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Thanks for comment.

Thank you for feedback!

I think, this is the best gameplay in this jam. Art and sounds are also nice, but with a professional artists, it could be a mobile game that i can play when i have free time. I like it.

Thank you!

My highscore is 21, it could be more if i did not press f instead of c. So, for more challenge, you can decrease the time after score is higher than 10, or smth like this. Nice art and sounds. Great job!

Nice puzzle game, however controls are made me cry. After an update, it would be nice to play it. Great job!

Nice drawings and sounds. Nice job.

i died at night. We can sat that, it is great prototype instead of it is great game, because it has a lot of different things to do, which is hard to make in a week. Nice job.

I wish there is only fire extinguisher to use, because it is funnier. Nice job! Keep trying gamejams.

I didn't know what should i supposed to do? I just did it. Nice job.