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You and your Familiar must dive in to Azudhrad's castle, face and defeat evil to restore the world's beauty.
Submitted by Dogveloper — 6 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#943.4553.455

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
The player must go through the level, fight the boss at the end and, as the castle crumbles, it must get back to the entrance in order finish the game. Crystals are scattered through the stages and the player needs to collect them in order to change the ending, that is based upon on how many have been collected at the end.

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On the stages there are invisible triggers that will spawn a chest, once the chest is broken, it will drop a random weapon that can be collected by the player.

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Really nice game with great music! Like a lot of people said, the floaty movement was weird at first but worked for the game as it grew on you. One thing I did have a problem with is the lava level as I went off screen and died to slimes or fireballs that I had no idea were there and the falling platforms made me restart a lot but apart from that it was a solid game with a very nice feel to it. Really well done in the jam!


I really enjoyed this! What a great little platformer!

The game kept crashing on me when I tried to start the game and crashed or glitched almost every time I died. I was really enjoying it and was determined to beat it. After many reboots, I finally got a run where I was almost out of the castle but got a strange bug upon a death that wouldn't let me continue.

All crashes and bugs aside, great work! The way the player controlled felt a bit off and floaty at first, but I quickly adjusted. I loved the art, music, and level design. I'm actually super impressed that you made a 2D game in unreal. I personally feel like Unreal is just not made for 2D games so it was very impressive to me.

My only feedback would be to make the boss have an indicator as to how much health it has left. Maybe it starts flashing when it's almost dead or something. Also perhaps a few different attack patterns for the boss.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing!
I had some other people that had crashes too, I'll be investigating the causes and try to solve it and will fix the jump for the next update. The boss fight was made in the very last moments so I didnt really had time to polish it that much, so I threw a couple target points on the room and told the boss to choose and go to them at random while shooting on a timer loop (just to have something for the jam release). I'm glad you liked and thanks for the feedback! ^-^


Wow! I didn't know what to expect when I was loading this game up but this far exceeded expectations. Really fun platformer. Also you monster! How dare you make a moving stage level haha. At first I wasn't a huge fan of how floaty the main character felt - it was like I was always skating on ice, but it grew on me and is a good fit for the game. 
I think it'd be really nice have the ability to drop down on platforms you can jump through (usually down + jump) 
And lastly I thought it was really cool how you were able to implement so many different attack spells in such short amount of time! However, I felt super overpowered with the rapid fire one and everything else just wasn't as good in comparison. 
I was wondering when the theme would come into play - clever ending after the boss :). Solid game. 


Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked it, appreciate, I'll be trying to change the movement variables to make it more snappy and I did intended to make a down jump to move down platforms but ran out of time.
And yes, auto scrolling level, took the wonderful, and not hated at all, idea of the late 80's and 90's and added a little bit of artificial padding to the game time. XD
The rapid fire, although fast, is the weaker of the bunch, at 5 damage a piece while the bomb, slower of the cooldowns, has 10 damage on direct contact and the explosions will do each 3 damage every 0.07 seconds for the duration of 0.5, so more damage if the enemy overlaps more than one, I might need to lower the fast shot value to a 3 (maybe) to make it less worth using over the others


Yeah, the most important part about that fast shot was it could take out bats in one hit so the lower power level didn't matter. I could just spray a wall of bullets in front of me on that last lava portion before the boss and keep my momentum going forward. Balancing is never easy haha  good luck! 


I like the look, sound, and feel(mostly) of the game.

You obviously put a lot of work in to it, however...

-The floaty jump suits the game, but the character needs greater deceleration after I let go of the key to move in a certain direction. It feels unresponsive to play because the character is moving while I'm not pressing anything.
-The level/camera design needs work. The area when the lava is rising has an early section where fireballs are shooting and you have to jump to avoid them. But this meant I was above the camera after I avoided the fireballs. And by the time the camera reached me I realized I was being killed by enemies I wasn't able to see.
-Again, in the area with the lava rising. The camera isn't rising with or fast enough for the player, and there are a lot of falling platforms, which meant I ended up in a number of situations where the platform fell below me and I was left just waiting for the lava to catch up and kill me, with no way to recover.
-The attack that splits in to three is nice and strong, but its lower attack rate is awkward and actually makes it less effective than the abilities I could just spam. Starting off being able to spam, and then suddenly having my button not fire every time I clicked felt awkward and again, unresponsive.

