 🤣 I'll be starting the official gdko video after voting ends ready to release alongside the next task on the 1st of each month so if your devlog is ready before voting ends drop a link here.