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Sounds good, I will definitely be making something so I still think it will be worth to talk. I will add you on discord and set up a call after the theme reveal to see if we can make something work. 

Its ok, you can go find a another team, I don’t think the timing is going to work great for me this week anyway and I don’t want to kept you waiting. Best of luck my friend, excited to see what you make.

Sounds good, but I won’t be able to talk until the jam starts unfortunately though, I am on holiday today. If that timing works for you I set set up a chat on discord. If not, thats ok.

I see. I did check out your stuff and its great, I like your style a lot. My challenge is that I have never worked on a team in a game jam, but I’ve been looking to team up with an artist for a while because I would like to collaborate with someone instead of doing everything myself. I am down to team up on this, seems like we will be a little out of both our comfort zones and there will be a learning curve, but I think it will work out. So I am good team up if you are mate, you can also check out my stuff too see how I design and build games.

Hey, I am a fan of pixel art that works. I plan on working on it every day during the jam, for multiple hours a day (from around 3 PM-whenever I sleep) with breaks of course.  I work from home as a software engineer so I am flexible. How about you?

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I've been doing game jams solo for years now, looking to team up with an artist, using Unity. Here is my portfolio. Based in the US, East coast. 

Thanks for playing!

Ohh man, my brain hurts now. I was a fun and frustrating time! 

Very polished! Impressive mechanics too, It was tough. Great game! 

I like the idea a lot, the controls for rotating the circles felt a bit off, but it was still a challenge to get it, I liked it!

Thank you for playing! 

So sick, Loved playing this, I like how you introduced new mechanics as you advanced in the game, so well polished, great level design. Bravo!

Thanks you for the kind words!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! The bean jumping was by design =)

Really cool! The movement took a second to get familiar with, but I loved the change-up in controls,  switch at the right time was satisfying, great stuff! 

Haven't played a game like this in the jam, pretty neat! Took a minute to understand everything, but I enjoyed it after!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! 

Nice art, the buff bass could be a cool tattoo lol. I thought having the instructions play after each death was a little too much, but I enjoyed it,  I had fun playing! 

The rouge stabbed me! Fun game, I like the idea. The presentation of everything was great!

Thanks for playing! Yes, I forgot to remove that spike in that level.

Thank you for playing! 

Thanks! I agree shooting the bullets need to be improved. 


Thanks for playing! Happy your boys enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

That was fun! Nice job with creating the AI movement, and the coins gave you a sense of where the player was going which was key, so much fun, great game! 

Loved the intro, great setup for the rest of the game. The movement was really quick and snappy, maybe to much sometimes, either was it was a blast!

Thank you!

Nice, nice flip on the PVZ, some of the zombies moved really slow, it there was a lot of time just watching, but it was still fun!

The whole feel of this game is amazing, from the start screen with the DVD. Really creative and impressive, some of the puzzles were challenging, but the ability to skip was smart, great game! 

That running animation is slick, fun to run around and stomping the rats.

Thank you so much, good luck with the insurance beans =)

Interesting mechanics, I can see this game go in a lot of directions, pretty cool! My only feedback is the animations all being the same, but still Good game.

Great graphics and it was a lot of fun! The mechanics where really smooth, great job! 

Fun! Simple and the graphics were pleasing. The music and sound FX tied everything together well.

nice, the color play was great I really liked the art style. It was fun building up my army! 

You gotta beat the heroo!! Great game, I had  blast