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Thank you

Thank you, I'm trying to improve the art every time I create a level.

Thank you 

Thanks for that, I didn't realise I made it private I changed it now. Thinking about a yt channel in the future. 

Thank you for feedback 

Sheep herder for me. It was so much fun to work on day 4.

Thanks for pushing this to day 6. Was great fun working on this game

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im doing Pizza Perilous - 

Wasn't able to do too much apart from update sound volume. If I get more time before the deadline I'll continue 


Thanks sorted

sorry I'll sort it

can you upload the game so it can be played in the browser please


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i picked this up for day 4 -

Build and run the game - I usually build to a folder thats named WebBuild

Zip the folder 

Upload the zip folder to

Tick playable in browser

I passed this game to day 4 -

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This is my day 4 submission  -

i'm working on sheephereder - really like the concept - none of the other games i worked on got through so far :(

thanks, I will work on it today.

there's no source code only the html files

can i take this for day 4

this is awesome.

sorry all i meant was you can publish yours whenever you want because i took mine out of the equation

i removed the submission

i removed my submission - to eliminate confusion,  hope you guys win

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Sorry i referenced the wrong game from day 2 - i updated it now sorry for the mistake - i didn;t work on Dnold version.

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i think i chose a different version of the game

it's such a popular title - i wish i had a different one now

i already chose this and submitted for day 3 - it didnt realise. 

there's nothing in the zip file

Nice game, the camera is a bit fuzzy when moving, i really like the assets you chose. Great entry

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nice game 

Beautiful game, love the graphics and gameplay. Can see this on the switch. Awesome job.

Unity dev here, all the Best everyone. Question do we have to start a brand new project or can I use an abandoned one?

great fun, nice entry well done

just realised someone already asked this

Is there a theme for the jam?

yes I know, I wanted to add mini games but it was a busy weekend for me