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The Jam has started! The 2 revealed secondary genres are Survival and Arcade. Good luck all!

If you haven't yet managed to find a group to Jam with feel free to join the discord or comment here to try and get in contact with me or @Chavezfk.

Bumping for the 24 hour precursor.

Just a week now!

2 Weeks till the jam! We currently have some artists and musicians that are interested but need a programmer.

Looking for a jam to do after Thanksgiving? Looking for a jam where you blend genres into a single game? Looking for a jam that also has a tillable mashed potatoes as its background?

Well, I have a jam that fits all these categories! The Mashed Potatoes and Cramberry Jam, run by Banished Crown Studios! This is a first time jam for us, but we have spent a lot of time getting the jam up to a high quality for people to participate in. The jam starts December 4th @ 6:00PM MST and ends 9 days later.

We have a discord server to join if you have any questions, or want to look for a group.

Teams are limited to a max of 6, and the use of assets from other sources is allowed so long as you have legal permission to use them and credit them in your game.

Comment here or join the discord to try and find someone to team up with for the jam!

Well, its essential lunar lander. Your speed can get to insane amounts, just the smallest touch too much speed when landing on something will cause instant death, and I wish I had a joystick with a single button to play this. 

Art and music were well chosen and due to the timelimit and the more unwieldy controls the there and back is much more difficult than expected. Honestly a well executed upon idea.

As prior people have mentioned, grabbing on gems seems to be a bit of an issue.  Didn't really become a problem till level 9 where a gem is right in the way of a wall you should grab onto. I do like the general mechanic of swinging around using your frog tongue however it just feels a little slow for my taste. The music and sound effects were pretty nice, but the frog honestly looks more like a snake than a frog. The tongue also not sticking to the pixel art design is a little disappointing.

Honestly I would love to see this game expand into more levels with more complex art and a faster swing. Seems like it would be rather fun.

I think the concept is certainly unique. Being pulled back by a magnet while attempting to obtain batteries to increase your speed is pretty cool. I do however think that zooming out the camera and making the batteries have more of an impact on the speed would have helped the game. As it is currently they feel like they have an almost miniscule speed increase for each one you pick up. I was even able to finish levels while picking up less than all the batteries.

The music also seems to restart for each level which is a little jarring, and even with the max speed with all the batteries the magnet starts to feel rather annoying. I do however like the art and other than that the movement, while a little slippery feels pretty good regardless.

I would be happy to check out your game.

I would be happy to check out your game.

Yup vision cones are implemented in our current build which should help with the gameplay.  Thanks for playing however!

Yeah vision cones are something we are working on right now to try and help players with a better understanding of the limits that the guards and player has. Thanks for playing however, hopefully when this jam is done you'll be open to checking out the updated version that we plan to have.

Game is a little rough around the edges. The title screen feels very muddled, the wall art doesn't quite match up with the ground, the camera when moving stuff shakes, the music of the second level is noise, and I had multiple issues with enemies getting stuck in boxes. The concept is pretty unique however and if I could have a better handle around the exact ranges and limitations of the game without having to try and figure them out myself I feel I could have had more fun.

The concept is certainly unique but could have been better executed.

A much more arcadey game than most in the jam. The art is nice, the movement and gameplay feels good. Honestly the only issue I have is that losing arrows over spikes pretty much requires you to take a hit.

Honestly this feels like an amazing jam game with a small handful of stumblings on the way to the finish line. The idea is simple yet does a good job with the given theme. Falling then having the gravity reverse to fall backwards with things changing on the fall back provides more interesting gameplay than not having the things change at all. The graphics are simple but are visually distinct because of it allowing for easier readability. Finally the levels feel pretty fair as you are shown them when they are less dangerous before changing to something more dangerous. The screenwrap is also a nice touch.

But then you have the weird camera when the shape spins, and the weird momentum when that happens. The confusing tutorial screen that only makes sense after you have a single run of the first level that mainly comes to understanding due to the simplicity of the mechanics. The shape being difficult to get up when you need to "climb" a cube to progress. And then only the menu having music. 

