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The Binding of Isaac fangame, heavily inspired by Plants vs. Zombies · By DoctorHummer, toncho_

Your suggestions

A topic by DoctorHummer created Feb 04, 2022 Views: 25,445 Replies: 533
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Post your thoughts and suggestions, what you'd like to change or improve, or new content that you would like to see in the game.


hey friend, this game is impressive, but I would like it if you could transfer it to apk, so that you can always take it with you and play wherever you are at any time you want, thanks for your attention and take care.


i second this


i agree


Yes 100% a thing that should happen




agreed, this game would be very good on android

Deleted 332 days ago



do it


Alota ppl say without ads but honestly plop this on the app store with minor ads or like banner ads, I think you would make bank as the Lane-based tower defense scene is a bit... dry at the moment...

to the dudes voting this down: raw apks don't give ads


A mac version would be neat, I've run into some crashes trying to run it under wine/playonmac

0.1.5 patch fixed this!

Didn't even manage to run the game with wine. How'd you do it?

installed the exe using playonmac. just install the game exe like you would a setup.exe and it should work perfectly.


This might be difficult, but I think having a new original soundtrack for this game would be cool. Perhaps you can find a compromise with Nicolas Mayers and he can do it 


I have a replacement soundtrack I was planning to put on the steam workshop so hey, if someone's interested on it.
my contact:


It'd be cool if black bean and abel synergized, creating a fart at the shadow babie's location.

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How about adding trinkets to the game? Rarely dropped by enemies (or purchased at a shop for a cheap price), trinkets can grant different passive effects but you can drop them at anytime, especially when your trinket has effects that you only want for a while.

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I guess cards already exist, but I have not found them yet while playing the game. if they do not exist, I want them to affect the whole screen when used.


maybe add an almanac where you can view all the enemies/babies/items you encountered.

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The almanac already exists, but you currently cannot view the enemies you defeated. Suggest your solution.


maybe an item that replaces chargers with blood puppy, who drop a 25 heart every time they kill an enemy #blood puppy SWAG

like bloop puppy?


yes like blopy. hopefully  this makes more sense


it is better to give this ability to a leech, and a bloody puppy can be used twice, but the second run (in an evil form) eats your familiars as well


reduce the amount of the fucking worms in the cave levels, the only reliable way to deal with them is ether explosives or cube of meat, both of which have long cooldowns, also maybe more baby slots? I fell like I constantly have to sacrifice defense for dps with every stage forwards.

place chad in front


An ability to buy more baby slots in the shop. Obviously sacrificing the ability to buy more items for the ability to use more babies.


the school bag gives 1 more baby slot


I don't think its enough, having 4 initial slots drastically reduces the variety of strategies that are safe to use.

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But with more slots then the game would be hella easy


Maybe there could be a limit of 6-7?

I know I'm late as hell but I don't think having this much babies would make the game more fun, like, I've got Ghost Baby and Rubber Soul and 2 of them in each lane was enough to get past all levels from easy to hard (I looped 4 times before starting a new run bc I wanted to use some new babies).

(I know IM late as he'll as well but) Ok I guess you have a point.


Very good game, i love it as hell, but maybe there was option to put negative pills on enemies, or add trash can for pills, it would be cool.


Agree with this. I think being able to put the speed downs on enemies, being able to trash bad pills or even getting money for them after rounds wouldnt be a bad idea 


agree with you and valonide


Great game. Like others said here you should definitely gain an extra baby slot after the first floor. Feels like you've only got one slot where you can really variate since cube of meat and lil chad are kinda mandatory and you need one slot for a shooter.


I agree on having a 5th slot, but want to mention that Bob's Brain is a good alternative to Cube of Meat. It's cheaper and kills enemies, so you can save more hearts and defend with them for a while until you  get all of your Lil' Chads. At that point, you just start placing rows of your other units and use Bob as a cheaper, explosive meat shield whenever you need one


Having 4 baby slots is a bit low, I'm getting a lot of interesting babies but can't use them because of the lack of slots. Since you absolutely need Little CHAD, and Cube of Meat is almost mandatory you basically have only 2 free slots which isn't a lot to work around. Idk if an item increases it, but I think we should at least have 5 slots from base. 


The Backpack item adds an extra slot, and if the base was changed to 5 it would give us a total of 6, which would be super nice to have

with 5 slots it would be kinda easy, and school bag exist

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windowed fullscreen, an extra slot from the start and a slot that you can buy with coins


I think 4 at the start are good but yes


Also maybe improve Boss AI during the plum fight so you cant get cheated out of a lawnmower worm at the start cause of bad RNG


Add all of the co-op babies... and make Coins a bit more shiny or something, i always miss them :(


Yeah i echo the cries for more slots, feels like its hard to try stuff when half of my slots are basically predetermined


Would be nice to have some more slots to put babies, four slots is very little, maybe 5, that's the only problem I had with this amazing game


school bag exists.



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well my idea actually if school bag isn't enough then it whould be cool to sacrifice the system of getting new babies to fill up some sort of blood donation machine and once the slot whould be filled then you whould just get a reward (aka a new slot) and like the blood donation machine whould need 3 fills to be fully filled. 

yes it does


Dont get me wrong, this game Is AMAZING but i think, like almost all the others in the suggestions, that there Is supposed to be a way to get more slots for the babies. Little chad and meat cube are already basically mandatory, with 2 slots left there Isnt much you can do. My best strategy was to get a shooter like demon/crispy/rainbow baby and then baby spikes and im getting so many Amazing things that i just cant try so maybe there should be a way to get more slots. That's All im saying


i second this cause 4 slots is way to little






i don't wanna write the same responce like at a difirent post so ima just say that it whould be cool to sacrifice something for new slots. 

meat cube is not mandatory.


whene mobile version trol


Not funny, didn't laugh.


If you could make an option to turn off the flashes after explosions that would be great, on The Ark my head gets all fuzzy because of them.


Maybe you could add a Baby Brim (if you haven't already) that costs around 300 hearts? maybe 350?


I think mom's hand should have a unique reaction to glowing hour glass, reverting back up rather than moving to the start of the line :)

I think there should be a sure-fire way to counter the babyplum-incarnates. If you have a full defense, they just fly right over it, and there's nothing you can do about it. Also, add trinkets, that would be cool. Like, cancer could slightly increase all tower's speed, or curved horn could make babies do slightly more damage, things like that.

Oh, and you should also probably compress it to a .zip file, so people wont think it's a virus.


people think this?!

Windows thinks it is.


Replaying the first level(s) is kinda repetitive due to always starting with the same units therefore just using the same strategy over and over again because at this point the enemies pose no challenge. To solve this you could possibly add some randomness to your starter deck (let bobs brain be a random unit for example), or as alternative you could add some different enemies that force using a different strategy early on (although this might not be preferable due to information-overloading new players). One last possibility might be some sort of  'challenge/reward', where before the level the player can take on a challenge (e.g. only use 18 spaces). If  succesfull they get a reward (e.g. coins or an item)  and if they fail maybe some sort of penalty. This would at least force some kind of variation on the first couple levels.

The game has a great concept, I'm looking forward to  see how it'll progress!

PLEASE do something about Limited Edition. It's way too much RNG based I'm trying to beat it since an hour I didn't go through the first wave. Make us start with more heart, even just 100 would be way better.

Deleted 2 years ago

Since 2 of the most common complaints are "need at least one more seed slot" and "no way to deal with lobber-specific enemies if you weren't offered a lobber tower" we can kill 2 birds with one stone:

Add Sister Maggy as a 5th starting tower. She has the same damage and cost as Brother Bobby, but shoots in an arc. There, 2 problems solved!

a bit too complicated, why do you need bobby then? maybe then add some more (unlockable) babies so you can create yourself a deck, or just make defence and support babies be random

Bobby would be for the Host-like things

This May be hard but Is there any way you could Port this to apk? Doesent matter if there are some limitations this game would be Amazing if It was both on PC and phone


Power-Pilling a cube of meat should turn it into a level 2 cube, allowing it to shoot


Trinkets would bee cool

I was stupid/drunk/inattentive enough to start a new game instead of continuing my first playthrough. Or maybe it has ended because I died on the second boss fight, I dunno. Anyway, if it's my fault, can you please add a warning message saying something like "You're about to start a new game, your previous progress will be reset." Thanks!

ok, i see now, its just as tboi, a new run if you've failed. some checkpoints would be nice anyway

I would suggest on the boss fights to be able to place the babies immediately after clicking on them without having to snap to the hot bar to then place them on the map. This takes a while and leads to unavoidably losing a charger. (Lost on the last hit to the third boss due to having to wait for the hotbar to place the baby on a spliting fly)


Use 1-4 keys for fast select babies for placing.


Loop mode is really fun, makes things harder and yeah, but having to fight the same 3 bosses over and over gets kind of boring, also think about adding a shop upgrade for a fifth baby slot (if there isnt one already)


There is for 99 coins


Not sure if they're already in the game or not, but it would be cool to have blue flies in the game. Maybe when a Mulligan's mask is broken, if you manage to kill it before it escapes it can produce three blue flies. They'd home-in on an enemy and hit it once, killing the fly in the process just like in Isaac.
I also agree that the number of slots for babies would be nice. I've got so many babies, but C.H.A.D. and cube of meat are almost completely necessary.

