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Wow, that’s really great! The physics must be a tough nut. 276 on my first go, Roy :P

And 328. Dynamite is nasty.

It’s because I’m an idiot, I forgot the s in https. If it still doesn’t work I’ll upload it to my own space. It’s currently on the homepage of the designer.

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Same as above, please try the direct link from the comment above.

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Oh damn, I’m very sorry! I just got the notifications. The link ought to be correct, might be, that the server was down. Try directly:

If that doesn’t work, please let me know!

How come? I think it’s decently made, and we’re using one SID for music and a second for the sound effects.

Argh, I’ve typed the link thousands of times, but the one time I didn’t check it. Fixed, thanks!

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I have very WIPpy support for the charset (only) currently in C64Studio. It’s just enough so I can write my game entry. This means character set (FCM mode) and character screen, plus the obligatory C64 hires, MC and ECM modes.

If you’re feeling adventurous look at

And yes, it’s really WIP. Some things may not work properly.

Awesome! Congrats to the winner, it’s well deserved! Plus all the other entries, didn’t expect to turn up that many.

Mailed Eggs, thanks!

That works a treat, thanks a lot!

I've recently managed to find a emscripten compiled VICE to embed C64 games as HTML5 games. Standalone everything works fine.

For I've created the zip file as wanted and the game nicely loads. However it doesn't get the focus right away. I have to switch tabs/programs, and only once I return the game is focused.

Any idea what I'm missing?


Click on "Play in Browser", wait for the game to finish loading. Keys are numpad cursor (8,4,6,2) and numpad insert as fire button.
They only register once I switched away and back.

The same works fine in the stand alone version, which uses the exact same HTML/.js file.

It's unfair to have to vote for every category, so I gave 3 on everything. 

This is more of an engine in its current state, but it's promising. Something you really should build upon!

Not bad, especially for a first game :)

The movement is a tad to slow for my likes, but I still managed to escape alive!

Finally got about to create a web build, play it online here:

Niice :)

Almost gave up when confronted with the pick-a-gem-interface ;)  It might help if it's preselecting the take icon.

Very clever puzzles. I didn't pick the yellow and pinkish crystal in the last screen, but simply walked outside the right door to "You win!"   Out of time I guess? ;)

Also, what others said, combine the files!

Boy, 80 MB sure is quite whopping for a short game like this.

Sound would help a lot, plus an indicator whether the enemy is hurt. On the first few shots you think you did't actually hurt it.

Yeah, the slimes are somewhat lackluster. However, the main goal is to drag Jones back to the station. It's probably not clear enough ;)

I refrain from voting, because I couldn't figure the game play out fully ;)

Also, something is off with the sizing. Embedded in the page the display is too small to show the choice arrows. In full screen the bottom right of level 2 is not visible (so you don't see the platform to reach the mailbox)

And then I couldn't figure out which coin combination made me survive the way back in level 2.

As far as I could deduce: Collect two coins, go to the mailbox to start the night, and then return to the shop. However you're getting hurt when starting night; plus collecting a third coin stops the effect of two?

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Unfortunately won't run for me, a window appears and vanishes after a few seconds; with no message to be seen.

Really nice. Quite a big map for the time, but then, you weren't alone.

And ooh, I get punished for shooting zombies!

Well done!

Looks nice, and the stages are easy enough to not get a head ache :)

The camera movement (the shifting of the stage) is annoying.

The chick info card was a great touch!

Well done!

Well done, quite big and feels good to play. A bit too floaty, but doable. I hit a bug in the second level, I reached the flag with three people, and when I went to gather the last two (the yellow ones) they died as soon as I touched them?

The landing sound is a bit weird, it doesn't fit in the other sounds.

Still, a job really well done! 

Hey, a nice game! The last level is not that hard though ;)

Small annoying thing: Everything is keyboard based, but the retry or continue button which requires the mouse?

Well done, a good game!

Very nice! Since music and art was not done in the jam I'v given 1 star (I'd rather not vote on those but you have to).  Nifty game! The back again part seems missing ;)

Nice game! I made it out alive! I didn't get the candelabra thingies. They act like switches but also replenish your slime, but only if you shot them once.

The timeout for the instruction text is way too long! I didn't find any key or mouse click that got me past that faster.

Hmm, hard to make anything of this. The controls are very buggy, you get stuck all over the place. Still, I made it back alive! :)

There's no way to get out of the help screen?

Nice, and scary, a walking finger ;)   I guess there's no reason for different colors but to have different colored nails? ;)

Really well done! One point off for using y (german layout has z and y switched) (nah, not really)

Very solid and polished !

Looks so simple, plays simple but is actually quite tough. Is there an end to reach? Or is it always into timeout?

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Not bad, esp. for a first game! It needs sound badly. A nice, hefty bite sound :)

And more stages. Still, well done!

For some reason the WebGL build wouldn't run, but the downloadable did.

Yes, some are not helping, others are :)

It depends on the color, lemme look it up. If I didn't mix up colors, it's like this:
one just makes the enemies multicolor (white)
one increases the enemy shot speed (orange)
one makes the player multi color and increases the player shot power (yellow)
one makes enemy shots move towards your ship (brown)
one is moving enemies down a line (if possible) (light green))
one increases the player shot power (light red)
one awards an extra live and increases the player shot power (light blue)
one makes powerups move away from the player (cyan)

Hope that helps!

Great little time waster! Look at to challenge me for the best score :P

I tried to add a Windows Store URL to my project "HitBlock Deluxe", which works fine in browsers, etc.

However the editor won't let me save it and says it's invalid. The link I'm trying to use is:

Thanks, keep up the good work! :)

Awesome, thank you! :)

Looks like there's an issue if the URL for an external files has blanks in it. You get a message like "The server is experiencing issues, please try again later". Replacing the blanks with %20s works as workaround.

Glad you like it! There's also an half-assed editor included, press 'E' in the main menu. It's not too easy to get the user levels in the common play list though.

It's the same old version, nothing new there :)  

Thanks for the info, link to the manual is fixed.


Sorry for the bug, I didn't check the area for safety when saving the position. With a bit of luck moving left might have gotten you out. But you're right, that's one thing I really should have fixed.

The graphics are all original from the DOS game, it just didn't smooth scroll back then :)

Updated version, added two new enemies