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Yeah, faster diagonal movement is not intended, but there’s not really any fractional movement going on :) (Excuses, excuses…)

There is some spawn blocking for the enemies, but it fails near the top and left border since values go negative, and I forgot to fix the offset checks for this.

Thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated!

Nice, and also nightmarish. Took me a while to figure out the kid was looking for a glass of water.

Also, I don’t see the colossus limitation?

You need to package all the content, when starting it complains about a missing .pck file:


Error: Couldn’t load project data at path “.”. Is the .pck file missing? If you’ve renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable’s name (without the extension).


Nice little game, get’s a bit tough near the end. I didn’t dare to try the long night :D

Tell the Godot guys to not be lazy arses. How about, instead of popping up a message box with a command line to copy manually (the opengl3 stuff), actually run the executable with those arguments themselves?

It’s de-press-ing! Get it? Get it? Ok, I’mma head out…

I thought it was me, I couldn’t clear that gap neither. Jump first, then when on top dash, but I never quite make it.

Very moody music, but alas, I can’t progress further.

The idea is good (I should know, I had the same :) )

The game itself needs a bit of balancing. I was able to beat both by simply standing there and click the mouse through the table. Maybe some kind of hit back when you get hit?

I win!!! Nice little game, nothing ground breaking. For a first that’s quite a feat! That would nicely be doable on an Atari 2600 :)

Very polished entry, the graphics and audio are superb. The game itself is rather simple, but I managed to beat the witch!

Nice little game! Thank god the last enemy was not sweating (phew)

Obviously unfinished, but shows a nice start. A hint: It’s a bit weird that you start being only able to move on the path, and later are free to move all over.

I wish I could fight the skeleton!

Huh, I’ve just tried to recreate this, and this is not happening here. Did you modify the code piece?

Are you using a solution/project? In that case, please do a right click in Solution Explorer on the assembly file, choose “Properties”, go to tab “Assembler”, and set it to “C64Studio” manually. It could be that the automatic assembler style detection is thrown off by a code word.

That’s the code I tested with, copied straight from the help:

;startup address
  * = $0801

  ;create BASIC startup (SYS line)

  ;increase border color
  inc $d020

  ;return to BASIC
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Ah, that looks like one of the tool windows with zero size. Try making it bigger at the lower right corner. Then you can close it or drag it somewhere you want it to be placed.

Probably the output window, which gets automatically shown after a compile.

Edit: I need to make a window size sanity check, this zero sized windows are a pain.

Can you show a screenshot of that particular icon, I can’t think of an icon that looks like a lock :)

I’m currently on vacation, so I don’t have access to everything. The issue with cartridges is, that you either are in ROM (which voids self modifying code) and esp. with easyflash, you can only have an active bank at once. This requires a bit of setup, for easyflash you will have several banks that assemble to the same address (!pseudopc and !realpc come into play here)

You can mail me your modified snippet that shows the too many bytes error, so I can take a peek.

There are some people still using XP (shudder), which can run .NET 3.5 as latest. 4.8 is the last pre .NET Core version, and 6.0 is the current long term version.

They are functionally identical, but the GIT support is only in with .NET 6.0.

Not everybody want’s to install all frameworks; I maybe ought to split the packages.

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Yes, that works fine. Just choose the proper BASIC dialect (V2 I think) and set the proper start address, depending on the RAM setup.

The name C64Studio is in hindsight somewhat irritating, it supports graphics/charsets (and sprites where applicable) for C64, ViC20, C128, Mega65 and Commander X16.

Most excellent, dude!

This game is really good! And deadly hard, I think stage 6 or 7 has a really close time limit.

Driving music to boot, a really great entry.

It’s a promising start, but as others mentioned, it feels kinda bland, since you can get by with only mashing one button.

Adding enemies being able to come through your barrage will spice it up nicely, plus a second attack.

All in all quite a good start for the time given!

I love me my Paganitzu! As you can guess, my game is also heavily inspired by it :)

Well done, esp. in breaking down some of the original level designs to work on the smaller screen!

Neat, but, boy, am I bad at remembering which button maps to which color! Really good music!

Pang! :)

For some reason more difficult than I remember. Took me a while to clear the screen. One time I got killed but the game did not return to the title screen.

Pang! :)

For some reason more difficult than I remember. Took me a while to clear the screen. One time I got killed but the game did not return to the title screen.

Really strange, but captivating. As others it took me a while to get to grips with the game. I managed to get up to 10000 health, and was just fighting enemies in the former wind room. Then it looked like it glitched and Stella returned to the menu, just I was fighting the dragon after the archers.

The bow is the weapon of choice against dragons.

Quite well done, for all the restrictions the 2600 comes with!

Whoa, damn hard. I gave up after 130 deaths at the 3rd phase of Death.

Very well made, and excellent, fair, collision detection.

Nifty! Quite ambitious, but shows a good head start. Now you need more, stronger enemies. I was hoping for a boss battle when I encountered the first bot like monster, but I valiantly bested it with one single shot! ;)

Damn, made it into the room two before the overlord. I walked left and got stuck in the wall on the next screen.

So I cheated and looked at the video for the rest of the game. Nice! :)

Hey, nifty!

There’s never enough MetroidVanias in this world. I managed to complete it, and didn’t even explore every part. Love the water power up :)

Hey, nifty!

There’s never enough MetroidVanias in this world. I managed to complete it, and didn’t even explore every part. Love the water power up :)

Hey, this is nice! And real decent music to boot!

First I was confused by the V screens, but pressing START advanced me to the game finally. A few interesting puzzles there, nifty. And even an ending V screen ;)

A counter for the collected switches/keys/whatevers would be good.

I’m not sure I did everything right. For starters, mention that “reset” is the top right key on the keyboard :)

I pasted the data, entered 300R and then it seemed to print empty lines for while, then returning to the prompt. R again this time seemed to run the game as expected. Is it right, you have 4 columns scrolling on the left side, with your character (Sir Colon) directable left/right. A bit further down a bit of code seemed to scroll by, and then I was suddenly killed by spaces :)

I’m not sure if I got everything right, so i refrain from voting.

Whoa, impressive! The keyboard mapping seems off for non english layouts (german here). I can’t increase the volume, only decrease it :) The sound effects play delayed by almost half a second (Windows version).

Still, a very de(s)cent game! Victory is mine, but alas, without the secret.

And suffers from the same issues as Descent. I’m getting lost right away :)

Nice, a Zuma clone! I played with an XBox controller, the aiming is a tad finicky. In the end it worked best to simply leave the aim at a position and keep pushing the correct button.

The stage with the zig zag pattern is tough, it starts quite fast!

Duly noted, glad you like it :)

That was fast! :)

A great game! Really fun to play :) I did get one hang in stage 4, when entering a door. I can send over a VICE snapshot file if it’s of any use to you.

Commissioner Gordon would know!

What a weird retro platform! A Unity obstacle course :D

I did make it to the end (It said so on the sign!) Weird game :) I had to close it when I fell into the first black hole.

Huh? I could swear I replied to your comment. The weapon is not far away, it’s right outside your room. Don’t forget to chose it as active item!