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thanks, hope to continue with it

thanks for playing, had more plans but ran out of time.

I know about that bug. I couldn't fix it in time. You have to press the back button to get back to the main menu :(


I was supposed to add a card for the player but I ran out of time

thanks, wanted to keep it simple

Nicely polished, great fun to play, really immersive.

Lovely art style, nice dash mechanic, I really enjoyed the sounds when you would clash with the environment etc. made it immersive. Great Fun, Great Jam

thanks, isn't really the finished project I'd hoped. Ran out if time for animations etc. Thanks for playing though

thanks for playing Jupiter

thanks for playing. It took me a while to come up with an idea so I ended up only having 2 days to make a game . 

lovely art style as always Nice interpretation of the theme

Thanks for this - it really helped me for LD41

Extremely fun, great combination - love the graphics - would have like a little background music and timer just to add a little pressure:

Typer Boost is a game combining typing and jumping. It is a combination of reading, reflexes and timing.


Successful typing of an on-screen word will result in Typer boost which will add a jump boost to the board. Type as many words as you can, whilst trying to survive the onslaught of obstacles on the streets of London. Collect coins to buy more equipment.


Really fun game - great work. Also did a typing genre :D

Really fun game, nice graphics. Love the story too. Awesome :D

Thank you for your feedback. Thanks for playing :D

Nice game, like the voiceover with the jokes. Really great fun!

Quite difficult, great game though. :D

Awesome game it's like Tron meets Rocket League. Well done!

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Thanks for the feedback - You're right it's very UI heavy and I completely forgot to change the timer. As for development I ran out of time  to add all the features I wanted - I was planning to add time depending on the completed order,  Shop to buy more ingredients etc. but I will continue working on it. :D

Great puzzle game - really good fun :D

thanks for playing, glad you liked it

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't change the input manager for toggling sound. Sorry

thanks for the feedback need to tweak mini map. 

thanks, I'm still working on it. Need to make more levels and polish UI more.

thanks for feedback - frogger style would have been more intuitive.

thanks for your comments still a work in progress. I am still actively working on it

Been working of this for 4 months

Thanks a lot for your honest criticism, it was great to see it being played on your channel. Thanks :-)