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Big Resident Evil fan and I really enjoyed this. Do you have any dev logs? I would love to keep up with your progress.

Thank you so much for playing! Can't wait to watch your video :)

Thank you so much for playing! I liked the video and subscribed :)

I loved the video so much man! I hope you play the rest of the game soon! I need to add checkpoints and a "retry" option.

Thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to watch the video!

Thanks so much for playing! Looking forward to watching your video :)

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for playing! The video was great!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for the video!

Very nice puzzle game! with a bit more polish, I could see this making a great mobile app. Great work!

Great work! I love the art SO much! I feel the battle system is a bit lacking though. It was a bit too random and not very engaging. Other than that, very enjoyable. I hope the feedback helps!

Great game! I loved the concept and the story. My only feedback is that I feel it was a bit TOO dark to see in some parts.

Great work! I was really enjoying it, but I couldn't get past level 7.  I tried so many times and just kept dying. I'd suggest to make that level a bit easier.

Great game! I wasn't able to finish it due to some of the jumps being a bit too difficult for me. Specifically the jump where you have to stand on the VERY edge of a platform to jump to the platform above you. I simply could not do it. Those jumps should be made much easier. Level 1 was also pretty difficult to be level 1. I would give much more time to the player.

My only other feedback would be to add a sound effect when picking up gems and you should really remove having to press the F button to proceed. Simply colliding with the guy when you have all the gems should instantly end the level.

I hope you find this feedback helpful! Keep up the great work!

Great work! I finished the game! I loved the graphics and the way you set up the controls. Using both WASD and the arrow keys worked really well.  The traps in the rooms were very cool and I loved that I could use them against the enemies. The boss was really nice as well!

I really enjoyed this! What a great little platformer!

The game kept crashing on me when I tried to start the game and crashed or glitched almost every time I died. I was really enjoying it and was determined to beat it. After many reboots, I finally got a run where I was almost out of the castle but got a strange bug upon a death that wouldn't let me continue.

All crashes and bugs aside, great work! The way the player controlled felt a bit off and floaty at first, but I quickly adjusted. I loved the art, music, and level design. I'm actually super impressed that you made a 2D game in unreal. I personally feel like Unreal is just not made for 2D games so it was very impressive to me.

My only feedback would be to make the boss have an indicator as to how much health it has left. Maybe it starts flashing when it's almost dead or something. Also perhaps a few different attack patterns for the boss.

Great work! I finished the game! My feedback would be to add more enemy variants. All the enemies felt the same. Also this could really be improved by adding some kind of mini-map or something similar to find your car. Hope the feedback helps! :)

I never thought of just being able to hold down the mouse button! What a great suggestion! Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I watched this on Vimlarks stream. What an awesome concept! Great work!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! We completely agree about having a couple less days. We originally had 7 days of mining planned, but dropped it to 5 days due to time restraints. Looking back on it now, we should have followed the Nintendo rule of 3 and just made it 3 days of mining and spent the extra time adding and polishing other things.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad the base finder was helpful, I spent way too much time on that thing and it gave us a TON of issues haha. Happy to hear you completed the game!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I for sure should have made the button to switch characters in the upgrade screen a bit more noticeable.

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Thank you so much for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! It would be super fun as a multiplayer pvp game! We originally had the idea that you would be able to see the competitor running around the map with you. We ran out of time and couldn't add it in.

Thank you! I will play your game very soon! :)

Hey! Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words. I will play your game soon!

I am so sorry for the mix up, ignore what I said previously! I've been playing a lot of games and got a bit confused as to what game this was. It was the sword slashing that threw me off.

He attacked in the last direction I was facing. Been as I was using the mouse to slash my sword, I was expecting him to slash towards the mouse, not the last direction pressed.

Also having the "E" button to use my item rather than the mouse click was a little odd to me.

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It was very difficult to move with the arrow keys, click with my mouse, and reach over with my pinkie for Q and E
It would be much better with WASD rather than the arrow keys :)

Hope that helps!

Great work for only 6 hours! :)

Thanks for explaining! :)

Very good puzzle platformer game. I got pretty stumped and a little frustrated, but I finally managed to find my way out! Great work!

Really great game! I did encounter a bug where I broke a rock open that dropped a node, but I didn't pick it up before I died. The node vanished and I ended up not having enough for the end.

The game was very relaxing and engaging though, so I played through again! I had a blast and even got the true ending.

I have only positive things to say about the game jam entry. Great work!

Great little game! Love the art! Great work!

Your game design skills really shine in this game. You slowly introduce new mechanics in clever ways with hints to help. The difficulty is very well balanced with incredible levels. Usually in games like this, I find myself getting frustrated. However, this one just felt like a challenge and really made me think.
I REALLY liked how you made it so you could not cheese the levels by standing still for a long time to make the shadows stand still later.

The game is super polished. The graphics are amazing. The way you credit the songs in the bottom left as they start playing is nice. The controls were perfect with no complaints at all.

I have no feedback for you. This is a perfect Jam Game in my eyes. Well done!

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Wow! Just wow! You nailed the retro vibe so perfectly. Very good attention to detail. The player knock back when hit, the way things appear and fade in and out, even the sounds and text boxes were just so spot on. If someone told me this was a ROM of a legit Nintendo game, I would have believed them. 
The checkpoints were well placed. The level design was brilliant. The items and powers were unique. The theme fit.
My only feedback is I wish the up arrow key could be used to jump as well, but the game was still perfectly fine without that!


This was so great! I completed the game! I REALLY like how you used the theme. The animations and art style was incredible. Amazing job! This is one of my favorites so far!

I have some feedback that I hope you find helpful! Some of the bullet patterns are very overwhelming and too difficult.  The enemy and player hitboxes are also not clear so it makes the game a bit confusing to play. I feel it's missing some kind of player feedback to let you know how you are doing like the player's health and enemy health. 

I really like the gameplay mechanics. Very interesting! Great work!
My biggest feedback is to teach the player how to play the game through gameplay rather than a giant wall of text. That was a bit scary to see in the how to play section and very overwhelming! haha :)