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A time based platformer based on retrieving collectables before you timer runs out
Submitted by GmGuru (@gmguru5) — 6 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1093.3643.364

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really nice game, nice atmosphere, I try story mode, but at level 4, jump are really hard, could be awesome to use the dash at air.

love the Menu screen also

Great work!


Thank you for the kind words! I rushed the level design a little bit and I realised cause I was making the game that's how I could complete every level so fast. I need to take a step back and think from a new players perspective so I'll be working towards improving the levels :D


Great art, that was really polished and the animation was on point. really good implementation on the theme. Things I think could be improved would be collisions as you hit the bottom of platforms and stuff way to low and get shunted back down to the bottom of the level. Overall good game!


Thanks for the feedback & kind words! I've just reworked the player movement so hopefully that should help for now but I'll take a secondary look at the collisions and try and fix them accordingly!


Good job. I think the jump mechanic needs a little work especially because it has an important role in the game but in overall huge project put together. Well done.


Thank you very much! :) I've fixed the jumping in the 1.01 quality of life update. I really appreciate the feedback helped a lot :D


Great game! Loved the art.


Thank you <3


So I totally watched your particle effect video for the pot in order to create the block breaking in my game! That was a hoot when I saw I was playing your game. It was a lot of fun! Love the voice acting. That is a very gruff hero I must say.


Wow this is awesome! When I saw you were already subscribed it put a massive smile on my face :) Thank you so much for the support & I'm really glad the tutorial helped you with your game! Thinking about it now when I was playing it I can totally see the resemblance. Like you said yourself intuitive not using the particle system! As for feedback this will help you'll be glad to here I've changed the collision with the guy & now it automatically completes it. I've rebuilt the platforming system so coyote time will be added soon & done some over all improvements. Glad to see you enjoyed it & best of luck! :)


Great game! I wasn't able to finish it due to some of the jumps being a bit too difficult for me. Specifically the jump where you have to stand on the VERY edge of a platform to jump to the platform above you. I simply could not do it. Those jumps should be made much easier. Level 1 was also pretty difficult to be level 1. I would give much more time to the player.

My only other feedback would be to add a sound effect when picking up gems and you should really remove having to press the F button to proceed. Simply colliding with the guy when you have all the gems should instantly end the level.

I hope you find this feedback helpful! Keep up the great work!


Nice little game! Good art and music. Wish the coins made some kinda sound when you picked them up. You also sometimes don't jump when you press jump. Mostly happens when going down hill. Overall a very solid platformer


Great game, liked very much the art and atmosphere, sometimes the game ate my input and I didn't jump, especially on slopes. Other than that it felt really good to play, good work!


Thank you! I've fixed the slope & input issue you'll be glad to hear :) I appreciate the kind words on the art & atmosphere :) <3


you've created a cool atmosphere! i like hanging around in it!

there are some points that i think will make it a better experience: you can arrange walls better to help the flow of jumping around (i bumped a lot on my way!), and levels are too dark, maybe if you increase the contrast of colors it will be better! and in the end, try to decrease your game size! 100MB is too much for a simple platformer game.

good job! and keep on improving!


Thanks for the kind words I really appreciate the feedback taken it all on board will apply it to future patches :) <3


Well done game! It was missing that extra boost like having an extra timer icon, but also making it more challenging . Good stuff!


What a beautiful and fun game. Loved the graphics! Well done!

It'll be nice if you check out our game too (:


Thank you for the kind words! Checking yours out as we speak :)


Beautiful look game and awesome sound effects. It really grabs your attention from the intro story.

Main feedback is that it would be nice to have a short delay before the timer starts at the beginning of the level to give the player a chance to get ready, the difficulty was quite high (perhaps allow the player to miss a few gems, maybe give them a bonus if they get everything?) and also had the issue where you couldn't jump properly going down the slope.

Awesome job overall!


