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Man I could really learn a thing or two from your dash code. I implemented a dash in my game, but it doesn't feel near as clean as that! I'm so happy I didn't go the whole jam without playing this game that was incredible. Really polished level design that had me thinking about my next move. Somewhat tough and unforgiving since I love spamming jump haha. 

This was an incredible example of world design. You have a world that's seems very open but still managed to guide me along a path through use of the switches. Long areas always manage to drop you off right back at home at the end. I hope you continue to build on that skill since it's the cornerstone of 'metroidvanias' which are my favorite type games! Lack of ammo really had me thinking about the shots I took. It would be nice to have some background music to really lay in that alone feeling. Really well done good game :)

Reviewed and rated!

Reviewed and rated!

Reviewed and rated :)

I would honestly like to see more levels to this game! Submissions like this show you don't need amazing graphics to have a fun game! I thought the timer and levels were well tuned to be challenging and had me pressed to under a second each time. Great submission to the jam!

I was able to get to the collectible a few times, but never able to make it back in time. Some of those gaps near the end are real tight! I would just suggest maybe reducing the volume of the chatter compared to the nice background music. 
Also your How To Play was pretty dang funny. Cheers! 

Now THIS is pod racing! Or at least that's how I felt once I got the first speed booster. Super impressive dive into 3D game development for the jam. Nice chill music selection to go along with the pace of the game. 

But it does sound appealing right? Right?! haha we picked some real random combinations to feed into the dialogue system. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed! I'm looking forward to fixing that dang portrait swap bug this weekend. 

Nice music selection to drive home the stranded environment! I was going crazy and refused to give up until I got the fragment on the left! Talk about a pixel perfect fit. If I had any suggestions it would be to have have more oxygen or have cactus pops reduce oxygen slower. As of right now cactus pops are an immediate game over rather than a risky rush back to base due to how fast oxygen depletes. All depends on what you're going for I suppose. 
All in all fun game and great submission to the jam, cheers! 

That is some hardcore apple pickin' music! 
Your base game concept is pretty fun and I like what has been implemented so far. If you plan to build on it after the jam is over I do have some suggestions! 
Give the player some indication when they collect the apples. I was sitting at 15/15 for a while before I realized anything had happened from me pressing E near trees. 
Maybe increase the amount of apples required for each level or reduce the time? Currently I just didn't see a way to actually lose since I'd have 15 apples in about 10 seconds. 

The store cutscene was a really nice touch. Great job on the game, cheers! 

Really clever idea placing spikes about as it made me carefully plan (or try to) my shots! I summoned all my MMORPG kiting abilities to play this submission! Though there is no change in the game from the minute you start, I found myself playing for closer to an hour trying to beat my high score.
Would be cool to see it fleshed out with different levels with different spike trap layouts. Absolutely great game. 
Oh and in case you weren't aware I found a bit of a bug. I have no clue how it happened but I caused an enemy overflow. They spawned 100s at a time from the top right corner. It caused a feedback loop of heart and bomb arrow drops so I could technically never die and got a score of 42,000 before closing the game. Frankly it was really satisfying to mow that many enemies down. 

This was one of the most innovative ideas for a galaga / geometry wars type game I've seen in a long time! Really nice effects implemented on all the blaster shots too. I really love the idea and I want to see it work, but I just had a heck of a time getting over the control scheme. I think controller support for joystick use might work wonders here. Maybe also placing an outer boundary instead of having that be a kill zone too. Most of my deaths were trying to come out of my gravity equal rotation and panic throwing myself off the edge of the world. 
Awesome submission to the jam, cheers! 

I loved the aesthetic of the game. Really cool water effect. Good chunky sounds for the exploding platforms too. Puzzles started to get really tough near rounds 5-7 when going for all coins. Starts off pretty slow, but understood that's to get user to learn the game through playing. Some of the replay and quit symbols might seem obvious but a little text would clear up any confusion people have as to how they work :). Cheers! 

Man that flying relic screech was terrifying haha. Impressive amount of levels you were able to put out for the jam! Overall good design so the levels didn't feel repetitive. It would be nice to have some indicator to know how many relics are in a given stage. Or if you'd prefer to keep that up to player exploration then to possibility to know when you are holding every relic.
Great jam submission, cheers! 

Starts off and you think  well how can this get hard?! Then around the 3 minute mark I'm yelling at my skeleton to run faster to the other side! Fun game to chill and just play for a few minutes with good music choice to back it up. 

Yeah, the most important part about that fast shot was it could take out bats in one hit so the lower power level didn't matter. I could just spray a wall of bullets in front of me on that last lava portion before the boss and keep my momentum going forward. Balancing is never easy haha  good luck! 

Thanks for the feedback on that dialogue bug. Still trying to track it down and fix it.  Glad you enjoyed the game! 

Clever idea for a jam game. I did not expect that haha. Plus you managed to put a feature in your game we all could use. Volume control! 
I sacrificed poor Pac-man to see if the power pills would let me eat ghosts. They didn't and now Mrs. Pacman will be quite upset. 

I've been constantly going back and forth with the ideas of all the things I want to fix and add to my jam game. On the other hand I like the idea of taking what I learned and applying it to a new game from scratch. While I'm crippled with indecision tell me about what your plans are for your jam game after this! 

Thanks OmniCoffee! Crazy how much code it takes for such little gameplay loop haha. We definitely want to add some more 'oomph' to the game after the jam is over. Glad you enjoyed it. 

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Just checking out your game. Hilarious mechanic and was fun playing spiderman... with my tongue. Ok that sounded weird, but I really hope you expand on this game because I'd love to see where it goes. 

