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Simple, smooth and fun. A great first game, love the little dude's 'running' animation and the mechanics seems to work well, and I didn't encounter any bugs personally. I think it could be made more clear when you take damage because it seems there was no indication other than the O2 depleting silently in the top left. Otherwise solid!

Check out my submission if you get the chance ^^

This looks like madness and I honestly can't wait

Distraught that I can't play this yet because this looks fricking adorable

A fun and difficult little game. I found the difficulty to be satisfying rather than frustrating, although I stopped playing in the middle of the second zone, so not sure how insane the green area gets.  I found the lack of in-game control instructions a little confusing, and as I hadn't read the game page, I only realised I had a tongue quiet late haha. Really impressive that you did all the art and sound yourself, so cool!

Check out my submission if you get the chance ^^

Thanks to PIGSquad for giving me the boost I needed to get this game into a playable state. I hope you all like it.  I'm excited to play everyone else's games in the morning. Good night x

This was great! Love the concept, it was challenging and forced me to think in a new and different way. Stylistically similar to portal, but it also made me feel similarly. Very cool. Art and sound etc. could be improved but the mechanics speak for themselves in some ways. The camera was mental but kind wonderful, I got used to it after a while and it gave me a lot of freedom, but definitely not to everyone's tastes. Loved it.

An enjoyable little game, although quite challenging. I found the floaty controls took a little bit of time to get used. It seemed like the pig slid along the ground sometimes, which I'm not sure if it was an intentional mechanic or not. Really respect making absolutely everything from sprites to music! Great job!

Hey Dawny, thanks so much for playing! It's a little evil, but I'm actually kinda happy to hear that you barely made it back to the portal in time. The idea with adding the sun was that there would be some thrilling chases at the end of the levels, so I'm happy that kinda worked. But yeah totally point taken it could definitely be a little easier, especially in the first two levels! :) I think I'm going to try and finish this game, so I'll try to create more of a difficulty curve with more levels.

Haha, noted! It's so hard to tells sometimes when you're playing by yourself how hard something is. I'll have to make sure I get plenty of play testers next time. Thanks so much for playing.

Really happy to hear that you liked the map layout, it was not something I'd done before and it gave me a who new appreciation for people who design levels! Lots of nuance involved. Thanks for playing! I'm looking forward to playing your game and discovering your hungry character! 

Thanks so much! Stoked to see someone make a YouTube video of playing my game. Really happy that you liked the animation of the ghost himself because that is actually one of the bits that I drew! (along with the UI and win screen). I'm not super confident with art so I used a lot of other people's assets,  but would really like to use more of my own in the future. Some people have complained about the game being too hard, but you completely smashed it. You didn't even get to meet the sun! Haha There's a whole chase sequence when the sun arrives and you have to get to the portal, but you were just too good. I'll have to make the later levels harder to ensure that people meet the sun. Good luck in the jam!

Hearing that it's enjoyable to play is the best thing to hear. Thanks so much for playing and leaving feedback, I'll have a play of yours now! 

Thanks a lot Bolrik! Yeah I'm getting a bit of conflicting feedback about the difficulty, some saying it's too hard some saying it's fine. Maybe it's a sign I got it right haha. Happy you like the movement too, I find him satisfying t control :) I'll check out your game now

Thanks so much Rize, I really appreciate the feedback. I was worried the night/day transition was a bit janky but I'm glad to find people liking it. I'll check out your game now!

Yeah I see what you mean about the prologue section, I was struggling with what the tone should be, but I think I tend to agree that maybe it should be more homely. I think if I do end up continuing to work on the game, I would like to return to that space, perhaps every couple of levels or something. And yeah totally take the critique of the tiles being a little too uncertain whether they are solid or not in level 2. I was thinking that as I was making it. I'll find a way to add more contrast to the back layer. And I'll add WASD as an option because that's my preference to tbh. Thank so much for your feedback and comments they're really helpful!

Thanks so much spiderhead, I really enjoyed your game so your comments mean a lot. Thank for taking the time to play ^^

Thanks so much Eggquisite, really appreciate  you taking the time to play ^^ And thanks, looking down was one of the first things I implemented after the basic movement, just felt like something that I always find useful in platformers. Really happy to hear you enjoyed the music and found the sun chases dramatic, totally what I was going for.

Hey so glad to hear you enjoyed it villasenpai! Yeah the choice to maintain whatever music was playing in the win screen was a deliberate choice, but was unsure how it would be perceived. Good to know that it doesn't work. And I'll take another look at the camera settings, see if I can make it a bit smoother. :)

Hey thanks so much! 8\10 is high praise! I'll def take another look at the effects I put on the images because blurry was not what I was going for. Thanks so much for the feedback.

