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Dungeon Collector - vimlark jamView game page

Submitted by MLK — 4 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1563.0593.059

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
this is a dudgeon crawler where you collect the items, you need to get to the treasure room and come back with the treasure to the exit

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Pro:  Fun game play,  Nice visuals,
Con: No Tutorial

Add a tutorial
Enemy spawn indicators
Any sfx/music
Different enemy types
No suggestions for theme/limitation


Fun game! My only feedback for the directional shooting that is tied to movement, it made the game a little too challenging (also being one-shot by enemies makes it a tad harder as well). Other that that awesome job! This has a lot of potential 


Thank you for your feedback :)

I agree completely it's way to hard on keyboard ^^ this is because I did not have the time to add mouse support for aiming. 

but If you play it with a controller you can aim with the Right Stick. witch make it easier :)

have a good day  


Very cool game!, it reminds me of Super Smash TV from SNES. The game controls felt very good. The only thing I didn't like is the enemy spawn positions. I suggest putting something that indicates the player that an enemy will be spawn, maybe some sort of animation from enemies.

Overall great game, really fun to play.


I unfortunately didn't have the time to finish the whole game with how busy I am, but I did get through about two of the collectibles. This game reminded me of the super old Adventure game on the Atari. I thought it was really cool in that aspect, and I thought that the game fit the theme really well!

What I can say is that the collision boxes of the enemies seem small, either that or they are just really small for the limited aiming control the player has. Trying to run away from them but also stopping to turn around and shoot makes it really hard when they are so small.  It also made it difficult to keep going when I died because it resets the whole level, but that's probably part of the challenge and I'm just impatient :)

However, I loved the  game idea as a whole. I also really loved the shooting particles and their glow, I thought that was a really nice touch!


thank you for the feedback :)

I think you were playing on keyboard. it's better on Controller at least until I add Mouse support for aiming :)

thank you again :) 

have a great day 


Oh, well now I'm going to have to play it with Controller! And yeah, no problem!


Enjoyable but just a little buggy. The first time I booted up the game the first treasure did not spawn, the bouncing of the character when they walk or run is a little weird, and for some reason the automatic pause when you get pulled back to the start after dying, doesn't actually pause the game.  The lack of sound effects and music is underwhelming to say the least. Especially when there was a free music pack that you could have chosen. However even if you didn't do music having some sound effects would be better than none.

The visual style is basic but well polished, the particle effects, glow, and animations of the enemies are all nice touches. The monkey statues are also a nice little nod. The there and back implementation is a little common however. Pretty good amount of misspelled words though, a spellchecker would help alot.


Cool concept! I like the glowing particle effects for the shots. Thank you so much for adding controller support...I definitely would not have been able to tackle those first few waves  of rooms without it. 


hey :)

thank you so much for the video. this was really cool man :) 

I enjoyed watching you play ^^ and learned so much more from watching where you struggled.

thank you again :)


I really liked this one, the reduced 3d aesthetics are cool and I like the lava and the FX when shooting. On the one hand it's really satisfying, on the other it's quite buggy still, which becomes frustrating (the pads over lava don't wait for a room change, so there's no way to get into that room, invisible walls in the middle of those enemy rooms, where enemies spawn on top of you, etc.). Sound/music and a bit more feedback would also go a long way. But I know how hard it is to get everything working in such a short amount of time (my game has bugs and no sound as well), so great job, nontheless. And cool idea!

What happens when you manage to get the idol back to the pedestal, I wonder? :))


thank you for the feedback :)I am so sorry for the bugs :(  I did not have the time to really play test it because of the time the random generation took me :( 

But I will work on it later and polish it :)  I am planning to add  more enemy types, bosse rooms, collectables, weapons and treasures .  
If you put the treasure back... the gardians calm down and let you be ^^ but if you manage to take it back to the entrance, it will be added to your list of collected items and tou are dropped in a new dungeon.

Btw tou can try to collect a Cubby ( the only enemy there is for the moment) 


Nice game!

I would add a tutorial at the beginning to let the player get use to the controls and to let them know the goal of the game (I only got it from reading the game page here...)


I'm of two minds.

Movement and jumping around is fun, the enemies die in a satisfying way and the bullets are nice and satisfying to see on screen. And well implemented randomized maps are a plus imo.

But..... the inevitable complaints:
-The game had no sound. The sound of nails on chalk boards would have been better than nothing at all.
-The game stuttered a lot.
-Some of the hallways had weird collision boxes, and I had to jump over thin air at one point just to walk straight down a hallway.

But if I ignore the above, the game is a solid pass for a 7 day jam game.


thx for the feedback :)

I agree on everything :) I still need to fix a lot of stuf on the game :)  

Thx again:) 


First i was just gonna give up, because i'm not a big fan of keyboard only controls, uninstalled the game and then remembered that it had a controller support as well. I reinstalled it and gave it another shot and i gotta tell you it was a much better experience and i was able to actually live through one of the closed rooms.

However, it still had a few flaws:
- controller d pad in the main menu was flipped, up was down and down was up (minor, but worth mentioning i suppose)
- in the closed rooms, there's a chance you'll die as soon as the enemies spawn if they spawn right on you
- there was no sounds, really wish you did cause it'd make a huge difference

Could also add some screen shake to shooting in your future games! Adds a lot :) Enjoyed it nontheless! Thank you for this

Developer (1 edit)

thanks so much for the feedback.

Yes i need to fix a lot of things... but I ran out of time because I spent all of my time making the random generation ... 

but i will definitely add more juice, enemy types, treasures and bosses to the game 

I also need to fix the mouse aim ^^ 

glad you liked it :)  I ll play your game as soon as I get to my computer :)


Oh right that was the one thing i forgot, mouse support would be nice :)


I really liked the particles and glow in the game, It feels really good the shred through a hoard of enemies and I like the dungeon aspect of the game :)


thank you :) 


Great game!


thank you :)