Can you make it so that hovering over hearts picks them up instead of having to click? It would just be a nice quality of life.

Press LMB and move pointer - it collects everything without need to click each time.

Any enemies completely immune to one of more damage type. I'm looking at you red fly and weird host hat thing...
I haven't gotten past mines, so if there's more I wouldn't know.
As for what to do about these enemies.
Red Fly should get tired after flying over a single tower or two, giving a brief window that the towers behind can hit him a couple of times.
And Host Hat... thing should have the hat as an armor rather then a lobbing damage immunity, IMO.
Especially since these two enemies appear on the same levels and are immune against what the other is weak against.

lil monstro enemy that can hit multiple babies but is slow or has low damage

this would be great, only it should have a slow dps and be limited only about 4 or 5 tiles in front of it

it's not important but i would be happy if you could "fix" the language setting ;)


The ability to use pills on enemies
There is literally no point to the negative pills after you identify them, so it would be cool if you could use them to debuff enemies.
I mean, you wouldn't want to use a full health pill on an enemy, but a speed down on an enemy would be a little bit usefu


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Can you make it so that mega plum shoots babies randomly instead of always shooting at the back of the row.


A lot of people suggest having an extra slot, but i think that it can be worked around by implementing more interesting ways of getting hearts. Maybe trinkets, giving a passive effect until your next shop? Or passives that give you hearts under some conditions? for exemple: every enemy a charger kills drops a hear/ some% for an enemy to drop a heart/ have your babies drop half their half cost when they die
This would also help with making the no heart-giving baby achievement actually achievable!

I was also thinking that Blood Puppy could be a passive that randomly takes place of a used charger after every shop.

Otherwise, great job on the game so far, can't wait to see more! Don't forget not to overload with work yourself either, dunno how you're doing with that, but quality over quantity remains way better anyway!


Okay but I need an android apk for this, it would run amazingly as mobile

I believe that the Wiz Baby should be nerfed. Probably just a price increase should be fine, but only 125 for full-lane coverage single-handedly won me an entire run. Spam them all over the place, and they protectively snipe from across the map!

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Well off fangame. I've played it for a couple hours at this point, got up to one loop and died on a mines stage, I don't know shit everything but I'll give my thoughts.

I really like how chaotic shit is currently. That's much unlike the PvZ1, it gives a sense of dread a well roguelike does.

Many said the lack of plant slots and I'd have to agree, in the original PvZ you even got up to nine, yowza, I presume the game is based around this fact, there may be a passive that ups the count but here's my thoughts of why such a limit diminishes gameplay:

PvZ is a tactical game, and plants can correspond or intermingle with differing niches, usually as Generators, Power, Defense, Instant, & Support. Well not only that each of those niches are either Weak, Medium, or Heavy in cost/power. This is fine, when assembling a deck you can't have everything. The thing is you need a Generator or you're taking a death sentence, you basically have only 3 slots to choose, this really incentivizes one to just use the same synergy of 3 over and over. If there was a passive giving one slot that'd increase the basically 3 slots to 4, a very marginal increase compared to, say, the extra pill slot.

In my run I took I won multiple rounds with Chad, Hallowed Ground, & Mongo + one other never switching those placements, everything else was lacker. I get that the Actives / Pills are supposed to be the alternatives to this but then I soley never switched my Active.

The fun thing to me about PvZ is seeing your field of immense colours firing all different shot types, with even one extra slot it'd open up wide to synergies which Isaac is known for. Mean PvZ2 had a locked slot with a plant you had to use, and this game has many of the PvZ2 mechanics.

edit: an example of well synergies is when I obtained B. Bob + Multidimensional Baby + Pascal Candle. Using that combo together is very fun, yet I can't add an extra little defense, support, or, say, combining that with a curve to getting a harlequin baby behind that. I saw in a thumbnail on this page that there's likely a passive for an extra slot, but starting the game with one would really make such a difference. Otherwise I just keep using CHAD as defense, spamming it to stop the oncoming horde or to set off Mulliboom.

That one common item that makes babies fart back enemies when they died saved me multiple times, more so then any rare I got, thanks.

Bosses are coolio, the first one is best designed IMO, I don't know what chose you to limit the map so much on the later bosses, considering you have a larger arsenal I wanted to see the pretty colours. However they are a real danger to your chargers at round start as seed drops are complete RNG, since Charger loss is permanent, costing a full rare item for a replenishment of one, this is real unfair.

I've played a couple challenges, and that one with spikes and lil' loki is RNG dependent as hell sheesh I mean it was funny everytime Isaac got dropkicked by his mother NGL.

Other than that uh add more gambling I guess. Isaac without gambling is piss lame, there were multiple slots in PvZ too. Maybe if it was like Bumbo that had gambling I think idk never played it.

edit: Now I think did you replace harlequin with the wiz baby?... I may be missing something but it has it's shots. heinous. I am literally dying.

edit: nevermind harlequinn is in the game it's repeater alt

Does the shovel have a hotkey? With a frantic game like this that's advised. I don't think the pills do either? Those need a slight rework, as some others suggested.

This game also doesn't have indications of health on base enemies like in PvZ where limbs popped off, such a thing can tell the player how much more they have to support a lane early game. Even something simple like colour change gradient when they're just about to die.

Shovel hotkey is Q, IIRC. Also space is fast-forward.

(1 edit)

The game won't let me download it, my virus thing blocks it, is there a way to stop this

Click the three dots on the upper corner of the screen,then click settings,then click Security and Privacy.

You can reply if you have any questions.

Similar to normal pvz i suggest a pickup on hover rather than on click i tend to lose myself on the chaos of the screen when playing these kinds of games and would prefer an on hover to on click.

This game is simply AMAZING,one thing though...I would be happy if you added a change music option to the pause menu.

Also like everyone else said,MORE SLOTS.

Hello, can you make it so that when you are fullscreen your mouse cursor is locked inside this game? Cos I always accidentally click the Desktop on my second monitor while trying to click on babies, and the game gets minimized which is kinda annoying. Thanks.


Also it would be nice to be able to pick hearts while you have a baby in your hand, so when you click on a heart with a baby in a hand it won't place it.


slowing from webs and freezing should stack, or maybe combine in some other way


Trash can for pills

The boss RNG at the start of the fight is very annoying and can get you to unavoidably lose a charger, which is very annoying if you're doing the  "don't lose chargers" achievement

ALSO make it so that you can't lose once you've finished the level, because I just lost on item shop screen after Giga Plum boss because Mom's Hands spawned enemies while Giga Plum had her death animation playing.

Obviously with it being in Alpha, I'll keep requests/Suggestions lol, But i love the idea of potential characters. Either have gimmicks, bonuses or different starting Towers. If you were to take vanilla characters or go the Bum-bo route and do original ones. there's so many ideas.

I genuine suggestion I do have is a proper Boss Title Card could be cool.


How about the ability to change your style of playing the game by adding something like characters? For example, Isaac can reroll the items shown at the end of a game, Magdalene starts a game with more hearts (like 100 instead of 50), and Cain gains more pickups and can identify pills.

All this (reroll, more starting hearts, only good pills) already in the game, by passive items.

yeah that's literally how it works in issac, minus some character's restrictions and tainted characters


freezer baby shoud freeze enemies if it kills them, frozen enemies would fuction as mini barriers


A good thing would be an indicator kind of like pvz where a monster is at half health, for example a gaper's head blowing off leaving its body walking towards you or something.

Controller support would be sick but I understand if you can't/won't


I love the game, but i feel like the game REALLY needs to have some sort of visual indicator that the zombies are on low hp. it makes the zombies infinitely more scarier when you have no idea what their hp is imo, probably them looking scared or something also more zombie variations like a conehead clone would be cool, with enemies like the smiling gaper being able to run faster or something, idk lol

(1 edit)

i know spider mod exists but without it the game feels a lot more scarier

Maybe a small Ipecac baby called something like "Bitty Bob" that fires explosive AoE projectiles (would function similarly to the Melon-pult from PvZ).

Deals a lot of damage, fires rarely. Just like Ipecac.

(1 edit)

Endless mode (survival)

I'd personally would like to see a key binding option in the startup screen. A little customization for the controls can go a long way for getting more people to play.


My suggestion is a very silly and small one, but adding cheat codes! The original Plant vs. Zombies had "cheats" like typing mustache at any time gave all zombies mustaches, typing future at any time gave them sunglasses, etc... I think it'd be a neat little feature to add just to give the game a little more flavor.

That will be not that easy to do in GM:S


the fitnessgram pacer test

It seems like the pills are consistent through multiple playthroughs. Shouldn't the effects randomize every attempt like in Isaac?

They randomize, i had yellow-orange pill, in one run it was Speed down, in other - Something wrong, Speed up and other...

How about when you defeat a boss,you also get a "rare" baby?

Rare babies should be more powerful than the normal ones,of course.

I know this has been done by so many games,but they have a reason.

well you already get an item and access to the shop

Yeah,but a new baby never hurts...right?

(2 edits)

I can suggest you "Lil Abaddon" idea. I know you have a "Charge System" (How i call this fillng with green black ring), so you can give him this system. You need to charge him to make his ring 3x3 with him in centre when you need it (I need it sometimes). He'll cost 50 soul hearts. But maybe... It's already in the game, i don't know, i didn't find him when i played, sorry.

