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Thanks! I teach kids on the weekend how to code and use Unity to make their own games. This is the project I'm currently making with them. Soon we will have sounds and music.
I really want to turn this into a proper typing lesson game to teach the kids how to type as well haha.

This is simply amazing

I always loved Super Monkey Ball and that was the exact idea. I wanted to recreate that :) Thanks for playing!

Really impressive for a Pico8 game. I was blown away at the presentation on this. Great work!

Really great game. I enjoyed it! :)

Nice presentation. Very challenging puzzles and cool animations. My biggest feedback would be to speed up the animations for switching between levels and resetting levels. A way to skip text at the start of the game would be nice to have to. Hope this feedback helps!

Loved this one. Very similar to mine :D The timer really added an extra layer of difficulty to the game. The level design was great. Awesome work!

Very creative but a bit confusing to learn how it all works. Nice work! :)

I'm not very good at this game :D

Beautiful game! I really enjoyed it. To give some feedback, I feel like waiting for more dice was a big problem. Running around waiting for my dice to recharge didn't feel very good. There were interesting types of dice like bomb dice and some kind of green die, but it was so fast paced, I didn't get to enjoy those dice or understand how they worked. Hope the feedback helps!

Sorry you felt the game was boring. I have an easy mode where you can't fall off the stage. I tried to add more mechanics in later stages as well to prevent the feeling of the game being tedious.

If you have any feedback that you feel would improve the game, please share. I always love to hear feedback the most from people that disliked the game.


Amazing battle mechanic. Very creative concept that can easily be expanded upon. Your presentation was amazing. Loved the sounds and visuals. Great work!

Excellent presentation. Loved the music. Fantastic game. To provide some feedback, I wish there was more decision making at the end of each fight like what loot to take or something similar. Finding loot other than materials would be nice as well. A death in the dungeon would have much more consequences if I lose a cool sword I found.

Hope the feedback helps! Hope you build upon this idea as I really enjoyed it. I got some Death Loop vibes for sure.

I really like the bridge mechanic. What a great idea :)

Finally just finished it. Excellent work!

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I'm very susceptible to motion sickness, so not having the option to turn on a crosshair of some kind left me feeling really sick during the entire playthrough. I had to take small breaks after each puzzle. Also, I accidently missed a line of dialogue at the rocket room. I tried to listen to it again, but the cube just said "That's all I have for you". I really wish it would have repeated lines to avoid an entire restart of the game.

Love your YouTube channel and hope the feedback helps. I hope you polish this up a bit more after the Jam because it really is great.

I really like the mechanics added later in the game. It really spiced up the gameplay in a nice way. Great work :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback! It's very helpful.

My favorite thing about this game is how it doesn't force you to complete the level in a certain number of turns, but it does encourage it. I never felt frustrated thanks to this. The level ordering seems a bit off as I feel some stages should have been moved to later in the game to have a nice difficulty curve. I'm not a fan of the font as it felt harsh to my eyes. I've seen this idea used in a lot of games, even mine, but this was for sure one of the good ones. Nice level designs and the controls felt great and responsive.

Hope this feedback helps! Great work :)

Thanks for the tip! :)

Great art!

Great work! My only feedback is to see what sides of the enemy has a shield. Maybe I missed it?

Amazing idea! This is such a creative use of the theme. I got 10 correct and 3 errors. Great work.

One of my favorite games I've played. It's really challenging, but very fun.

Great work! I love all the items you made. As for feedback, it's really hard to see the text. The UI could use some work.

Really nice game. My only feedback is that the some weapons and upgrades feel a bit weak. Some balancing would make this game shine even more than it already does.

I wanted to introduce a mechanic and give the player a few levels to try it out and get the hang of it. I then add a new feature and continue doing that. Some levels are just stupid easy simply to teach a new mechanic. There are 12 levels in total and this is the layout:

1 - core game
2 - core game
3 - multiple tiles (easy)
4 - multiple tiles (medium)
5 - multiple tiles (hard)
6 - colored dice tutorial
7 - colored dice (easy)
8 - colored dice (medium)
9 - colored dice (hard)
10 - mix of all game mechanics so far (medium)
11 - teleporter tutorial (easy)
12 - teleporter (medium)

While designing levels, I would play them multiple times to get a feel for how hard they were. If I felt the level was too easy, I made the level even easier to avoid frustration. I could have made more levels, but I felt like 12 was plenty for a game jam game.

Hope this helps and is the info you are looking for. Thanks you so much for playing!

Yeah, it for sure wasn't the most creative idea. I didn't expect to see so many similar games. I tried to spice it up with more mechanics introduced in later levels, but the core is still a common idea. Thanks so much for the feedback and for playing.

In later stages I add a color mechanic and multiple tiles that can be turned back off. I even have teleporters on the last two stages. I tried to slowly introduce the new features to not overwhelm players, but I might not have introduced them fast enough. Thanks so much for the feedback and for playing! 

I tried to make it more original with the features I add in later stages. Thanks so much for the feedback and for playing!

In later stages I add a color mechanic and multiple tiles that can be turned back off. I tried to slowly introduce new features, but I might not have introduced them fast enough. Thanks so much for the feedback and for playing! 

Great work :)

I enjoyed this one. The riddles were great.

Really enjoyed it. I loved how I thought I found the pickle guy, but it was a different version of him from another reality that didn't want the pickle haha

The graphics are amazing. Nice work :)

Takes a moment to understand, but it's nice :)

I have horrible luck. I always bet on the loser :D

The graphics and animations are really nice. My biggest feedback is to handle all damage in a single hit rather than multiple hits.

The game looks beautiful.