This feels really suited to be a phone game, with swiping left and right to move and the more vertical design of phone screens allowing to see a longer distance ahead. Overall nice game, but there are a couple of things you can do to really improve upon it that can be rather simple to implement.

So, the slide to move control feels underwhelming when used. But you can up the time you can drag the skull. However getting it to a point which doesn't break the game but feels satisfying seems difficult. The concept is a good one but for some reason the window breaks on my machine and since I am unable to change the resolution and it keeps happening the game while playable is greatly diminished. The sfx for moving the skeleton are also rather annoying once you hear them 20 times in a row while you struggle to move. Music is really good along with the art.

Feels very much like a grow cube sort of game. I also feel like the addition of a timer that you have to wait to finish adds a wasted time sort of feel to the game.  The fact you can only "use" items and cannot pick any up unless you trade or an interaction occurs is a little disappointing. 

The art, sound, and sfx are all nice but they are all sourced outside of the jam. Its possible that there is some fun stuff in this game, but I just can't push myself to play more to try and get there.

Very well polished game. Overall everything was really well done. I only have 4 points that I feel were underdeveloped. Lasers hurting enemies but spikes not activating or hurting enemies feels disjointed.  The coins feel very meaningless, and since there is a ton of them and they reset on death at some point I just stopped caring about them.  Having no option to regain HP back incentivizes players to kill themselves as they regain their HP back and the coins are meaningless. Finally to even more incentivize player death once you get a crystal piece you have to trek all the way back. Or you can just die and get there faster.

The coins here are the real Achilles heel as having them have a purpose would help 2 of the other issues. Otherwise very nice game. Good job!

Yeah the web build was a moreso last minute thing, we really couldn't be certain it was going to be as stable as the actual executeables. Glad to hear switching over to it helped you out. Difficulty is certainly the main complaint that we've been getting and its something we look to fix in the "final" game.

Thanks for giving us a look.

Thanks for letting us know. And thanks for playing!

Fun game, but giving some attribution to the minecraft sfx you used is probably best. 

Good game. Some grammatical weirdness does exist but nothing too terrible. The more dark nature does also make this hard to play on monitors if the room they are in is bright. Some way to give the player a small outline or option to adjust the color would have been greatly appreciated. I also don't know if the hope being lost after dying is intentional or a bug.

Music is pretty good and feels well suited for the game. Some small sound effects would of been appreciated however. Movement and jumping feels right but sometimes I was sure I hit a jump but instead plummeted to my death, implementation of some coyote time would have been nice. The use of lighting was also very nice.

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Fun game. Levels offered more unique challenges as time went on. The idea to use a boomerang as a platform is actually a really good idea. Fun too. I did have some weird inputs happening when I played, something like jumping 3 times when I just jumped once but nothing that was too much of a problem. Background elements kinda blurring into the background was an issue as well but that does have an option to turn it off so no fowl really. Levels are really well laid out, but the main boomerang I really feel was kinda squandered due to the boomerang mechanics was the fire one. You can just place it down and let enemies walk into it on the little monster houses. Perhaps having it burn up after you leave it out for too long?

Music was a little repetive and a bit bland but the sound effects seemed to do their purpose. I also feel like the keyboard layout left a little to be desired, having space to throw a boomerang with w just jumping would have worked better in my opinion. The enemies and the characters just being squares was a little underwhelming but the rest of the environment was well done in the art department.

Overall a little short, but it kinda left me wanting a little more which is always nice.

Its most certainly it being hard. ;)

Difficulty is certainly something we are looking to actually ease into in the "updated" version. So its less of slamming into a brick wall and instead a gradual climb.

Actually already did, even reviewed it and left a comment. To be honest my frog logo probably blended in.