Thank you for the kind words & great feedback :) 

Glad to see the bugs are working for others cause I've managed to fixed the slope mechanic as well as add in a short delay before the run starts! I'll take a note of the difficulty. I realised after reading feedback the only reason I think the timings are fair is cause I played the game for the whole week haha where as others haven't so I needed to think from a player's perspective rather than mine. This feedback reinforces that so I'll be taking it on board :)



Great art, music and nice controls, only problem I found was that going down slopes your jump would not work that well. Fun game


Thank you very much for the kind words! Funnily enough I just fixed the slope issue! Got some way better mechanics in now for the platforming :) 

Going to check out your game now! <3


Great Game! As for Fun and Design it was awesome.  If you continue the project, making more puzzles and polishing everything I feel it would do good as a mobile game. Implementation - The movement was really good and for level 3 we needed that coyote jump, because it was super hard. I noticed that on slopes sometimes character wouldn't jump. 

Overall, Great job! super fun to play


Thanks for the awesome feedback! I'll definitely be looking into coyote time/more levels. Currently trying to fix the platformer movement as we speak! :D


Love the feeling! Looks great!

First level was glitched for me though... I didn't get any time back when collecting coins... So it took me like 10+ tries to complete the first level :/

Then when I got to the level that had the platforms directly above eachother, that was impossible for me...

The game looked and sounded great but maybe make easier levels in the beginning, and then maybe add coyote time :)


I get you! The coins add around .25 seconds worth of time so 4 coins equates to 1 second. Timer is hard to track so that may be why it wasn't noticed. Thanks for the other feedback though I'll definitely be changing level 5 to make it easier as I've had feedback for it <3


Character art is superb! Lots of neat little animation touches, and the audio and lighting made for a really good atmosphere. Mechanics suited both the theme and constraint, and the level design is well paced, if a little unforgiving.

It would be good to communicate the power-ups a little better, it took me a while to understand that they wore off, and I had some difficulty jumping away from slopes, but it was a very polished experience overall, and there was a lot of content for such a short timeframe.


Thank you so much for your kind words I really really appreciate it! :)

With the jumping off slopes I totally get you. I'm using a really janky collisions system so I'm going to have to fix that for post update & I'll definitely add a indicator for power ups. Maybe a character colour blend? 


Any time! Yeah, a colour blend or a cooldown bar or something, just to let people know that it's running out.

Submitted (1 edit)

Beautiful aesthetic and music combination.  I loved the audio sounds!

- While I totally appreciate the market for this sort of thing - It's a difficult platformer for those of us who aren't super great at speeding through.   I really wanted to keep playing but felt like it was impossible since I'm slower generally.   Maybe an "Easy Mode" or having some little time bubbles mixed in with the collectables to boost your time allowed would be nice!  :)

Overall awesome job!


Thank you for the kind words! You read my mind also. I was planning on inventing a time power up to add a amount of time to the total time but I was rushed for time. But I'll definitely keep this in mind for the post jam update <3


Totally understand the crunch :)  We all had a "dream" list that didn't happen lol!


Exactly! But that's the fun of it :D Break those nasty habits of scope creep & push out something you can work on and love from then o


This was a fun game!  It was pretty challenging which I enjoyed.  The one thing I would look at is changing the jump feel a little.  Other than that great job!


Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words :) I’ll be sure to take a further look at the jump in the post jam update. I’ll check out your submission when I’m home tonight :)


Cool game. It would stand out more with improvement on visual effect and more work on the juice. Other that the game was enjoyable, I liked it! Keep it up !

I'd like to know what do you think of my game!


Thank you! Definitely agree with you I ran out of time trying to draw a background and some particles and had some bugs when adding juice but I’ll definitely add it to the list for post jam update. I’ll be checking your game out when I am home tonight!!!


Loved the game.Great level desing and visuals.I loved when time is up player blows up and drops all collectiables reminds me sonic :D.There seems to be a problem when you walk down on slopes sometimes player cannot jump.Other than that great work well done :D


Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I couldn’t fix that hill bug cause I was using a really dodgy way of going up and down ledges 😂 I’ll fix that post jam hopefully. I’ll be checking your submission when I’m back home to my PC tomorrow!

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