P.S. About Soul Hearts read in my post below


More bosses would be neat, such as The Duke of Flies and Monstro.

What if you added a gargantuar type enemy like gemeni or something, as like a miniboss for certain waves.

Possibly an online version on the game page so that way us people that have a chromebook or people at school could play it? Might be kinda hard but it would prob be pretty good.


different starting characters or "decks" that you can unlock and choose would be cool, they could also have completion marks or something idk

you shoud allow the player to pick a baby when starting a run, the blue room I is soo boring bc its allways the sa,e

Hey! I love the game but I find it kinda tedious that you have to click on the hearts to collect them, maybe you can grab them by hovering the mouse over them? I don't know if thats too broken. Great job and I hope to see what it'll become in the future, it looks really good!


You can do that if you hold down right click and go over them! You can pick up coins this way too

I didn't know that! Thanks so much for the tip! And thank you for being kind too! 

Of course! :D

A manual would be helpful. As well as preventing flying enemies from spawning until you have a better method of control. (Also not starting from THE VERY TOP WOULD BE GOOD)

hey, i know people keep asking for more slots, but i had the thought that they'd cost around 50 coins, that way you can either buy the items, or buy an extra slot, id also recommend 5 slots after the first character unlock. as well as taking fan ideas for babies. 


A suggestion from a friend would be to add Incubus and make it work like Imitater from PvZ.

As from me, maybe make pickups last a bit longer because they expire pretty damn fast.

I'm already getting all sorts of ideas for babies as I write this, like Succubus being an AoE low-damage tower that increases other towers' damage within its range too, sort of like an offensive Hallowed Ground.

Oh yeah and about the whole tower slots thing everyone complains about, it's true that things get hard quickly when you only have 4 slots, so maybe you can have 1 slot be added every floor or just add 1 permanently to the game?

Game is Great but amount of slots is a real bummer
it makes the game harder but not a good way , it would be better to have more diversity in the run as it would make the game more fun and balance out the difficulty even 1-2 slots would be massive since the fact that most of the time you are forced onto using lil chad so you only would have 3 slots for both attack and defense

TLDR : add more slots maybe 1-2

I havent fully completed the game, but if it doesn't exist having ball of bandages would be cool. Maybe it has less hp but gives some hearts back when it dies or just produces them at a slower rate than chad? Or less hp again but charms enemies, like in the civil war challenge, when it dies. Or even make it upgradable like in BoI, having 1 is just a worse cube of meat, having 2 lets it shoot, having 3 lets it sometimes shoot charming tears. I think having a different blocker would add some variety to the staleness of selection others are talking about (although i do think 4 slots is good)


I would adore it if this game was posted as a web playable as well, which as I've heard from my brother isn't hard to translate. I would love to play this on things such as chromebooks that cannot download all windows files.


This might have been suggested before but a hotkey for pausing the game would go a long way, maybe "P" could work?

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Hearts should be magnetized a bit toward the cursor and should not need m1 held to make it easier on the wrist and index finger.


sigmonstro should replace gargantuars, i will not be taking criticism.

I very much approve.

Hello again, know, you don't read these ideas, but i have an idea for soul hearts. You can get soul hearts by converting red hearts with Demon  Bum (Get him from start, cost 25 soul hearts) at a price of 1/4. Like 200 red hearts = 50 soul hearts. Soul hearts can be used to plant angel/demon babies, you have 25 from start to plant a Demon Bum. Read my post about Lil Abaddon, please, but i know no one cares about what i say.

Lil Abaddon is above, on this page (if you want it)

(1 edit) (+1)

Back again.

Even with the speed-up feature days take real long regardless, can be annoying when are guaranteed to bust through early on, but the chaos is fun.

I'm saying especially the first day, as you need to complete it to get an item, nothing interesting happens, in base Isaac even though you started with nothing you'd have different characters and could find pickups or whatever. If the base baby slot count is 5 then you could get one baby from the get-go instead of waiting, I guess.

Also the whole shop and/or obtaining passives needs a rework, money gen is already really random, there's a well chance that you cannot obtain a rare after the first boss, and some common items are even far better than rare ones (E.G. the bean that moves back enemies when a babies die, there is a rare costing 3 times that amount that accomplishes the same thing, but when they spawn. There is no reason to get that rare. And then you can only get one charger replenishment for the cost of a rare, or 3 whole great common items. If there was a baby that generates money I don't know of that'd instantly turn your run into obtaining as much dosh as possible, with you always wanting that baby filling up a slot, reducing choices and incentivizing the same lame 'ol strategy.

Pill baby is poopoo why would you use him.

-- anyway, my ideals for slots that probably won't get added because of your game design or whatever. Far off from now --

  • You start with 4 slots, but get 5 after the first boss.
  • You start with 5 slots. Perhaps with a baby selection pre-run.

Then I thought, because after you loop you don't get a baby selection you get a 6th slot, this slot automatically picks a random baby in your arsenal before the round. Or possibly just to make the game harder you don't get an extra slot and it just forces you to do whatever heheheh.

Of course there'd be the shop slots, backpack is well, but could possibly be another common item that randomly chooses one from your arsenal.


  • PvZ (6 slots)
  • PvZ + full drip (10 slots [no need holy moley])
  • PvZ2 + full drip (8 slots [haha you have to pay real money])
  • I. Rule Beginning (5 slots)
  • I. Rule Loop (5 slots, 1 random)
  • I. Rule Very luck + full drip (7 slots, 2 random)

This is still less than the amount of slots you'd get in PvZ so attention can be brought forth to your quirky active items, fellow game designer.

Maybe backpack could instead give to active slots (alternating) like in base Isaac, and the slot increase would be something else, would be a very fun 'OP' run if you got such a thing, but getting fun 'OP' runs is the point of Isaac.

If there was wet water levels far later on in dev (good job nice :thumbsup:) then a slot would be force filled with a lily alternative, I guess.

(1 edit) (+1)

i have some baby ideas
1.super baby:shoots very fast small damage tears like a machine gun
2.king baby:has a 3x3 radius,babies in the radius will aim at the cursor(except for if its not a projectile attacking baby)
3.bum:attacks as fast b bobby but costs sligthy more,you can buff bum by using coins(1 coin increases attack speed by 15% percent or less)
4.devil bum:attacks the same way as lil loki but attacks a little slower but can be buffed by using hearts(5 hearts increases attack speed of devil bum by 2.5% percent or less)
5.pill bum:attacks as fast as b bobby and and attacks like a b bobby but something is wrong pill makes pill bum attack like rainbow baby,and other pills can buff(if you give pill bum a pill it will increase one of 3 stats 1.attack speed(10%) 2. attack damage (5%) choose) and also increases the stats  that pill gives)
6.super bum:attacks super fast and now can buff attack damage by 5% using coiins,pills and hearts and attacks like rainbow baby
7.gun baby:has a 4x4 radius to shoot enemies at

and some item ideas:
lullaby:increases tower attack speed
hologram: all towers(except for towers like lil chad) have a hologram that is on the opposite side and shoot the opposite direction(the damage of the hologram is half
toy gun(active item):shoot the enemies for insta kill

and some changes ideas:

make mongo baby shoot corresponding tears for babies that dont neccersarily attack like explosive tear if bob's brain was behind mongo baby and also make mongo baby use the mongo baby's behind it's tears like if rubber soul was behing mongo baby and a mongo baby was infront of that mongo baby maybe make it so that both mongo baby shoot rubber balls
and also can you make it so if mongo baby is behing a mongo baby both mongo baby's get double attack speed,attack power and health

I would either add a button to skip the first floor, or start the game with a choice to start with a new baby. Right now it's kinda boring going through the first level without any changes.


Another few suggestions, two pills:

Health Up, adding max health to a tower, and Balls of Steel, adding temporary health to a tower instead that you can't recover once lost, like Soul Hearts work in Isaac.

A baby:

Robo-Baby, a familiar that'd shoot a low-damage laser relatively fast that can pierce through an entire lane. Could make for decent chip damage while working with a different damaging tower, would definitely work well with Ghost Baby.


Since Devil Deals are such a huge aspect of Isaac, I thought it would be super cool if they got represented here too.

How I imagine they'd work is if you clear an area without losing any chargers (since that's sort of like taking no damage), after the shop, you get a special Devil Shop with a selection of 3 items with prices of a different sort: Game Modifiers. Similar to the Chaos boons in Hades, they temporarily handicap you in exchange for a more powerful upgrade. Handicaps could include things like Curse of Darkness, Curse of the Blind, Hearts don't fall from the sky, shovel gains a charge, etc.
Of course, the items from the Devil Deal would be stronger or more useful than the average shop item to compensate. It would be a great way to implement additional slots if you don't just want to give them out after the boss fight, as others are suggesting. You could also feature stronger babies like Lil' Brimstone or other strong passives worthy of the trade.

I think this'd add a great additional risk/reward element to the game which rewards skilled play, as is the case in og Isaac.  Just wanted to say your game is awesome and I've been loving playing it!

agreed, woud be a great addition, it would be also good adding the angel deals

i was playing the game, i lost, i restarted and placed a little C.H.A.D. and then i left, when i came back i had all of my actives, familiars, items back.

Maybe if you don't like any of the babies available at the end of a stage you can choose to get a random passive item instead.