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Fun, but the hitboxes of the mushrooms were really problematic. They feel much larger than what they should be. The jumping and walking feel right. However having the player have to use the keyboard for everything but then having the mouse to progress dialog and have a dinky little punch made the controls a bit more annoying than I would wish. The pixelart is pretty good but for some reason the player's walk cycle did not activate when I was outside of the tv.  Music is nice but the lack of sound effects is a little underwhelming.

Nah, most certainly our difficulty really spikes at the first screen. Thanks for playing!

Enjoyable but just a little buggy. The first time I booted up the game the first treasure did not spawn, the bouncing of the character when they walk or run is a little weird, and for some reason the automatic pause when you get pulled back to the start after dying, doesn't actually pause the game.  The lack of sound effects and music is underwhelming to say the least. Especially when there was a free music pack that you could have chosen. However even if you didn't do music having some sound effects would be better than none.

The visual style is basic but well polished, the particle effects, glow, and animations of the enemies are all nice touches. The monkey statues are also a nice little nod. The there and back implementation is a little common however. Pretty good amount of misspelled words though, a spellchecker would help alot.

Unfortunately I was unable to play the game as the default resolution it started in was too large for my monitor and did not fullscreen or have an option to.

Yup that is certainly something we are planning on spending time on cleaning up after the jam is finished. Thanks for rating and I'll be over to also rate your game.

Interesting game, with a well defined difficulty curve that slowly opens up the player. I feel like the theme utilization was a very common one however. The art is a little basic and the limited animation of the player and guards is a bit underwhelming. But everything seems to work.

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Eh, don't worry about it. You got years to improve and if you can keep building on your experience  as you continue to make games you'll keep getting better and better. Take my critique as it is and try to use it to further your future projects. Sorry if it was a bit harsh.

Very fun game. I feel like however the lack of a "win state" that I was able to find is the one thing that the game left me down on. The overwhelmingly red menus were also something that toning down just a bit would have been greatly appreciated. Music is good, but having some way for it not to restart each time you change to and from the menu would have been nice.


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This is reallly good. I'm very impressed at the level of polish here. The game also does a great job sticking to the 8 bit style. The colors feel right, the gameplay feels really on point for the style emulated, and the actual game feels very solid technically. Honestly when you go that hard to get this sort of style right with making sure that even one of the mushrooms has that sort of black outline indicative of the NES limitations its absolutely amazing. Music is good, game is fun, and I enjoyed beating it.

Also the idea to do a metroidvania is so on point. And not only that but it was all done by one dev for their second jam, bloody amazing.

Relatively fun little platformer.  I do however thing that the implementation of the theme that you used is very common in the jam. The music is ok, and the art is pretty good. I wish there was some way the player could better convey going into a higher speed preferably with the animations. The jumping gets very slippery at those high speeds as well. The wall jump is very easy to get used to and I think the checkpoints are very generous. However the falling platforms can block your jump and are the most annoying part of the game.

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I ran into the most amazing glitch while playing the game. For some reason when I jumped after the character starts to talk about the blob thing stealing all the colors you rocket off into the stratosphere. Like unable to stop moving upward rocketing. If you do it once, every time you jump after the same thing persists. Restarting does fix the problem. However using ctrl to fire when you get the rainbow power is not greatly signposted. Apparently my audio driver crashed right before I went to play this game. After giving the music a listen it sounds pretty good.

The art is all well done however most of it not being created for the jam, the touch of using your daughter's art for the main character is pretty cool however. The one issue I do have is that while the blobs sucking the color out of the spaces they inhabited is cool, when they fire black little projectiles it makes it much harder to tell them from the background. I also had a problem with the boss fight being unable to move and being killed due to it.

An small little game. The ship is a little slippery, but I can understand why. However I feel that the fuel just amounting to a timer, as it drains even when you are not "moving" is a little underwhelming. The additional layer that could be added by having fuel be consumed quicker when actually using the arrow keys to move around would greatly elevate this game. The random generation of space junk and fuel would have been annoying if the game was more stingy with the fuel as some cans can require you to get hit. The art is pretty good but the implementation of the theme is a little stale for me at this point.