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Nice! I loved playing this, I had a lot of fun! My only feedback is the hitboxs was a little to big I thought,  either way I really like the creativity in this game! awesome submission! 

Loved it, hits the theme and chain perfectly! Had fun playing this, great mechanics with the powers!

Wow, did not expect something like this! Kudos to your creativity, this is not my type of game but I had a lot of fun, and I love seeing games that do something different! Great entry! 

fun little game with great music! This was a fun one to play!

interesting game, fit the theme well. I liked the main character, would have been nice to have some parallax or something in the background to make the game more immersive, either way I enjoyed playing this!

So much fun! my favorite game so far! really enjoyed the music and gameplay, it was well balanced. Amazing job!

Nice! This game is so polished! The controls were strange at first, and the difficulty was a little harsh, but I absolutely loved it. Art + Music was great and it was definitely BulletHell. 

Cool, I liked the concept you took on the theme, I also liked to art and color choices! The second boss really hard, the boss kept glitching to the middle, other than that I enjoyed playing this!

Cool game with a lot of interesting mechanics! Took a minute to get use to the controls and parrying, but I enjoyed it!

visuals were to notch!! Loved looking at this game, and it is fun to play! Amazing job

cool game a lot of post processing going on! Very interesting  concept and it hit the theme perfectly. My only feedback was the speed of the player, felt slow at times compared to how fast the screen would shrink, either way really cool game!

simple and fun! the sound for getting a high score sounded like I got hit, which was either. Overall I enjoyed this, I liked the color pallet too!

loved everything about this! the hit was was the only thing that was annoying. Great game!

I loved this game! super fun, the music was great! Loved the upgrading element. My only feedback was the game was a little difficult, I just wanted to keep playing without restarting (balancing). Either way, amazing job! 

love the aesthetic of this this, super slick. Took me a couple of tries to figure out how to play, and it was a lot of fun and kind of addicting. Great submission!  

Thank you!

Agent Chain, nice lol. I enjoyed playing this, it was a fun mechanic.

Cleaver concept, I liked the chain mechanic! I had a fun time playing this!

Really fun game! Loved the dynamic lighting, my only feedback was the difficulty spiked quickly. Great color pallet and gameplay, great job! 

I'm an experience engineer, and have build out many games. Looking to team up with a 2D artist for the jam. I am on US eastern timezone. 

The detailed art was simply awesome, It's been great to see your art evolve over time! The music and gameplay tied together nicely I enjoyed it! I just thought that the background art did not match the rest of the game.

here is my discord, Talal#5761

I just checked out your work, I really like your style! How do you feel about doing 2D art?

Hey all, I’ve done a bunch of game jams and have done fairly well. I usually do everything myself, but for this game jam I really want to collaborate with an Artist! My last game jame game I placed 34th (Wowie 3.0), check out my profile to see my work and please let me know if you are interested!  

Thank you!! I will check out your game when I have a chance!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, more variation in the game would have been nice! I think I might keep working on this game.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, Yes, I agree, the start of the game is a little too slow!

Thank you so much for the kind words! Yes, I made the game is a tad too hard, not what I intended lol. 

I would be honored! Thank you

So much fun! Really liked the idea of shooting vs. knocking out, made for some interesting gameplay. Overall it was fun to run around and shoot, everything felt smooth! Great game!

Wow, amazing art! I loved how fast pace the game was, no wasted time after each death lol, awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed playing this, really great game!

Fun! It was cool how you made the block run away when you placed a spike. I enjoyed this! Awesome job!

The art was so cool! I loved it. Interesting concept. Overall I had a blast playing it, the movement was slick, and the animations were also great! Awesome game!

Nice, I liked the art and your take on the theme! It was fun, that death animation was really cool. I enjoyed failing to get new abilities, a great game!

Bravo! I loved this, and that ending was pure genius! The music, art, and even the movement effect all fit perfectly. Amazing job!

I loved this, especially when the music kicked in. It was so satisfying to drive around, the camera angle was a nice touch. Really cool game!

Wow, what a change of pace lol! The singing took me by surprise, but I was hooked. It was oddly satisfying to order ingredients from a vending machine! Great game!

Awesome, this is really cool! Was confused a little at first, but it all came together quickly! Love the concept you have here, keep working on it, I feel like there are a lot of different directions this game can go! 

Nice! This was a great game! The game was not so challenging, but a lot of fun, which allowed me to finish it, which is hard in a game jam, congrats! Keep working on this, the can be a nice little puzzle game in the future!