I've got some cool baby ideas, but they're pretty basic:

Twisted Pair (Costs 200): Similiar to the repeater in PvZ, just shoots twice

Quints (Costs 125): Similiar to the peapod in PvZ2, shoots just like a normal brother bobby but can place up to 5 on a single space, allowing for 5 shots for a total of 625

Guardian Angel (Costs 125 or 150): Similiar to the pumpkin in PvZ, can only be placed on another baby, giving it additional HP similar to the Cube of Meat, it will count as a defensive baby.

Lil Abadonn: (Costs 150 or 200): Similiar to the fire dragon from PvZ2 (but different), each shoot will damage all enemies in a 3x4 area (centered but only 1 column behind it and 2 in front)

Succubus: (Costs 300 or 325): The same effect as Hollowed Ground, but will instead give damage boost to babies within 3x3 area.

You may already have these or maybe not, but i just want to give you ideas, because that's what this place is all about.

I'd imagine Lil Abaddon more like the Gloom Shroom since we already have a familiar that's like Snapdragon, being Dark Esau.


What about a jacob's ladder baby that deals base damage and shocks up to 3 more enemies for 0.33x damage. That would add more crowd control options.


Listen dont add anymore ways to get baby slots ( unless you want to ofc) bc its already pretty balanced, it just needs a few enemy nerfs at the end of the game and thats all that i can say. This game is sick and i cant wait to see it get even better


The 5th slot felt necessary before, but now 0.1.6 launched and suddenly the game got actually much more playable.

Can agree that this game is hella fun, and I love it.

Перезаход возвращает не на уровень, а в меню выбора бейбиков. Из-за этого можно пытаться перепроходить один и тот же уровень, например, чтобы не потерять газонокосилки, что попахивает читами. Можно сохранять состояние игры перед выходом, чтобы пресечь это.

Также было бы неплохо, если бы лейаут уровня был сгенерирован уже в меню выбора бейбиков, чтобы можно было посмотреть его, как в обеих PvZ, и подкорректировать стратегию.

maybe add one time use items that upgrade the babies for the rest of the run, like a birthright effect, like for crispy baby the birthright effect would be: start with power pill effect maybe? or maybe do not remove the fire when getting hit by pegasus


Probably a controversial suggestion, but honestly one of the best things about the original pvz is the fact that you can always choose your towers depending on the situation and once you unlocked them you have them for good, with no stress of losing them all and having to start over from the first four, so my suggestion is some kind of endless mode, in which the player has all babies they discovered so far unlocked from the start, the catch is that they can't discover any new items, active items, or new babies while in this mode.

Again this might be controversial since this game is supposed to have a roguelike gameplay, but I think that would be nice for people who enjoyed the plants vs zombies feeling of having your arsenal of towers unlocked at your disposal with no stress of losing them all.


make playable characters with a passive effect or from the start an active item sounds good

Different characters starting with different towers maybe, that would be really cool!


Maybe exchange the shovel for sac. dagger? i doesn't make sence (at least to me) that you remove babies with a shovel, they're not plants after all

(1 edit)

I agree to clean up children with a shovel strange

You literally kill the babies with blunt force, what else could you ask for?


A codex/almanac in the Main Menu for enemies and babies unlocked would be nice to familiarize with their own units, attacks, and pill effects

An additional baby slot would be nice, but maybe if you are against just adding one as base capacity, then how about adding it through Tainted Isaac's Birthright?

A suggestion for Mongo baby, instead of just mimicking the fire style of the baby behind it, maybe also the tear effect? and also increasing the heart cost from 125 to 150 if the tear effect part is added.

King baby could be used like the Torchwood, but instead of setting tears on fire, It adds a 10% damage bonus and one time tear pierce to babies around it (3x3). It can also shoot normal tears, but it is not affected by it's own effect. It would cost 200 hearts. Multiple King babies would not increase the effect.

How about you make a branching path, this will probably be a coding nightmare, but imagine having a choice at which path you want to go to (like the alt path in  TBoI). A normal route where the rewards are normal and the difficulty is the same, and an alt route where the reward is higher, but the difficulty is increased (increased meaning more challenging enemies and not bullshit combos like a bunch of worms). While I am at it, why not decrease the worm's movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 5% from the current speed. They are just to fast and unavoidable if you are caught with a recharging cube of meat.

I also think that "Hard mode" should be taken off the board for now. Try to finish the base game before trying to make an extra difficulty.

I've got a couple suggestions for familiars that are counterparts to PVZ plants!
Lil Delirium - Imitater
Strawman - Marigold
Ball of Bandages - Hypnoshroom

Thank you so much for I.RULE ♥♥♥♥

you should trinkets that would be cool

I'd love a bit more visual difference in the hearts, they get lost on top of the CHADs and I miss quite a few of them. the sunshine in pvz is significantly more visually distinct from the sunflowers. that's all I can really think of so far, this game is wonderful, tysm <3

(4 edits)

Alright so I got some babies ideas. Of course, I'll let you fine tune the balance of it all, I'm just trying to come up ideas I haven't yet seen in my few runs (hopefully, I didn't suggest something that's already in the game or suggested).

Lil' Brim - costs: 200hp (4 hearts) - recharge: mediocre - Lil' Brim charges up a strong blood laser that damages all enemies on its lane, but will only fire it when ordered to (by clicking on it).  It costs 50hp to fire (to mimick dark bum/magnifying grass a bit), and has some medium/long cooldown between shots.

Robo-baby - 100hp (2 hearts) - recharge: fast - Robo-baby fires weak lasers, targeting the closest enemies on 3 lanes (his own and adjacent ones). The lasers pierce through all enemies, dealing weak damage in an instant (think Lightning Reed x Laser Bean).

Robo-baby 2.0 - 125hp (2.5 hearts) - recharge: fast - Similar to Robo-baby, Robo-Baby 2.0 fires piercing lasers, but only in its lane (forwards/backwards) and up/down, if there are enemies there. It also fires faster than Robo-baby.

Battery Baby - 150hp (3 hearts) - recharge: slow - Battery baby creates an electric 3x3 aura around itself, dealing constant damage to all enemies around it.

Ball of Bandages - 25hp (0.5 heart) - recharge: mediocre - Ball of Bandages acts as a weaker cube of meat, however you can put a ball of bandage ontop of another to upgrade it. It has 3 levels, gaining health on the second and the ability to shoot on the third.

Tumor - 50hp (1 heart) - recharge: fast - Tumors can only be placed onto any other tower, slowly shooting at enemies in its lane. Moreover, Enemies will eat the tumor before the baby. However, babies carrying tumors are slowed down (like a speed down).

Mini-monstro - 150hp (3 hearts) - recharge: fast - Mini-monstroes periodically fire a burst of tears on the 3x3 tiles in from of them.

Oh and also a boss idea: the Archbishop. The Archbishop looks like a buffed up the Bishops from Repentance and stands at the far right side of the room, occasionally spawning enemies. All lanes can target it. The boss protects enemies on the field (again, similar to bishop enemies), taking damage itself in the process. After taking a certain amount of hits/damage, the Archbishop will be stunned for a moment, protecting himself but leaving enemies vulnerable (your chance to clear the board). The Archbishop might also shoot tears against your defense during phase 2/3.

(also plz put almanac for enemies and make the shovel animation for cube of meat cleave it thx)

Deleted 332 days ago

i think having alt floors would be amazing. imagine burning basement instead of blue room or maybe ashpit instead of its all mine , all with their own enemies. it would really add a ton replayability.  also having shop where you can buy new babies like crazy dave's twiddy dinkies would be nice.


More like: Burning Room.

Red room

Deleted 332 days ago

how about succubus baby, it just stays like hollow ground, except it boosts damage, or it could be a passive that flies around the screen and deals damage to thy enemies and adds 25% damage to the babies?

sorry this is a big one

a few baby ideas as well:

ball of bandages -  about 50% the health of a cube of meat, but each enemies have a chance to become charged when attacking it. the chance increases for on enemy for every attack it does.

lil' brim - costly, requires to charge. when charged, can be clicked to release the brimstone beam, dealing 5 ticks of damage to every enemy in row. when powered up, deals 7 tick of damage

robo-baby - fires weak but piercing lasers, has a slow fire rate. when powered up, deals more damage per laser

succubus - has a 5x5 damaging aura around itself. the damage is much less than spike baby's. more damage when powered up

incubus - locked behind unlock,  attacks and abilities are dependent on your passive items(some items grant the same effect, some don't grant any). fire rate increases based when powered up.

boiled baby - costly. randomly spews(lobs) many projectiles at enemies in its lane, with low accuracy. low fire rate, increases the amount of projectiles when powered up.

seraphim - costly. has homing, a slow fire rate and a lot of damage. increases fire rate when powered up.

also there should be an enemies tab in the stats thing

add a donation machine to the shop

I have a couple ideas ideas for new babies!

(Note that I haven't 100% the game yet, so if what I suggest is already in let me know)

More heart producing babies would be incredible. An equivalent of the primal sunflower in PVZ2 would be much appreciated, as they make early game more difficult but greatly improve mid and late game. Another idea I have is an expensive shooter baby (maybe 3-4 hearts) who makes light beams upon hit, and every time it kills an enemy it produces a heart or two, depending on how balanced it turns out being. 

