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with the amount of support this game has gotten in the last 24h, I'm thinking of remaking it properly as a serious Steam release (considering this tie-in game to my YouTube video has a total development time of < 20 hours)

crazy shit bro

Very nice game, I really liked it!

But I'm not used to those "inverted" up/down camera controls, so if you're going to continue this game, add an options menu where you can choose camera controls :)

The boss was good and looked really cool aswell! But since he's a flame I didn't really want to jump into him at first because I thought that he would damage me if I did, so maybe show the player how to damage him in some way? idk

you should show the final score on the game over menu btw

i got 15, that's my best

stream my game if you want, it's a browser game but still

why have you linked disney plus? lol

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this is a banger ngl

the only thing that could make it better is if (spoiler):

the monster in the end had a voice or some dark deep sound effect when the text pops up

my record: 244

Very scary thanks to the jumpscares. Good game, sound effect and ambient effects, seems polished!

I didn't like that I could sometimes get jumped by an enemy and immediately die, since you don't always see them. Other than that, great!

Yeah, trust me that though passed my mind the countless times I had to bugtest this game lol.

But the way I had implemented everything, making it skip forward was just one of those things I had to cut to squeeze in other things :(

I was definitely creeped out in the beginning! Then I got the gist of it and I realized that the creepy dude was never going to attack, and the maze keeps teleporting me around.

Is it possible to find your dog? I didn't, I played for atleast 15 minutes. Once I realized it wasn't a normal maze and the dog sound probably didn't mean anything, I just didn't have the motivation to keep looking. Everywhere I looked, I had already been.

At one point, a tornado of crows made me restart (?)

So definitely a creepy game, but I would have liked it more if the maze was "fair".

I like it, it's well written. I wish I could go and fulfill my brothers mission though...

One thing I didn't like is that part with the pipes, which is basically just random chance of you losing the entire game, I think that could have been designed better.

I enjoyed this game! No bugs in sight and a fun challenge. Maybe the horror theme was kinda in the background, instead of apart of the gameplay, but still a fun game!

One thing I wish is that you maybe added some moving obstacles or time-based obstacles like spikes that pop up once every 3 seconds. Because I felt that the game was quite easy, and maybe a sound effect when you jump and land :)

This definitely has potential!

I really like the premise, and it lets the player feel badass. I felt like a vampire lord in Skyrim lol.

However, while the model are good and the animations are top notch, the technical implementation leaves a little to be desired...

The framerate drops from time to time, which is weird since I'm playing with an RTX 2080 Ti. Also some lighting/textures popping like the stones of your cave.

The only game design gripe I have with the game is that personally I feel like my health goes down too quickly.

It definitely horror themed! I like the spooky atmosphere.

I also agree with the other commenters, I felt like I needed a minimap or something. Everything looks kinda the same and I got lost all the time.

I don't understand the objectives either, "Get to safety" and I found my way back to the starting hangar. But the objective didn't change...

Cool game!

I didn't finish it though... I couldn't get past the flying green guys. It's kinda weird to have him attack in the direction he's moving, when the attack button is the mouse click. I'd prefer if he looked the way my mouse was pointing.

And the enemies have a bigger reach than I do, so combat works in their favour.

Also, it easy to get stuck on the walls for some reason :/

Thank you so much for your kind words! Personally I'm not a big fan of invisible walls, so I made the level loop back around if you walked too far. But you're right, maybe I should have decreased the threshold of how far away you can walk.

I definitely did enjoy it! Also, you're absolutely right about the Jam games not having to be in the genre of horror, I guess I was just expecting it after playing through other games in this jam :)

Thank you so much, my friend!

Hey, you made a great game! Very fun and enjoyable!

I guess it could have used some more work on the art, but I enjoyed it still :)

It does get repetitive after a while, so maybe as you progress through levels, more cooking stations can be unlocked?

