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Very fun and polished game!  The music was great, the mechanics were well done, and the levels stayed interesting.  I don't really have any suggestions for improvement to give, because its a really great start.  Maybe add a little more to look at in the environment?
Overall nice job and congrats on completing this for the jam.

For sure!

That was fun!  Really loved the rock music while driving, gave it a fun time crunch feel.  The car sound effects were very satisfying.  An overall nice execution of the theme and focus.  Awesome idea that has a lot of potential!

My Suggestions:
- Whenever my car respawned near the can at the end of the road, I would spawn above the roof and drop off and die again repeatedly.  So I think I found a bug?
- Maybe have a health bar for the car instead of a one hit death.  That was us erratic drivers don't get punished so severely.
- Give the player a little more camera control.
- Have collectables (aside from the gas) have something more to do with the game.  Not sure what a boomerang or I <3 NY was for - but maybe they could be upgrades for your car?  Or items you can decorate your house with?  Or items along the map to mark down cities and distance you've traveled?

Congrats on finishing a game for the jam! :) Keep up the great work.

Yeah totally!  I mean it looks great.  I did the same thing but with Stardew Valley lolol so I get it.  I've been doodling since the jam submission to try and find my own style - but it's hard when you're learning.

Anyway best of luck :)

Overall cute game and good job on accomplishing the theme and focus.  Platformers in 3D are a hard thing to accomplish and you did so much in a week - it's impressive!  I like the plane, that was a nice addition.

My Suggestions:
- When I went to the controls and then clicked to go back to the menu the game crashed, so that might be a bug or I accidentally broke it!
- Make some kind of check point.
- Maybe add a mini map so you can keep track of rooms as you go through them.

All in all great work.  Congrats on completing this in time for the jam!

Fun game!  The art style reminds me a little of Hollow Knight.  Overall well done!  The art style was cute, the story was a good giggle, and I didn't feel like anything was too hard or too easy.  

My Suggestions:
- Add some light music or sound to your starting cut scene.
- Enemies shoot a little too fast, making it impossible to avoid.  However, I didn't feel in danger - because I always had plenty of health to take hits.  SO this wasn't that big of a deal.
- Maybe little less bloom effect on the gun ammo explosion.  It becomes a lot to look at when there's multiple on the screen. 
- You don't need to have the text box come up for every health pack

All in all - awesome job!  Congrats on completing a game you should be really proud of this :)

We appreciate you playing and the feedback. Thanks so much!

Yeah that silly bug hid from us for a long time but by the time we figured it out it was too late :'(  But we will fix it after the jam ends!

Oh wow, that is high praise!  Thank you so much.  We hope to add more content / different stores / more story and jokes.  :)  So glad you enjoyed and we appreciate your time.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, you have a good point, it's on our list of "too add"s thank you so much for the feedback :)

Thanks so much for your compliments and your time! 
Yeah we had a hard time re-creating the bug before the jam and then when we finally found it it was too late to fix.   But after the jam we will!   Appreciate the artwork compliments since it was my first go at game artwork.  :)  

I love Halloween and everything about it so I thought the was a super cute game.  Great aesthetic, very spoopy.  Really fun and clever use of the game jam theme/ focus.  The idea of giving compliments and saying nice things to your enemy to gain back HP was a nice touch!  I wish candy revived me like that in real life lol.

My suggestions:
- Have a button to autofill text in conversations so you can fill in text when you're a fast reader/ skip through if you've already read it. (I got stuck in a convo I already had - woops!)
- Extend the text box to include your character portraits :)
- Add a "How to Play" section.
- Add some music!  :) 

All in all awesome job making this in a week!  Keep up the good work!

Holy monkeys, Batman, you did this in a week?  I'm floored!  You did the focus and the theme flawlessly.  You had a store and upgrades and everything.  Even a lovely variety of enemies!  Cute clean art style, really nice mechanics/ controls, and great fun!  Even the spiny firey sword move is badass.
I also enjoyed that the enemies weren't the same every time you re-went through a room.  Thats what I call polish.  
I think the only thing I have to suggest is what everyone else has said: Magnetic pull for items, music loop, and MORE AWESOME CONTENT.

Congrats on a fabulous game!

Done and done!  Wow your game was really polished all around - Super impressive!  I seriously can't wait for more.  I've only felt that way about a few games.  I'll be saving you to my collectables!

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Well executed!!  That was really fun and clever.  No complaints at all, controls were smooth, wasn't too easy or too hard, music and sounds were great, aesthetic was consistent.  You even had sparkles around the interactive items.  Well done.  Great game for the jam and for the time frame! (PS I know some people complained but I am glad you didn't have creepy music.)

Honestly I can't wait to see what else you might add after the jam voting ends.  It's like an escape room game, I love it.  Maybe the notes will give clues to other things / story or you'll be able to interact with more things in the house?    Maybe someone walking around the house you need to avoid?  Very cool and a lot of potential here!

Fun game!   An interesting interpretation of the focus and theme. 

My suggestions:
- You can definitely make the enemies more aggressive (maybe as time goes on they get more aggressive?)
- Change your sounds and music.  It was a little too high pitched to be pleasant.  The menu music was fine - but the in game stuff was unpleasant.

All in all nice job and well done!