Aside from that I don't think too many more babies are needed, the game is already surprisingly well balanced

BUT, perhaps a character selection system similar to PVZ Heroes would be implemented?  It'd help give the player more opportunities to choose how they want to play, and reduce the chances of RNG screwing u over!

y'know, character selection sounds quite fun considering isaac has a ton of different characters to choose from with their different abilities each

Deleted 332 days ago

The "Haunted Boot" sounds interesting, although there's already some enemies in the Binding of Isaac which avoid shots like that: Imps

Deleted 332 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Having played the game, I will say that I think that the game does need more baby slots, or at least an option to get more slots, for a fair amount of reasons. The 4 you get now, one of which will most certainly be used for little chad, is fairly debilitating, both for the game and the player. You’re given any room to try unique strategies or combinations. One time use plants aren’t worth taking at all, and certain enemies still hard counter certain plants. There’s no room for longevity or stronger enemies because you’re stuck with what you have, go for more expensive babies and you’ll struggle to start, Anything more expensive then what we already have in the game will be more trouble then it’s worth, putting in a cheaper baby to cover this just uses another one of your few slots. this along with the lack of straight up passive plant upgrades kinda just sucks


I think the start of each loop should take away your most used baby so that you're forced to try different strategies and not stick to the same babies


more little extra visual interactions between power pill and babies, i really love how using a power pill on a crispy baby will turn its fire blue and would enjoy seeing other small things like that (i've not used a power pill on CHAD yet but if it has no interaction it should make him produce bigger hearts which offer 75 or so HP)

that's what C.H.A.D. does yeah, produces bigger hearts.

(2 edits) (+1)

Maybe replace Mystery Gift with Buddy in a Box and make Mystery Gift give a random passive instead?

Lil' Spewer could be added too, using creep in this game could work.

Punching Bag as a defensive familiar with some decent durability, and attracting enemies similarly to Sweet Potato from PvZ2?

Holy Water working similarly to BBF but instead it drops a puddle of damaging creep in a 3x3 area?


Maybe a 20/20 baby that shoots 2 bullets  

Deleted 332 days ago

That's what Imps are for

Deleted 332 days ago

How about adding worm-based trinkets that make your babies' shots move differently as long as you have one? Trinkets can still be dropped.

Twisted Pair

A costly unit that can be stacked on another attack tower, copying it's projectiles, however, they deal less damage (perhaps 50 - 33%? no idea here).

It fires them in the two lanes at the tower's sides.

Mongo Baby approves.


Would have to adapt a new system of new types of hearts, so here we go:

The Relic

generates soul hearts, can be used to buy cheaper angelic babies.

Cost: 150 Red Hearts
Cost: 100 Soul Hearts
Cost: 150 Black Hearts

Dark Bum

generates black hearts, can be used to buy cheaper demon babies.

Cost: 150 Red Hearts
Cost: 150 Soul Hearts
Cost: 100 Black Hearts

Note: The system of hearts that fall from the sky can be by type of floor(level), in addition, all babies that do not enter the specific characteristics of hearts, do not have a reduced price compared to other types of hearts.


Key and chest system

A system that adds key drops from enemies. During the new familiar collection phase, it is optional to open a chest instead of collecting a new friend, containing coins (80%), pills (10%), familiars (7%) and items (3%).


please add this i beg you.

Fruit Plum

It inflates to a certain point, then shoots thousands of bubbles at medium range until it returns to its normal form.

Cost: 125 red hearts


Hello, this game is amazing! Really good job so far.

The feature I suggest is being able to view the layout of the tiles, while on the screen where you pick the babies and see the enemies.

Would really be nice to see, so you're able to adapt to the layout (especially with the minecarts and spike levels)

(1 edit) (+4)

it would be neat to have a small chance of when placing brother bobby, getting a sister maggie instead


I love this game! It so perfectly manages to encapsulate elements of both Isaac and PvZ. It has stuff for new players and veterans alike! I feel like there's so much potential with a game like this, as each run makes you do a different strategy. One thing that got annoying with PvZ was that you could just repeat the same strategy over and over and beat every level. With this game, I feel like you can make it so that every level has some unique enemies that force you to use different strategies. 

One complaint I have with this game is that after completing the first loop of the game, you can't get new babies. It would have been cool keep picking new babies to try out new strategies, as right now the game is pretty short, and you only get to pick 6 babies total. It also feels like pills aren't that strong, and they become more of an annoyance than anything since you have to keep using them to get new ones, especially with the bad pills.

I think only having 4 slots is actually fine for a game like this. It gives each slot more weight and importance, and the player has to make tougher decisions and carefully select what babies they use.

I think having different characters that you can pick at the start of the run could be a cool mechanic to bring over from Isaac. Different characters could have different playstyles and start with different items. For example, Isaac could start with the D6, Magdalene could start with Yum Heart (an active item that gives 200 hearts when used), Cain could start with an extra slot for babies, etc.

I agree. It is annoying to exhaust item pools.


    before i say anything in this suggestion, i just want to say this game is amazing, i always wanted to play a rougelike tower defense game and this game does it more than amazingly, however even with how good it is i still do feel as though the game can get alot of additions (its in alpha after all) and as anyone who would see an uncomplete game would do, i give my ideas, do note most of these ideas will pull from the original binding of isaac games and or other sources of media if not partially original, so without futher ado lets start with, THOUGH DO NOTE IN BABIES SECTION, IF STATS NOT MENTION THEN ITS BASICALLY THE SAME AS B.B.
    while i feel this would be very weird for the game i still feel it would be better to have something similar than to not have a large problem which ive faced personally with the game is 1- there are no cheap towers besides starters 2-blue room literally has 1 good strat and thats not good, so my idea here was to add 2 or 3 of each of the starter plants (2-3 heart producers, 2-3 walls,etc etc) and familiars, the idea of familiars is something similar to another suggestion on here (which i cant remember the writer of it for the life of me) every run you start with an extra 5th tower that would be locked through the whole entire run and you can change in the menu, another idea to make the game a bit more diverse, is to add an easy mode, you get an item at the start of each game that you dont have to pay coins for, this mode mostly would be so new players learn the game more easily
    1-Maggot, slow speed, low health, if it kills a baby the baby will explode into 3 other maggots (the surrounding babies are not directly damaged)
    2-Leper flesh, medium speed, medium health, the leper does not damage towers, however it can pass right through them
    3-Mullighoul, high speed, medium health, same ability as leper
    4-Blaster, slow speed, high health, shoots the double fly things (i cant remember its name for the life of me)
    5-Mushroom, low health, pops out of random tiles and shoots in all cardinal directions, damaging babies, cannot directly kill the player
    6-Boil, acts the same as poop, but can regenerate if not killed fast enough
    7-Selfless knight, very low speed, high health, with every enemy killed after the knights spawns, the speed will increase by a bit
    8-The fecal titan, slow speed, high health, when killed explodes and replaces all empty times in 3x3 area with poop
    9-The bloon, slow speed, low health, all towers in corresponding lane shoot faster (like 10%), but when killed the towers will shoot slower (also probably 10%)
    10-Thunderat, high speed, low health, every 10 seconds will shoot a bolt that randomly damages 3 babies (each bolt does around 5% of brother bobby's hp)
    11- The cupcake man, very low speed, very high health, will convince one of your babies to come over for a cupcake (if it reaches said baby's tile), turns baby into a monster depending on cost (more expensive=stronger)
    (we will start with the familiars since they were mentioned in [2], just to say this all familiars will be marked by [F] and you can only have 1 familiar on screen and if it dies you can replace it(and before you say some of them have nothing to do with the original game im just tryna give ideas)and starter units will be sprinkled in between and they will be marked by [S])
    1-F-Azazel, 300 cost, same health as a b.b., attack is a strong beam that can pass 10 enemies but shoots after a very long cooldown, can move from any tile to an empty tile, cannot enter an occupied tile
    2-F-Judas, 200 cost, there are 2 modes, judas normal and judas dark
    judas normal will shoot with the slightly more power and health than b.b., but if it gets 3 full kills, it will become dark judas
    dark judas deals double damage, but if an enemy comes to attack it, it lets the enemy by under any circumstance
    3-F-Magdalene, 100, cost 1.5 b.b's health, produces hearts at 1.25 the rate of a lil chad
    4-F-Cain, 200 cost, .33% damage of b.b, 4x attack speed, and higher chance of enemies to coins
    5-Leviathen baby, slow recharge, 150 cost, low health and damage, can move from any tile to an empty tile, cannot enter an occupied tile
    6-Crap baby, mid recharge, 100 cost, less damage from b.b, when killed spawns 2 friendly small poos
    7-Baby hydra, slow recharge, 400 cost,more damage than bb but equal health, 2 phases, incased and outraged, after being placed the hydra will be in incased mode, incased mode will not attack and has the same health as outraged, after a dozen or so seconds it will become outraged, when outraged it will be able to attack, and if i killed when outraged, it will spawn 3 baby hydras in any open tile in their incased forms
    8-S-Small baby, fast recharge, 0 cost, sun producer, half of lil chads hp, produces 25 hearts at half of lil chads rate
    9-S-Umbilical baby, trapper,  25 cost, long recharge, when a monster walks on the tile this baby was placed on it dies
    10-S-Tyrant baby, 100 cost, long recharge, will throw any monster that comes to the tile infront of it, has 4 throws per plant, and a 3 sec cooldown per throw
    11-S-Behaving baby, 75 cost, mid recharge, shoots knives at double of b.b.s attack speed but dealing double damage
    12-S-Bright-minded baby, 75 cost, mid recharge, deals less damage than b.b, can shoot upwards
    13- Happy slime, 50 cost, slow recharge, shoots 2 projectiles in alternation, 1st can hit ground enemies, 2nd hits flying enemies, deals half the damage of b.b, blocks fliers
    14-Baby queen, when a charger is lost all units have 2x attack speed for a period of time
    15-mini charger, 125 cost, very long cooldown, acts identically to a charger but takes up a tile
    16-The rat king , 75 cost, instant usable, speeds up monsters and makes them move away from a specific tile, either in its direction or opposite
  5. ITEMS
    1- Bobs rotten head, all will become friendly monsters upon death 99
    2-Dads key, enemies in safes open after a few shots only 33
    3-Reusable deck of cards, allows you to reroll items at the next shop 99
    4-Forget me now, speed down pills no longer appear 33 
    5-Isaac's tears, all babies that use plain attacks will do 1.5 damage 99
    as for now i will consider this specific list complete, i dont mind if half of these concepts get scrapped but i do feel its worth a look, thank you for reading :)

There's very little reason to change your loadout late-game. Maybe start with extra hearts when choosing a baby you haven't tried yet?

