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nice game, really enjoyed it

I understand

User interface was a bit difficult to understand. However, fun game

sorry 😔 

Thanks for the feedback. The minus sign is supposed to be the space-bar to start the dialogue.  I see now that it should probably be just one key for all interactions. For the graphics I was going for a flat 2D style, glad you like it.

sorry - I have fixed it now

Thanks, I forgot to put it in the description. 

Having a few issues building the files - will be coming shortly

thank you for publishing this. I wanted this book so long ago but I missed the amazon event it was available at. Thanks again

thanks, it was my first puzzle game, realise i need to learn more about level and puzzle design.

I wanted to have a few red herrings but I didn't get the chance

true, I was born in the late 80s so I only knew it in the 90s lol

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I just saw this. Thanks but it's ok. I'll do better next time

I was nearly ready to submit but I had a few issues testing the game. It was a rhythm vr game with paintbrushes, you have to strike the opposite color to the brush. I will still publish it when I finish.

Yes, it was made with Unity. Thanks for playing

Great puzzle game, well done for your hard work. Working solo and producing a great game is a skill.

 the game looks so beautiful. You have a talent to produce such art in such a short space of time. Well done, nice game

Very original use of the theme. Nice art style too. Great entry.

Absolutely loved the art style. fun game, great entry. Nice take on the theme.

thanks for playing. It was too easy if you kept making the right choices, so it was a quick solution.

Absoultely great game. Love the tetris style mechanics. Educational and fun. great job.

sorry about that. Thanks for playing.

thanks for the feedback. I will  change the speed and size of the sentences

Nice game, i like that each level was an extension of the previous one. Nice game mechanics too. Well done.

Very addictive game. Nice implementation of the theme. Very fun eductional style game. Great entry.

Super fun game, simple characters. Really love the way you teach the player the mechanics step by step. The boss battle was my favourite part. Great job.

Nice resource management game, well chosen music too. great job.

fun game, nice random gameplay. tried to beat the bot.

Beautiful game, had fun watching the development. Really fun to play. Love the character and the controls are awesome.

The controls were a bit strange but the game was fun to play. great entry.

Love the art style, some of the collisions seemed a bit off but loved it. great entry. I love the intro, it felt like an MS-DOS menu.

I didn't make enough time for builds. The android file was the only one that made it. I ran out of time. Sorry

thanks for playing, I was playing with the URP. I should have made it a bit brighter.

Beautfiul game, nice graphics and soundtrack. Nice quest game. I like that the items stayed in the same locations but the neigbors requests were different. Got to level 5 and ran out of time. Great fun!

I think there is a bug in the office I can only move right and down not up and left. SFX were sorely missed, i think in the bathtub scene it could have a been a little rhythm mini game. My favourite part was the kitchen memory game. Nice entry.

You made me nostalgic with this game, really reminded me of the classic gameboy games. really good entry. needs sound to fully be immersed in the game. 

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Fun, casual game. I could see this as a mobile game, love the different characters and animation. really enjoyed the game. Nice take on the theme. Great entry.

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So good, fun, silly and great to play. enjoyed the devlog on youtube too. Seeing how you approach game design for a game jam was very helpful. Nice work on the graphics and love all the ui elements too. Loved it.

really enjoyed the game, jumping around blocking the tomatoes was my favourite part. nice graphics and fun gameplay. great entry.

nice card game, wish there was some sound like cards shuffling etc. nice entry.