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Based on the number of assets + resolution of each asset, I'd say $3.99 would be a good deal for you and others.

Nice asset pack. Underpriced in my opinion.

Gamemaker Studio 2 master race.

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Legitimately fun game! Just two suggestions:

-Increase the visibility of the hearts. They don't contrast well with the CHADs.

-Increase in the number of baby slots as the game progresses or via some upgrades (more than just school bag)

Looks nice! Like a cute version of Stoneshard.

This is the first time in my life that I found out that there's an AZERTY keyboard.

I really love the ghost dog in your main image at the top.

Just did, but unfortunately the fold has not opened yet so I can't really provide any feedback.

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Such a simple yet addictive game. Good job! HOWEVER! The game does need some balancing. I died through basically no fault of my own because an entire half-level spawned with nothing but monsters and mercilessly took out all my health before the end. Unavoidable.

Support has confirmed for me that placement within 'Recent' is dependent on the date which the store page is published, and not when a product is first uploaded. So it would probably be best if you publish a store page and upload a product at the same time.

10 Days to Jupiter community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Please report any bugs here. What would be helpful to me is:

  • What happened?
  • What were you doing when it happened?
  • Was there a crash?
  • Do you have a crash log?
    • If so, please post it
  • Your OS (Currently only supporting Windows but will expand later)
  • A screenshot if possible.
  • What input are you using? Keyboard/Controller?

I'm dead serious about bugs and whenever I get a serious bug report it takes immediate priority over whatever I'm doing (excluding day job). The more specific you can be, the faster I can locate and squash the bug.

10 Days to Jupiter community · Created a new topic Feedback

I'm extremely keen on improving 10 Days to Jupiter with community feedback. I've already made a number of improvements and fixes based on feedback I've gotten from testers and players. If you have any feedback on the game, please leave it here. If you wish to report a bug, please just leave it in the bugs section of the forum.

NOTE: Please understand that offering feedback does not automatically mean I will enact it. I have a vision for where I want to take 10 Days to Jupiter and if your feedback does not fit with that vision then most likely it will not be taken. I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to play and give feedback but please do not take it personally if I don't take your feedback. It does not mean your suggestion is bad. Merely that it does not fit with my overall vision.

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-When entering a room and then rapidly trying to leave, you end up being soft locked. The reason for this is most likely due to player state changes. It's a low priority fix at the moment because you're very unlikely to run across it unless you try to reopen the door you just came through within a split second.

-When pushing an object, if you rapidly press in the opposite direction that you're pushing in, the player will instantly move across the room (in the direction you pressed) and stop at the first solid object. I ran into it in the build I'm currently working on and fixed it.  The fix will be uploaded with the next build. That being said, it's a minor bug that won't really impede any progress. Minor annoyance at worst.

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Phew! Looks like you ran into a whole whack of trouble. I'm sorry that you ran into these issues, but on the good side, you've helped me a lot by letting me know so thank you. I'm currently working on implementing the save system now. 

Regarding the temple puzzle, it can only be solved if you decided to use the suggesto-spray on Jorgo and followed that story branch. The demo actually ends at the point you crashed so you didn't miss too much luckily. I'll try to put out a quick bug fix today to resolve the crash and menu issue you got. The save system will unfortunately take a bit longer than that.

Thank you again for the feedback.

PS: The END button on the keyboard is a quick text skip button. It'll rapidly cycle through dialogue. If you actually know the solutions to the puzzles and know the dialogue already, it would take you only a couple of minutes to recoup your progress. I added it specifically for this purpose.

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I've completed coding a cleaner version of the environmental interaction UI. I felt like the current side scrolling menu was a bit clunky to use. Here's the new UI:

It's also contextual so the menu changes depending on what you're interacting with. Not a huge undertaking but it's those little details that make up a game.

Most likely this will be implemented into the current build when I upload a bug fix for the bugs caught by Relma.

It is free.

Best game I've ever played in my whole life. 10/5.

I tried it but often times the controls would not respond. When I click a body part he'll often just raise his gun without shooting. It feels very unintuitive to control the character with just RE + Mouse. WASD would help.

I'd give this a 5/5 just because you aren't using typical RPG Maker assets. If I have to see Harold one more time...

Thanks for the info, I'll look up those videos. I've found GDC videos to be pretty hit or miss but when they do hit, they hit hard. Also thanks for the kind words. I'm trying to balance the professional presentation of a big studio, with the Mom & Pop approachability of a small studio, even though I am neither, haha.

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With feedback from players, I've made a few small updates to the early access demo of 10 Days to Jupiter. This feedback is extremely valuable to me so if you take the time to play the demo, please provide feedback!


  • -Shortened the amount of interactions needed to get the password in the bedroom.
  • -Added arrow keys + ZXC as alternative controls. WASD Tab+QE still work as intended.
    • Currently investigating remapping instead of preset controls. Just need to ensure the implementation will not break anything.
  • -Run now stays toggled between rooms.
  • -Added little indicator on the textbox to show players which button to press (defaults to E for now, but will make it dynamic later).
  • Updated help screen to reflect new controls.