(1 edit)

Offensive pills? Like Infested!/Infested? either poops or the chosen enemy spawn spiders which do a  bit of damage to other enemies. Are You A Wizard? makes enemies that normally move forward instead move like a Trite. Using a positive pill like Power Pill! or Speed Up!on an enemy can increase damage/defence and speed respectively. Therefore, there is a risk to whether to see if a pill is good or bad for you, and to test it on an enemy

Make so that you get a random baby at the start of the game.

Keeper baby - shoots coins that give enemies chance to drop money on death

Achievement - complete all chapters (or maybe only one chapter) using only four main babies

Achievement - complete all chapters without defensive babies

make the fat red flies only fly over defence babies, it's the most depressing thing ever just seeing a red fly cacually flying over all of your defense

true, if you don't get spider baby, it could be nightmare


Hi! I love the game, and I love that you've been patching/updating it so often.

I suggest having a new Backpack-esque item that gives you an extra baby slot. I'd personally have it be available at all times in the shop (like the charger replacer token thing), but maybe make it cost 133-150 coins so that you can't just buy it early and be good for the rest of the game.

In addition, I'd probably decrease the cost of the item that replaces used chargers, like have it be around 50-66 coins instead. I just find that buying passive items instead is much more valuable overall.

Also, I personally think you shouldn't be stuck with the same exact 4 babies at the start of every run; I know the first level's always quick, but it's still kinda boring starting like that every time. Maybe just provide the option to randomize Brother Bobby at the start of a run?

I think the best option for this is different characters that have different start babies and maybe passives


well, the achievement relating to not use lil chad is really hard. could it be easier? like just a single chapter would be enough.


I think it should be added

that when restoring the health of a meat cube with another cube, effects that triggered when placing children were triggered

They are babies, not children.

Можно добавить артефакты из планетария (или даже придумать малышей) и сделать возможность пропускать предметы/малышей, для +20% шанса планетария




You can add artefacts from the planetarium (or even invent babies) and make it possible to skip items / babies, for a + 20% planetarium chance.

(3 edits) (+2)

Extra slot on hardmode. If this makes hardmode too easy then you can just make the waves more aggressive in later stages or later waves in stages. I personally belive hardmode should offer more options (in sense of letting you take an extra babies to a level, thus giving you more strategies you can use) while compensating with much harder waves, to really test your strategic skills.

Add a preview of the level, so you can see the obstacles and pick babies accordingly. I once picked mongo baby in mines only to get a rail in column 2 and 4, making mongo baby only fully useable on column 6.

Pills are really useless right now (except for power pill! really). Once the negative pills are indentified, you can just waste them on a little chad. I found myself never really using them and instead only stockpiling the power pill! for level 3-3. I honestly do not know how to improve this mechanic, but it is worth pointing out it is a flawed mechanic.

If you ever add more babies, please add some expensive but powerful babies. Currently most expensive offensive babies cost at most 200 hearts. I played a lot of hard pvz mods and the 3 general strategies you can usually use are:

1. spam cheap plants (very fast paced way to play)

2. play cheap plants to beat early waves, then start playing expensive plants to beat later waves (balanced way to play)

3. play stalling plants early game, build up sun and finally play expensive plants (ramping way to play)

As there are no really expensive babies the only strategy really useable is the 1st one. Having 3 different general strategies will make for a more interesting game as you can just switch your general strategy when you get sick of your current one.

Edit: The problem here is the limited heart containers, currently on loop 3 and onward, as you are only able to hold  6 hearts (300), making it so the most expensive baby you can put into the game costs at most 6 (300) hearts (example: hallowed ground). As 6 heart containers barely provide any extra difficulty to the game compared to 12 heart containers, I suggest that this mechanic is removed once more expensive babies are added (hopefully). Another problem might be the fact that expensive babies are not as useful in early stages, you can solve this by making a tier system where early game you get a choice between lower tier babies (weak but cheap) while in later levels you get a choice between higher tier babies (strong but expensive).

Edit: After further playing, more enemies also mean more pills, which makes the mechanic more fun in later loops as you are quickly trying to manage yet another thing adding onto the madness that is the 3rd loop (and onward).

can we have a missed money counter at the end of each chapter? a friend of mine keeps missing money and i find this hilarious. 


I'm the friend


it would be cool if they were puzzles in i rule like vase breaker and where you use enemies to fight babies like in pvz 


Another suggestion, a little tweak to rebalance the enemies in game.

1. The sperm whales should be susceptible to status effects such as knock back, chill, or possibly poison. The health is fine and the speed is kinda mediocre since they're kinda fast while immune to ground damage, since most of the babies are targeting an enemy and had to sacrifice for some babies for it leave.

2. The red boom fly should have its speed tone down a bit or the hp, it'll just fly over your defense without taking damage.


It would be nice if the active items could be used where the babies are. This will not affect the balance in any way, but it will make the game more convenient.

that's so true! It'd make plum flies way easier to deal with if you have an instaki active item too!


Adding more things that can be different between runs could be nice, cause the replayability is a bit lacking for a roguelike. Things like alt-floors or just alternative enemies, different sets of starting babies instead of always starting with the same few (maybe have the different characters from Isaac with different starting babies each?), and maybe some variance to the boss fights, like different arenas or attack patterns. Basically just more stuff that you'll see in one run that you might not see in another, especially in the early game

Yeah like imagine having magdalene starting with that one double chad, the candy heart and a full health pill or something

(5 edits) (+1)

My few ideas after playing the game (and still going) 

1. Soul Hearts and Blue Baby - What if soul hearts are temporary hearts which gradually goes down and you can only get them from enemies just like coins, which are used first for the babies, and a character like blue baby would be nice with this mechanic he can't use red hearts and Little C.H.A.D. and red hearts that drops will turn into a soul heart instead, but he gets double the soul hearts. 

2. XL Room - What if just like in The Binding Of Isaac there's a chance to get an XL Room but instead of forcefully making you stay there you can choose whether you want a normal room or the XL Room and it will have a bigger room but uses 2 rooms and you get to choose 2 rewards instead of 1. 

3. Hidden Rooms and Shop - What if every floor has a chance to have a hidden room which gives you a few coins or a shop which will activate after the level and you can click on him if you want to see what babies he's offering or sell the babies you have. 

4. Devil Deals and Angel Room - What if you don't lose any of your babies (except in the boss room) and you get an angel room or devil deal and you can use the shovel on the babies that you think might die which will not count as losing a baby so that it's a bit more possible, and once you finish the boss instead of the normal items you get an angel room item or devil deal. 

5. Pills - I know pills is already in the game but what if pills work for enemies if you give a slow pill on an enemy (except the boss) he would go faster and a speed pill would make him slower and a power pill would make him have less attack and a full health pill would make him more vulnerable. 

Few more pills:

  1. Bad Gas (Good Pill) - Baby (Knocks back   the enemy in front of him) / Enemy (Poisons   the enemy including the boss) 

 2. Bad Trip (Bad Pill) - Baby (Half's the   health of the baby) / Enemy (Fully Heals the   enemy except the boss) 

 3. Telepill (Bad Pill) - Baby or Enemy   (Teleports to a random area except the boss)

 4. Paralysis (Bad/Good Pill) - Baby or   Enemy (Paralyze enemies or babies except   the boss but better than freeze because it   would work for stone enemies) 

Oh yeah the feature I'd like more than anything right now co-op

6. Co-op Mode - What if you add a co-op mode. Players would share coins and hearts but the main player (host) controls the active item and the pills (possibly also cards) and half of the babies while the other player only controls the other half of the babies, and the players get to choose which passive items they want by buying the item first. 

7. The Lost - He doesn't use any hearts and heart producers, but has no chargers (but instantly kills the first enemy and can be recharged after the boss) and all babies have a longer cool down depending on its original price. 

Just few of my thoughts maybe it's good, maybe it's not, I just can't wait to see what the game will have. 

Deleted 2 years ago

I do not think that is necessary.

