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I liked the Movement, Art and music of the game. 

the movements are good and the game is just as hard as it should be ^^

the only cons that I will have is that sometimes the inputs get buggy and stuck on a Direction (for movement or shooting) when this happened I had to restart the game from scratch. 

but overall I liked it :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

I agree completely it's way to hard on keyboard ^^ this is because I did not have the time to add mouse support for aiming. 

but If you play it with a controller you can aim with the Right Stick. witch make it easier :)

have a good day  

thank you for the feedback :)

I think you were playing on keyboard. it's better on Controller at least until I add Mouse support for aiming :)

thank you again :) 

have a great day 

this game is just great :)

I loved every note of it ^^ the art the music and the  feel and the cherry on top is that the Jump is not floaty :D 

great Job !!

Great game :) 

I like the concept and the execution on it is really great :) 

the only thing I have to say is that I would liked if the rewind on the failed "task" was to the start of the task and not the start of a level. 

the game is hard because it needs skills witch is a good thing :) 

good Job man :) 

I enjoyed the Art, the music and the concept :) this has good  potential but as Helper Wesley mentioned. the  random movements   caused me to be frustrated at the game and close it instead of enjoying the challenge and wanting to get better.  this could be a great game if you figure out a better mechanic for your movements and distractions or even remove it   

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The art is cute and the controls responsive. 

the only thin I did like was the jump, it seemed weird for me. you take more time falling down that going up. except for that jump I enjoyed running through the mazes ^^ and avoiding the saws :)

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I dig the art  and the controls feel good :D 

it's a fun little game :) 

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I really liked the pixel art, it's just too cute :) 

the jump felt too floaty for me ( I have an issue with floaty jumps ^^) but it's ok. 

the levels are a little hard ^^ I could not finish the second haha ^^

good hob :) and keep at it 

if you could rate my game I would be grateful ==> 

Nice little game that fit's the theme :)

With a little bit of polish and more juice this could be a good mobile phone game :)

good job man and keep at it :)

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hey :)

thank you so much for the video. this was really cool man :) 

I enjoyed watching you play ^^ and learned so much more from watching where you struggled.

thank you again :)

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keep trying your progress is saved automatically :) 

thank you for the feedback :)I am so sorry for the bugs :(  I did not have the time to really play test it because of the time the random generation took me :( 

But I will work on it later and polish it :)  I am planning to add  more enemy types, bosse rooms, collectables, weapons and treasures .  
If you put the treasure back... the gardians calm down and let you be ^^ but if you manage to take it back to the entrance, it will be added to your list of collected items and tou are dropped in a new dungeon.

Btw tou can try to collect a Cubby ( the only enemy there is for the moment) 

great lle game :)

I loved each part of it. the game is challenging and fun :)

great Job :)

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nice, I'll make sure to check the games listed here :)

in the meantime please rate mine :)

I just Played it :)

it's fun and kept me going to see the curses haha :)

good job keep at it :)

when I tried it. I was only able to choose a direction with the controller (right or Left ) and the distance.  in my opinion if you have the pillow go any direction that I  am holding with my right Stick with a fixed amount of force. I would have enjoyed it better (because I need to master the pillow throw). but don't get me wrong I enjoyed playing your game :)

man this game is great :)

good job :)

the controller's aim could be better but it's nice ^^

thx for the feedback :)

I agree on everything :) I still need to fix a lot of stuf on the game :)  

Thx again:) 

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thanks so much for the feedback.

Yes i need to fix a lot of things... but I ran out of time because I spent all of my time making the random generation ... 

but i will definitely add more juice, enemy types, treasures and bosses to the game 

I also need to fix the mouse aim ^^ 

glad you liked it :)  I ll play your game as soon as I get to my computer :)

thank you WV :) 

Did you see anything special in the game ??? something that got your attention ??? 
if not play again ^^ 

thank you :) 

thank you :)

I loved it!!!

it's a really simple game but hard as nails ^^ 

great job. I loved the art 

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really liked it :) 

I love stealth games. I need to make one myself :D

nice little game ^^ 

I liked the maze part it was really fun. 

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I liked your take on Vimlark's cross the gap :)

the art is nice. and the collectable mechanic adds a nice touch to the game. 

please take the time to rate mt game here ==>

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thank you  :) 

I liked the art and the music.  the platforming feels good :) It could be turned to a good puzzel game where the order you collect stuff is important :) 

please take the time to rate my submission here ==>

Really liked it. 

you got me at the splitting part. this mechanic is great you really should polish it and make a full game out of it :) 

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you're welcome :) 

please take the time to rate my game here ==>

YW :) 

please take the time to rate my game here ==>

nice art and story :) 

the levels are nicely done too and the difficulty was just what I needed (not too difficult but not easy :))

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I loved the graphics :) and the animations. 

the platforming seemed a little hard for me but just because I don't play on keyboard usually. 

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this is great and nicely done. 

I like it so far and will be back to play again ^^

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loved it :)

tha hardest part was to find the house after collecting everything ^^ 

the hand drawn art is just great :)

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liked it it was fun to play. 

but I think I ran into a bug ...I did the torches before 3 villagers and could not clear them :/

otherwise nice little game .

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really fun, but  a little hard :/ 

and I had some issues with the tables collisions but nothing major. 

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nice little game. I loved the art :)

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