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Great job for a first game!! I enjoyed playing this, keep at it =) 

Interesting game, the I loved the music and the gameplay was easy to understand. I had fun playing. Good job!

Amazing job! Loved everything about it, I appreciated the in game instructions, don't see that a lot in jams. Big fan of the art! Great job!

Really nice background graphics, and its fun to play! Reminds me of the cuphead plane battles. Awesome job! 

Thanks for doing this, I will check out yours!

Fun time, game looks great. My feedback it too add some indication that you hit an enemy, it was a little awkward shooting. Awesome game!

Great job, everything felt well polished and it was a joy to play! Engaging level design as well! 

Well done! So happy to hear you accomplished this with your best friends that's amazing! The art is beautiful gameplay is fun and unique. So many things done well here, amazing job! 

Thank you! It was a blast to work on!

Thank you for the feedback, and thank you for playing!! 

haha glad to hear it! Thanks for playing

Gold! I didn't have time to add that feedback in the game =(

No the chest was just a symbol that you received gold from killing the mob, didn't have time to add feedback there. Thank you though! 

Simply put, my game has coffee in it. You just need to get there...

Loved the intro and loading screens! Game play was nice, I enjoy this a lot. Amazing job!

Great game! I thoroughly enjoyed it, great intro too. Easy to understand and get the hang of which is great in a jam! Kudos!  

Enjoyed this, controls felt a bit off, but after playing for a bit I got a handle of it! I liked the intro alot. Great job! 

I enjoyed playing this, controls felt nice once I got the hang of it! Great job!

A fun puzzle experience, I enjoyed it. Took my a minute to realize what the number means on the character when on the moon jump! good job! 

Fantastic! Great game all around had a lot of fun!! 

Fun game! My only feedback for the directional shooting that is tied to movement, it made the game a little too challenging (also being one-shot by enemies makes it a tad harder as well). Other that that awesome job! This has a lot of potential 

Great job! This game is sharp, and satisfying to play, great animations and feedback when typing! 

I liked this a lot! Great concept, this can easily be a fun little mobile game. I love the simplicity of it, great submission! 

Great puzzle game, this game has real potential and is great for this jam! Only feedback is the sound effects when completing a level and failing, they sounded too similar, player feedback would be great here. Awesome submission!

Fun! I would have liked the UI for the amount apples to have been quicker other than that I get what you were trying to do and with more time this could be an awesome game, I like the idea a lot! Great job!

Well that was soothing! I though the UI could have be improved, other than that I enjoyed this experience! Good job!

Great stuff! The camera felt a little hard to control, and I found myself hitting my head on the caves a lot. Other that than I enjoyed playing this, great job on everything you created something really cool!! 

This was a fun game, and a cool take on the theme, Great job! My only critique is having more variety in the game, overall fun to play!  

Was fun, I liked you presentation! Great job! 

This was such a joy to play, never though a game about throwing potatoes would be fun lol! Great job on everything! 

I liked the art and your take on the theme! I had some difficulties with the controls and the parallax bg was a little off, other than that great job, fun to play!

Great job on creating the atmosphere, I loved the transition when switching back in time you nailed it! Controlling the character felt a little off to me, but nothing crazy, I though everything else was on point! This was a joy to play!  

Thank you!!

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun! Yes difficult is my main priority after the jam, need to learn how to manage it better.

Thank you so much!

This was a great game!! I had a blast and a few laughs along the way, amazing job! 

interesting concept, the penny mechanic is great, haven't seen something like this in the jam myself! Very unique take on the theme, I enjoyed messing around with the penny! nice job with the intro tutorial!

Really liked the weapon mechanics you created, it felt really good to use! I thinking adding some music and sound fx would have made the game much better! overall I enjoyed playing it and using the sword.. until it tuned on me lol! great job!

No intro, right off the bat your in the action haha I love it! I enjoyed the mechanics, this game was easy to pick up without a tutorial. I really enjoyed this, the music really but this all together! amazing job!

Thank you for the feedback!