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Пока не планируется, но в принципе решаемо =)

I did a couple of changes in to improve optimization, the .apk will drop sooner or later. Don't get me wrong, I want the game to be supported by as many devices as possible

yeah sorry i fixed it in i hope

yeah sorry i fixed it in

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0.1.2 Alpha is out!

  • Now you can unlock more than one achievement simultaneously after beating 3rd chapter
  • Fixed Crispy Baby breaking when game is sped up
  • Charmed enemies won't be poisoned by the Black Bean anymore
  • Now you can't pickup cards when your hands are full
  • Now you can see unlock methods for already unlocked achievements
  • Disclaimer now only appears once and never again
  • Hardheads are now affected by chilled debuff 
  • Wiz Baby got the drip
I.RULE community · Created a new topic General Discussion

Discuss the game. Share your strategies, discoveries and achievements.

I.RULE community · Created a new topic Your suggestions

Post your thoughts and suggestions, what you'd like to change or improve, or new content that you would like to see in the game.

Post here all the bugs and flaws, as well as your opinion about some mechanics and things that infuriate you. Since the game is still in the alpha stage of development, a lot can change, and you can contribute to this.

Gameplay is good and i love idea behind characters with different preferences, but eventually it gets boring to constantly go back to change the character, although this is the theme of the jam.. Anyway, although the game needs some changes, it still pretty good. Great job!

Thank you for the review! The game actually gets bigger and more intense when your scores go up, but it's good you're enjoying it as it is.

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Wow, that was cute! Graphics may seem simple, but it has it's charming atmosphere, the music and sound effects are great too. 

Didn't expect to see a 'metroidvania' game in this jam, so that was a good experience!

Wow, that was interesting take on "snake" game, love the graphics, looks smooth and charming. Great job!

Huh, i don't know if i can upload anything until jam is over, cuz it doesn't allow me to change uploads. But i'll try!

Graphics and music are good, but humour and dialogs are what sold it to me, love every bit of it. Good job!

The art looks impressive, but the controls and collision are a bit awkward. And i find it kinda hillarious how chill and calmly Princess walks through a spooky castle full of corpses. It adds some weird atmosphere, i like it. Good work!

You can check out my little game, if you want so. Would be great to hear your opinion.

Wow, i didn't even expect this game to be so original and interesting. Great job!

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Made a rough sketch of the main character, liked her design)

The controls are a bit awkward, and I don't like that falling platforms don't appear again and force you to restart the entire level. But overall, it's a very good game! I like it.

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Interesting idea! It resembles a combination of concentration (Match Match games) and scavenger hunt games, love how items retain their position between levels. Krollectibelus is a fun guy tho.

Loved the artstyle and music, shadow mechanic is good. Сamera could be a little smoother, returning to shadow position looks kinda sudden. Anyway, good job!

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Guess i joined the jam too late, and literally made the game the last day before closing. But still, I hope you'll check out my little arcade game! That'd be great to hear your opinion.

That was funny little game. Love the concept behind the energy and charging, yet i think it would be realistic if the battery didn't charge instantly, but took a couple of seconds. Anyway, good job!

Fantastic job.  Loved the artstyle, the backgrounds, but especially intro and ending cutscenes, that was beautiful. Definetly would play the full version of this game (if you ever gonna make one :)). That was 5/5 experience.

Cool! Like the idea, you can turn it into a good puzzle game.

The "Levels" button position is kinda strange (it's in the middle of the screen), I'm always accidentally clicking it when I trying to throw a boomerang. Maybe it's just me, though.

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Thanks! In fact, blue people are not enemies, but rather opponents, they come to steal gold and then immediately trying to escape.

And don't worry, I'll try your game)

Yeah, I've fixed that. Thanks! I'll upload a patch soon.

Thanks! Glad someone liked the game. I still have plans to update the demo and add some details, gameplay wise too, because many people said that the game is too easy to beat (not to mention it's too short).


It was almost three days since I published a paid game and it's not indexed on the search bar! I had read that it usually takes 12 to 24 hours for a moderator to inspect the game, and that if times get longer than 24 hours, I should've asked here to understand what the problem is!
My game is:

Discuss anything and everything related to the game here.

Place to share some unseen bugs.