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Love the game, pixel art is great and the gameplay is a lot of fun.

I meant the movement was not smooth so sometimes it felt as if you were jolting forward. 

Nice idea, controlling the character was a bit weird but overall quite fun. Good entry.

Thanks for playing

What an awesome game! It has the whole package,great theme implementation, amazing graphics, perfect soundtrack. I can't fault it. What you made in a week is outstanding!

Boomerang....Awesome, love the mechanic. I really enjoyed the game. Graphics are cute too, good job.

Nice Wall-E inspired game. Great mechanics, nice entry

Excellent game, love the story, puzzle and funky music. Brilliant entry :D

Love the art style, really fun. I also would have liked some more levels. nice take on the theme. I love how the people you rescue has a delay when you move, adds a bit of danger element and strategy to keep them safe. Great entry. :D

nice game, needs a music track of some kind. Nice theme implementation.

i loved the graphics and sound, the gameplay is such fun. Good puzzle game, great entry.

I love it, so beautiful. The artwork is gorgeous and the puzzles are fun. Found on EGX/Pax too.

I totally forgot about the shadows I was going to turn it into pixel shadow... Doh.. Thanks for the feedback 

Thanks for playing 

Thanks for playing, i had fun making it. the only problem is I made silly mistakes like not stopping the time once you;ve won...anyway post jam game will be better.

Thanks for playing, yes I know the bug - there will be an updated version of it

Hi - this is my entry -

thanks for playing and thanks for finding the bug, I will fix that. D: 

Really cool game, great concept. Love the puzzle elements. Great entry.

I wanted to add a feature where you had to press a combination of buttons or keys on the keyboard but didn't get time. 

Thank you for playing 

Thank you for playing, great observations I changed my mind in the art style often so I'm not surprised it's confusing. I do have the sounds effects but I didn't upload it in time :(

thanks for your comments, I will definitely change the controls after the jam and add a some sort of shadow indication with the cutlery

Thanks, I've now changed the controls and it runs smoother  but i can't update the game until after the rating period. Also I'm terrible at composing so yes the music is not the best. Thanks for playing 

Thanks for your comments.

Love the way you used the theme. Nice pixel art too.

Love this game, the cutscenes and story really good. The game really fits the theme. Well done. Solid entry.

Thanks for playing. I realise now that I should have pushed the powerup more so that players understood how it fits the theme. The ideas is to collect peas in a pod. However to avoid the cutlery or other hazards on the plate you need to use the growing pea powerup. If you double your size you stay alive. 

Thanks. I was thinking to change it to a point and click control scheme. That might have been better. 

Thank you. Glad you like it

You're right it is slidy, i didn't find the right way to correct it before submission unfortunately. Thanks for the comment on the UI design, really appreciate it. 

The graphics are awesome, beautiful game. Controls are difficult but overall great fun to play. Great entry, well done.

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Absolutely love the game I thought my speakers weren't working as I couldn't hear anything. maybe you forgot the sound. Art style is great,  there was no checkpoint so you had to start from the beginning when you die.  Made me extra careful when I had to restart. Fits the theme. Great job!

was a little bit long to play. you only got to the end when either you won or lost. needs a timer or something. nice graphics and gameplay though.

Love the art style, fun game. I like the tutorial style. Great take to on the theme. Good entry.

I the love game, the graphics are simple and clean. The mechanics are great. Well done!

Fun game , love the graphics :D

Fun game, nice mechanics. The only bug was that when you fell the game didn't restart or there was no gameover screen. Nice entry.

Awesome entry.  Totally impossible to keep up with orders yet great fun. I  love the pixel art and it fits the theme so well. Brilliant!

Great take on the theme, very fun to play. well done.