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thanks my friend

thanks buddy. that's really useful feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and granted... I need a smoother learning curve 


ah sorry about that 😐 

thanks Axel! Appreciate the comment and looking forward to seeing what you make in GDKO 2023 :) 

the moment I try to keep even just 1 of those green balls up I die LOL. Good breakout clone. 

what can I say... this is breakout. Theme = checked. 

thank you.

Admittedly it was probably a bit hard LOL... but, these are the types of games I make, I guess... :)

man that fortress health bar gave me anxiety LOL I liked the helpful upgrades but there could have been more. Those enemies were relentless! 

I couldn't escape the first room :(

You definitely have a skill for designing puzzle games. 

You beat the boss on the second try? That's very impressive. Thanks for playing.

Well done on getting to the boss 👊 that is no easy feat... 

how can I not give 5 stars for originality... never played a hair combing game before. Nice entry Mr Moo!

Really good game. So far this one kept me playing the longest. It'd be good to have more healing options though. 

fun little paperboy clone. I like the leaderboard feature, it would have been so good to have the leaderboard online. 

thanks minidavid.

Tell you ears I'm sorry to hear this. I didn't notice that bug while play testing :(

Love the retro look and feel and the audio fits the game well... just confusing... so confusing :) 

really nice simple game that utilises the theme very well! Great effort. 

Very solid entry. I now speak two languages. 

stupid scary worm scared me LOL nice horror game though, definitely kept me on edge turning corners. 

Wow what an eerie game. I got shot twice (probably shouldn't have shot) and eventually won and he turned into a weird alien. I love the atmosphere you created here. 

really nice puzzle game you made here! I actually manage to beat quite a few levels too, which is good for me as I'm normally a bit dim when it comes to puzzles LOL

Yeah I did worry about that. I was worried it wasn't simple enough. I'll probably do some more work on it after the jam ends.

thanks Buddy. the boss is a typical 'xanderwood hard' style boss.

thanks for commenting.  I'm glad you found it fun.

there is no double jump. but there are shelters you can use as platforms. 

Cant find the a button that lets me select from the menu.

sorry it took so long...

Oh yeah, a gamepad would be much better.

It seemed easier to just knock the fruit to the dragon rather than catching them in the basket. but well done on making this in such a short time frame. 

It seemed easier to just knock the fruit to the dragon rather than catching them in the basket. but well done on making this in such a short time frame. 

My high score was 3250! love the sling shot effect.

Nice! Always a treat to play your games CQI! Love how you built a game around arrow key movement.

I love this game but it's so hard! The controls were really difficult for me, the game forces you to make quick moves but the button layout seemed confusing to me and I kept dying because I pressed the wrong button.

Nice puzzle element but a little short. I was hoping for more levels. 

Love it! Very simple concept but nailed the theme. I love the retro vibe you created with the visuals. 

Nailed the theme! Well done. Panic is definitely a good choice of wording.