All in all,
I like the games look, and sound, and with some more mechanical and level tweaks, I be able to recommend it friends. :)


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be experimenting a bit with changing the air movement for a next build. The lava area is supposed to be a autoscroller, forcing the player to wait a bit before jumping, for the falling platforms I'm considering trying to make so it will respawn on a timer, giving the player one more shot before the lava catches up, the attacks all have different damage (not really that noticeable since the game is so short and dont has a big enemy variety), with faster meaning weaker, values and since the drop is random it would be unfair to allow players to spam the stronger ones, I can try to do lower cooldowns and see if that helps


Glad to hear you're going to continue working on it, and tweak some things from player feedback. :)

Honestly for the shooting, just making it so the animation doesn't go when you click during the cooldown might be enough to get rid of that awkward feeling. Or reduce the rate of fire for the weaker ones from the start so I don't start off being able to spam. It was just a bit jarring to lose the ability to spam.


really liked this game!

I found it very interesting and enjoyable! Great job

It'll be nice if you check out our game too (:


Really liked the game! The controls feel a bit floaty when jumping not enough resistance but other than that I love the art style and the music you used! Keep it up :)


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be experimenting a bit with changing the air control a bit once updates are available


Great fun game.  It threw a few crashes  around the part with the fire ball throwing orbs but I liked the feel of the game and the art and music.


Thanks for the feedback!

I ran on that crash once on a early test build but once I changed some stuff around never got it again so i assumed it was fixed, I'll be testing to see what causes it and fix when we can update the game.


It was such a fun game to play! I'll give you an honest feedback as requested, but so you know this game is the most fun I've played of all jam games. 5 on Fun and Design

- Movement : I feel that the movement was perfect until jumps, the only one thing I'll change is the air friction just add a little friction so it slows in time until full stop if not holding the move key.

- Enemy spawn : I loved each one of the enemies, I just didn't like how they were spawned, because sometimes I ran into an enemy spawn point and out of nowhere I was hurt. Maybe adding a little event like an animation on the spawn point before spawning an enemy so player knows there will be an enemy spawned there be careful.

- Player Attack: Loved that every magic power player had was design differently, made it pretty fun, however there were powers that the cooldown was slower and that's part of the design, but it made it hard when I had a skeleton really close and the attacking was on cooldown so I could only take damage or jump to dodge him. Maybe would be nice if there was a swing attack you can use for closer enemies, however that's part of the game design and as said earlier it was a really fun and well design game.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and had a blast playing it! Congrats on your entry.


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be experimenting a bit with changing the jump gravity/air control once I can update it. as for the spawns, seems to have a bug on the skeletons (on the first castle room) where if they spawn on a corner they will clip up without the little raising up animations, all enemies besides the skellys are spawned in fixed locations when the game starts. the delay on the different shots was designed intended since each one has it's own damage value, game would be unbalanced if you could, for an example, spam the grenade one without a wait time.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Made a rough sketch of the main character, liked her design)


Thanks ^-^


The controls are a bit awkward, and I don't like that falling platforms don't appear again and force you to restart the entire level. But overall, it's a very good game! I like it.


Thanks for the feedback!

Oh yeah, the falling platforms will not respawn, I got inspiration from some the late 80's and early/mid 90's that would not respawn either, I'll keep that not everyone likes that in mind when updating the game when we're allowed to once the voting period ends


Good job! I think the movement is to airy still, maybe a litle bit more gravity force. Check out my game :D!


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be experimenting a bit with changing the movement a bit after the updates unlock, then I hope the movement will be a bit better