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Sort of reminds me of a reverse mr driller.  I think the idea is neat and the game itself looks good and is fun.  Some position changes on the platforms would of been nice but the different enemies did make for  some variation.  

Really original idea.  Definitely was hard I think cause the controls are opposite of what you would normally do in a "shooter" game but I will say I think that's what actually makes this interesting.  I would of liked to get a few hits though since it's pretty hard to get going the barrier of entry is super high.

Good visuals.  The gameplay works well just would of liked the difficulty to pick up both faster and further.  Felt like it took awhile to get to somewhat interesting situations and then it didn't really get any harder.

Was cool idea but as others have said would of liked a conclusion(Assuming there's not one but it seemed like the levels were just looping or being randomly made).  The game was a bit too easy since enemies seemed to die(?) when they ran into other objects so even without shooting a lot of them would just despawn. 

There seems to be a bug where if you get hit + take the teleporter your stuck in a white frame of animation and can't die anymore.

Nice idea.  I'll say as someone whose played twinstick shooters the controls didn't bother me.  I actually thought the game was too easy even on the hardest difficulty once you know you can grow two plants(actually even more if you place them right) at once which was one of the first things I tried I never ran out of ammo.  I also never saw a reason too and didn't understand if it even did more damage to use the shotgun.  I played up to 100 kills and then just tried to let myself die and even that took a very long time with how much health you have.    More enemy types / boss rounds would definitely push this up.  And as others have said the map makes it seem like you can only plant in the middle 3 lines which is confusing if your allowed to plant anywhere.

Neat concept.  I especially liked the ending.   Others have said the main issue so keep at it.

I duno if it's a bug or not but I couldn't switch after a certain point and then after the screen went black I could switch and the dialogue kept looping.

Hard to say exactly since every game is unique.  Generally space would be the first extra key normally used for jumping.  Though with these web games I've also noticed some issues with that cause of webpage scroll so keep an eye out for that.  I think enter is definitely a no-go when used in conjunction with J since you have to shift your hand to use it.  

Ideally you want the same sort of feel on the keyboard as you would a controller with minimal hand movement.  Imagine if you were holding a ps or xbox controller but you had to stretch out your pinky to push one of the buttons.

For a comparison this is another game from this jam it had a lot of buttons(was + space + jkl) but the way they used them it never felt awkward in any situation.

Cool idea checkpoints would of been appreciated since it's pretty difficult.  As with several of the other mouse control games it's really easy to click out of the screen and cause mess-ups especially in this game since space scrolls the webpage.  

For this game specifically I think an option to lock the start of the vector to the center point in the screen to decide where the mouse click direction was would of worked out better since you occasionally would screen wrap and then have to move the mouse too far to fire the way you want to.

There also I think was some bug(?) with the animations not displaying right (The bats specifically looked kinda weird like the sprite was shifted on the sheet)

Not original but decent implementation in the 96x96 limitation.  

Visuals are great but the controls really took away from the experience.    The gameplay is alright outside of the reload taking a really long time compared to how fast enemies spawn.  This plus the controls made it a lot less enjoyable then I think it should of been.

I liked the different powers but the platform designs ended up being a bit too repetitive.

A bit short but stellar visuals.  The gameplay could be a bit more interesting ex. making pushing the cannonballs around a puzzle to get them stacked or you can't retouch a place you already cleaned.

Fun and fast.  A stage transition where you have to fall into Korben's cab would of brought this up to the next level.

Funny and fun.  It was a tad short and somewhat confusing with the buttons but enjoyable.  I think the items could of been made at a much more reasonable price for how long it takes to collect anything (I ended up skipping them).  

Very interesting.  I'd say in terms of difficulty it's fine to have a hard game like this but I would of liked it to be more optional more frequently.   The first time I played I got like 7 or 8 ! tiles right off the bat so it didn't really feel like I had much choices.  As others have said besides that a better tutorial is definetly needed.

Really addicting definitely a good farming sim.  It's a bit rough to complete all the quests and then no reward.   I think the last quest would of been a bit less tedious if you got secondary upgrades with each scyth upgrade (Ex.  after upgrading the range for harvesting the earlier crops increases / you can harvest/gather more per action.

Nice remake.  Definitely should make the music keep looping.  There also just isn't an ending I broke all the bricks and not even a congrats.  I would of liked the ball to speed up as it was going to add a bit of difficulty too.