Hey, I really love your comment and it's totally sparked ideas for me. I wasn't entirely sure whether I was going to continue working on this project beyond the jam but your comment has made me think I should. Got some ideas for a simple story & ending, and some quality of life stuff that would be great to add (level picker and high scores that sort of thing). Thanks so much for your encouragement and belief. Watch this space :)

I got to 126! Pretty happy with that. Really enjoyed this game, really crisp consistent graphics, lovely musical sound effects. Really enjoyed how everything had physics. It was almost like the whole universe was tilting whenever I got a planet, very satisfying. And I was motivated to try and get a higher score! One of my favourites so far. Rated :)

Please consider playing and rating my submission if you get a chance:

A really neat idea! Took me a little while to work out that I could change rooms that I had already put down but I got there eventually. I stopped playing a little earlier than I might have done because the lag on the overview section was quite bad and it made it a little frustrating to play. But really cool concept and I can imagine a lot of imaginative things being done with it. Rated ^^

Please consider playing and rating my submission if you get a chance:

Really interesting game! I really dig the concept (once I worked out what it was haha). I was initially very stumped about what to do, but worked it out eventually. Perhaps some further explaining could be useful. I got to the purple gem at the bottom of the map before stopping. I think it is a tricky game but not impossible. You basically have to fail lots of times to work out the route, but once you know it, you can get back to you place pretty quickly. I think the hardest bit is trying to memorise the other colour platforms. I was almost tempted to take photographs of them all haha. Anyway, really solid concept. I also really liked the music. Rated ^^ 

Thanks so much for playing! Really happy you like the sun. I wanted to get across a feeling of urgency and hopefully engineer some exciting chases at the end of the level. Actually really happy people are even meeting the sun, I was worried it might be a bit too easy and people would never even see it! Spent so long trying to make it work haha. I'll check out your game now!

Aw thank you so much! That's such a nice compliment. I was so nervous submitting the game, so I'm really happy that you like it ^^

Wow! Hard to imagine this was made in 7 days! The art is fantastic, the mechanics are novel and well thought out. It's the right amount of difficult. I got to 3 nodes before getting a bit stumped on how to get a 4th, but pretty sure that's just me being dense. Really love the intro and the animations in general. Love how the void changes the more damaged you are. Fantastic work

Thanks so much ricenoodles! I really appreciate you taking the time to play. I'll check out your submission now! ^^

A unique game that really stands out for me so far in this jam. Really neat idea and the implementation is great. The art style and music really work, and I don't feel like I'm playing a game that took just 7 days to make. I do feel like it's pretty hard and it's not entirely clear what the mechanics are. It took me a while to realise that I need to stamp and send things that come back to me, and I can bin grey emails? There's definitely not enough time to read the emails. I think I actually finished a level once. Regardless, really cool. Rated!

Please consider playing and rating my submission if you get a chance:

I survived for 5.41! Fun game, challenging without being frustrating, I liked discovering what all the power ups did and it was an enjoyable experience. Music is chill and art style is moody and tidy. Like the sense of atmosphere the fire gave. I can recommend it! Rated :) 

Please consider playing and rating my submission if you get a chance:

Hey took a play solo just to see what it's like. Hard to tell the balance without a second person but it's a neat concept. I will say the Tutorial goes really fast and isn't super clear. I had to watch it several times to get a grasp of the game. But cool idea nonetheless, hope some people get to play it with others! Rated.

Please consider checking out my submission if you get a chance:

Hey, the little character is so cute and the level is really pretty. Also really like how the cards have physics and you can pick them back up again. Just wish I could see more really, would love to have seen what it could have turned in to.

Thank so much for playing, really happy to hear you enjoyed it! Yeah you're totally right that there needs to be a level reset button, the player can jump to their death if they realise that they aren't going to make the time, but it's  not ideal at all. Checking out your game now! ^^

Also literally just caught myself whistling the tune

Great! Thank so much for playing, really appreciate the feedback ^^

The HTML version is working a treat! Played to the end, wonderful little game. The costume changing mechanic is fun and makes intuitive sense. The level design had some though put into it and made for a nice little challenge without being frustrating. And a nice story arc conclusion at the end with a heart warming message. Love it, really impressive, especially since you made all the assets and music yourself. Great work!

Please consider checking out my submission to the VimJam!

Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm glad to hear you like the movement! I'm very happy with how it turned out and I think the ghost is super fun to control. Not my music, but it's all stuff I'm able to use. You can find the titles and artists in the credits. ^^

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to play ^^

I think this is great! Love the idea that you can't attack yourself and only the minions can fight for you. I think the art is great and the music is nice too. The levels could have been made to look a bit more varied, there wasn't much to distinguish one level from the next. Otherwise really cool concept, like it!

Please consider checking out my submission to the VimJam!