First thing I'd like to see changed is that stop watch should also slow down all enemies' movement by 10~15%, because it's very underpowered for a tier 2 item rn, also, I had an idea for pinking shears as an active item, the idea is that you can use pinking shears in one of your placed babies, which will cut their head off, and then you can place the head somewhere else but the body will stay there, and the head will still act like the normal baby but the body will act like a defensive cube of meat, I feel like it'd be useful because you wouldn't have to bring cube of meat with you anymore

maybe the bodies should also deal contact damage like tooth and nail because it sounds a bit underpowered nowthat I think about it, and if you have sanguine bond it should also place spikes after you cut the head off

it would be cool if you would add buddy in a box as in the mimic from the original pvz  (the one that changes into a grey version of a chosen plant), i think that would make sense

There should be an item that picks up coins and hearts automatically

It would definitely have to cost 99c.

I don't know if you take baby suggestions, but i'll repost the ones i did in another topic

Seraphim: 200 ♥, Shoots high damage homing tears at a slow pace, Seraphim tears are slower than other tears.

Strawman: 225 ♥. Shoots in 3 directions, NOT LANES.

Rotten Baby: 150 ♥. Shoots a friendly fly.  Unlock: Let a friendly fly kill an enemy,

Water Baby: 125 ♥. Shoots slightly faster than Brother Bobby, explodes in a tear ring when killed.

-0- baby: 350 ♥. Immune to any type of damage, immobile by Hardy, Unfreezable, dies after10 seconds. Unlock: Loop 4 times.

Butthole Baby: 150 ♥.  Shoots poop tears that have a chance to poison enemies.

Bloodsucker Baby: 200 ♥. Shoots red tears, when it kills an enemy it makes it drop a small heart. Unlock: Beat a level using only Fork + Spike Baby as a heart producing method.

Boss Baby: 150 ♥. Does extra damage the more health an enemy has. Unlock: Beat all bosses at least 3 times.

Pubic Baby: 100 ♥. Same as Brother Bobby but has extra hp

Freaky Baby: 175 ♥. A Chomper like baby, instead of insta killing an enemy, it does high dps in short range.

Eyeless Baby: 150 ♥. Shoots a short range creep trail at enemies.

Cracked Infamy Baby: 150 ♥. Resists a fatal attack, removing it's mask permanently unless Full Healed or Power Pilled,  Alternates between a normal tear and a blood tear with extra damage. Unlock: Kill a masked mulligan without removing its mask.

Nice ideas bro,but the cost of -0- b is 350?that means it is not avaliable in loop 3?(we just have six empty heart in l 3)

Oh, yeah i forgot about that, still... an OP temporary defense unusable on Loop 3 makes it balanced :lol:

Buff phychic baby plz!!

Hi, is not a suggestion, but can I do a direct with your game I.Rule? *I am new with the streamings*

Ícono de validado por la comunidad


a cool thing to add would be something that makes the shovel damage enemies

(1 edit)

it could be "moms shovel" which you need to unlock the forgotten in tboi maybe unlocked by bombing moms hand

I think adding more babies and enemies into the game, or a new floor, for example a new floor could be in the burning basement or cellar, and the enemies that spawn there are the walking spider sack, flaming fatty, and scatter mulliboom which explodes in a cross formation but is slower than mulliboom, and the special effect for the burning basement could be like falling explosive barrels which explode in a 3 by 3 which target randomly on the map, and on the cellar a spider web comes down and places some spider sacks which spawn spiders at an interval of 0.5 seconds on land to 0.3 after, and both stages could have a cool boss fight like a double fight with lil loki and little horn which has two boss ai but have the boss hp shared together, you can do what you want with their ai, but please just add spider s and spider sacks

I think that there should be an increase in amount of babies/towers you can use to at least 6.  For me the game feels too simple as there is very little different synergies you can do when you're limited to just 4.  Especially when 2 of those slots are usually gonna be taken up by little chad and a defensive thing like cube of meat that just leaves you with 2 slots for damage/support where the real fun is.  One synergy that I found really cool was how Pegasus can shoot out the fire of Paschal Candle and  Freezer Baby's ice tear melts when shooting through it. Having to think about the ups and downs with certain decisions is what makes a game like Isaac fun. Maybe it is just me but with Isaac I think of having many different synergies with different things you get along the run and being limited to so few towers makes me feel like there's not much you can do.


hey nice to meet ya, i just played your game and it is fantastic, but i feel like instead to have to click in each and every heart maybe a config that allowed to be picked up by passing the cursor over it?  but other than that i liked very much the game, i honestly desire the best for this project (maybe a poop familiar to honor our dear edmund?)

you can hold left click instead of clicking

(1 edit)

add an option to pick ur ui u wanna have! with options such as:

Compressed: basically loop 1 ui (limits will be signified like this: amount/limit) (has to be unlocked by beating loop 1)

Contained: basically loop 2 and onward ui (if the amount u have is more than the bar signifies then an eternal heart will be placed at the end to signify that exact thing) (has to be unlocked by beating loop 1)

Auto: loop 1 has compressed ui while loop 2 onward has contained ui (default and doesnt have to be unlocked)

Please make the Mac port. Some people can only play games on Mac, and would love to play this.

I'm not going to get a Windows just to play this.

Also, it's okay if you don't know how.

Ask people, find support!

Maybe look up a tutorial!

It's okay!

1-I would like more tests.

2-Clearing all the chapters without Baby CH.A.D is very difficult.

3-How to perform the brown ritual?

Make an F out of feces. You can do that with The Poop.

For the challenge of not using little C.H.A.D;

Harlequin baby + Telepathy for Dummies worked very fine to me :b


I would like to see a slower buildup in difficulty. I find that the first few familiars I get are the ones I stick with, and any experimentation is too risky to do by the time I have Backpack, or enough familiars to play around with.  Maybe increasing the default number of slots to 5 would work?


I've got some idea about new babies:

Quints Baby:125Throws black tears, when this kills a enemy, place a new Quints Baby at the place that enemy died.

Blood Leech:175♥ instantly kill a enemy in front of it, then it will start its attack CD, produces hearts when the CD finishes.

(combined Chomper and Toadstool)

Halo of Flies:125 just like the"pumpkin", has 3 flies instead of 2, has the same HP as Cube of Meat, can be placed on a baby,

enemies attacking this baby will damage Halo of Flies first.For its sprite, Halo of Flies loses its flies while becoming lower in HP.  

Punching Bag:125attract enemies from adjacent tiles covering the 1x3 (vertical) area in front of the tile where it was placed in lane, has the same HP as Cube of Meat

Big Chubby:125releases attacks which looks like Little Chubby, when damaged by anything possible, begin rushing down the lane.Just like the Guacodile in PVZ2 does.

Globin Baby:100♥ Has only the half HP as Cube of Meat,but leaves a pile of flesh after being killed by an enemy, enemies won't try to attack the flesh, the flesh will became a Globin Baby with full HP in several seconds.

Holy Water:75♥ instantly does a 3x3 damage when touched by an enemy, then disappears and leaves water on its own tile, the water remains several seconds before it disappears, deals extremely high damage to enemies step on it.(Just like Lava Guava)

Big Fan:125♥ Appears to be more larger than other babies, has more HP than Cube of Meat. Flying enemies can't fly over it.

Ball of Bandages: 25 Produces 25♥ at the first time, becomes a Bandage Girl which produces 50♥ after that.After 5 of  the 50♥ produced, became a Super Bandage Girl which produces 75♥.

God's Flesh: 75♥ instantly shrinks enemies in 3x3 area, halves their HP and makes heavy enemies be able to being knocked back with farts or Pagasus.

Jacob's lil' Ladder:125♥ behaves like Lightning Reed in PVZ2.


Make it so poops can't spawn on the first lane, it's pretty much impossible to deal with unless you have AOE, lil loki's or abels.


1st: This game is great!

2nd: I haven't checked all 200+ replys yet but maybe let the drops (coins, hearts, etc.) longer on the ground or/and make them more distinct (different/louder sound if coins drop/brighter colors for hearts). Kind of hard to recognize if something has dropped.


maybe brimstone baby costing 300 or 250 


We need Chinese!


I love this game and maybe you can add my suggestions (if you want to). First I forgot that robo baby doesnt exist in I rule so maybe you can add him but not cheap because when he shots then a whole lane is damaged. Second some random bosses evey floor (for example the first floor would be mega plum or a new/returning boss). Third more enemies. And lastly more achievements (like putting out crispy baby with pegasus). I hope that you like my suggestions

Rename the "Speed My Ass" Challenge to "AfterBirth +"


Hello there! This game is really awesome!

And also I would like to leave some feedback!

Actually, when you have seen every baby in the run, they stop appearing, making you lost some good options forever.

Also, this makes the D6 kinda unuseful, because you may be loosing the babies you rerolled forever (HAVEN'T TESTED THIS).

It would be so nice, that once you have seen every baby in the run, the options that you haven't chosen start appearing again ^^


Please make the baby plum enemies a little easier to manage, if I get bad tower rng I lose a lot of chargers and there isn't really any way to prevent it. Also it might be cool to include an enemy showcase in the stats section like what you have for the towers/items


I don't know if this a bug or how its intended (probably a bug) but the psychic baby mixed with multidimensional baby makes the tears not return to the psychic baby, making her shoot incredibly fast. very strong combo but most definitely a bug.  