Nice work! The game is not scary but it is horror themed :)

However, you don't tell the player anything really. Luckily I'm used to playing games, so jumping with space and moving with WASD is something I always do, but if someone else who doesn't play alot of games tries to play this, they might be confused.

Also, there is no indication of what is dangerous and what isn't. At first I didnt think the roses were dangerous because they didn't consistently kill me, but then they started killing me sometimes...

And the darkness around the whole screen just makes the player jump forward and hope for the best, and then you jump into a rose or a gravestone and just die, without the game teaching you that they're dangerous.

I actually think this game would be much better without all the darkness, it would probably be a great rage game if you could see the entire screen. But right now, it just feels extremely unfair playing it.

My score: 13456 (come on, it was my first run!)

The lack of sound effects is very noticeable, but you already said you were in the process of adding them.

It is not that scary of a game, but still horror themed in a sense.

It's kinda hard to know how long to hold down when you want to slide under the bird, since you will stop if you slide for too long, so that messed me up alot.

All in all, nice game, needs sound, not that scary but still enjoyable :)

Very nice interactive novel! The only thing I can say is that it would have been even nicer with some more graphics showing the scenes, like a visual novel would for example. Also some more sound effect would have made it more scary :)

I like the idea of this game, but for some reason I just can't seem to progress in it...

I learned the controls of my vessel, I think... But then what? I just drifted around in the sea and nothing happened so idk, maybe I did something wrong.

I went up to 0m and down to like -185m and it was still just the cave walls on the radar, the geiger counter didn't show any activity and the X-Ray just showed a black screen every time I tried it.

Might have to come back to this one.

I loved it! It wasn't that scary but it was super fun! Definitely gave me inspiration to make similar games lol

I noticed there were some boarded up doors aswell, are those content that you had to cut or just decor? Or maybe I missed something. I had to play it twice because pressing ESC immediately quit the game, so that's one thing I'd change.

Also noticed a minor thing: If I stand still and let the floating red eye get me, he will only damage me once and then just stand next to me hugging me (since I assume the damage is only dealt when he collides, and not by an attack animation)

Really nice work on this game, I esepcially like the attention to detail in the fact that you can shoot the bullets out of the air. And of course giving the player hitscan weapons while giving the enemies projectiles is always nice. And the fact that I had infinite ammo felt really good.

Also I love the fact that I can switch to wield my leg as a weapon lol, that cracked me up :)

Awesome game.

Thank you! I love your honest feedback!

I finally submitted my finished game!

Now I'm gonna go to bed, wake up and start playing everyones submissions :))))) I'm excited!

So tell me, what would you do if you had just a little bit more time in this Jam?

Personally, I would have added some cutscenes probably, to tie the "story" together more clearly. But I also am pretty satisfied with the way things turned out for me.

Great game, works well both with and without a gamepad. I like the fact that there's no timer, definitely relaxing. Reminds me of "Flower" from thatgamecompany :)

I don't think I will connect them. I will just focus on making 10 games, and I'd prefer them to be different so I can practice different skills!

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Thank you!

When in the stream you can queue your game by linking it in the chat. I don't think they play any games that aren't queued in the twitch chat.

Here's my game if anyone would like to try it:

And of course, I look through the comments on the jam page and play all games I find there :)

Thank you! I will do my best to keep it up haha

Thank you very much!

Awesome game!

I really wish the first character you talk to also told me the controls though.

I had to press almost every button on my keybard before figuring out how to attack :/

Love the feeling! Looks great!

First level was glitched for me though... I didn't get any time back when collecting coins... So it took me like 10+ tries to complete the first level :/

Then when I got to the level that had the platforms directly above eachother, that was impossible for me...

The game looked and sounded great but maybe make easier levels in the beginning, and then maybe add coyote time :)

I taught myself how to make a dialogue system that's interesting, with characters interrupting eachother. Also I played around alot with post-processing and changing post-processing values in code :)

Here's my game if you're interested :)

Here's my game if you feel like playing:

I'll make sure to try yours!