This game is a riot!  Very cute and a clever idea.  Every time I picked up too many coins I made a puffing noise in real life just for giggles.  I actually enjoyed the slow down mechanic, it made you have to plan your trips carefully through the dungeon to collect the coins/ avoid the ghost. 

I do wish the ghost couldn't go through walls or at least that he maybe got slowed down a little by walls?  Or maybe - you could have like a bait system to temporarily distract the ghost by throwing something?  I know that he is a ghost and so walls shouldn't be a problem but it gave him a bit of an unfair advantage when I had to race around a section and he didn't.  

All in all though - AWESOME.  Nice job!

An interesting game, I appreciate that you acknowledged the difficulty and made a way for people to still see your end screen.  I know there is totally a market for super hard games like this (even though I am not one of those people who plays those).  I see a lot of people already left some feedback that I agree with so I will just say nice job on finishing a game for the jam!  Keep up the awesome work!

This was a fun game, and a cute idea.  I enjoyed the color change aspect as you progressed.  A clever idea for the focus and theme of the jam.  

I see a lot of other people made comments on anything I would have said regarding suggestions, so I will simply say: awesome job and keep it up!

This was great!  Cute art style, really loved the upgrade choices.  Nice variety of spoopy enemies.  Excellent execution of the focus and theme.  I really have no advice or critic to give for improvement.  I could seriously sit and play this for a long time - one of the few games in this jam I feel like I could do that in -  it's overall really fun.

If I haven't played your game yet, and if you still need/ want feedback on your game - let me know!  I have a free evening and I know it's the second to last day before voting ends.  :)

Thank you so much that's really nice of you to say!  :)  I appreciate you playing our game a lot.

Thank you so much for playing!  Appreciate the kind words :)

What a chill and adorable game.  I loved it.  It was really fun to fly around the world and read the letters back to grand-dad.  

The sound effects were nice - but as some other people said some chill music would really add to the experience.   Maybe you could even do music from different areas?  Would would add to the cultural collection.

Overall awesome job for the jam!

Yeah totally understand wanting a clean screen!

Thanks so much for the feedback, we will be sure to fix  that after the jam is over!  

Really awesome and unique art style.  I can't wait to see what you implement later, because this has the potential to be really fun!  I love the concept.  Shame you ran out of time, I know how it goes.  Also hard to give feed back because I know there is probably a list of things you wanted to implement.  I hope to come back when there are updates though!  Awesome job regardless :)

Clever interpretation of the focus and theme!  It's nice having minions to do the work for you :P  Loved the adorable art, the fun music, and the little soft chomp sounds on the slimes.

- Maybe add a total number of waves to the UI overall so you know how many you have to go.
- I saw in Joshua's stream that you said you wanted to add a dash into the game - which would be super nice!

Overall really well done game!  Amazing job and good luck in the jam.

Have your game queued up!  Also I played Teddy Bear Story - it was so good but SO SAD oh my word.

Totally understand the crunch :)  We all had a "dream" list that didn't happen lol!

HAHA!  I can see the confusion, with shrimp usually being delicious!  We did implement a hidden energy drink for speed boosts, but you have to get to the 3rd round or so for them to appear.

Stardew Valley was a huge inspiration art wise for this game - obviously one of our favorites.  Thanks so much for taking the time to play and your kind words!

Thanks so much!  Appreciate the kind words and you taking the time to play :)

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Beautiful aesthetic and music combination.  I loved the audio sounds!

- While I totally appreciate the market for this sort of thing - It's a difficult platformer for those of us who aren't super great at speeding through.   I really wanted to keep playing but felt like it was impossible since I'm slower generally.   Maybe an "Easy Mode" or having some little time bubbles mixed in with the collectables to boost your time allowed would be nice!  :)

Overall awesome job!

Thanks a bunch for playing and for giving feed back!!  We heard about that bug but could no recreate it on our end until after the jam submission deadline lol.  Waiting to update the fix after voting is over.   Glad you enjoyed.  Can't wait to check out your game :)

Yay!! Thanks so much for taking time to play, I'm glad you enjoyed.

Clever murder mystery game!  Unique interpretation of the focus and theme.  I see a lot of fun potential!  A pretty art style and satisfying whoosh audio sounds for possession.  Clever use with the limited moves. 

My Suggestions:
-Maybe you can add physical murder clues to some of the tiles - like "brown hair" or a murder weapon related to a persons job?   Make it only pick-usable by the sheriff?  That would force a little more movement!
- Possibly include a UI list of all the things people have said to you so you can compare answers and notes?  I assume you want some of a memory aspect to the game, but maybe this could be an "Easy Mode" choice

Overall really fun!  I love murder mysteries and can't wait to see what else you do with this.

I totally will!

OH so sorry!!  My bad!! I didn't see that - so that's totally on me :)

Way to be a team player and support other peoples games!!   I just saw Efmi play this on stream.

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Cute game and fun interpretation of the focus/ theme!  I love chill puzzle games and the music is a good tune that you don't mind listening to on repeat.  
Edit: SUPER fun after I figured out the reset puzzle button!  :)

My suggestions and issues I had:
-Make the "human" a different color than the stones.  I didn't realize he wasn't a block until after a few tries, so making him maybe "flesh" colored or giving him an idle breathing animation would show people he is the other character.

Of course!  I have added it to the line up