Took a bit to understand the rules.  The visuals where cool but there's a lot of open space to run around in that isn't used.  There's never a reason to even go anywhere near the traps.  As far as I can tell there isn't really an end goal and with the way the game is set up you can just play indefinitely.

Bit rough around the edges.  The gameplay idea I think was neat with a bit more thought out levels could be cool. 

The visuals were not great and I didn't realize what would and wouldn't hurt me at first the green things at the end looked like bushes or something so didn't think they were dangerous.

Great game.  Nice original concept with switching the colors to have different weapon types.

Controls were a bit rough.  I would of liked to be able to get a weapon without taking damage.   The sprites with the color scheme used made the stages and enemies a bit hard to see a lot (Especially the very very tiny bullets).  (I played in original 96x96)

Also ran into a bug(?) with being able to leave boss rooms when they were already active and hurt.

Unfortunately couldn't get it to play much but I did manage to put down 3 cards so I saw some of the attack animation which was cool.  

Super fun.  I wish there would of been a few more challenging stages but overall great.

A note saying what the reset key was would be nice too since I "softlocked" myself on the last stage and pushed esc before the r key.  

It's neat I think had the actual direction the ice blocked moved on your screen affected the penguin it would of taken this to the next level as it is right now it's kinda just play the game while the window moves.  

Cool game I like the scrolling building parallax intro.  Several of the directional buttons I didn't realize where directional buttons because they look like <,>, and ^.  I also didn't seem to unlock any vehicles?

Cool idea.  Only wish it was longer.  

Nice game.  Visuals were neat though some of the tile schemes were pretty harsh (the 3rd area was very rough to play through).  

Gameplay wise I think it was a neat concept but enemies starting behind rocks and things was very annoying.  The bosses where neat and definitely was caught off on the last one when the bullets turned.  I will say instead of extra hearts I would of liked something that let me fire faster.

I ran into a bug where I was on a half tile at the start of every fight at one point it didn't stop me from playing but did slightly add to the whole can't hit enemies right off the bat thing.

The visuals were nice and it didn't have any horrible bugs (Played the version where the right wall wasn't insta death).

The jumping didn't really do it for me though especially since you can just hold down space and enemies seemingly can't get through anyway.  There's health but the little x's one shot you anyway (Which at first I didn't realize were enemies).  I was also unsure when I went into hero mode as usually I would just end up flying off the top of the screen so a clearer indication of this would be nice.

Neat first go movement feels good.  Not much else going on but keep at it.

Amazing design and implementation.  The power ups and levels built around them was great and didn't overwhelm the player right off the bat. 

The only part I didn't really like was when you had to do like 4 or 5 of the no-vid jumps in a row into increasingly smaller boxes.  Since it goes completely blank there's no real concept of where your at so landing inside of the boxes is mostly luck until you've failed over and over and every time you go one further you had to do another harder one.  This is somewhat present on all the no-vid jumps but this particular section exacerbated it a lot.

I actually liked the visuals I think it was a cool take on the limitation.  It reminded me of that old arcade game but the gameplay was different enough to be unique.  With some other games that had mouse controls I still ran into issues where the mouse would go out of the screen and click things it shouldn't click.

Simple but enjoyable.

Decent take on Simon says.  Since there was so many buttons with different sounds possibly making it play a song the further you go in could of pulled it a bit into it's own territory.

Very fun and cool aesthetics.  A few shorter tutorial esque levels to start out with would be nice and/or possibly making the shop have one time perma upgrades instead so it's a bit easier to go further out each time.   Currently it's sort of I'll just farm up some coins or memorize the entire map (possibly both) right off the bat.

Cool 2d portal.  The mechanics worked great but everything was a bit slow felt like moving through molasses.  It was also sometimes tricky to know if shots actually worked or not when firing off screen since you can't see whats past the edge.

It's an interesting premise but didn't really quite make it there unfortunately.  Lots of story but then the game just didn't really do much.

Neat little platformer.   The way the screen locked/scrolled along with the enemy placement led to several cheap hits that were extremely hard to avoid together with the player movement.

Was interesting definitely would like to be able to fire faster.  Maybe advance the QTE as soon as the player pushes it. 

Fun stuff enemies had a bit high health right off the bat but besides that good all around.

Presentation was definitely a high point.  I got stuck completing the first level a couple times after spawning I just couldn't move.  

This is a great concept to get across the visuals but as others have said the gameplay was a little lacking.  There's a lot of ways this could push forward to be better so keep at it and learn from the over scoping to be better next time around.

Cool presentation.