Link to the devlog

Well then, I guess I'm not alone in my thoughts. I can definitely see the benefit if you have a large playerbase and then you can form a community in Discord that centers on your game but also features a lot of other community activities where people can meet new friends, play games together, etc. But for a new indie dev trying to market their game? It just seems like a big waste of time.

Unfortunately that does not work. The day I released my demo I made a Major Update/Launch devlog announcing it but it made no difference. Also, I could see that being an easily abusable feature.

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As a long time point and click adventure junkie, I just had to try. Unfortunately my time is rather limited these days so I only got a few minutes out of it, but that was all I needed to know that I'm going to like the game.


  • Great pixel art.
  • Good movement speed on character. A double click to run feature might be good in larger rooms. 
  • I like the accuracy of the interactivity in the art.
  • Though it's too early to get a feel for the horror level, horror point and click games are the only horror games I'm willing to play due to my sheer unadulterated cowardice.
  • The style is very reminiscent of the old PnC games I used to play (with push/pull etc.) and it really takes me back. Those games were much harder, but very rewarding.


  • Nothing yet, but I will come back and update this list if I find something.

I'm not entirely sure of this feedback but here goes.

When I first created my store page (no product, just page) I didn't find it on any search in Itch. When I spoke with support, they explained that the page only goes into search when there is an actual product available for download. I totally get that and agree with that change (I remember it was different). It would probably get pretty frustrating for players to keep clicking store pages that don't have an actual product for download. So now I've uploaded a demo finally and I can see myself in the search results at last, but not when browsing. I have to search directly. Naturally I'm not deluded enough to be looking in any category but 'Recent' and it's not there. This leads me to conclude that 'Recent' depends on the date of  store page creation rather than the actual upload of a product.

May I suggest that if the system makes it so that the store page is not published for players to see if there is no product, that it be treated as new when that product is actually uploaded?

So I've had this struggle building within me. I have a pretty solid and steadily growing Twitter account that's quite easy to manage and it has helped me build a small little community around my game. Some other developers have suggested that I start a Discord in order to further grow that community, but I've been torn on that decision because I don't really understand Discord that much. I lived in China from 2011 - 2019 and Discord came out during that time, so when I exited from behind The Great Firewall of China there were a lot of things that were new to me that others had years of experience with.

I'm currently part of a few servers, all aimed at game development in general rather than that of a specific game. I use them to get help when stuck on a coding problem or to get feedback on some artwork. What I don't understand is why someone would join the Discord of a specific game, either released or in development. I can understand for a massive game like Undertale or something, but for a smaller indie title? Yet it's those smaller indie devs that are recommending this to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, merely that I don't understand the purpose.

Whenever I have an update on my game, I just post it to Twitter, and if I was to open  Discord, most people in it would probably be from my Twitter followers and frankly I wouldn't even know what to tell them. "Hey guys, remember that tweet I put up? Well here it is again but in Discord!" 

So to my original question, why do you join the Discord of a game developer?

Hi Tomas, thanks for giving it a try!

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Hi 40watt, thanks for giving 10 Days to Jupiter a try. I really dropped the ball on the survey though. I've only recently begun figuring out Google Forms and unfortunately the link I left there was the one that allows you to edit the survey. I've corrected that error. I did read your responses though so I won't ask you to go through it again.

I don't think it should be too much trouble to create a secondary set of controls for those who prefer arrow keys, but creating a remap setting would be more challenging though not impossible. So for now I'd like to put a pin in that suggestion while I investigate integrating it into the engine.

In regards to your feedback about pacing, I understand what you mean. The purpose of the first room is to teach players to examine objects multiple times. That being said, I believe I should probably shorten the amount  of interactions the bookshelf requires to around three. Though I should mention that 10 Days to Jupiter is not an RPG. When I become a better developer an RPG is definitely on my list.

Regarding the part where you got stuck, that is not the end of the demo. The demo will end on this screen:

Thanks again!
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Hi friendos,

I've just released an early access demo of 10 Days to Jupiter. It's a 2D pixel art puzzle adventure game with a heavy focus on character, world interaction, and plot. It's a light hearted comedic game with some darkness imbedded within it. The demo is not complete in terms of content, but I was hoping to get some feedback on it before I expand it further.  You can leave the feedback here, on my Twitter, or send me a message on Discord (Trey#4650). It would also be fantastically helpful if you complete the 10 Days to Jupiter Survey that I linked in the store page as well.

10 Days to Jupiter Itch Store Page


I'm so excited to announce that the early access demo for 10 Days to Jupiter is now up on It has been a very rough journey getting here, from teaching myself pixel art and coding, to rehabilitating two wrist injuries during development, but now I'm at the end of a long road and at the beginning of a highway.

10 Days to Jupiter is a 2D pixel art adventure game with a heavy focus on character, story, and puzzles. Set on Earth hundreds of years in a future where much of human history is lost, experience a slowly unfolding humorous story that masks a more sinister conspiracy.

Though this is not a point and click adventure game, it would certainly peak the interest of that audience. So if you're into stories, characters, and puzzles, 10 Days to Jupiter just might be for you! Give it a whirl!