(2 edits) (+1)

Assuming that you're not gonna go the route where you add unique music to this amazing game of yours, might I add that some Legend of Bumbo tracks hit hard?

Also, what if, putting a new Cube of Meat onto an already placed (undamaged) Cube of Meat upgrades them like in the original game? Maybe to balance it out, doing so will cause the Cube of Meat card to become more expensive and have longer cooldowns for the rest of the room? Upgrading a single Cube of Meat to level 2 will make the card more expensive. Leveling up any Cube of Meat to level 3 will make the card more expensive for the rest of the room and so on and so forth. When you upgrade a Cube of Meat, the card does not spawn upgraded Cubes of Meat when used afterward, just a normal level 1 Cube of Meat. Maybe it can be an upgrade unlock? Like... you can't upgrade them until you get 'this specific' achievement for example?

This is a really cool idea! Would definitely make the cube of meat more unique aside from just being a Wall-Nut. Also I agree that Bum-bo tracks go hard asf.

(1 edit) (+2)

Legitimately fun game! Just two suggestions:

-Increase the visibility of the hearts. They don't contrast well with the CHADs.

-Increase in the number of baby slots as the game progresses or via some upgrades (more than just school bag)

(1 edit)

I had an idea for a special D6 mechanic: When the D6 is used to re-roll, it becomes a cracked die and can re-roll again at the cost of losing the D6 for the rest of the run. The cracked die will recharge into the D6 after using it only once though.


Remove mom's hand from Poke Go plz,it does nothing

Maybe a Lil' Brimstone baby that works similar to coconut cannon from PVZ2? It could cost around 350-400 and charges up a brimstone shot you can fire on command with a click?

Small suggest

Maybe "Fistuloid" can become PVZ2's pea-nut and avocado blend, not just avocado?

make the unlock conditions for the deserter be more specific! there are alot more red babies in the game than the game thinks!

I would like some way of incorporating the Seven Deadly Sins as minibosses that have a chance of appearing on any non-boss stage. In my idea, they all move one tile per 8 seconds (except for Lust) and take 30 hits from Brother Bobby to be killed:

Pride: Sometimes fires four diagonal beams that need to hit a non-defensive baby twice to kill it. Also spawns a troll bomb, at a random tile occupied by a baby, that explodes like a Mulliboom attacking (which includes affecting an area around the baby).

Envy: Takes 27 hits instead of 30. Upon death, splits into 2 smaller copies on adjacent rows with one third of the splitting Envy's max health (9). Those 2 smaller copies can split again (3). If Envy is on the highest or lowest row, one of the copies will be on the same row.

Greed: Sometimes spawns a Hopper and shoots a spread of 3 tears (like every 5 seconds) when a baby is 3 tiles or less away from Greed. Each hit on a baby makes you lose 2 pennies, but only one penny drops on the ground.

Wrath: Throws a bomb (like every 5 seconds) at a baby if it is 3 tiles or less away from Wrath. Like a Mr. Shy, Wrath cannot deal contact damage.

Gluttony: Shoots 8 tears in both cardinal and diagonal directions. Can also shoot a Brimstone beam at a baby no matter the distance, but it only attempts to fire like once every 8 seconds and needs to charge for 4 seconds before firing the beam, a process which can be cancelled by freezing Gluttony or a charmed enemy attacking Gluttony.

Lust: Moves one tile every 2 seconds and poisons babies in contact.

Sloth: Acts like a Gurgle, but shoots more often and sometimes summons a Maggot.


i think a mobile port would be cool though i know that would be hard to make

One hand is spamming...


i think a mobile port would be cool though i know that would be hard to make

...and so does the other one.

(1 edit)

is this game will be available on mac?

just run it via wine bottler


I feel like the Deserter is just too strong and needs to get nerfed. My suggestion would be to change his cost, maybe 175 or 200 hearts.


I have 3 

1. please make it so that the worms pop up sometimes you can really deal with them any other way other than explosions and cube of meat 

2. The fucking stone charger things are horrible to go against unless your spamming explosions they charge and there goes your whole lane

3. I would like to be able to use more than 4 babies technically only 3 because of little chad unless you have backpack then its 4 theres so many babies I want to use but i can't because i can only have 3 and it stays the same the whole run because my lineup works 

thats it despite me looking like im complaining im actually super impressed with this game i thought it would of been a pvz ripoff just the plant models are replaced with with the babies models but everything in this game is new and its easy to understand and play not to mention its free very good job


new baby idea: lil brimstone

  • cost: 300 / 6 hearts (would probs make him cost 350-400 but then he would be useless on loops 2 and beyond).
  • recharge time: about half of what defensive babies take to recharge.
  • attack type: he would slowly charge up a laser that pierces all enemies and obstacles in it's lane, however, once the laser is fully charged he will not shoot it automatically and instead will wait for the player to click on him before doing so; damage will have to vary depending on how fast the laser charges, if it's a very slow charge he should be able to kill gapers in one hit, if it's a fast charge then 2 laser blasts for gapers; also just kinda depends on the whole "clicking to release laser" feature, thought it was a cool idea but if it becomes too hard to implement or too difficult to manage as a player just have him shot the laser automatically with reduced damage but overall faster charging.
  • strengths: infinite pierce, high damage, full lane range.
  • weaknesses: unable to deal with single strong enemies very well, does not synergize with paschal candle or multidimensional baby, can't pierce through masks but heavily damages them, can be frozen by frosty.
  • unlock method: complete every chapter without buying any passive items or charger tokens.

oh also another thing that would be pretty nice is having a collection for enemies too.

(1 edit) (+1)

Great game!  My suggestion is to add a Meta-upgrade using the Zodiacs/Planetarium items that you could bring into the run.  The Zodiacs would be basic stat ups for towers and just increase viability at no downside, but the planetariums would either focus on specific synergy on a tower or give a niche mechanic.

Here are what I would put as such upgrades:
Aquarius: All Towers shoot faster/produce faster.

Aries: Spikes deal more damage.

Cancer: All Towers have more durability.

Capricorn: All Towers get a slight boost to all stats.

Gemini: All Charmed enemies have increased stats.

Leo: All Obstacles take more damage.

Libra: All charge times are slightly decreased.

Pisces: All enemies are slightly slower.

Sagittarius: All projectiles can pierce twice as many enemies than normal.

Scorpio: All Towers deal less damage, but deal more damage for each time they shoot.

Taurus: All Towers shoot slower, but shoot faster for each time they shoot.

Virgo: All Towers have less durability, but enter with a Shield.

These are just my opinions, and Im not too concerned with balancing, Its not like Im making the game.  Even if they don't make it in, I still like the game for what it is.

Keep it going man!

hey, very well thought out!

Guardian angel, iiiiiiiit's a pumpkin clone.


120 Volt, a passive item that allows babies to deal slow damage to enemies near them.

sack of money

its marigold from pvz but isacc

sister maggie

reward for getting 10 loops is brother bobby


Passive item that allows you to have 1 extra baby slot



new challenge idea: rpg / the friends you make along the way

  • location: it's all mine (no minecarts).
  • enemies: gapers, fatties, mr shy, plums, flies, hardheads, mullibooms (2-3 flags).
  • babies: none (disabled heart drops would be nice too).
  • active item: moving box (with instant recharge).
  • how the challenge plays out: you start with 1 imp that you can move freely with moving box at any time and at the very far right each lane has an extra baby stuck in amber which once freed you can move back with moving box, some of the stronger babies will be guarded by a gaper in amber right before them; the babies stuck in amber would be: brother bobby, freezer baby (guarded), spike baby, juicy sack, spider baby (guarded, maybe even with 2 gapers in amber), harlequin baby (guarded); once you get everyone unstuck from the amber it's a matter of moving the babies in the right spots for the optimal enemy match-ups, for example: spider baby or spike baby - mr shy, freezer baby - mulliboom and hardhead, juicy sack + spike baby - fatty.
  • item unlock: piggy bank (tier 1 - 33 pennies), chargers that survive will reward you with 1 extra penny (they don't give you 2 nickles in act 3 but still reward you 6 pennies in total instead of 5), has a higher chance to appear early on in your runs.

Is it possible to make the game and THE INSTALLER APP (that you made just recently) compatible with x84 version of Windows? I own just a smol potato PC :S
Also adding some sort of bestiary that shows the stats and descriptions of what exactly each thing does would be helpful. For example |what exactly this pill does?" or "what is the damage of this baby? or health?" "what this enemy does?" "what this item affects exactly?" and such. You can make it unlockable if you want.


maybe can add some different characters. 

like isacc,start with D6,150heart.

they can have different slots too

pondran a lil brinstone

Add a toggle in settings to make the music not speed up with the turbo button also being able to see the exact health, damage, and attack speed of enemies and babies in the collection would be nice for those of us who like being super optimal. Thanks!

So i tried the 8th achievement and i THINK it is impossible to achieve it. I did beat only one chapter tho...

Idk if I have skill issue, but maybe change the achievement to only one area. If not, then i have skill issue lol

I found a bug, when u flip imp (idk if there any other baby that have same bug) its still shoots in the same direction


Some sort of Super Hard mode or Wave mode that happens at the start of the 3rd loop. The game starts getting easy and repetitive after that amount of loops. 

Wave mode would be enemies coming in big waves and lasts for the entire chapter.

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