Hey thanks for reporting that issue - I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, but would rather play some jam games this week instead! Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for playing :)

Wow! I didn't know what to expect when I was loading this game up but this far exceeded expectations. Really fun platformer. Also you monster! How dare you make a moving stage level haha. At first I wasn't a huge fan of how floaty the main character felt - it was like I was always skating on ice, but it grew on me and is a good fit for the game. 
I think it'd be really nice have the ability to drop down on platforms you can jump through (usually down + jump) 
And lastly I thought it was really cool how you were able to implement so many different attack spells in such short amount of time! However, I felt super overpowered with the rapid fire one and everything else just wasn't as good in comparison. 
I was wondering when the theme would come into play - clever ending after the boss :). Solid game. 

Oh my goodness... your points 1 & 2 struck so close to home!! 

I knew I needed a dialogue system so I started from scratch with Brackeys tutorial on a basic dialogue. That got me about 10% of what I wanted to accomplish so I spent 2-3 more days building on it to work for my team's game. That was 2-3 days I didn't have to spent on such a small part of the overall project. I'm happy I had Josh stream my game though where I learned about the Unity asset called Fungus to make dialogue systems easier. Looking at overhauling my game with Fungus now (gross name lol.)

I learned the day before deadline how to export my project to game, but I was stressing until the last minute getting a working webGL build which sadly I never fixed in time. 

And here's the link to Fungus if you're still interested in learning it for dialogue system implementation:

Aw, that's sad to hear Mewbusi. We've been running into each other in all the streams and discords I was hoping you'd get a chance to play! Thanks for the info though and I'll be sure to allow more resolution options in future updates. 

Been looking forward to trying this one since I saw Mr. Collectables twirly moustache! Small levels, but you managed to pack a lot of moves into each puzzle. Super appreciate you placing a reset button in each level since I've made several of my attempts unwinnable. 

From the art style to the music this whole game is just a treat. Awesome amount of features to supercharge your ants all working flawlessly. Really great idea for how you implemented your 'how to play'. 
One thing that messed me up on my first run was the sucker dropping from the sky. I figured that bad boy must be worth a lot of points if I send enough ants to pick it up! 10 ants later and all I did was kill 10 poor ants haha. Great submission, cheers! 

Honestly I learned an insane amount in a very short time for this jam. Stuff a lot of you probably consider basic programming knowledge by now. But let me tell you. My game is built on a foundation of coroutines and invokes haha. Both of which were new to me. 

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Annuke and I definitely want to polish this game further after the jam and will take your comments into consideration. Happy to hear you enjoyed the game! 

What an incredible idea! I love seeing different variations of turret defense games since I can get lost in them for hours. Great animations and just the right amount of screen shake to feel impactful. Game is well polished. 
I would've liked to see what gave me more turrets. Was it just one every few rounds? Did I get them faster by having less errors or typing words faster? 
I also ran into an issue on level 5 where I had two long words right on top of each other and it started typing both words, but I couldn't progress until I typed the covered word. This was an issue since I couldn't see enough to know what it was.  This was a super rare occurrence and didn't happen again. 

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Hey Rondi! Glad you enjoyed the game! I had a blast playing through Mazeways just now. Thanks for playing :)

Hey thanks for the heads up. I'm not all too familiar with Mac, but I did have a friend try it out and he left me this: 
Helpful note for those on a Mac: you’ll need to go to your privacy settings and allow the game to open.

Phew just beat this after being at the edge of my seat on the boss fight! Super cool mechanic with how he interacts with the traps had me watching my every step. I liked the general room style you had and variation of monsters. Reminded me of the first Zelda.
I'm not sure how you generated what will be in what room, but on my winning run I had 3-4 rooms with the same layout. Would be nice if there was some exclusion to a room being selected if it's already chosen. 
I also found if I hit multiple arrow keys at once the attack would go out in all selected directions. It was useful, but something to keep in mind if not intended. 
Great jam submission, had a lot of fun playing! 

Left you some feedback. Thanks for the submission, had fun playing :).

Thanks for suggesting it! It's not Annuke's cup of tea, but I love games like this. I had an absolute blast playing it and let the dev know! 

At first I didn't understand I was trying to collect the coins and get back to the same door (kept end up in box with a <3 in it and had to restart). Once I realized what was going on I had a BLAST. As someone who loves hard platformers like Meat Boy this hit the right notes. 
The hitboxes for squares and coins was super unforgiving, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Some will love it others will hate it. I was able to complete normal mode, but had to give up on stage 1 hard mode haha. Could maybe add a button to zoom out and see the whole stage to know what you're up against, but that all depends how much you want to player to discover on their own. Overall well done, thoroughly enjoyed playing this one. 

Pretty fun timing game! I started on rage mode and reloaded after about 5 minutes of trying haha. I did beat it on chill mode though! I have some suggestions for improving the game - could be helpful if you are planning to work on it more after the jam:
1. Add some more patterns on the background wall. I thought it was fun using it as a reference on where to safely stop but variation I could use was far and few between. 
2. Either make collectables meaningful or remove them. Understood they were implemented to meet the jam limitation, but they don't add much. In fact, just by playing you can't even miss them. I think it'd be cool to keep them in the game but have them move up and down so the player has to put in some effort to collect them.
3. Reduce music volume or tone down the bass notes a little bit. It was a bit too heavy. 

Good jam submission, cheers! 

Wow! Clean platformer movement aside what a unique mechanic! I tried at first and didn't get past the 3rd gate. I simply had to come back to the game and try again though because it was such a cool idea! Got a lot farther on my second attempt :). 
If I had one suggestion it would be to add a beginner mode where the sounds are associated with the colors. Then people like me can fully experience the game and learn some some basic chords along way. Note: I don't know if chords was the right word :X