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Thanks for the kind words! 

Thank you!!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! What didn't you like about the controls and use of the theme?

Thank you!!

Thank you!

Nicee, the art was awesome. I had fun playing this one! Great game. 

Very detailed game and a really cool idea, I enjoyed it! The art was fantastic and I appreciated the tutorial in the beginning.  

Thank you for the kind words =)

Thanks for playing, happy you enjoyed it! 

Amazing! One of the best I've played, you should be proud of this one. You should definitely keep working on this and give it a proper release, it has potential!  

thats a great idea, I’ll test it out

Thanks for the feedback! Yea I made it a little too challenging

Amazing aesthetic! It was fun to play!! 

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! 

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Fun game,  I enjoyed it and can see myself spending a lot of time in a game like this! 

Awesome, I loved the perspective, I liked how you did not go the easy route and made something so unique. Great job, the movement and pacing of the game could use some work, this game could easily be great with some more work! 

Very well made, the boss and environment art is well made and I liked the boss mechanics. I always liked coming off the boat and trying again!

My favorite art and aesthetic I've seen so far, so well done and very polished. The game had a unique feel and the controls and gameplay meshed together well, amazing!  

Interesting game, took me a minute to figure out I needed to sit across the mushroom to start (It was in the description lol) I liked the interactions with the bosses and how you can read faces, the art and animations were nice, sometimes the animations were a little slow, but not that big a deal. Good Game! 

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks, it definitely takes a bit to get a handle on it.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing, yea thats good feedback, I agree.

Thank you!

Thank you!! Already working on a Steam page for it 😁

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you!!

Fun! I liked the punchy feedback from the players attack, the movement was also nice. The art, sounds and music were nice and fit well together. Good game! 

Thank you!! 

Loved the art!! The UI and dialog boxes were a little small and I think having the camera farther from the player would be good here to, since its a 3D world. Awesome game, this was a lot of fun! 

Beat the game, I liked the art of all the bosses! Switching from shooting to grappling was fun! 

Sweet game, fun idea and good execution on it, the music and sound effects were nice. I liked how the game play was simple which made it enjoyable! Great game! 

Really cool mechanics and idea here, but it was pretty difficult, got the hang of it eventually and it was fun! 

So happy to hear this was enjoyable for you and your son! I plan to keep working on it =)

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Thank you for the  detailed feedback!

Thank you!! Yea I plan to keep working on this.

Thank you for playing!! 

Thanks for playing!